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Dragon Ball Destiny Redefined – Chapter One: A Change for the Better?



Somewhere Outside The Multiverse

The Saiyan known as Goku (or to a select few as Kakarot) had done the seemingly impossible, a feat he was accustom to at this point in his life. Goku beat Jiren the gray after a hard-fought battle during which he mastered a hitherto unknown ability Ultra Instinct. Now as the winner of the vaunted Tournament of Power Goku would be granted one wish by the Super Dragon Balls, a gift for which many would gladly give up everything they held dear.

Although Goku wanted to restore all the universes which were erased after their respective champions lost to their tournament opponents his tired mind kept drifting back to the most interesting opponent he had faced during the tournament. The foe who pushed him to his previous limits and beyond. His semi-final challenger, the Saiyan fusion warrior from Universe 6 called Kefla. If not for Kefla he would have fallen at the feet of Jiren. It had been against Kefla he unlocked Ultra Instinct. Kefla muse to his inner warrior.

From nearby Vegeta snapped in annoyance. "Kakarot stop your daydreaming! Make the wish already! Restore all the universes that have been erased, hurry!" Vegeta wanted his would-be protégé Cabba, another Saiyan from Universe 6, returned to existence asap.

"Sure thing Vegeta, best buddy, but gee that combo of Caulifla and Kale sure was super strong. What a challenge! Boy oh boy, she would have made for a great regular sparring partner. Just thinking of the fun we could have had challenging each other makes me giddy." Goku mused aloud. "Part of me wishes I could have somehow met her much earlier than I did." Goku babbled on excitedly not hearing Vegeta.

"Although rewriting a timeline to create an alternate universe is exceedingly difficult, to grant your wish is still within my power. Your wish shall momentarily be granted, Son Goku." The Super Dragon intoned in his booming voice.

Vegeta and the others glared at Goku. "Oopsie," Goku said with a nervous chuckle. "Wait I did not mean that as my wish. Can we have a redo?"

"Kakarot you idiot!" Vegeta yelled.

"The Great Dragon has already decided to grant your wish I'm afraid. There is nothing I can do, Son Goku." The Grand Priest lied. In truth, he could have attempted to intervene. He might even have been able to stop the process if he so desired, however, he wanted to see how things would play out.

"Prepare yourselves mortals for reality and timeline realignment." The Grand Priest said tapping the base of his staff on the rocky surface below. The Grand Priest shared knowing looks with the two surviving angels including Whis the Angel of Universe 7. 'Yes, I agree this shall be most interesting.' He thought telepathically transmitting his words to them. "As a side-effect of Son Goku's wish the other universes will be restored because the Tournament has essentially be canceled from this new stream of existence due to the changes wrought on two of the participating universes by this wish, namely universes seven and six."

The two Omni Kings or Zenoes clapped their hands excitedly in anticipation of what was to come. They had expected fun but nothing of this scale. A blinding light flashed overhead and a deafening roar was heard. Soon everything dissolved into nothingness for the mortals followed by blissful unawareness while their very beings were reset to much earlier states.

Planet Kanassa Age 737, dawn

As the sun rose over the devastated landscape a small group of Saiyan warriors awoke. They found themselves in huge carter of their own making. That night they had taken part in a genocidal slaughter spurred on by the rage all transformed Saiyans felt while under a full moon. Now that their bodies had reverted to their humanoid forms their lust for destruction was sated, for now.

"That was a heck of a party, huh?" Tora the tall one said.

"If you say so. Not that I remember any of it." Fasha the sole female member of the team said.

"Spoken like a typical ape, Fasha," Tora said.

"Ah pipe down, Tora. I don't see how you guys remember anyhow." Fasha said. "Elephants are supposed to remember everything, not apes."

"I'm with you Fasha," Borgos the balding one said. "To me, it's like waking up from a dream. You sort of remember it all at first but it then it quickly slips away."

