Title: Falling

Grissom/Sara, Warrick/Catherine, angst, character death, pg-13

Author's Note: My family is missing a piece now; this stems from that. Thank you to Devanie, as always.



You could try and pretend that it was nothing. A simple slamming of a door, a book being dropped. Thud. I mean, you hear that noise all the time, don't you?

This time it was different. Because no matter how hard you try, you cannot shake the realisation of what the sound really represents.

He didn't get very far. Not that that's surprising, a crime scene is always surrounded by police officers, and if you come through wielding a gun it doesn't exactly go unnoticed. Having said that, he wasn't noticed fast enough, was he? He still managed to cause one of my CSIs to fall. Thud. I told you the sound represents more than one thing.

Sara's crying. I'm trying my best to comfort her, I have an arm around her shoulders as I feel her shake against my chest. Nick's standing off to the side, silent. It hasn't hit him yet that we've just lost one of our own. And Warrick… Well, Warrick's on his hands and knees, Catherine's blood all over his hands as he fruitlessly tries to revive her. Tears are streaming down his cheeks, his face contorted in agony.

I want to help. I want to help them all, but I don't know how. I'm standing here, in a state of shock, trying to comfort my, I don't know what right now, not knowing what to do. Am I helping Sara? Should I be comforting Warrick? Should I be trying to pull Nick out of the state of shock he currently resides in? I'm the head of this team, for God's sake, and I'm not doing a damned thing to help anyone.

And I didn't stop this happening. I've lost my team one of its best CSIs, not to mention friends. We're a family, as much as I've been hesitant to admit it.

I like to think of families as jigsaw puzzles.

We've just lost one of the pieces.