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Now, hold your horses. Because we haven't gotten to Arc 2 just yet. Instead, after asking the good people of Spacebattles for some inspiration, we have managed to put together our second ever Interlude. This time a PHO chapter, the kind everyone loves!

AtW: This one was a while coming I suppose. But the drive to write and the desire to do anything but play Fallout has just not been there on my part. Thankfully, I have a week or so before Fall semester starts so we're gonna try and get chapter one of Arc 2 out and another chapter for Power Grid before I go back to school Yay. College.

CW: It is very important, yes. Just not as much as our writing! Nothing really is. So make sure to read and let us know your thoughts!

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Topic: Asunder Event Megathread

In: Boards ► News ► Events ►America

JamesJames (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (Verified PRT Agent)

Posted on March 15th, 2010:

So, to be blunt, there are things I can't say and things I shouldn't say. I have been given permission to say more than the bosses want, if only because sweeping what happened under the rug is probably the worst thing we can do right now. That doesn't mean this is an official press release, but it does mean I'm not going to get fired for sharing a few details. So AMA.

My contribution is that I was in the command room when Flask busted out and can share a few clips here and here. All video/photos are from phones/public domain.

Edit 1: Wow, ok, let me take this bit by bit guys. Slow down!

Edit 2: Didn't expect to be made into a megathread. FAQ link here. Please do not send questions through DMs or ask for video/names. Right now this is an ongoing criminal investigation so anything from the PRT's servers would be illegal to upload and Flask is a minor so outing her would be double illegal. I don't care if "everyone already knows", it's a shitty thing to do.

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XxVoid CowboyxX (Asunder Witness)

Replied on March 15th, 2010:




Replied on March 15th, 2010:


edit: ninja'd


(Better luck next time 'waves banhammer innocently')


Replied on March 15th, 2010:

slimegurlop plz nerf

but seriously this is giving me flashbacks to watching the blob as a kid but now the blob is friendly?

JamesJames (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (Verified PRT Agent)

Replied on March 15th, 2010:

She's not eating people's clothes any more. Hopefully. And her body count is lower than the actual Blob's from the movie. So maybe? Things are not clear on our end at all.

Xyloloup (Brockton Witness)

Replied on March 15th, 2010:
One of my friends who works maintenance sent me these pics. Link. Link. He and some other guys were supposed to see the damage to the sewer lines underground after a couple buildings caved in and found there were a ton of them squeaky clean! Like, brand new clean! Do you know if that was Flask or what?

JamesJames (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (Verified PRT Agent)

Replied on March 15th, 2010:

I can confirm that Flask did move through the sewer systems. And she seems to have ingested everything larger than a cockroach but smaller than a rat. Make of that what you will.


Replied on March 15th, 2010:

In all honestly though our sewers have never looked better! I've actually been using those to get around because it's faster than trying to navigate our maze-like utterly destroyed streets.

Reave (Verified PRT Agent) (Brockton Witness)
Replied on March 15th, 2010:
Saw Pink Blob while responding to an arson case. Merchants or whatever was left of them decided to go on a spree. Low casualties, but that's still being investigated. Building collapsed with Pink Blob inside, Pink Blob ate its way out of the wreckage. Can't say more than that. Sorry.


Replied on March 15th, 2010:

So, bubblegum pink tentacles, how old is she? Cause I know a lot of adult actresses who would love to *comment deleted by Moderators. All of them!* Nope. Not happening. Shame. Bad person. Enjoy a 30 day ban. Bye!


JamesJames (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (Verified PRT Agent)

Replied on March 15th, 2010:

Flask is a minor. That would be illegal.

Did I?

Replied on March 15th, 2010:

So does she have a distributed intelligence like an octopus with neurons all over, or is she like a jellyfish and doesn't really have a brain?

edit: to all the people commenting saying jellyfish nervous systems actually do possess neuronal condensation and octopuses only have a decentralized nervous system that still requires a brain... I'm here for slime facts not animal facts! ... thanks for the info though still cool to know.

JamesJames (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (Verified PRT Agent)

Replied on March 15th, 2010:

As far as anyone can tell, she doesn't have a brain. Or what we could call a nervous system. I know Armsmaster was talking about "direct induction of electrons through an unknown medium" and, somehow, that has something to do with her not needing a brain. Only that smaller pieces of her are still her, have their own, limited, intelligence, and will either decay or seek to rejoin the main mass. Please do not attempt to damage any of the smaller masses or further subdivide it.

