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Here is the first chapter that focuses on the Battle of Dallas! It is the familiar forces of good versus evil, with two worlds at stake. Max, the Swat Kats, and their friends are ready to go head-to-head against Void, as well as ready to save their worlds.

Now, these chapters are going to be more action-packed and faster than the other chapters [kind of like the action in the TV show]. The chapters will switch POVs, with this one focusing on Max and Feral. These chapters will feature places from and around Dallas, as well as situations you would probably find in a Transformers movie. So... don't try this stuff at home.

Also, this is chapter 25, so I'm glad that it's kicking off such an important part of the story! Again, thank you all for favoriting and following this story, and enjoy this first part in the final epic battle!


From Dallas With Love:

"So that's Dallas," Kallie said.

"Yep," Max agreed. "And you can see the Reunion Tower from here as well."

"Not much," a Enforcer soldier commented to their friend.

"I think it's cool," another said. Feral made to interrupt, but a cough silenced him.

They stopped in a filed some ten miles outside of Dallas, the iconic skyline visible from where they parked. This was where they would split up; some of them going in the Turbokat, which Hackle had teleported to the human world, and the rest would go by bus. Those in the Turbokat would go to the top of the tower to try and stop Void while those on the ground would do their best to protect the citizens from a ground attack. Now they just had to decide who went where.

"We should have at least one Swat Kat in each group," Feral suggested, stifling a cough.

"T-Bone has to fly the Turbokat," Razor said. "So he's going to be going to the tower to head off Void."

"Or he could fly between the two groups when necessary," Max suggested. "Though I think Razor should go to the tower, I should go with the ground group. Void thinks I'm somewhere here in Texas with no knowledge of his plan. Also, I know how to drive the bus, and know the roads better than all of you."

"That makes sense," Johnny said. "So who's going to go to the tower with Razor? Feral?"

"I'd rather stay with the majority of my Enforcers," he replied, covering another cough. "The Deputy Mayor and the newskats can go with you two. If Void does send Gorgan to the street level, its gonna take as much force as we can spare to stop him."

"Fine, but they stay in the Turbokat with me," T-Bone said. "In case things go wrong, we can get them out of there, probably send them back out our world."

"Fine," Ann said. "We can try to get some arial shots."

"Okay. So here's the plan," Max said. "Try to stop Void before he releases the gas. If Gorgan makes it to streetleve, T-Bone will let us in the bus know, and we go stop him."

"Actually, we also have the Cyclotron in the hull of the ship," Razor pointed out. "How about T-Bone gives that to you in case you need to chase Gorgan down?"

"Sure, but wait until we need it, and drop it off by the bus" the human said. The Enforcers can follow on foot, using their invisibility screens to hide them from prying eyes. In case that fails… say you're going to a convention, and try not to hurt any humans."

"Got it," the Enforcers replied.

"Good. Now let's takes five minutes tops to make sure we're ready to go. Make sure your gear's good, you know what to do, and we'll get going." They all agreed, and set about making sure their shields and weapons were ready, Lonestar telling the Enforcers what to expect in the Metropolis area.

Razor and T-Bone could tell Max was nervous. They knew, if the roles were reversed, they would be worried about their home being attacked as well. It was no wonder that Lonestar had taken control of what to do, and was on top of making sure the kats knew what was going on.

"Here's a map of where the tower is," Max said, pulling up the map on his phone [now that he was back in his own time, it was a very useful tool]. "We're coming in from the West, here," he continued, pointing at the screen. "Turbokat, fly around until you see some sign of movement up there, then go in; use the net if you have to. There's no telling what direction Gorgan would go if he goes on a rampage, but it's most likely he'll go after a landmark."

"How do you figure," Johnny asked.

"Void said he wanted me to watch my home be destroyed, helpless to do anything. It would make sense for him to send his son after museums or something like that, since they stand out and are something I might recognize. I"ll point them out to the Enforcers, and you can track our location using the Glovatrix."

"Got it," Razor and T-Bone said.

"Okay, and we'll keep in touch with our communicators." He gave everyone a determined look. "Let's get going."


Max POV:

They reached the Reunion Building nearly an hour later. The roads were fortunately not at their max capacity, though the bus speed limit put a damper on things, and Lonestar had to remember the right way to get there, plus pay for parking the bus.

"Now we wait," Max said, turning to the Enforcers that were ready to go in the back, the shades drawn over the charter bus windows so no one could see them. "And hope that Gorgan, if he even shows up, doesn't go too far."

