Metropolis, Kansas, 2005.

I was watching the scenery go by while the bus was arriving at the grand city of Metropolis, hoping that I had gotten far enough away from Gotham and that I wouldn't have to deal with those bastards anymore.

"They won't find me here, I've made sure to cover my tracks well," I thought as the bus entered the city and I was slightly amazed at seeing the one place I always wanted to visit when I was a kid.

Then my smile disappeared as I recalled the rundown apartment in Gotham and the arguing that wouldn't stop, just as a hand rested on my shoulder and shook me. I snapped out of my train of thought and looked up to see the bus driver staring down at me with a hard look.

"We're here, kid, now get the hell out," the driver ordered and I grabbed my bag as I stood up from my seat.

I left the bus and it drove away, then I looked around and wondered what I should do next since I need a job and a roof over my head to stay alive. I looked at a department store window and spotted my reflection, seeing a 16-year-old boy staring back with short brown hair and tired green eyes as I sighed and adjusted the straps of my bag. I started walking down the sidewalk and passed by many people as I decided that the first step was finding a place to sleep since it was going to be dark soon.

I passed the Daily Planet and kept moving as the sun was starting to set, seeing the city light up while it became nighttime and I groaned as I noticed that I had wandered into a bad part of town while I was lost in thought, just as I heard growling right behind me and I tensed up before slowly looking behind me to see three male dogs of different breeds, all of them snarling with hungry looks in their eyes that didn't make me feel good at all.

"Whoa...easy, take it easy. Nice dogs, please don't eat me," I whimpered in alarm as I turned around and backed away slowly with my hands in a placating gesture.

One of the dogs, a bulldog, barked and all three lunged at me which forced me to start sprinting away in fear to prevent myself from getting torn apart from the stray dogs that wanted to kill me. I ran as fast as I could to get away from the stray dogs and I spotted a large building that was fenced off, then I saw a slight cut in the fence and immediately forced myself through it in a panic before the dogs hit the fence and they barked while pressing themselves against the fence.

I gasped for breath and coughed while trying to get some air into my lungs, then I eventually regained myself until I heard footsteps approaching my location. I quickly reacted by fleeing the scene and hid just as a man dressed in a black security uniform with a duty belt came over to the fence and shined his flashlight at the dogs before reaching for the radio mic on his shoulder.

"Negative, just a bunch of stray dogs causing a racket," the man reported as he walked away and I spotted the huge sign above the building that said STAR Labs before I became scared.

I knew that I was on private property and if the security guards saw me, I would be arrested and they would get the police involved which would make things even worse for me if they discover who I am and I'm sent back to Gotham. I carefully moved around while staying in the shadows and making sure that the guards didn't see me, only I was forced to take another route because of a patrol and stupidly found myself inside the building.

I chastised myself internally for getting into a deeper hole by mistake and made sure any late-night employees didn't see me while I tried to find another way out of the building and off the property, just as I found myself on a catwalk in a large room and heard panting behind me. I froze up and looked behind me to see a male golden retriever mix with a blue rubber ball in his mouth, then I felt complete panic since I could be looking at a security dog and the dog put down the ball before barking at me with his tail wagging playfully.

I frantically tried to run and tripped, toppling over the guardrail and I let out a single scream until I landed into a vat of blue liquid that felt completely sticky as I surfaced and tried to get out. I sputtered while I was struggling to get out of the vat but it clung to my skin and clothes like tar while I was terrified of drowning in whatever this goo was that the scientists created in this place.

I sunk into the goo and felt a bizarre sensation, not knowing that a single dog hair from a Doberman Pinscher had fallen from the catwalk while a security officer and his dog were patrolling the room before the hair landed into the goo and my body started changing down to the molecular level. I could barely breathe as I managed to surface again and reached to the edge of the vat to pull myself up, then I fell out of the vat and collapsed to the ground while groaning in exhaustion.

I went to stand up and instantly fell over to my side, causing me to grunt until I noticed that something was seriously wrong as I got up onto my hands and knees before discovering that my limbs were completely different and my face seemed longer while a felt what appeared to be an extra appendage attached to my rear. I looked at the vat, seeing a sign on the side that said Experimental Elastic Solution and the reflection I saw on the metal vat made me yelp in alarm.

I saw a male Doberman Pinscher looking right back at me with shock in his eyes while he was covered in blue goo, and I looked down at myself to see paws and a barreled chest before I started gasping in terror and was completely scared since God only knows what kind of effect that blue chemical had on me. I sat down and tried to wipe myself off, only I fell again and recalled how dogs got rid of water or other things that were on them.

