A single point in history, single point in time, has the power to change everything. After speaking with his idol, and having his dreams shattered on top of the cruelty of his childhood friend's words, Izuku Midoriya decides to do the unthinkable, but just as he is about to take that final life-ending step, a hand reaches out.

A hand that can lead to his salvation...or his ruin.

1: Origin

[I'm sorry, Sweetie! I'm so sorry!]

[Sorry, Kid, but without powers, there's just no plausible way for you to be a Hero.]

[You're so useless, Deku!]

[You can't become a Hero without a Quirk.]

[Why don't you just jump of the roof and wish for a Quirk in your next life?]

Throughout his life, Izuku Midoriya had heard it all when he pushed his dreams of becoming a Hero, even though he was one of the few that were born without a Quirk. Still, he persisted. But now...

[You can't become a Hero without a Quirk.]

The words that had cut him the deepest out of every voice he had heard came from none other than his favorite Hero. All Might, the world's Symbol of Peace. It had been stupid of him, he knew that, but latching onto the man to ask him that very question; [Can I be a Hero like you without a Quirk?] It was then that he had discovered the horrible truth. Even All Might wasn't invulnerable.

In seeing the grotesque wound in his side that had been the result of a battle against a very powerful Villain, Izuku's hopes were shattered when the man, who had deflated from his usual smiling and muscular self, to the sickly, skeletal form he was cursed with, told him that without a Quirk, he had no hope of defeating Villains even half as strong as the one that had mutilated him.

[What's the point anymore?] He wondered, sinking deeper into depression. [Kacchan was right all along. I am a Deku.] He said, and bumped into someone, "S-s-sorry!"

"Like, it's totally fine," said a bubbly, female voice in front of him. Izuku's head snapped up, and he found himself eye to eye with quite possibly the brightest smile he'd ever seen. The girl, who was still smiling at him, was completely pink, head to toe. Even her fuzzy, messy hair, which had a pair of horns sticking out of it, was a shade darker than her skin. All except her eyes which were black, and had beautiful golden pupils.


He must have said the words aloud because the girl's smile twitched as her cheeks turned a pretty shade of lavender. "Aw, well aren't you a sweetie!" The girl grinned brilliantly, "Gotta say, you're the first that didn't just come out and tease me about my looks."

Izuku blinked and turned fifty shades of red within a second when he realized two things. One; he was actually talking to a member of his species that was of the opposite sex that also wasn't his mother. Two; he had blatantly said the girl was pretty without even thinking. Way to go fan-boy.

"Uh-oh-um, wh-what's there t-to tease you about?!" Izuku yelped when his mind caught up with him. "I-I-I mean I wasn't l-l-lying or anything!"

The girl blinked, stunned at his reaction, but a moment later that brilliant smile returned, and she clapped her hands together, "Like, you really are a sweetheart, you know that?"

"Ehe? Izuku stammered, scratching the back of his head.

The girl then suddenly took hold of his arm with both of hers, "Say, you got anywhere to be right now?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, no!" He gulped as the girl started tugging on his arm, "Uh, wh-wh-where are we - "

The girl gave a smaller, kinder smile at him, "You looked like you could use a pick-me-up." She said, "I kind'a have this knack for picking up on people when they upset." She gave his arm a slight squeeze, "And the vibes I'm getting off you are pretty low. Not good, man, not good at all."

Izuku yelped, having no choice but to be dragged along. "Hey, w-wait a minute, Miss!"



The girl turned to him and winked, "The name's Mina Ashido, not Miss." She smiled, "You can just call me Mina."

"I-I-I'm Izuku...Izuku Midoriya." The boy stammered, blushing brightly. "But - "

The girl squealed, "Aw, what a cute name!" She giggled, "You don't mind if I call you Midori, do you?"

"Ah, no, not really, but - "

"Ehehe, thanks, Midori!" Mina laughed, still dragging him along. "So, like, I know this totally retro arcade!"

"An arcade?" Izuku asked, finally gaining some form of understanding to where they were going.

"Yeah, it has the best dancing games you'll ever want!" Mina gushed, "That'll get your spirits up!"

Izuku gulped. [Dancing?]


Izuku didn't know how long he let the girl, Mina Ashido he reminded himself, lead him around the arcade, but within the first half an hour of their first dancing game, his worries, his fears, his depression...they were all forgotten. Mina was a smiling, fuzzy pink ball of unrivaled energy which even his secret competitive spirit couldn't keep up with.