"And that we all get home in one piece," Feral added, sitting down and covering another cough. The Enforcers gave their Commander worried looks, but said nothing.

"Too bad we can't go up there and help them," one of the Enforcers said.

"Even invisible, they don't send the elevators up empty," the human reminded them.

"Are there stairs," another one asked.

"Yeah, but by the time you got up there, you'd be too winded to fight, and the stairs don't leed to the top; just to the observation deck."

"Look," Feral said, "I don't care if you don't like waiting here for something to happen; this is the plan, and we're sticking with it!" The Enforcers seemed annoyed at the announcement, but complied. Max could probably tell what they were thinking; being in a strange world they wanted to explore, but still having a job to do. It probably wasn't easy to keep their heads straight.

"Hackle," Max said into the communicator. "Any sign that Void's left his island yet?"

"Not yet," the professor replied. "I've been monitoring the energy signals around his island, like you suggested. Either he hasn't left yet, he left long before I started checking, or he has found a way to prevent me from reading any signals."

"Thanks. How's the Turbokat group doing?"

"Doing fine," Razor answered. "No sign of anything at the top of the tower."

"Hey Lonestar," T-Bone asked, "I just realized something."

"Spill it."

"So we know Void's gonna be at the top of the tower, probably wanting to set off his machine himself, but he's probably gonna send Gorgan somewhere to catch our attention, right? And perhaps to distract your human police force?"


"So wouldn't it make sense for him to send Gorgan directly to that place first before he comes to the tower?"

Max froze, realizing that the argument was sound. How could he have not thought of that? Sure, he wasn't a genius, but he should have figured that Void would send Gorgan somewhere first before heading to the Reunion building.

He pressed the communication button again. "Start flying over the city, look for any sign of -"

There was the sound of a loud explosion in the distance, and outside, several people looked in the general direction, confused.

"Shit," Max yelled, jumping to the driver's seat and turning on the bus. "Here," he said, tossing the communicator to one of the Enforcer soldiers. "Tell them to look for the source of the explosion and send me the coordinates, then to go back to the tower!" He floored the gas, quickly leaving the parking space, trying not to hit any cars or stray pedestrians who were on their way to or from the tower.

"Found Gorgan," Jake said a few moments later, right as the bus reached the main street. "It looks like some sort of plaza. Not far from here. Sending coordinates now." Max risked a look at his Glovatrix, comparing the map to what his phone app showed was nearby. A minute later, his face blanked.

"He's at the JFK memorial," he said, flooring the gas again as the bus shot off down the street, heading North. Cars honked on either side of him, and he did his best to avoid hitting anyone. Fortunately, most cars, upon seeing him coming, seemed to pull out of the way, but some still hit the bus, rattling it and its occupants. He felt sorry for the people in the cars, but all he could do was hope and pray that they were alright, and that they could get to the plaza in time.

"What kind of location are we looking at," Feral said, signaling his Enforcers to be ready.

"Open green plaza, streets on either side," Lonestar said, honking the horn in an effort to alert drivers to get out of the way. He heard a police siren in the distance, but knew that he had to get to the plaza before Gorgan caused any damage. "We were right; it's a tourist trap."

"Any cover?"

"Some trees, but not much, unless you go to a building. You may want to use those invisibility screens as long as you can so any cops that show up don't think you're the enemy; I know they're not exactly long lasting."

"About ten minutes tops," an Enforcer said.

"Then make them count! I'll get us as close as we can, draw his attention. You all fan out, keep the pedestrians back, then sneak up behind Gorgan and take him out."

"With what? Isn't he bullet proof?"

"As far as we know, yes, but maybe we can knock him out!" By now, with all the honking and fast driving, people on the sidewalks were watching, gaping at the charter bus as it drove by them. "Someone get me a mask!"

"A what," Feral repeated.

"A mask! If my face gets on the news, they'll know I have something to do with this! I need to keep my identity a secret!" Feral muttered something about 'damn Swat Kats' and their 'damn identities,' but a minute later, he was given something that reminded him of a bandit hat. "Where'd you get this?"

"We stopped a robbery before we got here," an Enforcer explained. "And Nick likes collecting the masks."

"Snitch," another shouted.

"If we make it back to our world alive, you two are in SO much trouble," Feral shouted, nearly flying out of his seat as the bus took a fast turn, nearly flipping over in the process. "Watch your driving!"