"I don't remember much either." Shugesh the heavyset one said. "But I do remember the crusty little fella who gave me this sweet keepsake." He rubbed a nasty looking open wound on his right cheek.

"Bardock says he remembers everything," Fasha said her voice laced with skepticism.

"Ha, ha, ha, don't make me laugh, Fasha," Taro said. "Bardock might remember every second of normal battle but he remembers nothing of his personal life, so I doubt he remembers his great ape time. Allow me to demonstrate." He turned his attention toward the nominal leader of their tight-knit group who lay on his back while chewing slowly on a piece of native grass. "Bardock do you remember which day your youngest son was born?"

"No, but that was a long time ago," Bardock answered.

"It was not that long ago you lazy bum. I heard his third birthday was yesterday. A couple more years and he can go on his first mission." Fasha said. "C'mon you need to go see the little tike. We have enough time to stop in before our next assignment."

"A trip home would be nice," Borgos said excitedly.

"I could use a little r&r." Shugesh seconded.

"Forget it," Bardock said sitting up he blew the grass out of his mouth. "Why should I bother trying to bond with my child when they'll just send him away soon. What's the use, tell me that?"

No one could answer him. Being servants of the Cold Empire under the tyrannical rule of Frieza every Saiyan their lives were not their own. Saiyans were once masters of their own destiny but not anymore now they were mere servants.

"Ah, hey guys why did we fight for this dump anyway? Is Frieza out of his tiny little mind or something?" Shugesh asked.

"Maybe, but not in this case," Bardock said with a grunt. "I think this planet his special energy, or so I've heard. "

"Yeah, I heard the same thing," Taro said with a chuckle of disbelief. "You're supposed to be able to develop psychic powers or some such crap if you live here long enough. Like being able to read minds and see the future, that sort of spooky stuff."

"Frieza is such a paranoid freak I bet he'd jump at the chance to read minds," Bardock said.

"That's a frightening thought he's al-," Borgos said only to be interrupted by a sharp noise as a nearby pile of debris shifted.

"I wish you baboons could read minds so you could have heard the thoughts of my people while you massacred them." A bruised and battered Kanassan said. Its fish-like features were covered in a thick layer of dust courtesy of the debris from which it had emerged.

"Hey, I thought we killed all of you, things," Bardock said.

The enraged Kanassan charged at Bardock. Bardock stood up ready for action but the Kanassan vanished only to appeared directly behind him an instant later where it jabbed its fingers into Bardock's neck causing him a burst of intense but short-lived pain. Bardock fell to the ground rendered temporarily helpless.

Bardock's fellow Saiyans jumped to attention. They attacked the Kassan. A brief yet intense battle ensued. The Kassan was knocked clear to the other side of the pit by a running headbutt from Shugesh, next Taro zapped the Kassan with a sphere of blue-white energy.

"What the hell!?" Bardock exclaimed getting to his feet.

The Kassan's body was glowing white. Somehow the blast had failed to kill it. The Saiyans were stunned by what they saw. How could this creature remain alive after being hit with an energy ball at point-blank range?

"Hear me Bardock." The Kassan said. "I have transmuted your destructive force into more tolerable energy. Soon everyone you love shall die unless you Bardock convince them to mend their ways."

"We'll see about that," Bardock said. He readied a blue-white energy sphere of his own to, hopefully, destroy the despised Kassan.

"Wait," The Kassan said. "You have all come here seeking psychic power, well, I have given you that power Bardock.

"He reads minds, that's all. This is a trick of some sort." Bardock assured his comrades with a scoff.

"You can to Bardock. You have the power now too. What's more, you can see the future. The ones who seek this gift Frieza and equally wretched family will never possess it for they are unworthy. Soon you'll behold the truth. Heed my warning Bardock, or perish alongside all you hold dear as we did." The Kassan laughed before he exploded in a flash of blinding light.

"Bardock, Bardock, are you okay?" Bardock heard before he collapsed on the cold, hard ground. Everything went black.