It's unclear exactly how much of her is, well, in the smaller bits. But she doesn't lose or gain intelligence based on the size of her main body and does not lose either memories or knowledge when she loses mass.

End of Page. 1, 2, 3419, 420, 421

Lisa frowned. She was speed reading, skimming through the thread again. There were a few new details. Small little tidbits she could sus out. Most importantly that Taylor was probably not doing her thinking in her body, which meant her brain was, or whatever that was for her, was probably in the same place as wherever her excess mass went to when she compressed herself.

Because, having held the girl herself, that ball of slime weighed maybe two pounds.

'Going to school again is odd.'

She chuckled.

"Well, at least I can actually look at boys when I'm holding a tentacle monster. I wonder what that says about me." Her jokes were definitely in good taste, she assured herself. "But still, who would have thought I'd be playing buddy with Glory Girl and Panacea."

To be fair, that had been kinda sorta part of the plan.

After shit hit the proverbial fan and blew up in everyone's faces, the Undersiders had to go incognito until the city stopped aiming for their heads. A healthy dose of self imposed exile and a couple fake IDs were all she needed to go out and start snooping around again. Had to keep the boss happy, after all.

Which had led her to Arcadia.

All in all, Lisa was satisfied with how things had turned out.

Strangely enough, Coil had changed everything. And very, very quickly.

For one, he'd come through for the Undersiders. Brian had custody of Aisha, Bitch's case was being internally reviewed by the PRT and there was talk of attempting to get her a fair trial, Alec had an entirely new identity as Thomas Ortunson, and she… she had flat out been told she could leave. And that if she had stayed there would be potential rewards she could only come from ruling the city.

One way or another, she got the sense he was going to pull it off.

Not that he wasn't furious. Someone had blue balled him, bad. As if he'd come inches from total victory and then had his feet swept out from him at the last second.

"A pity I still don't have more hard information."

Lisa had been extrapolating from the tone of voice and verbage he had used during their few communications. Suffice to say, anyone who wasn't a Thinker would have believed he was calm, pleased even. She knew someone was going to beg to die before he got over what was bothering him.

Her DMs pinged.

Private message from HannibaltheThird:

HannibaltheThird: Hey Runs, you ready to get back in the saddle? Some of the boys are getting cocky since you weren't in our last couple of matches.

RunninginPlace: Don't worry, I'll be on at eight. Just gotta finish some homework.

HannibaltheThird: 'Raises eyebrow' You? Having homework that takes more than 30 seconds?

RunninginPlace: Work, work kind of homework.

HannibaltheThird: Biggest of oofs. Are you at least getting paid over time?

RunninginPlace: In this case it's its own reward. Don't worry, I'll be there tonight.

HannibaltheThird: Good, I'm ready to finally win a match for once!

The Thinker snorted. Maybe it was blatant cheating, but playing grand strategy games was one of the few areas she could use her power and not go to jail. And since gaming was one of the few industries that actually benefited from having everyone inside all the time, it was probably the one area of tech they could truly say Earth Bet excelled in.

But work came first.

'Does this make me a stalker I wonder?'

She had befriended the hottest newcomer in the cape scene for the sake of learning more about her. But that was more out of curiosity. Lisa's power just plain didn't work on the blob of pink slime, or gave her nonsensical information. In fact, watching from afar would have made things easier considering what Coil had ordered her to do.

But she hadn't.

Because she wanted to meet her. Taylor Hebert. Not just Flask, the cape that saved her and her friends from Hookwolf, but the girl who had broken out of the Rig to save someone else and rampaged through the city to achieve just that.

There was a certain… excitement from getting to know someone without her power giving her a leg up.

Lo and behold, the two of them got along famously.

Her sarcasm washed off the girl's back, Taylor was willing to indulge her random whims, and since the slime had figured out who she was the first time they'd made physical contact there was a bond of trust there. Even if it was slightly creepy that the slime could identify people based on their taste.

Topic: Flask

In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay Discussion (Public Board)

PeterDinkelie (Original Poster) (Sanctioned Necromancer) (Verified Brocktonite)

Posted on March 15th, 2010:

So, everything has changed and nothing is the same. Normally that's an exaggeration, a cliche even. But now it really, really is. The city feels… wonky. See here and here where ABB members openly surrender to National Guard forces. See here, here, and here with estimates on the damage, on the amount of aid and charity coming into the city, and on the official response from the federal government. And, as everyone knows, Flask is now the unquestioned conqueror of the city. The official press release is here, a statement from her lawyer here, and I, for one, am just glad Flask herself made sure to remind everyone Dragon saved her bubblegum.

