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What I want Chapter 5: A party full of surprises

"We're going to a party!" Taichi explained with an evil grin.

"And why the hell are you grinning like that?" Daisuke asked rather confused.

"Because this will be my chance to get Yama drunk and play party games!" Taichi announced loudly.

"You really do just think about yourself..."

"Hey, no fair. Anyway this is a great chance for you aswell you know."

"You're right..." Daisuke said and paused to think. "I better get changed into something decent."

"Don't you mean you need to change into something?" Taichi said grinning again.

Daisuke ran off in the direction of his bedroom and Taichi put on his new shorts he had bought earlier that day. He had to look good for his Yamato of course...

I need to get him drunk so we can start playing games... I hope he doesn't have Mike there aswell... Who cares, as long as I'm there. I'll get my Yama away from him. He thought to himself as he put his necklace around his neck. He had gotten it from Yamato for his seventeenth birthday and it was Taichis personal little treasure.

He went quickly back into the bathroom to check if his hair was in the right position and then looked at himself completely again. He had decided to go without a t-shirt so he was really only wearing a pair of shorts and his necklace.

Not bad if I say so myself... Simple but effective...

Takeru, Ken and Daisuke were all waiting for him as he came down the stairs.

"Is that all you're wearing Tai? What the hell took so long?"

"Never you mind. And anyway, I didn't take that long. Did I?"

"Twenty minutes." Ken said in an impatient tone and walked out of the door.

The others followed him out, chatting all the way to the bus-stop and it didn't take long until the bus came. They all got in and started looking for seats but Takeru stopped them.

"Were getting out at the next stop so don't bother looking for seats."

"Wait a minute. We went all the way to the bus stop just to get to the next one? Why didn't we just walk?"

"Because you would have been complaining all the way there." Ken explained plainly to Daisuke.

"I wouldn't have. I never complained when we were shopping. Did I Tai?" Daisuke looked pleedingly at Tai and he knew what answer Daisuke was hoping for.

"No, not once. I was really surprised." Tai said giving Daisuke a little grin.

"See. You need to put a little more faith in me Ken."

"Why should I put any faith in you? You'd probably just annoy me even more then."

This hit Daisuke really badly. Allthough nobody saw it except Tai. He felt rather sorry for him.

They got out and Taichi couldn't believe where they had come to.They had taken the bus just to go to there neighbours house...

"You know Ken, I think Daisuke would have been able to walk this far."

Ken ignored him and walked around the back of the house. It seemed the party was beeing held in the garden. Now how was Taichi going to keep Mike away from Yamato if the party was beeing held in his house. He noticed Daisuke was still a bit upset by Ken calling him annoying so he decided to cheer him up a bit.

"Come on Daisuke. Don't let it beat you down like that. Remember? Never give up! Now let's go and have some fun. I'll even get you a drink. And you Takeru." He added as he saw Takerus face light up as he heard the word drink.

The garden looked nearly exactly like the one they had in their villa. The only thing that was different was that they had an outside bar aswell. Well, and tables and chairs of course.

"Hey, Taichi! You finally made it!" Mike called as he came over to him.

"What do you mean finally?" Taichi asked giving him a suspicious look.

"Nothing. Let me introduce you to my house mates. This is Leo." He said pointing at the guy closest to them.

He had brown hair and quite a muscular body, Taichi noticed as Leo walked up to them.

"Hey Mike, who's this hot looking guy?" He asked as he held out his hand. Taichi didn't quite know what to make of him calling him a hot looking guy. So he just took it as a compliment.

"I'm Taichi."

Taichi smiled at him and just couldn't resist asking.

"You're gay right?"

"Well I thought you would have noticed since I just called you a hot looking guy..." he said looking a bit confused.

"Leo. Do me a favour and look after him. Would you?" Mike asked totally ignoring the fact that Taichi was stood next to them.

"Sure thing."

Mike walked away and left them bothalone. Taichi couldn't believe how Mike had just treated him and his feeling of dislike was growing even bigger.

"I wouldn't take any notice of him if I were you." Leo suddenly said.

"What makes you think I am?"

"Anybody can see that you two don't like each other. But I wouldn't worry about it, cause to tell you the truth I don't really like him either." He told Taichi, speaking more quietly so that Mike couldn't hear him.