Soon, however, Izuku and Mina both collapsed into a booth to rest from their merry making. Mina giggled as she wiped sweat away from her brow, "Wow, and I thought you were kind'a scrawny, but man you know how to keep up!"

Izuku found himself smiling right along with her, "G-Glad I could impress you." He huffed, out of breath for the most part as they ordered drinks. "So," the green-haired boy said as they sipped slowly on their drinks a few moments later, "Why did you suddenly decided to...well, abduct me?"

Mina nearly spewed her drink as she laughed at his wording. "Now that's just rude!" She glared, feigning outrage, "I did not abduct you, I saved you, I'll thank you very much!"

Izuku looked confused, "Saved me?" He asked, "From what?"

Mina blushed lavender once again, "Well, you see when I said that I was good at reading peoples' moods?" She sighed, sipping at her cola slowly before answering, "I've seen your kind of mood before...in suicide victims just before they took the plunge."

Izuku felt himself grow cold. But before he could say anything, the girl continued, "I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I've seen the look of depression that was on your face too many times before to just let it slide." She said, looking the boy in the eyes, "I'm kind'a used to what usually leads to that sort of thing, given the way I look, so I - "

"I was...I wasn't even thinking about it..." Izuku stammered out, "I just...I knew no one would miss me, and - "

Mina's hands slammed down onto the table. "Don't say that!" She yelled angrily, shocking both him, and the other guests near and around them, "Of course someone would miss you!" She said loudly, "Think about your parents! And don't you have any friends that would look for you if you were gone?"

Izuku frowned. "My mom...she raised me alone...I don't even know what my dad looked like since he passed away when I was really little." Mina sat back in her seat, looking at the boy sadly, "And...the friends...the friends I had...they left me behind when it was found out that I was...Quirkless." The word came tumbling out of his mouth as if he had uttered the foulest of all curse in front of the girl.

Mina felt her breath catching in her throat. [Quirkless?] The boy in front of her looked so small after he revealed to the girl his condition. It was well-known that the shrinking number of Quirkless individuals were looked down upon by the rest of society. Unless they had money, or were well-connected, a Quirkless person did not live a good life, nor did they have good childhoods.

"Oh, Midori, I'm so sorry," she breathed out, shaking her head, but raised her head, her eyes gleaming, "But that's no reason to do something so drastic! I mean, I know Quirkless people get a lot of flack nowadays, but you can't let others - "

"I wanted to be a Hero," he admitted, "I wanted it so badly that I was going to try for U.A. even though I don't have a Quirk to help me."

"So what happened?"

Izuku took a breath, "I...I met my idol, All Might, and - "

"Wow, you met the Symbol of Peace?" She smiled blindingly, "That must have been so cool!"

Izuku nodded, "It was for all of five minutes," he sighed, "But I asked him, begged him to tell me if I could become a Hero like him, even though I didn't have anything that made me special."

Mina frowned, "What did he say?"

"That without powers, there was no way that I could be a Hero." Izuku said, his eyes beginning to brim and overflow with tears. Mina moved and slid into his side of the booth, and wrapped her arms around him, letting the boy cry.

Her heart was breaking for him. To hear such a thing from his own idol, and the Symbol of Peace of all people would have been horrible. And it showed as Izuku broke down, and held onto her as he cried.

"It's not fair, I know," she whispered, stroking his hair, "Next time I see that blond gorilla, I'm gonna remind him that most of the first Heroes of the new age were Quirkless."

She was right, he realized, but the idea of Quirkless Heroes coming back into the world after two hundred years as nigh laughable, all things considered. Villains were getting more and more powerful every day, and even some of the Pro Heroes were prejudice against Quirkless people. Endeavor was the worst of them, considering the damage he usually did whenever a fight broke out with him involved.

"It won't make a difference," Izuku mumbled, embarrassed beyond words, but feeling too exhausted to move from where his head now lay against her shoulder, "I'm weak. That'll never change."

Mina shook her head, making her hair tickle his cheeks slightly, "If you've last this long without breaking until now? I think you're very strong."

"Not strong enough to be a Hero."

"Midori, look," she said, tilting his head up, "There is absolutely no law that says Quirkless people aren't allowed to be Heroes. If you wanted, you could be a Hero if you put your mind to it. So many others did it before now." She said, and started counting them out, "There was Batman, and Green Arrow and both of them trained their own apprentices to go up against Villains that had Quirks, and some of the guys they fought were Quirkless, and not even those with Quirks could defeat them."

