They spent the whole night making love, and Maddie forced her eyes open Sunday morning. She propped herself up on one elbow, realizing that this was the first time they'd had a sleepover that didn't end in one of them sneaking out. She lazily traced her fingers over his chest, and he woke up, blinking at her.

"Hey," he whispered, grinning sleepily. "Want to grab a shower together?"

They both didn't work until that afternoon, so Maddie said yes, and they had another long session in the shower. She'd seen too many shower sex related injuries in the ER, so it was just foreplay...but it really wasn't "just" foreplay. Calling foreplay with Chimney foreplay was like calling a cupcake a muffin. They weren't the same.

Foreplay with Chimney meant that Maddie came, foreplay with Chimney meant that he took his time pleasuring every inch of her body, and foreplay with Chimney meant that Maddie could barely breathe at the end of it. They went back to bed after that, where she gave him back as good as she'd received in the shower, until he was moaning her name and grabbing her hair as hard as she'd grabbed his shoulders.

They finally made it downstairs, a little past noon, and Maddie made coffee. She really wished they didn't have to work at all; but really, they'd had all Saturday together, so she knew she shouldn't sulk.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, seeing that he'd fallen into thought.

"What we're going to tell the 118," he said. "If anything."

"Oh, we're going to tell them," she said. "I am not letting Buck give my number to anyone else."

"One of his setups worked," Chimney said, winking at her. She lightly slapped his shoulder, taking a sip of coffee.

"Be that as it may," she said, leaning in to steal a kiss. "No thank you to any future setups."

"I second that," he murmured, grabbing her by the waist to keep her there for a moment. With that, all talk of telling the team was forgotten for a long while indeed.

By the time Chimney got to work that afternoon, he had a brand new hickey. Hen looked at him, quirked a brow, but said nothing besides, "I'm glad you and mystery girl made up. You were a beast last week."

"How would you know," he replied mildly, and walked up the stairs. Eddie and Buck were in the kitchen, and Chimney walked right up to them. He'd gotten Maddie's blessing, with the instructions to "tell me all about it. I don't have to be there but I want to know."

"Hey," he said, sticking his hands in his pockets. "I have something to tell you guys. Not because it's not my business, but because I don't need you two fools trying to pull something else. Maddie and I are dating. She was always the girl I was seeing, for the past few weeks. Please don't give her number out to anyone else, Buck. Eddie, sorry if this hurts your feelings."

"No, I-" Eddie stammered, but Buck interrupted him.

"You're dating who?" He said. "But I thought you guys settled that in the bar. She said you weren't going to happen. How long?" Buck finished with a demand.

Chimney tried to resist the smile tugging at his lips, but couldn't. "Since the night at the bar," he said. "I'm kind of shocked you guys didn't guess, considering how quickly we figured out that Bobby was seeing Athena. Then again, you never were as interested in my life, were you, Buck? Must be strange to realize that I have one."

He smiled stiffly, and walked away. Maddie hadn't made him promise to be nice...

Hen was at the pool table, and she'd heard every word. "So," she said, grinning at him. "You look like the cat who swallowed the canary."

"I am definitely feeling the Sylvester today," Chimney replied, sitting on the chair by her. "Did you want any details?"

Hen shrugged. "I'm proud, but also annoyed that you were able to keep this a secret," she said. "I thought I knew you better."

"You know me," Chimney shrugged. "You knew something was up, you just didn't think that I could get someone like Maddie Buckley interested in me."

"Hey, I never doubted you, I just doubted her," Hen said. "Come on, she's a divorcee, and a recent one too. Nothing about this screams rebound to you?"

Chimney shook his head. "Maybe it did originally," he said. "Honestly speaking. But we...had a week last week, as I'm sure you noticed. And I'm not afraid anymore."

"Mmhmm," Hen said. "I'll believe it when I see it, but I'm happy for you, Chim. Cautious, but happy."

"You know, worry a little less about me," Chimney said. "And doubt her a little less, hmm?"

"I make no promises about that," Hen said. "And I'll still kick her ass if she breaks your heart."

"Duly noted," Chimney said. "Should I pass that onto her?"