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Did I?

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Let me tell you what's illegal. The prices! Since things literally blew up here

everything started flying off the shelves. Though I heard Fugly Bob's finally opened

again. Anyone up for a Dragon Gut Buster?

Miss Mercury (Protectorate Employee)

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Not a Brockton Bay native, but relief forces have been sent to lend aid to the local

Protectorate until the new Director has settled in. As stated in the press conference

linked above there will be a period of transition until the damage has been properly



Replied on March 17th, 2010:

So did we ever get an official explanation on those comments about the city getting walled?


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

totoswonderland 'cuz of the sheer number of new capes. people up top were getting reports of a new ash beast (turns out it was just a kiddo stuck in a fire) plus the ABB and E88 both got new triggers. Rumors on the abb cape is a knock off of Oni Lee and is a mover. Empire maybe got a blaster that got blasted by a beat cop. Rumors abound of some kind of winged flier with razor feathers though. video here, here, and here. That, plus the Walk Hard, Skinner Box, and (maybe, don't know if we're supposed to talk about her) Ifrit and all the other crap meant we maybe had a "villain proliferation" situation like that town out west.


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Dead_Author So we should have just closed the city off because of a few new villains? We already had like two dozen!


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Doubletroubletrouble Nah, nah. They were afraid it would happen even more. Like with Gary or Gallup. Since Lung was there too they didn't really know what to do.


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Not like it matters anymore. Did you guys see Flask cleaning out that building earlier?

Link here. You can see solid concrete and rebar melting inside her like nothing. So

unless someone got anti-slime powers, we can just chuck slime girl at them and its



Replied on March 17th, 2010:

So, uh, I heard that the bits of her (is it a her? does she use female pronouns? is Flask even human?) break down when they get exploded off. The bigger the piece the faster it decays. Is it poisonous? Did she get into the groundwater? Are we eating tiny bits of her?

Edit: Sorry guys, not trying to spread panic or nothing. Just worried about health concerns since I actually drink tap water (yes, yes I know it's old fashioned).

Clockblocker (Verified Cape)

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

I can answer that! Well, not really since the specifics are all fuzzy and hard to type! But the gist of it is that Flask's little bits break down completely if they aren't on her. Believe me, I got a facefull of the stuff myself. They apparently self destruct completely unless suspended in a strong base (according to the Boss) and reduce themselves to a chemically neutral, non toxic substance. And, on a personal note, the worst thing that happened to me since she plugged up a hole in my gut with her arm, was that I had to use the bathroom a lot.

All in all, morphine from my appendectomy hurt more on the way out.

Though, apparently, there is some concern about what would happen if she just started eating everything so command asked her not to eat anything she isn't approved to do so. She did say she would behave though, so no worries!


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

slimegurlop plz nerf

but seriously this is giving me flashbacks to watching the blob as a kid but now the blob is friendly?

End of Page. 1, 2 … 87, 8898, 99

"Friendly indeed."

"What was that?"

Brian walked in, wearing nothing both a sweat stained wife beater and a pair of gym shorts as he panted and gasped. Tossing him a water bottle, Lisa waved him off.

"Nothing. Just reading. And go take a shower. I know you like working out but I don't like having to smell it."

The dark skinned adonis chuckled.

"Aye aye ma'am."

Alec stumbled into the living room as well, barely able to put one foot in front of another, before he flopped face down on the carpet.


Everyone ignored his groan of complaint except for Aisha. Who promptly chose that moment to sit down on his back.

"You know, for a pretty boy you did ok keeping up with my brother out there. He only lapped you three times. Progress."

Alec simply whimpered.

Rolling her eyes fondly, Lisa Wilbourn, the girl once known as Sarah Livesey, ignored her teammates. Things had changed for them too.

For starters, they were living in the penthouse of a mostly empty hotel Coil had blackmailed the owner of into letting his mercenaries and their family stay in free of charge. Since so much damage was caused during the fight more than a few people were left homeless and the super villain hadn't wanted to leave his men out in the cold.

'If only because it would make them more susceptible to bribery.'