Bardock's vision

"Filthy monkeys how dare you defy me," Frieza said. "I'll put both of you in your rightful place groveling at my feet, or perhaps instead I'll destroy you like I did the rest of your worthless species." Before Frieza stood two young Saiyans one male the other female.

"So Vegeta told the truth," The female said. "I'll grind you into dust for what we've done."

"Don't disrespect me, girl," Frieza said. "I wouldn't allow a female of my own species to talk to me this way let all own one from a lowly race of muck rackers."

"Wait, Kefla," The male said putting his hand on Kefla's shoulder. "Fight smart not hard, remember, you taught me that. He's trying to goad us into attacking him." Kefla shrugged off her companion's hand but made no further move toward Frieza.

"You're right, Goku," Kefla said through gritted teeth.

"I'm disappointed. I came here for a jolly good time, not to wast time chatting with the likes of you." Frieza said. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "You deprived me of my wish you deserve to be taught a lesson in humility. Perhaps his death will motivate you miserable cowards to face me and receive your rightful punishment." Before either Goku or Kefla could react Frieza killed their bald-headed human friend with his death beam.

"Krillin," Kefla exclaimed.

"Noooooooo," Goku yelled.

Frieza laughed manically for a time he then pointed at a terrified Saiyan boy and girl. "FYI cowards, unless you step up, the little monkeys are next. Then the fallen prince." He pointed at a depressed-looking young male Saiyan with a distinctive widow's peak hairstyle. "And finally you and you." He pointed at Kefla and Goku.

"Never," Goku said forcefully."Leave them alone."

"I don't care how strong you think you are. I'll kill you before I let you harm my children, sick freak," Kefla said her expression one of unrestrained fury.

Astral Plane

"Disturbing is it not," Whis said.

"Y-You're an angel!?" Am I, am I dead?" Bardock stammered. He recognized the white hair, pale blue skin and regal manner of the being before him from old legends he had heard as a child.

"Yes, I'm an angel. You aren't dead, besides dealing with deceased souls is someone else's responsibility in this universe." Whis said.

"Where am I then and why am I are here?" Bardock asked.

"Your consciousness is presently located on what you mortals would term the astral plane," Whis said. "You're here due to a fascinating confluence of circumstances the details of which I won't bore you with. From your perspective what is important, as you would classify such things, is that you Bardock the Saiyan have been given an exceedingly. Your species went extinct in the previous timeline of this universe but that timeline is no more. The fate of the Saiyans is now in your hands. If you can convince some of them that Frieza seeks their destruction they could be saved."

"Frieza wants to destroy us? That rat, I knew he couldn't be trusted." Bardock said.

"Quite correct," Whis said not bothering to mention Beerus was the one who would soon order the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Some details were best left concealed. Unlike Beerus, however, Whis being an angel was aware of the previous timeline of Universes Seven and had been sent to guide Bardock by the Grand Priest himself. "In a moment you'll be returned to what you term normal existence. Convince as many as you can of the truth. If any Saiyans are to survive, including yourself, they must abandon Planet Vegeta soon."

"What of my youngest son? Somehow I know that was him I saw as an adult warrior in my vision, or whatever it was." Bardock said.

"Goku will be safe if you send him away early. The world to which you should send him is called Earth and is such an isolated planet no one from the Cold Empire will threaten it for decades yet." Whis said. "Kefla daughter of Paragus should also be sent somewhere off the beaten path, as they say."

"She becomes Goku's mate. I saw her in my vision. They were battling Frieza." Bardock said. He felt his pride swell at the notion. His son would one day stand up to that despicable lizard. He only hoped Goku and Kefla would somehow defeat Frieza avenging their people.