Izuku felt his chest grow warm, "You really think I could be a Hero?"

Mina smiled warmly, "You already are." She said, giggling, "You just don't see it."


It was late into the evening when Izuku walked Mina to her station, the two having spent the entire afternoon together after his little break down, but he could not say he was sorry about it.

"I had a really good time with you today, Midori," the pink girl smiled brightly, "I'm actually more happy than I thought I'd be, despite what happened."

"Me, too," Izuku said, feeling tired beyond belief, "Thank you, by the way."

Mina looked at him with a giggle, "For what?"

Izuku chuckled and smiled right back, "For being my Hero today."

Now it was Mina's turned to change her colors as her whole face lit up with deep lavender coloration. "You...you don't need to thank me for that," she said, smiling nervously, "But...you know..." she began fiddling with her hair absently, "I'd...kind'a like to do this again, if that's alright with you?"

"Definitely!" Izuku said all too quickly, making the girl laugh at his eagerness. "Uh, I mean sure, if you wanna - " She poked him in the side with her elbow, "Hey!"

She giggled happily, "Too late to play it cool now, Midori." She then held her hand out, "Can I see your phone for a second?"

"My phone?"

"Uh-huh, you've got one, right?" She asked, looking a little worried. Her worries were put to rest when the boy pulled out a slim blackberry, and handed it to her. She pulled out her own, and the boy spotted what looked like a Xenomorph phone clip on the corner, extendable mouth and all, and fiddled with them for a moment before handing him back his phone, "There, I put my number in so you can call me whenever you like to, you know, talk, or...ask me out?" Another pretty blush stained her cheeks, but there was a smile on her lips as she said it.

"Uh, when's good for you?" Izuku asked, not wanting to sound over eager again, and failed as the girl giggled at him again. "Ugh, I'm not very good at this."

"No, but it's cute," she said comfortingly, and lean close, "I like that." Before he could form a response, she'd swooped in and planted a soft kiss right on his left cheek before bouncing off toward the train station. "I'm free on the weekends, and any time after three thirty!"

"Can we meet somewhere?" Izuku called out. "The arcade?"

Mina smiled and waved over her shoulder, "You bet!"

"Goodnight, Ashido!"

A buzz from his phone alerted him to a text. {Call me Mina!} The girl texted, adding a little heart to the end.

Izuku smiled, and texted back, {Goodnight, Mina.}

As soon as he did, however, his phone started chirping. "I can go the distance" by Michael Bolton, and the teen sighed, "I've gotta get a new ringtone," he sighed before putting it to his ear, "Hello?"

"Izuku Midoriya, where in the world are you!?" His mother's voice blasted into his ear, "Do you have any idea how late it is!? And there was a Villain attack today, too! You didn't go to watch the Heroes work again, did you?!"

"Mom, calm down," Izuku laughed nervously, "I didn't even go near the place, I was at the arcade all day with...with a friend."

"Really? But it was Katsuki that got attack!"

"What?!" Izuku shouted, worried now for his former friend, "Is he alright?!"

"Fine, sweetie, he's fine, All Might showed up and got him out of there in time." She said, much to his relief. "Now about this friend of yours. What was he thinking keeping you out so late? He's not some kind of delinquent, is he?"

Izuku rolled his eyes, and started down the sidewalk toward his station, "First of all, she's not a delinquent," he could almost see the look of utter shock on his mother's face. "She does have pink hair, though, but I think that's because of her Quirk, whatever that is, since her skin's the same color, but - "

"Oh, my baby's finally gotten a girlfriend!"

"Mom, no that's not what...you know, maybe you're right?" Izuku sighed, smiling, "I mean...I don't know how all of this happened, but we...clicked I guess."

"You can tell me all about it when you get home, sweetie," his mother assured him, "I'll have a plate waiting for you when you get here. Where are you, anyway?"

"About three blocks from Tatooin ward," Izuku said, smiling in relief. "I should be home in - "

Out of the shadows came a dark hand that clasped around the boy's mouth, denying him the chance to cry out as his phone was wrenched from his hand and tossed to the ground.

"Izuku? Izuku! What's going on!? Are you okay?!"

Izuku was most definitely not okay. The smokey black hands that had a hold of him were strong, and gave him no chance to fight back as he was dragged back into total darkness.


Mina was roused from a restful night's sleep by her mother's insistent shaking of her shoulder the next morning. "Mina? Mina! Sweetie, wake up, the police are here asking for you!"

