the original conjuring cat

summary : on a cold October night old deuteronomy finds an orphaned tuxedo kitten. After thirteen years the truth of the cats origin must be faced.

Deuteronomy was taking a scroll around his beloved Human's home, a rich but eccentric old man, who treated his companion with as much respect as he would to any human. he had just finished visiting his sons, The sly Macavity, his eldest, the Noble and proud Munkustrap the middle Kitten, And the very young but Rambunctious Rum Tum Tugger!

the old but noble cat head perked up, he had heard a small meow as if coming from a kitten, old Deuteronomy turned his elderly head to the sound and started to follow the small mew. the sound led him to a back alley, where with his old wizened eyes he saw a shivering small kitten, who was huddled in an open cardboard box . he slowly tried to get the kitten out of the box, without making him too uncomfortable after he had managed to get the kitten out of the box, he carefully turned the kitten over with is paw.

The kitten had a beautiful soft and short tuxedo Coat, the fur surrounding his chest and face was as a dark midnight black. but the fur on his chest and face was as a pure white.

the kitten's eyes slowly opened to show a beautiful almost unnatural Emerald green. "meow?" The kitten looked up to wizened old Cat face and put up his paw, as if to swat at him.

"What are you doing out here, little one?" Deuteronomy asked as he sniffed the kitten. his scent was odd, a mixture of a human and a Jellicle, however there was also something that even with his nose he could not place.

"Everlasting! Your a Jellicle he said surprised it was very rare to find a kitten who was of his kind but it did very rarely happened. "Thank the Everlasting, I found you little one." he purred as he picked up the Kitten in his mouth and started to carry him to the junkyard. the kitten squirmed when he first picked him up, but he soon relaxed in the eldar Cats mouth.

Deuteronomy gave a small smile this kitten was a lot easier to carry then his youngest, at least he didn't get a hairball from carrying him, unlike Tugger. That cat! what would he do with him hopefully the maine coon would calm down as he grew.

The walk to the junkyard was brisk and cool, his thick long fur protected him from the cold air, however the kitten with his short fur was shivering in the breeze, the kitten let out a small sneeze. The old cat almost dropped the kitten, when instead of what would usually come out of nose, was sparkes.

He then knew that this kitten,was twice blessed by the everlasting Cat, all jeliciacls had some from of Magic bining able to transform, however rarely there would be a jellicle whose magic was magnitudes more powerful than the others. There was usually only one in a litter. he had thought that it was his eldest Son Macavity. who did not show any magic till he was three, still young for a jellicle as they became adults in the tribe there thirteenth year, and could live up to eighty years. but to see a KItten whose by the looks of him is one year old, produce magic. even if it was fairly weak, it was still and incredible. he figured that in this litter there would be twoMagical Cats, in the litter.

As he entered the junkyard, the other cats came running to their leader, tales up in happiness. They all stopped when they saw what their beloved Leader was caring. Deuteronomy gently dropped the kitten onto the ground on a blanket.

"Is he a jellicle or a normal Cat?" Jennyanydots asked as she looked at the kitten with curiosity

"there is no doubt in my mind that this kitten is Blessed by the Everlasting Cat. he is to young to transform into the jellicle from, but he should be able to in two years, same with speaking." when deuteronomy told the tribe that the kitten would be able to transform into the Jellicle from, it allowed them to take on a Humanoid from, that was only about the size of a cat standing on its hind legs. all jellicles could do it., but it normally took five years for them to have enough magical energy to make the transformation.

"he will be raised as any other Kitten in this tribe, I will act as a grandfather to him, but I Can't take care of him alone, I need someone to help me with the raising of him, i must ask who will be able to help him develop in the tribe,"

Bustopher Jones stode up and tood in front of Deuteronomy. the cat who had been adopted by a very rich and well respected family. like the kitten he was a Tuxedo cat. "I'll take care of the kitten at the junkyard at least."

Deuteronomy nodded as he put out his paw to Bustopher as they both transformed into there Jellicle Form, they both held out there now hand like paw, as if to sake. however they nuzzled each others in a way of agreement.

"Thank you, Bustopher, now what do you think we should name him, as your his mane caretaker you may pick one of his Names."

Bustopher John's stopped for a moment, it was a great honour to give one name to a cat. he thought for a moment, "Quaxo" he said finally,

the newly christened Quaxo, looked up his big green eyes widened as he looked at his new family.


hundreds of kilometers away, in a small english town, in a beautiful classical english style house. a messy dark hair man. he had slowly began to wake from the unconsciousness he was forced into. he slowly raised his heavy head and took a long look around, he slowly regained his wits, when he had remembered what happened, Voldemort coming through the door, telling his wife to run and take his son and hide upstairs, when he would defend them from the dark lord, however despite all odds the dark lord only casted a stunner at him.

he slowly stood up, legges wobbling under his wait, he slowly made is way up stairs holding onto the rail for dear life, when he got up he with a burst of speed that he didn't know he had in him in this moment, he made it into the nursery, the door was wide open.

"God's No," James cried as he saw the fallen body of his wife crumbled on the floor. he ran over to the body and checked the pulse of Lilly, and noticed with happiness that she had a slow heartbeat and her breath was steady

James ten turned to look for his little boy, his panic slowly began to rise as no matter where he looked he could not find his son, not even his body. he heard no sounds besides that of is wife soft breath.

He fell to his knees and started to cry, he slowly began to fade back into darkness.


the next time James awoke he noticed that he was in a bright white room that he recognized as saint mungo's. he looked over to his bedside table to see hundreds of flowers, get well cards and sweats.

the door to his private room was opened as a tall mediwitch came over to his bedside. her light brown eyes were full of stern comepation.

"I see that you're finally awake, mr potter, you were out for a few days," she said as she casted a medical detection spell on him.

"what happened to my wife!" James crooked as he looked for a glass of water

"She is fine. She is resting in the next room! she has been awake for a few hours " the witch told him as she conjured a glass of water and gave it to James. "i'm sure you will be happy to know that he who must not be named has been killed!"

James didn't hear that all he could think of was his son. "what happened to my son did they find him ."

the witch eyes softened as she told him what he already knew, that no one found his son. however deep inside his soul he knew that his son was alive in some from.


author's note.

okay i have finally gained motivation to write again. for the time being my other stoises mare paused for the time being. if you are wondering if this is a crossover with The musicals Cats particularly the London run which is the one in the 1998 movie. If you haven't seen it you can watch most of it on YouTube and could purchase it on amazon.

Thank you for reading this piece of garbage that I only wanted to read.