On top of that, the Undersiders got the Penthouse all to themselves. Being capes did have its perks. Occasionally. When the PTSD wasn't giving you crippling nightmares.

Hilariously, the fact that the hotel had been converted into a refugee center had given them quite the degree of invisibility. The two hundred odd rooms were stuffed to the gills with people, more than a few who were shady, and Coil's men had kept the peace. Of course, the Undersiders couldn't exactly appear in costume at the Hotel California, but the fact they'd roughed up a group of Empire scouts sent in to check up on the place sent a message.

'A few months ago I would have been touching cloth at the thought of the Empire's retaliation, but now….'

Lisa tried to care. Tried to get that shrivelled, vestigial thing that was self preservation instinct to tigger. In the end she felt smugness. Which, while confusing, was familiar enough she didn't dwell on it.

Mostly because the Empire was a pale, pale shadow of what it had once been. With Hookwolf dead and Cricket in lockup, they lost a good chunk of their firepower. On top of that they'd been humiliated by Uber and Leet, who were now currently in Japan of all places and working for Gamefreak as brand ambassadors, and this was all right after Purity had defected.

Most importantly, she defected "publically" for a second time and took Fog, Night, and Rune with her. She'd also been the one to bust Crusader and Krieg out of prison. Crusader, allegedly because they were sleeping together, something Lisa's powers told her was unlikely but possible, and Krieg to send a message.

'A power play. Kaiser made a big show of trying to fight Lung, but in the end all his publicity was stolen by Flask, Dragon, and Challenger.' She bit her lip for a moment, just letting her thoughts drift. 'Civil war in the Empire… possible? Purity broke limbs but didn't kill cops, still thinks of herself as doing the right thing, trying to make it a point that she's… not….'

"Gah!" Her headache flared and Lisa let the trail of thought slip away. "I've been doing that too much." And she really had. Her headaches were near constant from her using her power to stay on top of the city. The only relief she got was when she went to Arcadia, something arranged by her boss, and let Taylor touch her.

Apparently, temporarily not being a Thinker meant you didn't get Thinker headaches.

Having the most powerful cape in town on speed dial also meant she was one call away whenever Lisa needed it. That did wonders for her peace of mind. Because there was no way the Empire was getting one mile near the girl that had used Hookwolf as a toothpick. She didn't need her powers to know Kaiser would be staying away for now.

'Sure, he'll make a move. Eventually. But that's in the future. And I have a feeling his plan will try and be subtle, what with her being a Ward.'

Topic: Flask (Casual Thread)

In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay Discussion (Public Board)

Justanothercapewatcher (Verified VS. forum goer)

Posted On March 5th, 2010:

SO, we have short bits of video of the Bubblegum Girl. Here, here and here. And may I first say I've sworn off chewing Hubble Bubble forever? Because I do not want to find her chewing on me like she did Hookwolf. (Link) Warning: Link is so very NSFW.

So, Does anyone have any idea what her powers are, besides the obvious? She's either a D&D Ooze or slime, or the blob. Personally, I'm hoping for a D&D style monster, because the blob was disturbing. Here we have video of her eating a building for community service. Diamond Dust seems to be on good terms with her, given their interactions, so Flask can't be that bad, right? (I mean, let's be serious here, other than the other gang members, is anyone going to miss Hookwolf and Lung?)

Ramblings aside, Asunder saw the practical end of every cape gang in the city except Coil, and he moved out.(Which earns him an award for smartest villain in Brockton Bay.) With Flask in the wards, can we actually get ahead of the gangs for the first time since All Father moved to town?

Or will other gangs try to move in? I mean, moving into the town where you might have to face off with Flask seems to be the very definition of Idiocy to me but I'm not a caped villain either. They seem to do remarkably stupid things on a regular basis.

Time will tell I guess.

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HoneyBadger (PRT Wife)

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Weirdest day ever for me and my husband. And not for the reason you might think.

How many times do you get a call from work about getting a fresh change of clothes because a slime ate the first?


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

So wait, she ATE Hookwolf? I thought that was just a rumor!

...Does she get enough iron in her diet? That's a really large supplement for her age.


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Rumors of a sponsorship deal between Hubba-Bubba and Flask?


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

I have no idea what chaos has come too Brockton Bay, but I do know it will

change this place for a long while.