"P-police?" The girl blinked sleepily, "I didn't do it." She promptly rolled back over, intent on going back to sleep.

"Mina Ashido!" Her mother stomped on the edge of her mattress and bounced her three feet into the air. "Up! Now!"

"Ack, okay, okay!" There was no arguing with her mother when she was like that. "What do they even want?"

Her mother looked at her worriedly, "Well, dear, does the name Izuku Midoriya mean anything to you?"

"Yeah, we met yesterday evening," she said, sitting up on her bed, and seeing a look of sadness on her mother's face, "What's wrong, Mom?"

Her mother frowned, and sat on the edge of the bed, "Sweetie, that boy...he's...he's been missing since last night. He never made home, and they found his phone near the train station."

"But why would he be missing, we..." Mina seemed to pale to unhealthy levels, "Oh, God, please no!"

Her mother reached out and hugged her, "Sweetie, they don't think it's a suicide. From what I understand, he was talking to his mother before it sounded like someone grabbed him from behind. Someone's taken him."


His head was aching almost as bad as whenever Kacchan would blast him with a Stun Grenade. He tried to move, but found his body bound to a gurney by leather straps. "What the - ?"

"Ah, you're finally awake."

Izuku flinched. The voice that spoke to him was smooth, and kind, yet there was a coldness to it that was like a razor edged knife. He looked around, and nearly fainted again as he saw the man standing next to him. He was tall, and well-dressed in a fine Italian suit, but his face was obscured by what looked like some sort of breathing apparatus. He was also large. Muscularly so.

"I'm glad to see you awake so soon," he said smoothly, "This means you're reacting naturally to my tinkering."

That set off the alarm bells in his head, "T-Tinkering?"

"Why yes, my dear boy," he said, sound as if he was simply having a conversation, "You may not know it, yet, but you are undergoing quite a large change, my young friend." He said, and walked around the gurney, making the boy follow him, "You see, as with many of today's people, I have a Quirk. Quite a powerful one, too. But, what makes me special is the simple fact that I can take the powers of another, and make them my own, and, when I am satisfied with how I've modified them, or used them as much as I like, pass them on to another of my choosing."

"I've never heard a Quirk that could do something like that," Izuku said, feeling a little sick to his stomach, "Uh, sir, what am I doing here?"

"An excellent question," he said, "You see, there was a Quirk in my...arsenal I suppose you could call it, and as much as I've tried to pass it to another, they have all failed to contain its awesome power, and died shortly after receiving it." He said, making Izuku squirm, "But, all of these others had something that you, my boy, did not. They all had Quirks of their own."

Izuku was beginning to understand what was going on. "What the hell did you do to me?"

The man chuckled, "Why, my dear young friend, I have gifted you with a very, very uniquely powerful Quirk that has not been seen since the dawn of the Heroic age." He said, and Izuku could hear the smile and glee in his voice, "I believe you have most certainly heard of Earth's first Symbol of Peace, Superman, have you not?"

Izuku nodded.

"Good, then this will be short and to the point," he said, "Toward the end of his life, I met with him, and...procured his powers." He smiled beneath the mask, "And sadly, I have not been able to pass them on to another...until we found you."


"Why the League of Villains, of course!" The man said grandly, "And with these new powers, and a bit more tinkering around with that sharp little mind of yours, you will undoubtedly be...the worlds Anti-Symbol of Peace, my dear, dark Superman."

"No way!" Izuku strained at his restraints, the straps groaning in protest. "I won't do it!" The straps holding him began to tear.

The man chuckled, "You're already far stronger than you were as a Quirkless boy," he said as the boy continued to fight, "Face the facts, my dear child, you're far better off with us than you would be with the rest of the Heroic society."

"I won't become a Villain!" Izuku growled, ripping his left arm free.

"Now who said anything about becoming a Villain?" The man asked, his arms tucked behind his back as the boy worked on freeing himself, "Though I realize the situation is not ideal, you cannot deny that because of me, you now have what you have always wanted, and more to come."

"More? You kidnapped me!"

"A technicality that has everything to do with my profession, I assure you." He said as Izuku began to free his legs, "If I had approached you out on the streets, I have no doubt that you would've turned tail and run home to mommy." He laughed as the boy gave a small, timid blush, "Whereas now, you have the budding abilities of one the first, and possibly the greatest of all Superheroes."

