It had only been a few days since Streaky had gotten his Kryptonian abilities and Krypto and I spent the better part of that time training him on how to control his abilities while he once complained that he wanted to see some action, causing us to lecture him on how he still had a while before he can be let out into the field and Streaky reluctantly accepted our reasoning before his training continued. After that, Krypto and I gave him some time off so that we could spend time with Kevin, and now we were in the spaceship under the backyard while Kevin marveled at everything.

"You know, this is every kid's dream...having a secret alien spaceship and it's all mine," Kevin breathed out excitingly before Krypto and I cleared our throats to get his attention.

"Um, I think you mean ours so try not to hog it all to yourself," I stated humorously and Kevin scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Right, sorry about that so which button should I push to get the coolest Kryptonian space stuff?" Kevin asked eagerly and I shrugged while Krypto sent him an apologetic smile.

"Not sure, I was just a puppy when they put me in this spaceship but I do remember pushing that button always made me happy," Krypto pointed out as he gestured at a red triangle-shaped button and Kevin rubbed his hands together.

"Works for me," Kevin agreed before he pushed the button and the console activated until a hatch slid open, then a bunch of robotic hands came out with grooming objects

"This could be cool," Kevin commented and I realized what would happen next before I extended my arm and coiled it around Kevin's torso before pulling him away and he sent me a questioning look.

"Sorry, but that was a dog grooming machine from what I can tell so who knows what could've happened if I hadn't pulled you out of there," I told him as I uncoiled my arm and retracted it back to normal.

"Oh, thanks for that Max and I'm guessing that it would've ended pretty embarrassingly for me," Kevin said just before Krypto's ears perked up and he sent me a serious expression.

"Max, duty calls," Krypto informed me and I nodded as I looked at Kevin.

"Hey, we gotta go so we'll be back soon," I said and Kevin nodded before Krypto and I changed into our alter-egos and left the ship before flying out of the doghouse and heading into the downtown district.

After flying for a short time, we arrived at the sight of a pet store that was on fire while the fire department struggled to put out the blaze before we nodded to each other and went down there, then I waited for Krypto to get the rest of the pets out until I flew over the store and extended my entire body into a massive sheet while I fell and covered the entire building before hardening myself and sealing up the entire place. Pretty soon, the lack of oxygen caused the fire to extinguish itself before I unwrapped myself from the building and shrank back to normal while people were cheering and praising us for a job well done.

"Well, I'd say that ended nicely so let's let the fire department finish up here," I stated and Krypto nodded before he suddenly jerked with a yelp and jumped away until he landed nearby much to my confusion, then I started feeling concerned when he frantically scratched his side with his hind-paw and I bounced over to see what was wrong.

"Krypto, what is it?" I questioned with a worried expression and he looked at me with a greatly uncomfortable look.

"Max, something's biting me and it's not stopping...oh god!" Krypto shouted as he turned his head to bite at whatever was bothering him and I moved his head out of the way.

"Here, let me take a look," I told him and changed my eyes into a hawk's until my vision zoomed in and I was taken aback by the sight of a green bug that appeared to be a flea, but it didn't look like any flea I've ever seen before while it was gnawing on Krypto's flesh.

"It...looks like a flea of some kind but I've never seen one that's green before and it shouldn't be doing this to you because of your impenetrable skin," I notified him after my eyes changed back to normal and Krypto whined as he gritted his teeth.

"Well, whatever it is, it's driving me crazy so please help me get rid of it," Krypto begged as he started scratching again and I stopped him from damaging the pavement while his foot banged against the ground and caused a few tremors.

"Listen, how about we go back home and try to figure out a way to get rid of our little problem but, in the meantime, just bear with it and try not to scratch or you might cause property damage," I stated and Krypto groaned as we took off into the air and headed home to figure out how to get rid of the flea that was viciously attacking Krypto.

Pretty soon, we managed to arrive back home while Krypto whimpered and we landed into the backyard as Kevin was waiting for us and noticed that something was wrong when he saw Krypto twitching and whining.

"Krypto, what's wrong?" Kevin asked in concern and I looked at him.

"Some kind of flea is attacking him and I was wondering if you had any tweezers or bug spray for dogs to get it off of him," I explained and Kevin perked up.

"Sure, just hold on," Kevin said before he ran back inside the house and came out a minute later with a pair of tweezers after Krypto and I changed back to normal.

"Please, hurry up because this thing is driving me insane!" Krypto begged as he kept scratching and I managed to make him stop as Kevin came over with the tweezers.

"Hold on, I'm going to get a good grip to get it off of you so hold still," Kevin instructed and Krypto stopped squirming around so that Kevin could get at the flea.