The only things Bardock knew about Paragus was that the male was an extremely high ranked Saiyan, a brilliant strategist (even Frieza grudgingly admired), his daughter Kefla had just turned five the Saiyan age when one could be sent on a mission, and that Paragus'' mate was an artist of all things. Her sculptures glorifying the Saiyan duel ideals of combat and bravery adorned many public spaces on Planet Vegeta including the palace. King Cold and Cooler were rumored to be among secret consumers of her art. Frieza's long-suffering little sister Blizzeria was a vocal supporter of her artwork, not that the views of a female counted for much in the Cold Family the males of their species being well-documented misogynists.

"How observant," Whis said. "Kefla is about to be sent on her first official mission. Convince Paragus to have her sent to a world far away from the Cold Empire any world will do as long as it is far away from Frieza and his family. I'll then arrange for her and Goku or Kakarot, calling him by his Saiyan name, to meet at the appropriate time on Earth. If you can recruit Paragus and the rest of his family to your cause it would also be beneficial."

"What if I fail to convince any other Saiyans of this?" Bardock said.

"For your kind all will be lost," Whis said he then struck Bardock on the forehead with the tip of his staff. "Now wake up!"

Planet Vegeta Age 737

Recovery Bay, afternoon

Bardock came to with a start. His troops were crowded around his recovery tank as was his mate Gine a worried expression on her face. Bardock and Gine had an unusual relationship among their kind. Most mated Saiyans harbored little if any romantic affection for each other. Saiyan mateships were all about shows of dominance by both genders intending to produce strong Saiyan children who would be brought up in a competitive family unit. Other than the alleged genuine love between Paragus and his mate the soft-spoken artist Yam (and those were just rumors) Gine and Bardock's deep abiding love made them odd ducks by Saiyan standards.

"I'm getting out of here. I have no time for this." Bardock said after he ripped his breathing apparatus from his mouth which in turn triggered the rapid drainage of nutrient-rich fluids from the recovery chamber. He exited the chamber completely naked a moment later. Public and semi-private nudity was not viewed with any stigma in Saiyan society.

"Your body hasn't yet healed fully." A healer of some unknown species said. Bardock silenced any further protests from the being with his stony glare. The healer ran off rather than face the wrath of the angry Saiyan.

"I want to go home. I'll finish healing there." Bardock insisted.

"Maybe you should listen to the healer, Bardock," Gine said.

Bardock strode up to Gine. He took her hands in his own. "I need to go home. Take me home, Gine." He said softly.

There was something about the look in his eyes that told Gine there would be no reasoning with her mate. He had made up his mind. "I'll get your things," Gine said. She gently pulled her hands free and went off to retrieve her mate's battle armor.

"Hey, Bardock why are you going home? Word is Frieza already has a new assignment ready for us. We ship out tomorrow. Guess he heard how we cleaned house on Kanassa." Tora said proudly.

Bardock mulled his words over carefully in his mind. After his encounter with the angel Whis and his vision of the future, he knew everything depended upon him convincing as many of his fellow Saiyans as possible of the danger they collectively faced. His troops were like his second family. After Gine and his boys, there was no one else in the entire universe he cared about more. If he could save them he would even if it meant moving Heaven and Hell to do so.

"How about I have Gine cook us up a feast worthy of our victory?" Bardock said.

"You mean it?" Borgos asked salivating at the prospect. Gine might not be much of a warrior but she was one of the best cooks on all of Planet Vegeta which was no small feat considering how much Saiyans loved food.

"Of course, stop by tonight and eat until your hearts are content and your stomach swell," Bardock said smiling.

"I'll be there," Shugesh said rubbing his belly in anticipation.

"Me too," Fasha said licking her lips. "Gine's feasts are always ones to remember."

"I'll see you guys then," Bardock said still smiling as he put his armor on which Gine had just returned with.

"We wouldn't miss it for anything," Shugesh said.

"Thanks, Gine," Fasha said patting the other female Saiyan on her back.

"What are they talking about?" Gine asked once Bardock's troops had left in a very good mood.

"I'll tell you when we get home. But first, I have to stop by the Palace." Bardock said.

