No Lucky Matter

Yes, I've finally decided to do a NSL story but there will be no demonizing of the Loud sisters and Lincoln isn't going to be treated like a saint. This is an AU version of the episode

"Why is a child wearing a mascot costume in extremely hot weather at the beach?" someone might wonder but in Lincoln Loud's case, it all started when he attended or was forced to attend one of his sister Lynn's baseball game after she threatened him with by tapping her baseball bat in the palm of her left hand repeatedly. When her team ended up losing, Lynn suddenly blamed him for bringing bad luck and causing the loss to happen before banning him from attending any more of her games. Things started going south as Lynn continued accusing him of being bad luck and Lincoln deciding to pretend he was, only because he wanted some alone time from attending his other sisters events. Eventually the whole family became convinced he was bad luck so they started excluding him from every family outing.

(From this point, the rest of the episode plays out until the end when the family is at the beach with Lincoln wearing the squirrel costume.)

Ten minutes had elapsed since Lincoln Loud had taken off the head of the squirrel costume to get some relief from the blazing sun and screamed at by his sister Lola to put the head back on. Fortunately two beach security officers were heading back to the station after lunch and one happened to glance over to where Lincoln was standing.

"Hey Josh, someone is wearing a mascot costume on the beach!"

The security officer named Josh looked over to where his coworker was pointing, "That's probably some pledge being initiated by his fraternity brothers," Josh remarked.

"Guy looks a little small for a college student, it's a kid," the other named Katie replied

"You're right," remarked Josh, before he realized something, "Let's check the kid out before he gets a heatstroke in this blazing sun," Josh added, a little concern evident in his voice.

Lincoln, the sixth child in a family of eleven children, was the person inside the costume. As expected in this merciless heat, he began to sweat and was becoming quite thirsty. While he pondered the idea of asking his mother for a bottle of water to quench his thirst, Lincoln felt someone tapping on the costume.

"Hey Kid," the boy heard Katie say, "You cannot wear this on the beach."

Lincoln began shaking his head vigorously being fearful of angering his family if he took off the costume.

"Kid is someone forcing you to wear the costume," Josh asked sensing Lincoln's apprehension.

"I'm Josh and this is my coworker Katie, we're lifeguards, we can help you." Josh continued.

Reluctantly Lincoln removed the head of the costume and told them, "My name is Lincoln Loud."

"Come with us to the office, Lincoln and tell us everything after we get you something to drink," Katie said with a kindly tone.

The rest of the Loud's were too busy enjoying themselves to notice Lincoln leaving with the two officers.

The two older sisters Lori and Leni were laying on beach towels getting suntanned, Lisa the genius sister was walking around with Luan picking up seashells while the twins were making a sand castle.

When the trio were out of the family's range of vision, they entered the security office. Their supervisor looked up with curiosity when two of her employees walked in being accompanied by a kid wearing a mascot costume.

"We saw this boy standing in the sun wearing this costume," Josh explained.

Lincoln accompanied the two officers inside the small cafeteria whereupon Katie grabbed a bottle of water from the counter and handed it to Lincoln. After drinking until the bottle was empty, he removed the body of the costume, then sat down at one of the tables. He was only wearing his jeans since he wasn't allowed the chance to throw on some beach trunks by his parents since the family were in a rush to get to the beach. Katie took a seat facing the boy and began questioning Lincoln.

The Louds still hadn't noticed Lincoln's disappearance except Lucy the Goth sister. When she noticed Lincoln not standing where she last saw him, Lucy just thought he went to find some shelter from the blazing sun. Seconds later, while the sister continued enjoying themselves an announcement was heard over the intercom.


The Loud parents exchanged puzzled looks upon hearing the announcement. Suddenly remembering about Lincoln they began panicking when they turned around and noticed Lincoln had disappeared.

The Loud sisters immediately appeared beside their parents looking anxious.

Upon noticing Lincoln missing Lori asked, "Do you think something happened to Lincoln?"

"Should we start packing up," Luna asked

"No we have to find out if it's about your brother," Rita responded.

The family headed as quickly as possible into the direction of the office located near the beach's entrance.

Upon entering the small office building, the Louds came upon Lincoln sitting in the front entrance near the cafeteria wearing a blue t-shirt Josh retrieved from the lost and found. The officers became astonished at Lincoln's large family

"Is this your family Lincoln?" Katie asked him.

"Yes," Lincoln replied in all truthfulness.

Josh and Katie looked at Rita and Lynn Sr.

"Your son told us he was wearing this costume because he made a bet with his sisters that he could wear it for three days without ever taking it off, is this true," Katie asked in a serious tone.

"W-w-well you s-s-eee," Lynn Sr. stammered.

Suddenly Mrs. Loud began feeling guilty about Lincoln having to resort to making up a story to hide the fact his family was using him as a good luck charm to protect his sisters and parents from bad luck.

"Lynn please," Rita pleaded to her husband, then sighed in defeat, "I'll tell you the whole story."

End of first chapter

I know it's a short chapter but it's all I can write at the moment.

I'm taking a break from the story Showdown at the LOUD Corral because of writers block.