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In Tokyo stood a large imposing fortress molded from the earth itself and reminiscent of castles of old. This was the castle that Bane had ruled from for the last fourteen years. A loud crash could be heard from the throne room as Izuku Midoriya was thrown into his throne smashing the stone chair. Around the large room were glass cases each containing the remnants of dead heroes defeated by Bane himself. Izuku pulled himself from the rubble of his chair as he tore the destroyed mask from his face and came to his feet and smiled at the boy in front of him. Bane was dressed in his armored suit though he lacked his mask as he pulled several glowing green orbs from his pocket and crushed them inhaling the vibrant green mist as his body bulked up and grew.

"So you've finally come Tsuguhiro I wondered when you'd finally take your shot." Izuku said as the boy walked forward he had blonde curly hair and brilliant green eyes that danced with pride and arrogance similar to the man before him. He wore a body suit with a blood splattered pattern overlaid with armor on the arms and legs and torso.

"You did train me for this, after all it was you who put the character HIro in my name which means to surpass, father." Tsuguhiro said as Izuku laughed.

"How do you know that Hiro wasn't to say that I was just tolerant of you?" Izuku asked as father and son stood feet from one another their green eyes burning into one another.

"I guess we'll find out won't we?" Tsuguhiro said as his sclera went from white to blood red making the green of his eyes pop even more as he smiled presenting fearsome fangs as he launched himself at his father. Bane gripped his son's hand the two pushing against one another as the ground cracked under their feet both pushing the other deeper into the ground before Izuku gained the upper hand bearing down on his son before Tsuguhiro dropped his hands from Izuku's to tackle his father around the waist and suplex him slamming him to the ground as the two rolled away from one another.

"You learned well Tsuguhiro, though I can't imagine what I'll say to your mother after I've dealt with you." Izuku said as Tsuguhiro smirked.

"Do you honestly think she'd let me go through with this? Regretfully mother is no longer with us, but I told her I'd be sending you right after her!" Tsuguhiro shouted going for a round house that Bane dodged before grabbing the back of his son's collar and slammed him to the ground before putting his knee in Tsuguhiro's back.

"Looks like you lose again son. Normally I'd break your arms and send you on your way but after admitting you killed your mother I can't let that stand, so it's with a heavy heart I-!" Bane was cut off as he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders.

"Not so fast Big brother Bane." Eri said to him as he felt a pulse go through his body forcing him off his son as he felt his body begin to change and warp before falling against one of the cases displaying the costume of Blast Lung. Izuku looked into his reflection and found he was younger, but not by a few years if anything he was decades younger which meant he would no longer have his regeneration or his venom.

"That's right big brother. You're fourteen years old again with no venom and no regeneration. The same age as Tsuguhiro here." She said. Izuku looked at Eri. She was the picture of beauty her silver hair running down her back like a waterfall. Her brilliant red yes and even the large horn on the side of her forehead only added to her beauty along with the substantial heft of her bosom. She was to die for and Izuku found it hard to believe the little girl he'd known had grown into the woman before him.

"I see so this is how I'll die as a fourteen year old boy. Is this how you imagined it would end Tsuguhiro?" Izuku asked as his son advanced on him wiping blood from his face.

"You told me to do whatever it takes to win dad, and so I have. Don't think of this as an insult. I truly love you father, but if I am to ever become the man you trained me to be, you can't be here." Tsuguhiro said as he stood eye to eye with his father.

"It's true Bane, we have to do things this way you're just too tough otherwise. It's a compliment to your power." Eri said smiling as Izuku smirked as well.

"I suppose you have a point." Izuku said before slamming his fist against Tsuguhiro's face. "But if you think that means I'll die without a fight you're wrong!" He shouted going for another punch only to have Tsuguhiro grab his wrist and neck slamming his head against the case causing the glass to spider web behind his dad's head.

"I'd expect nothing less Father. Good bye." Tsuguhiro said before he bit into his father's neck draining the blood from him as Tsuguhiro began to grow and his wounds healed as he drained the life from his father's veins until nothing remained. Tsuguhiro pulled away from his father's neck slowly letting him fall to the ground and closed his eyes as he wiped his own. "Don't worry dad there will still be a Bane." He said walking away as he wiped the blood from his lips to stand at the window of his father's throne room as Eri draped herself across his broad shoulders.

"This is it then hunh Tsuguhiro, our day to rule Japan." Eri commented kissing his cheek as Tsuguhiro smiled.

"No Eri this is our first day to rule the world. Call Redestro and tell him we're ready to go. Dad may have broken a nation, but I'll break the world. And don't call me Tsuguhiro anymore from today on I'm Bane!" Tsuguhiro said as he pulled a mask from his back pocket. It was similar to Bane's mask, but the white of the mask stopped above his mouth being replaced by snarling red teeth that stretched across the bottom half of the mask like a smile.

Tsuguhiro Midoriya: Quirk Vampire: Tsuguhiro possess the ability to feed off blood from either his mouth or through the claws on his hands. Ingesting blood enhances Tsuguhiro's body from super strength, speed, to regeneration. The more blood he consumes the stronger he becomes.

A/N: So that's that I know it's a bit short, but this is the epilogue so it is what it is. It took me some time to figure out what to call Izuku's son, but after some research I think I found the right one. Tsuguhiro's name contains the character Tsugu which means Paternal blood, and the character Hiro which means to surpass, but can also be interpreted as tolerant which is the reason behind Bane and his son's little word play. What do you all think of his quirk? I wanted to combine Izuku's regeneration and Toga's blood drinking. Writing two plot driven stories was more taxing than I thought so this will probably be the last time I do that for a while. Instead until Force for Good is done I'll supplement smaller stories like Mineta the Girl where there are just multiple chapter with little to no continuity between them. I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!