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Breakfast at the Xiao Long-Rose household. Eight in the morning. Bacon and eggs. A bright-eyed father. A barely conscious Ruby. A hungover and definitely not conscious Uncle sleeping on the table, forcing us to eat around him while we, intermittently, shoved bacon pieces and steaming hot coffee down his gullet… All while Zwei tried to snatch it right out of his mouth.

This was all completely normal.

Or, at least, it was completely normal to me. If this household had ever been conventional, it had been forever ago. Far enough back that I, the head blonde of the house (Dad could believe what he wanted. We all knew the truth.) couldn't remember it… Not that I could remember much after I got over getting hit with a flaming truck and waking up as a child that was 85 to 86 percent female... Or something like that. I don't know.

I was bad at standard math, sue me. Thankfully though, something as small as non-standard genders wasn't an issue worth fighting about when you had the Faunus to pick on. Lucky me, right?

Anyway, that didn't matter. What did matter was that, even though Ruby and I were getting on the Bullhead to Beacon after this was over, the routine was still here...and it was comforting to find that the more things changed, the more they stayed the same… Honestly, the only thing I wasn't going to miss was having my Dad and Uncle as our teachers. Especially Dad.

He ran the sex ed class. I was a growing girl. Enough said...and Ruby definitely wouldn't miss it either. Poor thing was already having a hard enough time being who she was and she didn't need the shadow of Dad, the sex ed teacher, hanging over her like the shadow of social death that he most definitely was.

The man was a huge dork at the best of times and just how he'd slept with our respective moms I had no idea. Probably better that way. Some of the burns he'd sent my way over the years without even thinking about them still itched, swear to god.

"Hey. Yang. I'm just wondering..." Dad, almost as if he'd heard me thinking about him, suddenly piped up in that way that always made Uncle Qrow grind his teeth in his sleep. "Are you going to take a shower?"

Oh god. This again.

"Took one last night," I said around my last bacon strip. Crunchy. "I think I'm fine."

"You sure you want to do that?" Dad asked with narrowed eyes while I, being a technically mature adult, just continued to eat my breakfast... I was like, forty or something. Totally an adult. I wasn't sweating at all, nope. "You sure you don't want to have the freshest start at a new school that you could have?"

"... God," I grumbled. "I'm seventeen, Dad. Not seven. I look great."

And I did. I really, really did. Seriously, my hair was fucking magic. Also, acne. What was that? Something other people got. Ha! Suckers!

"But you could look better," Dad retorted easily, cutting off my internal gloating just before he started flicking Qrow's forehead in an attempt to get him up. "No such thing as too much of a good impression, hon, and we've still got a good five hours before the bullhead comes around."

"... I guess." With a shrug, a sigh, and one last fork full of egg, I stood up from the table, gave Ruby's hair a good ruffle, ignored her whining, and got myself a fist bump from dad. "I'll see you guys in thirty minutes."

"Take your time!"

I rolled my eyes, went to my room, and did what I had to do. Got all the important stuff together after pulling it out of my already packed bag. Towel, conditioner, shampoo, razor. The basics. If Dad wanted anything more, he was going to have to pull it out. Nobody had time for that nonsense, especially me.

A quick trip down the hall and a slammed door later, just to make sure everyone knew what I was doing and to give the last bit of oomph in waking up Qrow, the shower was running. The temperature was rising. Glass shattered and, suddenly, a once invisible short stack had me by the dick.

I should have expected this. I really should have. She always came around at the worst possible time. Like a cat, yep. 'Fed her' at a party once, unknowingly, while she was in disguise, and now she wouldn't leave me alone.

It was long as you ignored the fact that she was a murderous little psychopath that knew where I lived.

"What did you break, Yang! That sounded expensive!"

"Nothing, Dad! Cleaning it up now!" I shot back quickly before I gave the unrepentant mute that had, once again, broken into my house for some reason or another a sharp glare. "The fuck, Neo!?" I demanded with a sibilant whisper. "Again!?"