Izuku stumbled to his feet dizzily, "And you want me to thank you?"

"Truthfully, no, I don't," the man said, chuckling at the boy's bewildered expression, "I honestly want to know your reasoning for wanting to be a Hero, even after all that has happened through your life."

"Wh-what do you know about my life?"

"Quite a lot, actually," the man laughed, the room thundering with the sound, "I make it a habit to keep track of those that interest me. And you peaked that interest long ago." He said, "As I have said, I've been searching for someone to pass on Superman's powers to for some time." He went on, "After I found that only a Quirkless individual could handle the raw, untapped power of Kryptonian, I made a list of every Quirkless man, woman, and child within Japan's borders. When I came across you, it was quite by accident. You were standing up to a bully, of all things, and were beaten, quite badly, I might add. Yet, you continued to call that bully a friend. For years to come, even though he ridiculed you, beat you, and dragged you through the mud time and again."

"He's - "

"More Villain than Hero," the man interrupted the boy, "And you are more Heroic than anyone person with a Quirk, yet you will never become what you desire, and he, who has done nothing but evil to you, will become a Hero."

Izuku stared at the man in defiance, "A friend told me that I could be a Hero, even without a Quirk!"

"Ah, yes, that lovely pink-skinned girl you were with today," the boy stiffened as the man chuckled, "I told you, child, I have been keeping very close watch over you. The girl had a very Heroic, and kind heart, just what the world needs in a Hero, honestly, but she will not go far because, ultimately, it is those with power that prevail in today's society of Hero worshiping fools."

"Then why did you give me this Quirk when you know that I - "

"Simply for the fact that I know something that All Might himself could have done to give you a chance at becoming a Hero," he said, "You see, he and I are two parts to the same Quirk. Mine is called All for One, a Quirk that allows me to take, evolve, and pass on Quirks. I can even save a little for myself in the end. Whereas All Might's Quirk is called One for All. A stock pile Quirk that can be passed on from one person the next in a line of succession. All Might, as he said to you once already, is now limited to his time as a Hero, and is on the prowl for a successor."

Izuku looked stunned, "All Might...he's trying to pass his power - "

"Did he happen to mention that he was Quirkless as a child as well?" He went on, further shocking the boy, "I thought not. And yet he passed you over. A boy much like himself growing up, who was Quirkless, but wanted nothing more than to be a Hero. As you do." Izuku fell to his knees, "I know what you're thinking. Right now you're trying to convince yourself that he must have had his reasons. That he must be looking for someone special."

"But there was nothing special about the person that was once known as Toshinori Yagi, who through chance became the word's Symbol of Peace," He went on, and the boy sank further to the floor, "The only thing special about him is that he was Quirkless. Just. Like. You." He chuckled as the boy looked up at him, "But no more."

Izuku shook his head, "I...I still don't want to become a Villain...I...I'll become a Hero!" He stood back up, and the man saw a fire in his eyes. "I don't care about what you've done to me, it just means I'll - "

"Izuku," the man sighed, "I gave you Kryptonian. It will be some time before it completely integrates with your system, but the fact remains that in due time, you will be stronger than All Might, far stronger. Kryptonian boasted many unique abilities, not just super strength."

"I can figure that out on my own," Izuku bluffed.

"Can you?" He laughed, "Superman lived in a world of the most brittle glass imaginable. He had to worry about breaking those he cared about with a simple gesture of affection, or even a breath. His punches, when cut loose, could level cities. You are only just beginning to experience what that is like."

"So what, am I just supposed to work for you?"

"Some training would not go amiss, and you know it," he said, and laughed, "If you cou - "

"No." Izuku turned toward the door.

"Your mother will suffer." Izuku stiffened, and turned around slowly with a fearful look on his face, "I did not wish to resort to this sort of thing, my boy, but should you choose to scorn my offer, my associates know where you once lived, and your dear mother will be the first one to feel my wrath. And then perhaps that lovely young lady friend of yours?"

It all happened within an instant. Izuku burst into motion with a blur of speed and slammed into the man. Both of his fists had meant to drive into his ribs, but he was held back by the man's superior strength. "I told you that I can keep a little for myself, boy," he said, "And I have been in possession of this Quirk for centuries." He kneed him in the chest, knocking the wind out of the boy and stunning him as he fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

Izuku hacked and wretched as he tried to stand, but the man placed his foot atop his head, "Now, you're going to do as I say from this point on until I have no more use for you. Until then...you belong...to me."


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