Did I? (Content Creator)

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

Stitched together an "oddly satisfying" compilation of Taylor Herbert (AKA Flask, AKA our fair lady of all-consumption) putting in those community service hours! "HERE"

I look at those buildings melting and like to imagine I'm seeing Lung dissolve right in front of me. Wish I could have seen it in person.


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

So basically she can go Grey Goo, she just chooses not to? Is that smart? Like, I'm not saying we do anything stupid. But shouldn't we be careful about all this?

Thomas the Dank Engine

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

skychan If she goes Grey Goo we still have Eidolon and stuff like Ashbeast and Behemoth that could/would/might stop her (if only because they butt heads). Tbh, she worries me less than Bonesaw or Nilbog releasing a zombie plague or the Sleeper doing whatever he does.

On a personal note, I wonder if she'd be up for cleaning up landfills? Or maybe just stuff like oil spills or industrial pollutants. Can she filter heavy metals out of water or neutralize radioactive materials?

White Fairy (Veteran Member) (Brockton Bay)

Replied on March 17th, 2010:
Isn't that just helping her go Grey Goo? Also, I'm pretty sure there are half a dozen laws against feeding toxic materials to a person. Pink Slime or not we. If she wants to do it, great. But we can't just assume she will.


Replied on March 17th, 2010:

She did clean the sewers though. Think she might do it again if we pay? Call me radical but that's one piece of service I wouldn't mind automating.

Red Riot Running

Replied on March 17th, 2010:

So everyone is just ok with some random kid deciding to maim and kill people? Yes, Lung was an ass. Yes, Hookwolf had it coming. But she was crippling some of the other gang bangers she fought. And if no one remembers, let me remind you of the fact she's beaten the Wards twice. This is a hurt little girl with the powers of a monster.

Who's gonna stop her if she decides she doesn't wanna play ball?

End of Page. 1 … 98, 99, 100, 101, 102

Frowning, Lisa typed up a quick response and fired it off in less than fifteen seconds.

Unfortunately, people were starting to get divided again. About forty percent of commenters thought she was the greatest thing since Hero, forty percent thought she was new parahuman with cool powers and a lot of muscle, but the last ten percent or so were conspiracy theorists and doom mongers.

Some of which raised pretty good points, some of which fell into the general line of anti parahuman thinking, and some of which were probably just trolls or shitposters.

From what she could tell, most people were ultimately buying the official line.

That Flask triggered during an event related to serious bullying, no names were released, that she suffered a psychotic break as a result of the event, was taken into and voluntarily remained in Protectorate custody up until, as a result of her mental trauma, she explosively escaped. Mostly, it was the lack of deaths that meant her escape was officially not being made an issue of.

Social media was awash with a few theories, up to and including a semi serious rumor that the girl to shove Taylor into a locker filled with rotting human waste was a Ward, but the only proof out there was a video that was less and less available as the various sites took it down.

'I suppose Liveleak held out as long as it could, but no one really wants the Feds breathing down their neck.'

But there was a core of hardened resistance to any new, powerful cape. And the literally explosive death of Lung didn't help matters much.

The PRT, in response, was trying their damn best in getting the slime girl as much positive exposure as they could to gain the goodwill of the public. Doing volunteer work as part of her probation helped matters, but it was the appearances in events that helped really get people in touch with Flask.

Awkward and somewhat childish as she was, there was something charming about her.

A trueborn cinnamon roll.

Lisa was half tempted to use her power and try to see how much time the PR department had used to prepare the girl's official debut in the parahuman scene. It ought to be the most flashy and expensive coming out party since Scion appeared buck naked for the first time.

"You know what, I bet there's already tentacle porn of those two."

Not that either of them would care. Scion because he didn't seem to be human and Taylor because she'd just blush, splutter, and roll around a bit. Arcadia's environment was conducive to the girl's confidence, but she was still largely passive. More interested in spending time with Amy and Victoria Dallon and their friends than actually studying, but Lisa was relatively sure that Emma Barnes was Diamond Dust.

'Holy crap. She's making herself a harem!'

Snorting in amusement, the Thinker shook her head. So long as she was calm, Hebert was harmless. Literally. She didn't have the willpower to assert herself when she was called upon in class. But there was a very, very good reason she had regular therapy sessions.

It was a sober moment when the slime had confessed she was speaking to someone twice a week for two hours at a time. And that was going to continue indefinitely.

A small reminder of just how violent the birth of a cape could be.