In response, she just smirked at me and nodded her head. Just like always. Yet another routine that, while somewhat dysfunctional, was still rather comforting...if for different reasons. Emotional needs and sexual needs were two separate things here.

I was mature enough to realize that those were two separate things. I was also mature enough to know that I actually didn't much care that she was invading my home and personal life so that we could have sex. I didn't trust her even a fifth as far as I could throw her, sure, (which was pretty damn far) but I did trust in her selfish need to unwind after...whatever it was she did when I couldn't see her.

Plausible deniability. I had that. I also had enough Aura to outlast twenty men and sexual experiences that spanned across two separate lifetimes. To use a metaphor, she may have been a psycho, but she knew where the golden eggs came from...and that was enough for me not to worry overmuch about getting stabbed for no reason.

"You do know that I'm on a time limit, right? That I have stuff to do?"

She raised an incredulous eyebrow at me.

"Yes, I know. It's hard to believe, but I'm not always available for sex. I have a life."

A second incredulous eyebrow joined the first as she let go of my junk and clapped her hands against her cheeks in a good approximation of 'The Scream'.

"You're overreacting," I said dryly as I, ironically enough, stepped into the shower spray. "And I find your disbelief offensive."

As I reached for the shampoo, I found myself stymied by the simple fact that it was no longer there. Instead, it was in the hands of a pouting Neo. A Neo that had, when I wasn't looking at her, changed into a one-piece swimsuit. A swimsuit that had, in between the double keyhole just above and under her breasts, the words 'Fuck These' printed on it as a very clear invitation as she made to empty that bottle into her cleavage.

The arrows pointing at said tits were even clearer.

"Seriously, Neo?" My voice cracked, just like my hold on my self-control as, against my wishes, I started getting hard...and I could already tell this one was going to be as good as diamonds… I had to hold back though. I had to. I was the master of my body. My body wasn't the master of me. Zen. "That sucks as lube. Get something better."

Damn it, body! Stop fucking me over!

With a smug grin, one that said that she'd expected this to happen and that she'd won something important, she dropped the shampoo on the floor and pulled a bottle of baby oil from...somewhere that I could only call 'off-screen', before she emptied the whole thing. The lot of it. Right over the top and straight down the center of her breasts in what might as well have been a river for all it mattered before she discarded that as well with a toss over her shoulder and a teasing shake of the chest...that worked all too damn well.

Fuck it. If that was how it was going to be, that was how it was going to be. One thing though, before anything else.

With a casual push against the center of her chest with the tip of a finger, that smile on her face disappeared as she began to tilt...and the oil that had pooled at her feet swept her right off them.

A big part of this thing between us was about respect. If I didn't push back every once in a while, then she wouldn't respect me. Simple power dynamics here...but I wasn't a dick. She didn't even come close to hitting the floor before I was looking down at her, amused by the wide look of her eyes as they began to shift in color. Pink, to white, to brown in a cycle while I held her in my arms, up until she realized what she was doing and brought it to a stop with a scowl.

"What?" I asked innocently, "I thought you wanted me to pin you down and fuck your tits. Was I wrong?"

A raised middle finger and a flash of teeth in what might have been a smile was my answer...and it was good enough for me to lay her down and admire just how freaking small she was for a good second before I was on her. Literally on her, as in lightly sitting on her stomach, using my weight to keep her and with my dick as I laid my dick out on her body for a good preview shot...and I easily went past her chest in terms of length, as expected. All it would take is a short thrust forward—

Neo blinked, her eyes now completely pink in that particular way they became when she was unbelievably aroused as the head of my erection bounced off her lower lip.

—and I'd be in her mouth… Awesome.

"You should probably keep your tongue out, sweety. Just because I'm only doing this once doesn't mean a thing." I giggled, feeling more than just a little surreal as I pulled back, took her breasts in hand and pushed them together, then lined my cock up with her extremely inviting cleavage. "You asked for this, so you'd better be willing to clean up the mess you made."

