Lily (not White) is at the edge of Misty Lake.

"Whoa! It is so foggy today! I should practise my freezing skills... Hey Yukari."

"Hey Lily? What are you doing?"

"Practising skills. Might visit a friend at the mountain later."

"Nice! I'm going to the Hakurei Shrine."


So, Lily went to the foothill of Youkai Mountain. She sees the shell of a... box turtle.

"Kass! Wake up!"

The shell opens and Kass climbs out.

(sign) "Lily, recently there's no sunlight at the foothill and it is COLD! I'm just keeping my warmth in!"

"Please show me how. Anyways, Misty Lake's fog is thicker than before."

(sign) "Let's visit the Hakurei Shrine, but I'll first go to the Underground reactor." Kass straps her shell to her back.

Meanwhile, at the reactor.

Utsuho was managing the reactor.

Kass appears.

(sign) "Hi Utsuho, there isn't enough sunlight at the Mountain lately. May I stay here for 5 minutes?"

"Yeah, if you have to."

5 minutes later.

(sign) "Lily, I'm back."

"Well, let's go then."