I shook myself off and the blue liquid came off easily, then my torso felt strange as I got the last of the chemical off and looked behind me before my eyes widened in horror. I saw that my fur was the same coloration as a Doberman and I had a tail that wasn't docked, but my torso was completely extended far beyond the normal length of a Doberman's and I was struggling to comprehend that not only did I become a dog, but my body had elongated like elastic rubber and I looked back at the vat.

"Oh God, what the hell happened to me?! What the fuck did that chemical do to me?!" I thought frantically as I tried to figure out how to make myself normal again.

Suddenly, my torso retracted like a rubber band and I was sent flying from the force until I hit the nearby wall and started bouncing around the room like a rubber ball until I crashed through a window that went outside and kept bouncing off the property before I bounced high and found myself on a rooftop. I felt weird again as I flew to a water tower and braced myself for impact, then my body splattered against the water tower as blue goo and I groaned as I oozed down and landed onto the roof with a splat.

"Nnngh...this is completely disgusting," I moaned weakly and struggled to find a way to make myself solid again.

I wondered how I was ever going to be normal again when my semi-liquid form slowly rose up and formed back into my new Doberman shape, then I looked at my reflection at a nearby window and felt despair that I wasn't even normal anymore and how that chemical in STAR Labs has turned me into nothing more than a freak.

"What am I?" I whimpered and took a few deep breaths to calm down before I snapped from the stress.

Once I was calmer, I looked at myself and theorized that whatever that chemical did to me, it somehow changed me into some kind of elastic being similar to the hero Plastic Man and I decided to test something by sitting down and raising an arm. I was shocked to see my arm getting longer and heading to the supports of the water tower as it moved around and coiled like a python while my torso followed suit, then my entire form wrapped around the water tower and covered it like a snake as I realized that it didn't hurt.

I was gasping in astonishment as I retracted my entire body and it changed back to normal, feeling stunned to witness such a sight and wondered if I could do anything else instead of melting and stretching like plastic. I looked at my reflection and grabbed my ears, pulling them as they stretched and they snapped back when I let go, then I looked out at the skyscrapers and started to decide on what to do next in this strange turn of events.

I had moved to a nearby forest just outside the city and kept experimenting with my new abilities to figure out what I was capable of and I had discovered that not only could I stretch and contort myself into different lengths that seem endless and inflate myself into a balloon, but I could morph myself into different shapes like a ball, mailbox, or a car while also being durable enough to take a shitload of punishment, something I'd learned the hard way after being literally flattened as paper from a falling tree by accident.

Being flat was an experience I wouldn't ever forget since it felt so relaxing like the aftermath of a deep tissue massage and I managed to reform back to my normal shape, then I discovered that I could change into other animals, form objects from my body, create weapons from my paws like mallets and hammers, and disguise myself as other people but one thing I did learn is that it was difficult to change my coloration since it took an enormous amount of concentration to get either the fur or skin color exactly right.

I could also mimic voices and clothes while I impersonated other people but I couldn't mimic a person's memories so I would have to be a very good actor if I ever find myself in a serious situation that required me to shape-shift into someone else.

I was bouncy due to my new rubbery form and bouncing around felt like the whole world was my playground, which made me feel giddy like a kid since moving like a rubber ball brought out a thrill I hadn't experienced in so long.

Finally, due to my new canine body, my senses had amplified greatly which forced me to try and adjust to them since the number of scents and sounds nearly gave me a headache and it would've driven me insane if I hadn't practiced on learning how to filter out all the different scents and sounds that were hitting me all at once. Once I was done practicing, for now, I had noticed that it was morning and felt surprised that time had passed by quickly but I deduced that it happened due to focusing on training to control my new abilities.

I headed back to the city and wandered around to try and find a place to sleep while avoiding any Animal Control officers that would try and capture me, then I picked up the sound of glass shattering and started rushing over to where it came from. I arrived at where the noise was coming from and saw three people in ski masks running out of a jewelry store with duffle bags and AKs before rushing down the street as two cops chased after them with their guns out and ordering the men to stop.

I didn't know what to do since I've never dealt with something like this before but then I recalled Superman and the other heroes helping people by doing the right thing and I knew what I needed to do now, not to mention that my body was completely made of rubber so bullets and other nasty things wouldn't hurt me anymore due to how malleable I was. I realized that if I was going to do this, I needed to disguise myself by dressing up in a costume to look the part and I didn't want people to keep bothering me as they do with the lead dog actor of that movie character Thundermutt.