I took my time sliding myself into that valley. Warm, tight. Delightfully slick as my dick, inch by inch, vanished in the space between her tits... I could feel her shaking as I did so. Vibrating with frustration, her still pink eyes narrowed into playfully angry slits when I began to in and out of her chest. Back and forward, slow and gentle, never quite reaching the other side for her to see.

In other words, I was doing everything but what she really wanted...and her impotent anger was delicious. She'd come to me. Not the other way around. If I wanted to enjoy myself for a little while (Dad had said five hours, right?) I would… If I could have.

This was the only bathroom in the house and I wasn't the only person in said house. Even if I had planned on screwing Neo into the floor, mentally (handholding and missionary.) or physically (hair pulling and mating presses.) this wasn't the time for it.

This was my choice. My responsibility... And the fact that she'd opened her mouth as wide as it could go, stuck her tongue out, and started licking at the air just above where my dick would come out if I just stopped fucking around and just fucked her tits already just helped me make that choice faster.

I'd just have to make it up to her later, I supposed.

On the next upstroke, I went all in. All the way to the base with a solid smack that had sent a wave of visible force through her tits. A ripple that I could even see under the saran wrap tightness of her swimsuit, just before the head of my dick popped out from in between her breasts and right on the flat of her tongue. A momentary thing that had her eyes pop open with excitement as she finally got a taste of the good stuff.

At this point, I was leaking like a sieve...and she'd be damned if she lost whatever I gave her in the oil slick she'd made of her chest. Not due to any real appreciation of my taste (maybe?) that I could tell, no, but she knew what got me going by now. What to do for that extra hint of enthusiasm, of implied aggression, that drove her crazy.

It made her easy.

A slut for conflict was Neo. A really classy lady, for a given value of class...and if she wasn't on the verge of orgasm already, a hard twist of her nipples through her clothing had her flying right past that and straight to becoming undone. Kicking her legs. Spasming. Making barely audible huffing noises in between gasps for air as I felt her stomach contract through my nuts as they dragged along her torso.

She was laughing...and I could see that her eyes were already beginning to lose their focus as I started using her as if she was just a toy. No sweet talk. No consideration. Just the sounds of an animalistic mating, hard dick-flesh against tit as my cock worked the increasingly thickening mess in between her breasts into a leather. A bubbling, sticky morass of pre and oil that, if I hadn't been in the middle of something important, would have worried me if only for the sound it was making.

It was like hearing quicksand, stuck on repeat. That was the closest thing I could think of the describe it. The sucking, slapping, pounding that was my length being run through the makeshift pseudo-pussy that Neo had offered up to me for the sake of getting her weekly fix. The chances that someone could hear me right then were high. The chances that I much cared were low...and only getting lower as every drop of water that struck my hair turned to steam.

It was flashy, sure, but I couldn't help how my body worked. I wasn't going to be faking an orgasm anytime soon, I'd say that, and if Neo hadn't been so out of it, she would have caught onto that before I sank in, balls deep, and she found herself with a mouthful of throbbing cockhead, just at the verge of orgasm.

"You've been a good girl, keeping your mouth open for me," I cooed quietly to Neo as I watched the light return to her eyes. Felt her tongue, after a short period of startled stillness, begin lashing the underside of my glans like a thing possessed. "But are you ready to clean up the mess you made, you needy little bitch?"

When she dipped her head forward to take in yet more of me, I took that as a yes. As good as a nod as her lips puckered around me and she started to suck...damn.