Hen shrugged. "If you like," she grinned. "You know what, if you guys make it to a year, I'll apologize for doubting to her personally."

"You know I'm going to hold you to that, right?" Chimney said.

Epilogue: One Year Later

Maddie stood in the bathroom, looking at the stick resting in a cup of liquid, and the timer on her phone. She exhaled when the timer went off, checked the stick, and bit back disappointment.

She wasn't pregnant.

She left the bathroom, to where Chimney was waiting. He smiled at her, but she could see the anxiety in his eyes. "Negative," she said, shrugging.

"We've got next month," he smiled, reaching to pull her in for a hug. She gratefully went to his arms, holding him close.

She was so grateful that they'd made it. After a year together, they'd decided they were okay trying to get pregnant in earnest. She wasn't getting younger, and it was something they both really, really wanted.

She thought back on how crazy the past year had been. She'd ended up telling Buck off for giving Eddie her phone number without asking her; after all, he'd basically tried to set her up with two different coworkers over the course of a few months, both times without asking her.

When the news had gotten around that Maddie was the one Chimney had been seeing, Buck had been made to feel even worse, and she couldn't hold his actions against him. He'd been trying, in his own way, to help her out, and if the results had been different she may have been more frustrated, but as it was…

She'd gotten Chimney out of it, so it had all ended well.

Eddie was an even less complicated variable; he'd admitted later on, after some prodding from Hen, that he hadn't actually been asking Maddie out because he was interested in her. He'd heard she was a nurse, and had thought she'd be interested in helping take care of his son sometimes. Christopher was a great kid, so Maddie wasn't at all offended by that idea, but she did turn that down. Apparently, Buck had misconstrued Eddie's interest, and told him that he couldn't just ask Maddie outright: "You have to befriend her first" or something silly like that.

So that was that, and Eddie had apologized as well for any part he'd played in making her life complicated. "I truly didn't mean to throw a wrench in your relationship with Chimney," he said. "And I'm happy for you guys, he's a great guy."

She leaned back on Chimney's chest, quietly finishing off her recollections.

"Are you disappointed?" She finally asked, saying the words she'd been wanting to say every month, but hadn't wanted to start something she didn't want to hear the answer to.

"I mean, yes," he said, his hand gently stroking her hair. "But like I said, we have next month...and the month after that. There's no real rush, Maddie. We talked to your doctor, and she said we've got a lot more trying to do before we should be thinking about testing."

"I know," she sighed. "I just feel like…I don't know."

"That it should be easier?" He asked.

"I guess I really thought I was pregnant last year," she said. "We haven't even had a scare since then, and I'm just scared."

"Well, we didn't go off contraception again for nine months," he reminded her. "So we've had three months of tries that didn't take, but that doesn't mean we're doing something wrong. Or that something is wrong."

"I guess that's just hard to remember," she admitted. "What if it doesn't happen?"

Chimney was quiet for a few minutes. "You know, I've always wanted to be a dad," he said. "I wanted to give my kids what my dad didn't, I wanted to be there for them in ways he wasn't for me. But especially seeing Hen and Karen foster, and how many babies are dropped off because moms can't take care of them every single day…I'm reminded just how much kids are a gift. They aren't something humans earn, or are entitled to. And there are so many kids who need more, and deserve if it doesn't happen for us, I'd really love to look at adoption. Family doesn't have to be biological."

Her eyes had filled with tears, and she sat up, moving onto her feet to face him. "Thank you for that reminder," she said, kissing his hands. "And you're right. There are so many kids who need love."

He pulled her onto his lap, gently, and kissed her tears away. She cupped his face in her hands, kissing his lips, and pressing her forehead against his as she pulled away.

"I love you," she whispered. "And I want this to happen, but I am so happy to go down any road with you, and to just see what happens."

She looked at the ring sparkling on her finger, and she looked at the man beneath her. She was more than ready to face anything the world had to offer.

A/N: And with that, I officially hit 50,000 words for November 2020! This month was such a strange mixture of joy and grief for me, but writing throughout all of it was really something I needed to do after five years of not even attempting this challenge. Hope you guys enjoyed coming with me, and enjoyed me being more active even if i STILL didn't update RWotS. Oops ;D ~Meowser