Picking up the pieces

Crossover Flash/Supergirl

Summary After the final battle with Savitar, Caitlin makes a discovery that makes her rethink her future.

Barry never went into the speed force after the defeat of Savitar.

It had been two months since the defeat of Savitar. Two months since the insane evil time remnant of Barry Allen, also known as the Flash hero of Central City was erased from existence. But as a group known as the Legends knows once you play with time nothing is ever the same. Caitlin Snow knows that. Barry learned the hard way about playing with the timeline. Because he created Flashpoint Caitlin was now a meta-human. Or at least that is what she believed. While that might be a bad thing. She could use these powers to be a hero like Barry. But she also knew that there really was a multiverse. She had been taken by a psychopath called Zoom to Earth-2 from Earth-1 and met her evil doppleganger who was known as Killer Frost. Because of that when she began to show signs of ice powers like Killer Frost she used power dampeners. That combined with all her negative feelings that she buried caused her to fully develop what could be called a split personality of Killer Frost. The power dampers kept Frost at bay until they didn't. Oh most likely they would have kept working forever, if not for the fact that Caitlin had gotten a fatal injury. Even though she had begged her friends to just let her die rather than let her become Killer Frost. But Julian Albert who she was sort of dating at the time refused to let her die when she flat lined in the medical bay of S.T.A.R. Labs. He ripped the snowflake necklace that was damping her powers off letting Frost loose. He did that so that Frost's accelerated healing would save her. While that did happen it also caused her to attack her friends and betray them joining Savitar. Well she only joined up with Savitar after he revealed who he was. You see ever since she had first met Barry Allen Caitlin had started to develop feelings for him. Even while she mourned Ronnie Raymond the man she had promised to marry when she believed he died the night the particle accelerator exploded. Only to turn up very much alive. But Ronnie was another very complicated story that she really didn't want to think about right now. Right now she was staring into the mirror her auburn hair streaked with platinum blond, her brown eyes rimmed with a frosty silver. In the past two months Caitlin and Frost had come to an uneasy truce. Caitlin would let Frost have free rain, as long as she didn't kill anyone, well unless it was absolutely necessary. Frost had agreed. So in the past couple months a couple thugs had lost a few toes and a finger or two due to frostbite. But they were still alive. Looking down at the pregnancy test sitting on the counter in front of her she spoke to who her friend Cisco Ramon would refer to as her mean roommate.

"Hope you are happy with yourself. That bastard used us and now we are having his baby." Said Caitlin

Inside her head she thought she heard a fait response.

I'm sorry Caity. I thought he cared about us!

Sighing Caitlin walked into her bedroom and began packing a bag. She was going to leave Central City. But she also knew that her friends would coming looking for her. So she knew that there was no where she could go at least not on her current Earth. She came up with a plan. She would use one of the extra interdimensional extrapolaters Cisco had made when working on the one for Supergirl. She would go to another Earth. She immediately eliminated Earth-2 first of all because she was dead there, second if she wasn't she would be wanted by the police. She wouldn't go to Earth-3 only because Jay Garrett the Flash there would try and get her to go back home. Earth-19 was out. They didn't take kindly to breachers. That left either an unknown Earth or Earth-38. Earth-38 being the home of Supergirl. She didn't know Supergirl or as she was known at her day job and most people as Kara Danvers well. They had only met when Kara had come to Earth-1 when they were being attacked by an alien race called the Dominators. But she seemed nice enough. Caitlin was sure that the sweet blond alien hero would let her stay there until she figured out what she wanted to do. So after packing she made her way to STAR Labs and into Cisco's lab. She found what she came for headed to the cortex and left a letter to her friends and pressed the button on the breach device and stepped through the portal to the unknown.