becoming the night guard of the Salvage yard at 3 years old

Chap 6 Midnight vs Devon the bully

It was night time at the salvage yard and Midnight was keeping watch and unaware that in other salvage yards a bully was beating people up and taking names so he headed back to his place his name was Riverland and he was a bully at 16 years old.

Midnight and Jake along with their daughter was totally unaware of this bully so they were having fun time while Catherine was watching with jealous looks but she couldn't do anything about this and that pissed her off to no ends so she headed back inside and saw Chance watching the events and was smiling happily which made her go white in the face so she vanished into the city and into a local pub where she meet Riverland.

So they were talking and he said " I don't like night guards I beat them up to show them how weak they are what do you think of night guards?."

Catherine smiled evilly and said " Well the salvage yard has a night guard you can beat him up as much as you want well got to go bye sweetie."

So the following night Midnight was watching over the yard unaware that Riverland was watching so he snuck up behind Midnight but Jake was also up on the roof he shouted and Midnight jumped out of the way making Riverland growl angrily " Darn it you dodged my attack how dare you jerk".

Jake snarled angrily and said " I don't tolerate anyone trying to sneak attack my bad ass guy".

Midnight blushed bright red in the face so he smiled at Jake who went brick red in the face when he saw the look in Midnight's eyes so Midnight turned his attention back to Riverland and said " By the by I am no wimp I bet Catherine told you all about me huh?."

Riverland smirked and said " Yeah I beat Nightguards up and taking names and you will be the final one so be prepared to lose".

He charged at Midnight but Midnight totally sent him packing of course Midnight got a cut arm and some bruises but Riverland had got his butt handed to him along with some limbs so he throw a bomb and vanished into the night.

So with Midnight and Jake Midnight was fixed up and soon everyone bunked down and fell asleep wondering what the future awaited them all.