Hello everyone this is Naruto Senju Ootsutsuki with a new rewrite of Saint Peverell with a whole new twist with some new ideas. This is a WBWL idea but with a whole new concept. James is going to be the good loving parent but he will also have a dark secret that has never been seen before. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the first chapter and I will try to update it as much as I can.

Halloween night wet and windy and children dressed in costumes running across the square. All the muggle store windows covered in paper cut outs of spiders and witches all from a world that they didn't believe in. The sound of children laughing and scampering in the streets caught the attention of a black robed hooded figure. The man could only sneer at the mere sight of the muggle children. Just being in the presence of Muggles was enough to make him sick. He continued on his way down the street when he was bumped into by a small boy dressed as a pumpkin.

"Sorry mister" the child apologized. "Nice costume though."

The man scoffed at the child but if he wanted to get to the Potters quicker than he had to play along. He put on his best fake smile and thanked the child and asked him if he knew where the Potters residence was. The child told him that if he went down the road and all the way down at the end past the church he would come to a two story house. The hooded man thanked him before casting an obliviate at the child wiping his mind clean of their encounter. It would have been better to just kill him but the man deemed it unnecessary.

Heading down the street he came to the church graveyard and right next to it was the house he had searched for. With a wave of his hand he opened the gate and approached the house. Inside he could see a familiar face. It was a beautiful woman with long black hair and light green eyes. She wore a body suit with a pattern similar to a snake. The woman was none other than Nagini. It was shocking that his once loyal companion was at the Potters home and it looked like she was entertaining the children. Was Nagini shifting to the light side? Why would she betray him after he had broken her malidictus curse back in the year 1976. Apparently he didn't realize that she left the death eaters behind after seeing how far Voldemort was going to achieve his goals. He was no better than Grindelwald. The witch actually turned spy for Dumbledore and befriended James and Sirius when they were in their six to early seventh year at Hogwarts. Lily Potter however didn't like her at all due to her catching the attention of James Potter. Lily also despised her for being a user of dark magic. But James didn't care if she was light or dark and she was welcomed as a fellow marauder with the nickname Fangs.

Nagini was using her wand to create balls of light for the twins. Harry Credence Potter a exact clone of James but with Lily eyes aho was named in honor of her most precious person and Charles James Potter who looked like James as well but with red hair and brown eyes. They both inherited the Potter nest hair although Charles' hair was smoother. The two infants were trying to catch the smoke as the balls of light turned into mist.

Seeing enough he stormed up to the door and unleashed a confringo destroying the door. The explosion immediatly startled Nagini as she had her wand at the ready. The dark lord made his presence known as he walked into the living room.

"Tom" Nagini hissed. "So the rat Pettigrew spilled the location. I knew I should have killed him when I had my suspicions."

"Nagini" Tom said with disappointment. "A puppet for the light, a follower of Dumbledore. I believed that you were different, and I trusted you with my life after I broke your blood curse."

"I did trust you Tom, back when you had the Knights of Walburga. Back then you were a wise and sane man with a good heart. Until you dove into dark magic for the quest of immortality." Nagini shouted.

"There is no dark or light magic Nagini you know that." Tom replied twirling his wand in his hand. "But I have no quarrel with you at least not now. I'm here to ensure the prophecy doesn't lead to my downfall."

Nagini waved her wand to transport the children outside of the house when Tom laughed and informed her he set up wards that prevent anyone from apparating.

"I'll fight you Tom" Nagini challenged. "I swore to James that I would protect his sons"

"Oooh I see, you've made friends with the Potters I see" Voldemort chuckled. "Well I'm offering you a chance to survive this my dear. Come back to me and I will forget about your betrayel. Refuse and I will kill you here and now."

She wasn't imitated at all. She knew he was powerful but she was equally as powerful knowing she had someone to protect. She immediately shot a spell of red light, the cruciatus curse which Voldemort dodged and sent a dark black spell which a powerful blood boiling curse but a dark version. Nagini immediatly set up a shield as the sparks reflected from it destroying nearby furniture and many other things. The children were scared and Nagini knew they couldn't handle this. She waved her wand as the children were transported into their bedroom in their cribs.

Spells after spells were exchanged as Voldemort complimented on her magical prowess. Tom was most impressed with her ability with wordless and wandless magic to a powerful degree.