Kevin appeared to have got it and went to take the flea off of Krypto, then he yelped as he was yanked forward and struggled to pull until he was sent flying back and my eyes widened in shock at the sight of the end of the tweezers being tied up together into a ribbon.

"Whoa, no flea on this planet is capable of something like that so...oh no, it must be Kryptonian," I groaned in disbelief since I had no idea how we were going to stop something so small that was practically indestructible.

"Oh great, a super flea," Krypto whimpered in distress before he yelped and started growling at the area that the flea was attacking before he spun around and turned into a white tornado that was moving out of control.

I quickly reacted by extending my arms and trying to restrain Krypto by coiling my body around him before he could destroy the entire backyard, realizing too late at how much of a bad idea that was as I was swung around like a rag doll and yelped as I was slingshotted across the backyard and crashed into a fence before slowly sliding down while Krypto noticed what happened and rushed over with Kevin as he held a look of panic.

"Max, are you okay?!" Krypto exclaimed and I got up while shaking my head to regain my composure.

"Don't worry, I just got the wind knocked out of me and I should've known better trying to restrain a Kryptonian since that would only end badly for me," I groaned and Krypto looked relieved until he jerked and started snarling at where the flea was.

"That's it, I'm going to scratch you into the fifth dimension!" Krypto growled viciously and I sent a wary look at Kevin.

"Kevin, you better go get some flea powder right now while I try to keep Krypto from scratching," I instructed urgently and Kevin nodded before he ran back into the house, then I saw Krypto frantically scratching with a look of pure rage as he caused tremors to break out and I grabbed his shoulders with a look of panic.

"Krypto, calm down before you tear up the yard!" I shouted just as I saw Streaky hopping up from the fence that led to his place and he stared at us irritably.

"Hey, what's the deal, Dog of Steel and Rubber Pooch?" Streaky called out as he hopped down from the top of the fence.

"Streaky, now's kinda not the time since Krypto has a flea problem and it's driving him nuts," I explained and Streaky stared at us with a puzzled look.

"A flea?" Streaky asked in confusion as Krypto scratched his side again.

"Can't scratch it off, can't bite it off!" Krypto yelled in discomfort and proceeded to use his heat vision on the flea while I enlarged my vision before I was stunned to see that the hot lasers were hitting the flea but it wasn't causing any damage at all.

"Holy crap, and he can't burn it off!" I exclaimed in disbelief and Streaky rolled his eyes as he walked over to Krypto.

"Excuse me for saying this, but maybe you need some real claws to get the job done," Streaky stated as he reached out and started scratching Krypto, who looked more than relieved as he sighed and thumped his hind-leg onto the ground lightly.

Suddenly, Streaky was slammed across the ground a few times and thrown across the backyard until he crashed into the fence and landed onto the ground while I rushed over to check on him.

"Streaky, are you alright?!" I shouted in shock, causing the tabby cat to raise his head to look at me with a dazed expression.

"Now...that's one...bad bug," Streaky groaned dizzily before he slumped onto the ground and I started feeling panic since I had no idea what to do just as Kevin came out of the house with a spray bottle.

"Hey, I got the flea powder," Kevin notified Krypto, who was gritting his teeth.

"Please hurry up with that bug spray before I lose my mind," Krypto pleaded and started scratching again, causing his hind-paw to slam onto the ground many times and the whole area rumbled while Kevin and I wobbled.

"Whoa, don't scratch and hold still!" I yelped in alarm before Krypto managed to stop himself, then Kevin shook the can and sprayed the area where the flea was at before a look of pure relief appeared on Krypto's face as he sighed.

"Thank heavens, it's working," Krypto stated and Kevin took out a magnifying glass before peering at the area where the flea was at, then his smile disappeared and I had a bad feeling.

"I don't know because it looks like he's in his winter wonderland," Kevin informed us and I started feeling frustrated until I recalled the grooming machine in the ship and an idea came to me.

"Hold on, the ship Krypto arrived in had a dog grooming machine so what if it also had Kryptonian bug spray? I know it's a long shot, but we don't have any other options at this point," I stated and the others perked up.

We instantly rushed over to Krypto's dog house and went down to where the ship was, then we entered the spaceship and started looking around for any bug spray while Krypto was fidgeting and trying hard not to scratch until I found a compartment and saw a spray bottle of some kind with a label that was in another language before I formed one of my paws into a human hand and quickly took the spray bottle.

"Kevin, I think I found it!" I notified him and Kevin rushed over until I handed him the spray bottle and he ran over to Krypto.