"You wanna take over," Max yelled, heading towards the Dealey Plaza. "Whoever has the communicator, tell T-Bone to drop off the Cyclotron by the plaza after he drops off the group at the tower, and then head back to stop Void!"

"Got it," the Enforcer soldier from earlier said. "And my name's Kyle."

"Nice to meet you! I'm trying to save the world, so can we save the introductions for later?!" The Enforcer jumped a little at the yell, but went to telling the other Swat Kats the information.

Finally, they reached the Plaza. It wasn't very large, compared to most plazas, but it was iconic for a different reason. John F. Kennedy, on that fateful November day decades ago, was assassinated as he drove through the plaza. Now, it was being attacked by a human-turned-kat from another world.

They were quick to see Gorgan [he stood out like a sore thumb, making their job easier]. He was near a memorial, attacking it with his fists in an effort to break off pieces of marble and brick, each one the size of a desk. By now, people had stopped in the middle of the road, abandoning their cars as they fled, though some were stupidly standing around, trying to film what was happening. Lonestar stopped the bus on the green, some twenty yards away from Gorgan.

"Let's go," he yelled, putting on the mask and taking out his bo staff. Not bothering to turn the bus off, he dashed out the door, heading straight for Gorgan. Behind him, the Enforcers and Feral ran out of the bus as well, bringing on a few fresh screams from spectators at the sight of them.

"HEY," Max scramed, throwing a smoke pellet ahead of him. The evil kat turned at the sight, eyes widening in disbelief before he was covered in smoke. When it cleared, the human was leaping through the air, punching him in the face. They both went down, Lonestar landing on his feet while the kat landed on his back.

"YOU," he screamed angrily, pulling a pistol from his hip. The Swat Human braced himself, bringing up his shield in time to block the bullets, though the impact made him take several steps back. "You should not be here! You make Father mad!"

"You're making me mad," Max countered, aiming the end of his staff at the kat, shooting three sleeping darts at him. The kat stretched out a hand the size of a table mat, all three darts hitting his palms. He roared in pain, but didn't fall asleep; it probably would take a dozen or so darts to take him out, but this would hopefully slow him down. "I'm not gonna let you destroy my home!"

"Too bad," Gorgan snarled, pulling the darts from his hands and throwing them at Lonestar. The human ducked, but then noticed that the kat had leaped towards him, and he rolled out of the way as the wall of fur passed inches from his face. In the distance, he could make out the shape of cop cars, and saw that the spectators from earlier had disappeared.

C'mon, Feral, he thought, looking around for any sign of the kats. I could use a little help here!


Feral POV:

Meanwhile, Feral had let his Enforcers outside, just like they had planned. He ordered the soldiers to fan out and try to get the pedestrians away before switching on their invisibility switches. This was easier than they realized, since the humans that saw them turned and ran away screaming.

"Get ready," the commander yelled, pulling out his own gun and covering a couch before hitting the invisibility button on his belt. He watched his fellow Enforcers vanish from view, starting the mental clock in his head, but then looked down to notice that he was still visible.

"Crud," he yelled, quickly ducking behind a tree as he tried to get the blasted machine to work. It didn't, and wondered why, out of all the belts to be given, he had a busted one. He wondered if the teleportation part that was supposed to take him home would work, but he couldn't think about that now.

Looking out from behind the tree, he could see Lonestar had gone straight for Gorgan, keeping his distance as the tall kat repeatedly charged him. Using pieces of the broken memorial, he started tossing them at the human, who managed to avoid them. Everything else wasn't so lucky. Cars, trees [including the one Feral was behind] and the like were hit by stray pieces of rubble. Feral could only hope that none of his Enforcers had been struck, or that a pedestrian hadn't been hit.

Now you gotta do something, Feral, he thought to himself, peering out from behind a tree as he heard sirens approaching. This must be the police force Max had been talking about, meaning he had to get out of sight; he wasn't a human, and they might think that he was an attacker if he wasn't careful. He wanted to help, but wasn't sure what he could do without getting seen. Plus, Gorgan was almost indestructible, and it would take a tank to -

He looked back at the nearby charter bus, which still had its engine running. His mind began to turn. It was risky, of course, but it could be what they need in order to take down that kat that murdered his Felina. However, he had no plan on dying today; he was going to die in a hospital, and if some damned kat prevented him from doing so… well, he wasn't going to let that happen.

With new purpose, he ran back to the charter bus, hoping that human vehicles weren't that different from kat ones.

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