Chapter 1: A New World (Kylo Ren)

Kylo Ren looked out the car window at the lush forests of Northern California, they reminded him of the woods on Takodana. "Lovely isn't it ?" the driver asked, Ren just gave the driver a look. Ren didn't like the fact that he had to use his real name Ben Solo for this mission, but Supreme Leader Snoke insisted that he use it, less conspicuous and it sounded like an Earth name. He was also forbidden from using the force once he was on Earth The people of Earth no nothing of our technology or the force, they are a primitive planet but one that will aid the First Order Snoke had told him."They are lovely, how much further to the mansion?" Ren asked "Not far" the driver replied. They then approached a large metal gate with a large L crest on it L for Lockwood I guess Ren thought, the gate then opened to reveal a large mansion with a long rocky driveway "There she is, Lockwood Manor" the driver said as they pulled up to the front of the house.

Maisie Lockwood watched from her bedroom window as one of her grandfather's Rolls Royce Phantoms pulled up A visitor? She thought, they weren't expecting anyone that she knew of. She watched as a young man with black hair and a short face stepped out of the car Who is he? She wondered.

Ben took a moment to survey the building, it was huge, very huge. He walked towards the door Here goes nothing he thought, he then knocked on the large wooden door. He turned and looked around as he waited, I already hate this place, if I were anywhere else a droid would have been here waiting for me he said to himself But I will admit this place does have some beauty he added. Just then the door opened and standing in the doorway was an old woman "Ben Solo?" she asked with an accent similar to Rey's "Yes, I'm Ben Solo" Ren responded, he hated saying that name "Please do come in" The woman replied as she held the door open for him to enter. Ben walked into the large grand entry hallway, it had checked tile floors, a large grand staircase and on the wall were portraits of people "I will let Sir Lockwood know that you have arrived" the woman said "Don't worry about your bags Mr. Solo, the staff have already taken them to your room" she added "I wasn't worried" he replied as the woman walked off.

Ren stood in silence as he waited, Why does that woman remind me of my mother? He asked himself. Ren hated many people from his past, but his mother Leia Organa was an exception, she may have not been the perfect mother but she was there for him when he need her to be. "Hello" a voice said, it was a child's voice, Ren turned to see a little girl standing near a doorway to his left "Hello there" he responded, he looked at the girl, she was young probably no older than 12 "Who are you?" she asked "Ah, I see Maisie you have already meet Mr. Solo" a voice said, causing both of them to turn to see an old man in a wheelchair being rolled over by the old woman who had greeted Ren, along with another man who was probably a few years older than Ren "Benjamin Lockwood" the old man said as he reached his hand out for Ren to shake "How are you?" Ren asked nervously "Good, I hope your trip was pleasant" Lockwood replied "How do you do?" the younger man said "I'm Eli, Eli Mills, I help run Mr. Lockwood's foundation" he said as Ren shook his hand "Nice to meet you" Ren responded "Iris can you show Ben to his room?" Eli asked the older woman "I will, but first are you hungry after your trip?" The old woman asked "No I'm fine, your driver and I stopped at some place called Burger King on the way here" Ren replied "Alright, well then I will show you to your room" Iris responded.

Well I will say this, these Earth people know luxury and know it very well Ren thought as he sat on his bed, it was probably the softest bed he had ever been on in his life. "If you need anything let me know" Iris said as she left the room and closed the door behind her I take back what I said earlier, this woman is better than a droid Ren thought. After a few minutes Ren started to unpack his bags, he had only brought two, one had clothing and the other had essential items such as his communicator and more importantly his lightsaber, a weapon Snoke had told him that he was also forbidden from using on Earth, much to Ren's chagrin. All of a sudden the communicator started going off, quickly Ren pressed the button on it and a hologram of General Hux came into view "Have you arrived Lord Ren?" Hux asked "Yes, I am on Earth, and at the location that Snoke gave me" he replied "Good, the Supreme Leader will be most pleased to hear of your arrival" Hux added "Your mission is of utmost importance to the First Order, I envy you Lord Ren" Hux stated "If it is of utmost importance than why has Snoke given me almost no details into why I'm here?" Ren asked "You question your master?" another voice on the communicator said, suddenly the deformed and scarred figure of Supreme Leader Snoke came into view alongside Hux "Master, my apologies" Ren replied "I didn't mean to question your judgement" he added "You are forgiven, I'm pleased to see that you have arrived on Earth, tell me how primitive are they?" Snoke inquired "Very, they have almost none of the technology that we possess, you really think they will help us?" Ren responded "They will, we already have some support from people at your location" Hux stated "Who?" Ren asked, just then there was a knock at the door "Go Lord Ren, we will not contact you until we arrive, remember my warnings" Snoke said as the hologram cut out.

Maisie stood at the door, she wanted to ask Ben something, or more correctly show Ben something. The door opened "What is -" Ben started until he saw Maisie "Oh, it's you" Ben said sarcastically as he looked at her "I was wondering if tomorrow you would like me to show you around the mansion, if you don't mind" Maisie asked. Ben looked at her "Alright" he said, causing her to smile "Who were you talking to?" She asked, Ben looked at her with a blank stare "What do you mean?" Ben replied "You were talking to someone in there when I knocked, I'm sorry that I interrupted your conversation" Maisie said "I was talking to my mother, she called me" Ben said with a nervous look "Oh, I'm sorry for interrupting your call, consider the tour my way of making amends" she replied "Well I have to go, its almost my bedtime, goodnight " Maisie said as she walked off.

Eli Mills sat at his desk with a glass of scotch, it had been a long day but an eventful one Ben Solo? I thought Snoke was sending his apprentice Kylo Ren Eli thought, just then his desk monitor displayed a message saying Incoming Communication, he then pressed on the ok button for the message, a video feed appeared showing General Hux "Mr. Mills" Hux said "General" Eli said "You know I thought you guys were competent" Eli added, causing Hux to give him a confused look "What do you mean?" Hux asked "Your boss sent me Ben Solo, not Kylo Ren which is a clear breach of contract" Eli said angrily "We did send you Kylo Ren" a voice said, but it wasn't on the computer screen, it was in the room. Eli looked up to see an old man standing a few feet away from him, he was scarred and unsightly "Who are you?" Eli asked "I am Supreme Leader Snoke Mr. Mills" The old man said, he then pulled a chair out with his hands, despite not even being close to the chair! "Yeah well you also violated the terms of our agreement, Dr. Wu and I get you a weapon and you send Kylo Ren to help, instead you sent-" Eli started but then he began choke and sputter, he saw Snoke was holding his hand out in a vice grip, he was choking him but he was not even close to him! "You accuse me!" Snoke threatened "N-No-No-S-Sir" Eli managed to say "Good" Snoke replied and released his chokehold, causing Eli to gasp for air "I sent Kylo Ren, under the guise of Ben Solo" Snoke stated "I held up my end Mr. Mills, now you hold up your end" he added. Eli turned to speak but before he could say anything Snoke was gone and the communication with Hux had cut out.