"Ugh, please let this work," Kevin muttered before he started spraying the area of where the flea was.

Suddenly, something tiny flew up from Krypto and knocked the bottle out of Kevin's hand before it snagged his shirt collar and flew away while Kevin screamed for help, then he was gone before Krypto and I rushed out of the ship and left the dog house while Krypto and I shouted Kevin's name in horror until I had an idea on how to stop that flea.

"Krypto, you try to save Kevin while I go grab something that prevents the flea from being a threat anymore," I instructed as he nodded, then we changed into our alter-egos and took off flying in different directions.

After a short time, I managed to locate a small shard of green Kryptonite that I had discovered in the park and took it with me before I flew back to Kevin's house and got a jar from the kitchen, then I absorbed the jar and Kryptonite into my body and flew up after Krypto as I could see Kevin suddenly falling and I gasped in horror. Krypto quickly reacted by saving Kevin from getting hit by a plane and my enhanced vision saw the flea before I took the jar and Kryptonite out of my body, then I dropped the green shard into the jar and held out the jar for the flea to fall in until I slammed the lid onto the jar and sealed it with the lid.

Once that was done, I let out a sigh of relief now that this bug was as harmless as any normal earth flea because of the Kryptonite while I flew down to Kevin's house and met up with the others.

"Hey, did you get the flea?" Krypto asked and I nodded as I held up the jar with human hands so that they could see it.

"Yeah, and I put green Kryptonite in there so that the flea won't be a threat anymore," I explained just before Mrs. Whitney started calling for Kevin.

"Just in time, now stop being super," Kevin whispered, prompting me and Krypto to change back as I absorbed the jar and Mrs. Whitney peered outside.

"Hey honey, did the flea powder work?" Mrs. Whitney asked Kevin and he nodded.

"Better than we hoped," Kevin lied.

"Okay, so have fun and I'll call you for dinner later," Mrs. Whitney said until she went back inside the house and we all let out sighs of relief at the knowledge that the flea was no longer a problem as I took the jar out of my body.

"Max, that's kinda cool and gross with what you're doing but now what do we do with that bug?" Kevin questioned and I looked at the flea that was in the jar.

"Well, I'm going to take this little fella to Superman so that he can make sure that it won't be a problem ever again," I responded as I changed into my alter-ego and formed my wings until I took off in the direction of where Superman's Fortress of Solitude was at.

Pretty soon, I found myself in the arctic and made sure not to turn into a frozen statue as I finally arrived at the large mountain and entered the fortress until I found Superman working on something and he turned around to look at me.

"Max, what brings you here?" Superman asked curiously and I flew over to a table before placing the jar onto it and he went to examine it.

"Sorry for bothering you, but Krypto and I had some trouble with this little guy and it turns out that the flea is Kryptonian like you and Krypto so I figured that you should handle that little pest since you're an expert with anything Kryptonian related," I explained and Superman hummed thoughtfully until he got a closer look at the flea and nodded.

"Yeah, I vaguely remember how much trouble Krypto had to deal with fleas so don't worry, I'll take care of it and I have the results of your DNA test and the blue chemical if you want to see it," Superman offered and I perked up.

"Sure, I might as well since I'm here now," I agreed and Superman typed on his computer before pictures of an altered DNA strand and a compound of the chemical popped up on the screen.

"Now, from what I've been able to figure out from gathering information on the chemical is that it was to be used for military purposes by adding it to a newly developed body armor that would be able to withstand ballistics and explosives, but the compound is unstable and it had been discovered that it would've caused unexpected side-effects if it came into skin contact with someone, so the project was put on hold in order for the scientists at STAR Labs to do further testing to prevent those side-effects.

As for your sudden change from human to an elastic canine, falling into that vat of the chemical and being exposed to it with a combination of a strand of canine DNA caused your molecular structure to go through a rapid cellular mutation where an explosion in your cells occur, hence your ability to stretch at near-limitless distances and alter your shape at will but the bad news is that the chemical had completely altered your cells," Superman explained and the bad news made me tense up.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked hesitantly and Superman sent me a sympathetic look.

"Unfortunately, there's no way to change you back because the cellular mutation is permanent and there's no way to reverse it...still, I was surprised when I discovered your family tree and found out who your father is since he is known as one of the deadliest mercenaries in Gotham," Superman said and I scowled as I recalled my father and how much of a hardass he could be.

"I don't want to talk about my father and as for the change being permanent, it's fine since I have gotten used to being in this form and I quite like it," I reassured and said my goodbyes before I left the fortress and flew back to Metropolis, wondering where my life could go from here.

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