I concentrated on forming a super-suit that would conceal my identity, then my flesh and fur flowed like water as it formed into a dark blue canine-like jumpsuit with a white E in the middle and light blue coverings on my paws, then a mask covered my head with my muzzle exposed along with my ears and tail while my body rippled slightly from the change. I took a deep nervous breath and started bouncing after the cops and criminals, passing by people that were stopping what they were doing and staring at me until I formed my hindlegs into a large spring to go faster and they did double-takes at the sight.

I chuckled slightly at the looks on their faces and kept bouncing with a thrilled grin, moving past the cops and they both stopped to stare at me in disbelief while I was catching up to the criminals. Once I was close enough, I did one heavy bounce and flew above the criminals' heads until I landed right in front of them with a growl and my lower body morphed back to normal as the three men suddenly stopped.

"What the hell? Joey, are you seeing this?" one of the men wondered in confusion and Joey glared at him.

"Shut the hell up, you dumbass, because I don't think the entire city heard you say my name! It's just a damn mutt wearing a stupid costume so get rid of it!" Joey ordered harshly and the man next to him grumbled something like 'taking the shitty jobs' before he put on a fake smile and kneeled down in front of me.

"Go on boy, go home. We don't have time to play with you so go back to your owner," the man cooed as he gestured for me to leave, and I shot him a deadpan expression to show that I wasn't amused before forming one of my paws into a human fist and sending it into his face as my arm stretched.

The man hit the ground completely unconscious after flying past Joey and the third man, just as both saw my arm retracting and my fist forming back into a paw as they aimed their guns at me.

"Oh crap, it's one of those meta-freaks! Shoot that damn dog!" Joey shouted in a panic before he and the other man started firing at me.

I felt completely strange as the bullets hit me and only caused the areas to bend and stretch forward while my back showed the bullets struggling to go even further with my flesh bending like rubber before they ricocheted out and clattered to the ground, then the men ran out of ammo in the rifles and they just stared in horror at the sight.

"Oh shit, that freak's just like Plastic Man!" Joey exclaimed in alarm just as the two cops showed up and aimed their guns at them.

"Drop your weapons and get on the ground, now!" one of the officers ordered as more police cruisers and a SWAT truck showed up, many uniformed officers and a SWAT team surrounding us and causing the two men to drop their guns as they raised their hands.

"Don't shoot, just get us away from that damn freak!" Joey yelled as he and the other man got onto their knees, prompting two officers to approach and cuff them as the others took the weapons and duffle bags.

At that time, the two cops from before had started petting me while giving out praises and I whined in bliss from how good it felt before snapping out of it and feeling shy along with embarrassment since I wasn't used to something like this. I barked as they backed away and I made my torso elongate while I raised my forearms and heard gasps of astonishment as I reached the roof and retracted my form before bouncing away.

After I had eventually stopped at an alleyway, I shifted back to my normal Doberman persona and felt proud of myself for doing the right thing and helping the cops get three dangerous men off the streets, just as I was passing a department store window filled with TVs and I looked to see my actions being described on the news and that they were calling me Elastihound due to my abilities.

I smiled at the name and then I frowned as I recalled becoming this way due to the accident at STAR Labs, wondering if there was a way to change me back since the scientists created that blue chemical and they would have the knowledge of how it works...then I convinced myself that it was a bad idea due to the fact that they would lock me up and do experiments on me to figure out how my new body worked.

I hung my head and whined slightly since I only had the options of either living like this for the rest of my life or becoming nothing more than a lab rat owned by a private corporation, neither of them sounding good in my head so I reluctantly made the first choice since I had no choice and it wasn't like anyone would miss me since I grew up in a broken home in Gotham with a broken family that were always at each other's throats.

The one good thing about this is that I had incredible powers and I could use them to help people, which would make this whole situation not be as bleak and depressing. I nodded to myself and headed down a sidewalk, thinking about how my entire life had completely changed and only time will tell when I would adjust to such radical changes.

A/N I know I need to finish my other stories before creating new ones, but this idea was in my head for a while and it wouldn't go away until I started this new story. Anyway, welcome to my Krypto the Superdog story and I always wanted to create one since I enjoyed the show when I was a kid and seeing it recently gave me the opportunity to make a story about the series.

To explain what is going on, this will be a story of what would've happened if someone other than Stretch-O-Mutt was affected by the Experimental Elastic Solution and they became a hero called Elastihound a few weeks before Krypto arrives on Earth. I know the name isn't great but it was the best I could do and I think it has a nice ring to it, not to mention that this story will follow the cartoon but I'm making it a crossover with the recent live-action DC shows once the cartoon ends.

Sorry for rambling so I hope you all like the concept I put down and let me know what you think so stay tuned.