"The palace, but why?" Gine asked. She knew low-class Saiyans like themselves were typically not allowed inside the palace or to have contact of any sort with the royal court.

"I just have to, okay," Bardock said ignoring the puzzled look his mate gave him.

"Maybe you should stay here. You're acting kind of strange." Gine said tugging on his arm to keep him from leaving.

"I need to do this. I promise it's important, it's vital in fact. I'm only looking out for our best interest and for our future along with that of all Saiyans, I swear. Tell me you believe me?" Bardock said turning to face Gine. Their eyes locked. In that moment of unspoken communication between mates, the pair came to an understanding.

"I believe you," Gine said letting go of Bardock's arm. Bardock had never lied to her and she sensed he was not doing so now. Gine dutifully followed behind Bardock. Her place was by his side as it always would be.

Royal Palace, sometime later

"Why won't you listen? Our chance to get out from under Frieza's boot is here. This is insane!" Paragus pleaded while he stood before the throne of King Vegeta nominal ruler of all Saiyans.

"Granted your son Broly's power level of ten thousand is extremely impressive especially given your daughter Kefla's below-average power level (for the offspring on a pair of elite Saiyans), however, should we attempt what you suggest and Frieza or another Cold were to learn of our plot against them before the boy reaches maturity we face certain disaster." King Vegeta said. "Furthermore, even with such a high starting power level, there is no guarantee young Broly will ever be able to defeat Frieza." This caused a murmur to rise from the gathered courtiers. "I hereby reject your proposal."

"But w-," Paragus began to protest only for King Vegeta to silence him with the wave of a hand.

"Need I remind you that others have tried to escape from the yoke of the Colds in a similar fashion, all of which have failed," Vegeta said. "One planet under Cooler's rule tried such a thing recently he responded by personally executing every child on the world of training age. Do you want our children to suffer a similar fate at the hands of Frieza? Tell me Paragus, Kefla is ready for her first mission would you want her to die before she ever tastes the glory of true combat?"

"I wouldn't, nor do I want her to live the life of a slav-" Paragus stammered.

"Silence," King Vegeta bellowed. "Leave us before I forget we are old friends Paragus, and never speak of this matter to anyone again."

"Very well, sire," Paragus said. He gave a curt bow to his sovereign. With a flourish of his cape, he was soon gone.

"Make sure he never sees another dawn." King Vegeta said to a small group of elite Saiyan guards he summoned shortly after Paragus' departure. King Vegeta hated to order the death of his old friend but he knew unless he stopped Paragus the Elite Saiyan would enact his insane scheme, with or without royal sanction. "Make it look like a random fight which escalated out of control or a robbery gone wrong." King Vegeta was glad his son was away on the prince's first mission with his loyal soldier Nappa so Prince Vegeta would not be a party to this unpleasantness.

"Understood, sire," One of the guards said. They then left to pursue their target.

Alleyway, a short time later

"Stand aside," Paragus said but the three figures in front of him refused to move three more figures appeared behind him cutting off his escape.

"You should have listened to our king." One said before they attacked Paragus as one.

Although he was a great and powerful warrior Paragus was still no match for six other elite Saiyans. He held them off only a few minutes before they overwhelmed him. Four jumped on him and held him down while the other two beat him relentlessly one of which even slashed his left eye with a knife leaving behind a nasty scar. Paragus thought he was about to die when some unknown person attacked his attackers. Paragus rallied and helped his would-be savior drive off the other Saiyans killing two of them in the process.

"I owe you my life," Paragus said to Bardock and Gine, yes even Gine had gotten in a few whacks on the guards turned assassins.

"If you want to thank me listen because I have much to say, Paragus," Bardock said.

To Be Continued

Next up Bardock & Gine met Yam the Wife of Paragus along with kid Kefla. Then the feast at Bardock's home takes place. Will Bardock convince his crew of the danger they face?

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