News Excerpts: Commander Feral's Death

Narrator: Accompanied by drums, the funeral processions down Main Street in Wildcat City today had nothing but a somber feeling to it, for Commander Ulysses Feral, longtime commander-in-chief of the Enforcers notorious for trying to put an end to the careers of the SWAT Kats, has died in the heat of duty. The cause of death was apparent: Feral was killed while trying to stop a bank robbery from happening. The killer turned out to be the world's most hated man, Alfred Coats Bendraqi, who some say is lower than Adolf Hitler ever was.

Razor/Jake Clawson: He may have hated us and wanted to end our careers as superheroes by unmasking, but that was because he had to do everything strictly by the book. And, when you do everything strictly by the book, you aren't going to really have anything else in this country but a whole population full of jailbirds.

T-Bone/Chance Furlong: But, we still respected him because he was the top of the list. Nobody is above the law; not even superheroes.

Narrator: Citizens were left with nothing to do but mope, groan, gripe, complain, or whatever other synonyms you may think of because it was Bendraqi. Not only is he the stupidest criminal in history, but also the one with the hugest number of life sentences, and he's just added another one to the list with the killing of Feral. Feral's death has also guaranteed his niece, Lt. Felina Feral, that she has earned the biggest promotion an Enforcer can get in the shortest time. She is now the first ever female to become the Commander-in-Chief of the Enforcers.

Felina: It's a huge responsibility to take, but I am up to the task. I've proven that before. The difference is that I am not putting an end to the SWAT Kats as my uncle wanted to do; we need them in crises where we can't do it alone. My uncle never seemed to grasp that concept.

Sergeant: Feral, I salute you! *salutes* Nothing more to say.

Narrator: Even the villain most notorious had his say about Feral.

Dark Kat: What has haunted me as being the unforgiven sin that is not forgiveable is the fact I wanted to destroy Megakat City, and Feral fought me with his forces when the SWAT Kats weren't. In the end, it was loss-loss all the way. All I can do now that I have repented is pay my respect. All the good deeds in the world can't make up for what I did to him, and more importantly, what Bendraqi has done to him.

Narrator: As the weeping continues, Bendraqi's controversies cannot help but call into question the lengths that he's prepared to go to in order to get his ultimate wish that nobody can explain: ultimate destruction of the whole world, even if he goes with it. As for what comes next, all we can say is thank the heavens the G-52 organization has allied with the SWAT Kats, and many other allies to boot, in order to combat these dark forces awaiting to end it all for all of us.

Gerry Mandringson; WBC News.

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