Author's Note: Hello fellow Potterheads (and whatever Firefly fans have managed to find this)! I've decided to write a rather strange crossover combining Harry Potter and the Fox TV show Firefly. Don't ask me why. I imagine this takes place during Harry's third year, although the POV character will be Kaylee because she's my favorite. ^_^ In order to properly blend the two worlds I've decided to tone down Firefly's more futuristic aspects into more of a steampunk feel in accommodation of the wizarding world's rather medieval technology - although there will be a good deal of magic involved too. Hope you enjoy!

Kaywinnet Lee Frye did not initially plan on snogging Seamus Finnegan when she set out from the Hufflepuff common room that morning.

In fact, she had not planned on snogging anyone at all that day (unless, of course, they asked her very nicely to – in which case, she was more than happy to oblige).

But this rather intimate study session hadn't started out as one.

Kaywinnet, or Kaylee as she liked to be called, had been walking (very innocently, in her opinion) to Herbology class after breakfast with her friend Hannah. It was then that she'd overheard Malcolm Reynolds from Gryffindor talking quietly to his housemate Seamus Finnegan about something called a "dragonfire dirigible." Kaylee hadn't known then what such a thing might be, but she had known it had to be something exciting by the way Seamus immediately yelled, "Blimey!" in a voice so loud that he scared off the crows in Hagrid's pumpkin patch down the hill. At which point Malcolm had shoved Seamus off the path to the Greenhouse and Kaylee had crept off after them so she could eavesdrop on what they were saying. She was often overlooked by older students because of her somewhat mousy appearance, which made it far too easy to sneak up on their conversations.

Malcolm was gripping Seamus' shoulder. "Look, I just need a genius mechanic- "

"Genius?" Seamus' voice rose another decibel, the tips of his ears turning as red as his tie. "No one's ever called me that before! Brilliant!" He and Malcolm passed over the hill leading to Hagrid's hut. "…But what's a mechanic?"

Kaylee stopped behind a large standing stone, grinning to herself. She came from a Muggle family, so she knew exactly what a mechanic was. But what in the name of Newt Scamander was a "dragonfire dirigible?"

Kaylee intended to find out.