"Your a powerful witch as expected from a pureblood. I would hate to spill magical blood especially someone of your power."

Nagini's response was a killing curse shot at him which Voldemort blocked with the nearby table which was thrown back at her. The witch dodged it and rushed upstairs to the children's room as she put her best wards. She was exhausted as she knelt down in front of the crib. The babies looked at her as she smiled.

"Harry, Charles aunty Nagini loves you so much. So so much, babies aunty loves you. My babies be safe be strong, I will try my best to protect you from his evil man." She smiled sadly as a single tear streamed down her face.

The bedroom door swung open as Nagini turned to face him. The dark lord could tell she was exhausted, her magic core depleted from over usage of her magic. She panted heavily as she stared him down.

"One last change Nagini it's not to late to change sides." Voldemort giving her a final chance to save herself.

"I'm already on the right side" Nagini said harshly.

Voldemort sighed. He didn't want to do this but according to the prophecy one of them was destined to bring about his death and he couldn't let that happen. He crosses the line about killing children. But his paranoia and fear of death got better of him leaving him with no choice.

"Such a shame to have to kill you. You would have made a fine death eater." Voldemort said. "But I must prevent my death in the future."

He raised his yew wand at Nagini. She showed no fear as she raised her wand for one last spell and she was going to make it count.

"AVADA KEDAVRA" Voldemort said as a green light shot out of his wand.

"AVADA KEDAVRA" Nagini shouted as well as a green light shot out of her wand.

The two lights collided as it was no up to the will of the casters to decide the winner. The energy from both wands was astounding and the nearby walls and the roof itself was affected as many pieces were taken from the multiple sparks from the collision. Sadly Voldemort's will was stronger as Nagini's killing curse was pushed back until the killing curse struck her in the chest sending her to the ground. To bad Voldemort didn't remember that Nagini was a horcrux therefore he ended up killing a piece of his soul instead of the host.

Voldemort sighed shaking his head. Poor Nagini she would have been his partner in his new world order when he purged the magical world of Muggles and mudbloods. He turned his attention to the two boys in the crib. He looked at them with interest but also disgust. However he couldn't help but notice Harry Potter. The baby was looking at him as if he wasn't scared at all. That was normal for a baby.

"You are the one Harry Potter, I don't murder children out of satisfaction, I may be dark but not that dark. Hope you can forgive me" Voldemort said quietly as he cast the killing curse.

The green light struck Harry as he somehow caught the green light in the shape of a ball. He laughed much to the shock of Voldemort. Harry thinking the man wanted to play catch threw the green ball of light back at him causing the dark lord to scream as his body exploded causing the roof to collapse. The remains of his body disintegrated in a pile of ash. All that was left however was his robe and wand. Harry was marked with the Peverell symbol of the deathly hallows while Charles had a snake like scar which was from the backlash of the killing curse.

Meanwhile back at headquarters of the order of the Phoenix James, his wife Lily, and his best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were attending a meeting. The order meetings were pretty boring but they were crucial during war times and this war they were fighting was quite the dangerous one. Luckily a prophecy was made by Sybil Trelawney the descendant of Cassandra Trewlany formerly Krum. The words were as following. The one to vanquish the dark lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him. Born as the seventh month dies. The dark lord will mark him as his equal and he will have powers the dark lord knows not. For neither can live while the other survives.

The Potters and the Longbottoms fit the prophecy since their children were born at the end of July. Therefore the two families were sent into hiding. Frank and Alice was safe in Longbottom Manor and the Potters moved to Godrics Hollow under the fidelius charm. James had Nagini look after the boys much to Lily's displeasure. James assured Lily that Nagini was the perfect choice. But Lily always brought up how she was Voldemort's most trusted solider which James rebuked it saying that Nagini abandoned Voldermort after seeing the monster he really was. James secretly didn't really think of light and dark. He believed magic is only determined by intent not black and white.

In fact James' family actually had a pretty good secret that not even Dumbledore knows. Apparently Euphemia Potter was actually born Euphemia Karen Slytherin the last descendant of the male line. James discovered he could speak to snakes and his parents taught him that it was just a magical language like gobbledygook and mertalk. But he had to pretend he hated dark magic so Albus wouldn't suspect anything. He respected Albus as a wizard but didn't tolerate his prejudice. He was even secret friends with Severus and he even had a crush on Nagini when he first met her.

