Supermarket Flower

Chapter: 6

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It was a normal day at Ouran high school, not for Haruhi though. When she got back from being hospitalized she was put in the same class as Tamaki and Kyoya. The classes didn't change for her in the level of difficulty though.

Unknown to Haruhi the Zuka club has been plotting a play to show off Haruhi's hidden talent to the host club. Where it has not been shown in the host club. What is her hidden talent you might ask? The zuka club members saw an online video of her playing the piano while singing a song she has written for a competition for the old middle school she has attended. Excitedly they all shout "She must be in our play and have her in the Zuka club!"

As Haruhi is walking down the hallway she is thinking about her new classes are too easy. Where she is with Kyoya and Tamiki. Everyone in the hallway is giving her strange looks. Why is Haruhi now in Tamiki's, and Kyoya's classes? As the Zuka comes to Ouran high school. Lurking about. You would think you would have a visitor's pass for something as careless as these young women are doing. But no one pays too much attention to them cause everyone's thoughts are on Haruhi and if she's ok after being sick and hospitalized for so long. "Do you think something is truly wrong with Haruhi-Kun?" One girl asks her best friend and a silent conversation filled with worries ensues from the said girl.

Hearing a different conversation from the Zuka club who weren't being so discrete in the slightest at a school they do not attend; Haruhi being overly observant finally interrupts them. "Now you've done it. I did not want anyone to know about my hidden talent," she shouts in despair in the noisy hallway.

Benio replies, "We will take her and welcome her to the Zuka club." Not hearing a word Haruhi said only the word talent. Haruhi follows them to the main Host club, club room in the music room. Haruhi barges into the room and fully screams her complaint about the Zuka club. "Will you pay attention to me I don't want anyone to know about my hidden talent!"

Honey is very nervous about losing his sister to transfer to Lobelia Academy. Having her join the zuka club far away from him. He knows that the Zuka club can help her in areas that the Ouran host club can not. The Zuka club is meant for the well-established young women who want to show that they don't need a man to pursue their dream in the future of where life will take them.

Benio tries to be persuasive one final time, "I just wanted you to help me with a play. Then you can make your decision about lobelia and the zuka club too."

Reluctantly Haruhi says, "Okay just this once!"

Honey calls his grandma and his dad about Lobelia and the Zuka club wanting Haruhi. Honey's dad and grandma were not shocked. "They finally found out she is my granddaughter. They just found out about her hidden talent." the father and grandmother said: "we will let her choose which school will suit her best."

Honey said to his grandma and father: "I don't want to lose her."

Kyoya is thinking "if I have to go to the man that had her all her life just to stop her entrance in Lobelia academy. I will do just that." As he enters the limo that he owns. He tells the driver, "To Haruhi's old home where her stepfather is at, be discreet about the driving. Don't let anyone follow you." Follow the directions of his young master the unknown chauffer makes it to the said place he had asked of him to go. As Kyoya gets out of the limo he finds his way up the stairs of the run downed apartment that use to housed Haruhi. "How could she have been okay living in such a small unit for almost all her life?" He asks himself not at all put out where he's at. He makes it to the apartment. He sees Haruhi's stepdad getting ready to leave for work through the living room window that is right next to the front and the only door to leave the said place. Finding the courage and drive, Kyoya asks; "Can we talk?" to Haruhi's stepdad.

The older man gives the younger time to talk about how to stop Haruhi from wanting to enter Lobelia Academy. How the conversation went like this, "first can tell me why Haruhi's mom was against her entry into it Lobelia Academy." Kyoya asks.

Haruhi's stepdad tells the story about his wife why she did not want her to enter it. Haruhi's mom was in Lobelia Academy she was part of the zuka club her talents made her get bully for her gifts and her talent.

Then Kyoya looks up past Haruhi's mom's talents, she can sing, dance, she was great at kendo.

Then Haruhi's stepfather talks about how the school uses her talent for personal gain just so they could gain money from it.

Then Kyoya tells the Host club members all about Haruhi's mom's past and tells the whole story about Lobelia Academy and zuka club with Haruhi's mom why she did not want Haruhi to enter Lobelia Academy.

As the zuka club was getting ready for the play. cinderella. They wanted to hear Haruhi sing and see her dance. The zuka member was in shock at how good she is and how very talented she is. As they were getting ready for play.

The host club was getting dressed to go in undercover as the Lobelia Academy students. As Honey, Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru are putting on wigs and put Lobelia Academy uniform on. as Kyoya went off to talk to the headmaster of Lobelia Academy. As he uses the Ootori family name for personal gain.

As the host club enter the Lobelia Academy they see Haruhi; practicing for the play. They were shocked at how good she was. The Zuka club was getting ready for the play, they choose the clothes her mom had to wear for the play. An old-styled dress from back from the 1970s Her hair was placed in a wig and she was wearing makeup that matched her skin perfectly that enhanced the beauty within. The Host club couldn't take their eyes off of Haruhi. She stole the show from all of the other girls just by how pretty she looks like a girl more than a boy she dresses every day. The moment Haruhi's eyes connected with Kyoya he remembers a picture that was shown to him she looked exactly like K.H. The clothes though that no one knows about also have the letters K. H. In cursive writing on the breastbone of the dress.