"Well, I think he's after Yama. And that's something I cannot allow to happen." Taichi said his voice dripping with anger.

"Yama? Oh, is that the blond guy who was here before you guys."

"Yeah. That's Yamato. We all call him Yama though."

"Hey Taichi!" Daisuke shouted as he ran over to them. "Weren't you going to get us some drinks?"

"Oh sorry Dai. I forgot. This is Leo by the way." Taichi pointed at Leo and then walked off to get Daisuke some drinks for him and Takeru.

"Hey I'm Daisuke. You can call me Dai if you want." Daisuke said with his cheesy grin. "So what was wrong with Taichi?"

"He was a bit angry about Mike. Nothing to important I think. Who are your two friends over there?" Leo asked pointing at one of the tables.

"Well, the one on the left is Takeru, Yamatos younger brother and the guy with the purple hair is Ken."

"He's the one you like isn't he?" Leo said with a little grin.

"How did you know that?"

"I've been watching you two since you came in. Don't worry, I won't snatch him away." He added as he got an evil glare from Daisuke. "You've been trying to get his attention but he hasn't been giving you any has he?"

"He thinks I'm annoying..." Daisuke said in a sad little way.

"I told you to cheer up Daisuke!" Taichi said angrily as he joined them again.

"But he's totally ignoring me."

"Well, let's go to your table and sort this out once and for all." Taichi said with an evil grin. "You can come too Leo."

They all went over to the table where Ken and Takeru were sitting and sat down to join them. Taichi made sure Daisuke was sitting next to Ken since this was an important step in Taichi's plan. He was going to make them play spin-the-bottle just with a little twist. If they didn't do what the bottle spinner told them to do they would have to drink a shot of vodka.

"So." Taichi said with the biggest grin you could ever imagine on his face. "We're going to play spin the bottle. And if you lot don't do what the bottle tells you, you've got to drink a shot of vodka. Simple."

He placed a little shot-glas on the table and then poured the first bit of vodka in it.

"So, who will be the first to drink? Oh, and by the way. Takeru and Ken, this is Leo."

There was a mummble of hellos and it sounded as if they weren't too happy about the game they were going to have to play. But that was exactly what Taichi wanted. He knew that Ken didn't really like alcohol and that he would do anything to get out of it's way.

Takeru was the only one who seemed to be up for it. His eyes were set on the little glas of vodka and Taichi just hoped the bottle wouldn't point on him too much.

"Okay. I'll start. Who ever the bottle points to has to tell us who he thinks are the hottest guys on this party." He said as he span the bottle. He was hoping for it to land on Daisuke or Ken but it pointed at Leo instead.

"Well, I guess it would have to be... You and little Takeru here." He said as he span the bottle himself. Takeru had gone a bright shade of pink.

"The person on which it points must kiss Daisuke."

He looked over to Taichi and winked. Taichi was relieved to know that somebody was actually going to help him give these two helpless boys a hand in getting together.

And by pure coincidence Taichi accidently knocked against the table and the bottle pointed at...

...Ken. Who was just sat there. Staring at the bottle.

"Me?" He asked in total disbelief.

"Yep. You have to kiss Daisuke. Or if you choose not to do so y-..."

"Okay. I get the picture." He suddenly snapped. Taichi fell silent but then noticed that the glas was somehow allready empty. He looked over to Takeru. He had a big grin on his face.

"You never could hide anything, Takeru. Now, please leave the drink for the ones who are supposed to drink it." He said as he poured a new glas out.

"But that's such a waste..."

"That doesn't matter." Taichi said more firmly this time.

"Okayi'lldoit." Ken suddenly spluttered out looking at the floor.

"What are you going to do Ken?"

"I'll kiss him. Anything but alcohol."

It was quite a sight. There was on the right, Daisuke patiently waiting for his kiss and he was trying really hard to keep himself under control and on the left was little shy Ken, who was still staring at the floor.

Then it all happened in a flash. Ken quickly moved infront of Daisuke and gave him a short kiss. Well, if you can call it a kiss. I mean, he barely even touched Daisuke. And in a matter of seconds he was back on his seat looking at the floor again.