They continued going over battle plans with Dumbledore when one of Albus' instruments connected to the Potter family cottage went off. The fidelius charm had been broken which frightened James and Lily.

"The fidelius charm it's been broken" Lily gasped.

"That rat betrayed us" James growled.

"My babies" Lily cried. "We need to save my babies"

Wasting no time the Potters and Albus along with Sirius and Remus apparated to the cottage to find it in ruins. Fearing for the children's lives Lily rushed inside and headed upstairs to the nursery. They noticed well James noticed Nagini's body by the crib. He took notice that she was struck with the killing cruse.

"Nagini" he said holding her body when she suddenly gasped for air shocking him. "Your alive? You survived a killing curse?"

"I'm free, the horcrux in me his gone. I'm sorry James I tried to save the boys" Nagini said starting to cry.

"Its ok you did your best" James consoled her helping her up.

They turned around and found the children unharmed and lily gathered charles into her arms. Albus took notice of the pile of ashes and found Voldemort's robe and wand.

"It seems Tom fell at the hands of one of your children" Albus said.

"But which one Albus?" Lily asked the headmaster. "They both look perfectly fine."

"Well it seems Nagini here was sacrificing herself to save the boys and apparently the love she has for the boys empowered a powerful magic that protected them." Albus explained.

"But which one is it?" Lily asked again

Taking out his wand the Headmaster scanned both children and found both of their magic to be perfectly average. However something caught his eye. Charles' magical core was slightly larger and it had pieces of dark magic within it. Where as Harry's magic was white as the whitest snow. Albus now believed that Charles was marked by Voldemort not just because of the darkness in her magical core but also because he noticed a snake like mark on his forehead.

"I am pleased to announce that Charles James Potter is the savior of us all." He proclaimed.

"Are you quite certain Albus?" Lily asked.

"Yes my dear girl I am certain." Albus smiled. "he has a snake mark where he was struck with the killing curse. He is the one destined to defeat Tom once and for all."

Lily was jumping for joy for in her mind her favorite child was the prophecized one and the world savior. She imagined the fame and popularity that will come with it. For too long she was worked her way up to boost her social status. At first she thought she achieved that when marrying James but know she was a given an opportunity to boost it. She picked up Charles showering him with love and affection forgetting about Harry.

Nagini noticed this as she picked up Harry who was being ignored by his mother. She held him close as she noticed Harry's scar on his head hidden behind his hair. She was shocked to see the sign of the deathly hallows marked on him. Could Harry be a candidate of the prophecy? Could maybe Harry be the real boy who lived?.

"Wait what about Harry?" James asked.

"Harry is perfectly fine James. I scanned him and he's perfectly healthy. However his core is very low I fear he might be a squib." Albus explained. "I believe Charles must have absorbed most of his brother's magic to protect them both."

"Rubbish Albus even I can sense Harry's magic. Harry's magical core is fine, he's not a squib." Nagini hissed at him. "But even if he was a squib I wouldn't give a damn. I'd still love him hell I'll even raise him."

Lily was worried the Potter family never birthed a squib. Plus Harry was the eldest of the two and if it was proven that their future Lord Potter was a squib it would embarrass the family name.

"Are you sure about this Albus?" Lily asked. "Are you absolutely sure Harry might be a squib?"

"Its to early to tell but I believe he might be" Albus answered.

"So what do you we do now?" James asked.

"Well I'm going to the ministry to announce the downfall of the Dark lord. Meanwhile I believe you and Lily should move to a new location since the cottage is no longer safe."

"We can move back into Potter Manor." James suggested. "It has stronger wards and the location is unplottable."

"That's perfect James I'll let you and your family get your stuff together. A new dawn has shined upon the wizarding world." Albus smiled as he left to spread the good news of Voldemort's downfall."

After he left James offered Nagini a place in Potter Manor since she would now be a target as much as his children. Nagini accepted the offer much to Lily's displeasure. She didn't want a Slytherin and a former death eater near her savior. She argued with James about it but her husband was not going to back down. Lily agreed even though she hated it.

Hey everyone how is everyone doing. I decided that Saint Peverell really didn't actually work the way I wanted so I decided to abandon it and rewrite the whole thing. I'm also going to add some elements from my royal snake of Windsor story in this story of mine. Hope you all like it enjoy. Leave feedback and reviews.