There were a lot of reasons as to why trying to talk to a mute girl that refused to learn standardized sign language was a terrible slog to get through, but this sure as fuck wasn't one of them. It was most likely better that way, once I thought about it. If she had actually been capable of speech…

I shuddered to think about it, even as a familiar pressure began to build up below my waist. Hard and quick, as hot as lava as I reflexively grabbed ice cream girl by the hair, grit my teeth...and gave the room a tint of gold as I unloaded into her suckling mouth. Pulse after pulse went straight down her hungry throat without pause, the sound of her swallowing each rope of jizz the loudest noise she'd made all day by far as she tried to keep up...and her cheeks only puffed out twice this time, with her glaring 'angrily' at me all the while as she chugged me down.

The first time she'd tried that, it had exploded out of her nose and I hadn't seen her for a month after because she'd needed to salve her wounded pride and clean her sinuses. Good times… The sound of her lips smacking loudly around my length was enough for me to push those memories to the side. The feeling of her teeth grazing me got me right into the moment, my heart jumping right into my throat as any slack in my dick instantly disappeared and I was fully erect once more.

Danger to life and limb was a hell of a libido enhancer...and, once again, Neo made me wonder if the phrase 'Cock Hungry' referred to her. If not, it should. It wouldn't be all that much of a surprise to me if I found out that someone had replaced the current picture in the dictionary with a picture of her looking up at the viewer with a cock swollen cheek. She had already finished off what I had shot off into her mouth and was intentionally licking me off as loudly as possible so that she could get more.

She always did this. Always tried to push me more and more, further and further, anything to get just one more round. Always, even if she knew that I was on a time-limit...and I was ashamed to say that she'd won more than one of those struggles. A birthday party here, a graduation there. Things like that… It was too bad, for her, that I had the willpower of a hundred mounti-OH FUCK, NO!

I let go of her hair, my face tight and emotions controlled as I extracted myself from the not-so-hidden cum vampire that had just tried to suck my soul out...and it might have worked too, seeing just how deep her cheeks had been before I broke the seal with an ear-ringing pop.

I had to admit that I'd almost nutted again right there...but I hadn't. And this was a two player where I knew her entire move set, front to back.

With a swift, yet controlled movement, I extracted my now half erect cock out from the keyhole of her swimsuit while she looked up at me expectantly. Even more so as I dragged my dick straight down her stomach and right over her mound, leaving an off-white slug trail wherever it went… Up until I slid my hands under her armpits, stood, and held her up high, at eye level against the nearest wall.

She bit her lower lip at me, expecting a ravaging. I smiled back all teeth as, well… I planted a warm, loving kiss on her forehead.

After that, it was like I had flipped a switch. She went from expectedly lustful to adorably embarrassed. Her face flushed red, her eyes turned white, and she started to slap at my own breasts rapidly. Not nearly hard enough to actually hurt me, but still hard enough to make it sting as I laughed at her.

Affection. Her one weakness. Her kryptonite...and the only way to make her leave when she didn't want to.

"You're so adorable!" I continued my assault, her features stuck in a rictus of horror as I hugged her tight to my bosom...and then she was gone. Like greased lightning, she easily slipped out of my grasp, out of the shower, and back out the window in a blur of tiny mute anger while I shook my head at what might have been her general direction, still laughing the entire time.

"Demands I fuck her tits," I chuckled to myself, "but god forbid I give her a hug… Fucking weirdo… Stupid, sexy-"


Startled, I spun around on my heel...and did it three times more than I'd been going for as I found myself standing in a puddle of barely diluted oil. That I didn't fall down was pure luck.

That I ended up in an actually decent pointe stance without a pair of ballet shoes was a miracle.

"I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN THERE, AND I DON'T REALLY CARE, PERVERT!" The door shook as Ruby pounded her fist against the door. "I. NEED. TO. PEE!"

"I'll be right out!" I yelled back, slightly dizzy as I sat down on the shower alcove, got the detachable shower head with one hand, and started washing away the evidence...and working shampoo into my hair with my other hand. This wasn't my first rodeo...and god bless my semblance for its instant drying utility. I'd never get anywhere on time otherwise. "Just need to rinse my hair, Rubaby, the light of my life!"


… Today was a good day...and it was going to be all uphill from here.