As Haruhi was thinking that those look like my mom's lettering in her name. She starts to think about how her mom talk how she did not like to go to high school and felt she was being used. As the play started Haruhi starts to sing a song that reminds her of her mom. she sings a song by

Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers:

I took the supermarket flowers from the windowsill
I threw the day old tea from the cup
Packed up the photo album Matthew had made
Memories of a life that's been loved
Took the get well soon cards and stuffed animals
Poured the old ginger beer down the sink
Dad always told me, "Don't you cry when you're down"
But mum, there's a tear every time that I blink

Oh I'm in pieces, it's tearing me up, but I know
A heart that's broken is a heart that's been loved

So I'll sing Hallelujah
You were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you'd be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go
And when God takes you back we'll say Hallelujah
You're home

Fluffed the pillows, made the beds, stacked the chairs up
Folded your nightgowns neatly in a case
John says he'd drive then put his hand on my cheek
And wiped a tear from the side of my face

I hope that I see the world as you did 'cause I know
A life with love is a life that's been lived

So I'll sing Hallelujah
You were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you'd be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go
And when God takes you back we'll say Hallelujah
You're home

You were an angel in the shape of my mum
You got to see the person I have become
Spread your wings and I know
That when God took you back he said Hallelujah
You're home

As the song ended the Zuka club members were in shock that was not part of the story in the play. Haruhi's stepfather was shocked that his stepdaughter was singing and it was very good. It had him to tears the entire time, He knew she was singing about her mom who died. She has never expressed her feelings about the way her mother passed away, let alone what she was feeling at the time of her death. Not even at the funeral did she sing something so emotional to her mom where it was supposed to be a goodbye service. The host club was crying big tears. They felt all that she was singing about her mom and more. They hardly got close like this with Haruhi. She kept most of her feelings about what she went through with the death of her mom. She has always shown that she could get through it all with no help from anyone. Yeah, she did say some things that were in remembrance of her mom. But what she normally would say about her mom didn't bring that many tears to anyone. It did however get girls to swoon but... Right now the guys were crying for her. Kyoya too was crying though you could nearly tell he was because the gleam of the light on his glasses was more in focus than the tears in his eyes.

Kyoya was shocked the entire time. He was happy with himself that he previously got a hold of the headmaster of Lobelia to do a DVD recording for Haruhi's grandma. He knows even her grandma will cry just like everyone was doing in this room as of right now. Tamaki was acting weird and everyone ignored him though with his antics of being a proud dad.

As Haruhi got off the stage she finally had enough of dealing with the weight of the wig that is on her head, she even voiced that she felt like her face was going to melt off. Everyone in the room is saying how pretty she is that she shouldn't take off her clothes. She ignores them all and walks to the changing room and changes into plain clothes. She doesn't let anyone know that she feels some sort of guilt that she was wearing something her mom did not have a good time in. She feels like she too needed to take off the clothes so she could still have a good time at this school for the remaining time she is staying in the room.

So Haruhi decides to leave lobelia academy behind her to remember her mom's good times. Haruhi had remembered she put a photo album her mom had created for her of good times. As she pulls it from her backpack she begins looking through all the photos that were of happy times. She was holding back the tears. Haruhi was thinking she did not show her tears to anyone not even her own stepfather has not see them. Because she knew it would hurt him. Because he loved her mom so much.

As Kyoya was wondering where had Haruhi gone too. As the host club was crying. Honey is sadder than them. That his sister had gone through that alone.

Then the Zuka club was talking about how Haruhi was wearing clothes her mom use to wear in the club. Then, Honey, Kyoya who overheard were in shock and very angry that they hurt her without knowing the whole story. Then Kyoya explains to the Zuka club why Haruhi is hurt. He explains that she more was bullied in lobelia academy and was used by the school for money. She didn't have a choice to leave until she finished and didn't want to deal with it anymore. She vowed her kid wouldn't go there. Then honey rushed to where Haruhi was at. He has a feeling of where she went. He finds Haruhi at the park on a bench swing looking at her photo album that her mom has created.

Then Honey sees his sister crying. He asks, "Can Usa-chan and I sit with you."

Then Haruhi replies "Sure can we are family after all." Then Haruhi brings out her bunny Momo-chan to sit it by Usa-chan.

Then Honey asks, "Would you tell me about the photos and the story about them."

Then Honey and Haruhi begin talking and giggling. Kyoya sees the smiles she never shows anyone. He was thinking it be good to have his camera with him on hand to take photos of Honey Haruhi with their bunnies. As Honey and Haruhi were talking until sunset they fell asleep holding their bunny. Then Kyoya sees a photo of Haruhi and Kyoya when they were kids. Kyoya look at the back of the photo has handwriting that seems to be Haruhi's mom's handwriting Haruhi age 4 and Kyoya age 5 He is engaged to my sweet daughter. Kyoya was overcome with bewilderment and surprise. He never knew that he had a fiance. "I'm engaged to Haruhi?!"

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