"Well, it's not like she's Moord Nag or Heartbreaker."

But there was one big thing Lisa wasn't sure about. Clicking on a video link, she let the press conference buffer for a few seconds before hitting play.

"As the new head of PRT East North-East I will bring a degree of clarity and transparency that was sorely lacking in the previous administration. While Director Emily Piggot was a strong woman, from a storied background, she was also interested in maintaining the peace."

The forty something man, in full PRT dress uniform, stood at ease with his hands clasped behind his back. There was an almost arrogant glint in his eye, like he was here to prove something. But more worryingly was the fact he stood like a soldier, not a cop.

"My goal will be first and foremost the neutralization of all threats to the public, the public peace, and the protection of property, life, and liberty. No longer will we play games with those who would use violence to rule us. No longer will we permit terrorism in the city of Brockton Bay to go unpunished.

He turned to speak to someone off camera and nodded.

"At this time I will take questions from the press now. Yes, you."

As the polite body of reporters, seemingly somewhat subdued by the presence of the dozen odd armored troopers she caught a glimpse of, stood up, a lady in a blue dress asked her question first.

"Director Tagg. What are your plans to deal with the fallout of the catastrophic events of last month? While dangerous elements like Hookwolf and Lung have been accounted for, there is still concern that others will be able to continue on during this time of uncertainty."

The man offered her a bitter smile, something he must have thought was reassuring but appeared brittle and fake.

"I understand your concerns, but would like to reassure you and those watching that one of our first priorities will be to root out the guilty parties behind those tragic events."

Uh oh.

Lisa didn't like where that was going.

"While it is true that public menaces have been neutralized during the incident, there were still reports of multiple criminal elements which still remain at large. As such allow me to reiterate that those responsible for the events of last month will not escape just."

He shuffled through the papers on his hands.

"As of this moment, the ENE Protectorate will pursue arrest warrants for all groups associated directly or indirectly with the Asunder Incident. Amongst those you will find notable names such as Empire 88 parahumans and members of now defunct gangs. As well as minor entities like the Travelers and the Undersiders. We will leave no stone unturned or corner unchecked. Of that, I assure you, ladies and gentlemen."



That was Coil's leverage.

She knew he had moles inside the PRT and that he was willing to even get the white hats to bump off his competitors if he could keep his hands clean. And now he was going to use the fact that, even if their previous issues were wiped out, they would have an all new list of charges to worry about.

"Well fuck a duck with a rock on a dock."

A quick search later and she had the list of charges Taylor had faced and how the book had been thrown at her.

It was… excessive.

But it also established a pattern. Something like that would have been as political as it was legal. Meaning the Law was going to be dotting its i's and crossing its t's. In turn meaning that she and her little band of rogues could be looking at a lot of jail time.

'Inciting a riot, reckless endangerment, plus the actual crimes we did commit. Well. Shit.'

It wasn't the ludicrous amount of accusations they'd thrown at Flask the first time around, but it was still pretty bad. The only silver lining being that they couldn't get pinned with any deaths directly. That would have made things dicey. As in "you're a terrorist" dicey.

Not that it meant anything now.

With the origins of her trigger revealed and her actions during the crisis, Taylor Hebert was the closest thing Brockton Bay had to a genuine hometown hero. It helped that she was the biggest deterrent this side of the hemisphere and had a literal PR machine trying to make her appear as good as possible to everyone.

'Short of eating someone live on television, she is untouchable.' Lisa groused.

And immediately had an idea.

It was true that Coil already had her keep tabs on the slime girl. And that she herself had decided to personally meet and befriend her out of curiosity and gratitude. So what did it matter if she added another layer to their relationship? After all, they were good friends as it stood. By the standards of two warped teenaged girls at least.

Not best friends. Not yet at least.

That title was still being fought over by Emma and Paige Mcabee.

Lisa could only be the best friend she could and hope that it was enough. And when she eventually came under fire from either the PRT's new hardliner of a Director, or Coil's own scheming, Lisa would have someone willing to rampage through the entire city to help her.

Just as she'd done before.

Firing off a quick email to Taylor, asking if she wanted to meet up for coffee later in the week, she exited out of PHO and switched to her preferred gaming client.

After all, she had just purchased an eighty thousand dollar computer rig from Toybox. How else was she supposed to use it other than stalking her friends and reminding scrubs that fist could also be a verb?