"Are you okay Ken?" Takeru asked, trying to get a look of his face.

Ken stood up, still looking at the floorand then walked off without a word. Daisuke, naturally, ran after him.

"Well, that's them sorted." Taichi said with a smile.

"Um, I hope you don't mind me asking but where are the toilets?" Takeru asked Leo going a light shade of pink again.

"Not at all. Come, I'll show you where they are."

They both got up and left Taichi sitting at the table on his own. That was so typical. Everytime he would help someone, else he was left alone in the end. There was only one person who could cheer him up and that was Yamato.

He stood up, looking around to see if he could spot his favourite guy. It was rather surprising that he was nowhere to be seen. And it was even more suspicious that Mike seemed to have disappeared aswell.

"Who ya lookin' for?" a guy with short black curly hair said to Taichi.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Jay."

Taichi must have been hearing things...

"Did you just say you're gay?" he asked a bit stunned by how direct this guy was.

"No! I said that my name is Jay! And I'm bisexual not gay."

"Oh... You said Jay... Could it be that nearly all your Housemates are gay?"

"No. Philip is bisexual aswell and Ryan is straight."

"Ah, okay. Well, at least I've got that off my mind." It was a relief to know that not all the guys in this house would be after his Yama.

"Ooooh, look some girls are dancing with Ryan and Philip." Jay suddenly said looking straight past Taichi.

"Since when have there been girls at this party?" Taichi asked turning round to see a bunch of girls dancing with a orange haired guy and a guy who had blue hair with green strands. The guy with the blue hair looked the youngest of the five guys living here. He was probably the same age as Taichi.

The girls all had tight trousers and tops on. A sight Taichi wasn't too keen on.

"Well, that's not my type of thing, I'm afraid." Taichi said as he turned back to Jay.

"That's a shame... Anything's good for me. I go both ways." He said still watching the dancing group.

"I prefer to stay with my own sex. Guys are much more better looking than girls... in my opinion." Taichi added as he saw that Jay wasn't agreeing with him.

"You better not say that infront of any girls."

"Don't worry. They only get to hear my opinion when they start hittin' on me."

"Can you blame them? You're one hot looking guy, but I'm so sorry." He said and then paused.

"What? Why are you sorry?"

"I'm afraid I'm allready taken." He said sadly and then grinned.

"And I'm afraid you're just not my type." Taichi replied with a hint of fake sympathy in his voice.

"You never answered me before." Jay said. "Who are you looking for?"

"Oh, sorry. I was looking for Yamato."

"He's inside the house."

"He's where?"

"Inside the house. Apparently Mike was going to show him around our house but they still haven't come back."

"You what? How long have they been in there?" Taichi asked in a panicked voice.

"I dunno. A while. Why? Is he your boyfriend or something?" Jay asked, getting rather confused by Taichis burst of panic.

"Soon to be... I hope. Where do you think they went?"

"Probably to the indoor bar. You'd better see where they've gotten to if you still want to have a chance with him. Mike is one sly guy when it comes to men."

"And where is the indoor bar?"

"Go through the back door and then go twice left and then down the stairs."

"Thanks." Was all he said and Jay could hear before Taichi was gone and in the house.

There house wasn't much different to the one they were staying in. Taichi remembered what Jay had said to him and took the first two left and then went down the spiral staircase but stopped dead as he got to the bottom.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Yamato was sat with Mike on one of the couches by the bar...... and they were kissing.

Taichi wanted to shout and to punsh the daylights out of Mike but his throat had gone dry and his voice was gone. He couldn't even fight back the tears that started to roll down his soft cheeks.

The most important person in his life was kissing an other boy...

Taichis became overflowed with emotions he had never felt before and it was all getting too much for him. He didn't want to see anymore of it and the only thing he wanted to be was alone.

He didn't want to see or talk to anybody, he just wanted end the flood of emotions and heart ache he was feeling and started to run away, back up the stairs.

"Hey Taichi! What's wrong?" Takeru asked as Taichi ran into him at the top of the stairs but he didn't stop. He didn't stop until he collapsed on the path half way to their villa.

The pain was just too much for him as he fell to his knees, tears running down the side of his face.

He just wanted to be alone... away from everybody else... especially Yamato.

-to be continued

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