A/N: This is a series of dreams that I had that pieced this whole thing together. As a result this is long and will have chapters! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Tron Leaves

High above a glowing land, a city seen in the distance, glistening like crystal, a pastel sheen coming off of every building that was lit bright with circuitry, a floating fortress sat. It was suspended via technology that the ENCOM System had known since its creation, yet no other building like it exists.

Within, two figures stand near giant arcs in the outer wall of the room made of tan marble, the glow of the city and the System itself casting light through upon them. Their expressions are ones of sadness, yet hope as they hold each other, for one of them was to leave, he held four squares in a "T" shape within a circle upon his chest for his symbol. His hair was standing straight up at the front, yet braided in the back. Both the braid and the spiked up hair were white, the rest was brown.

The woman who held him wore a beautiful white suit which sparkled with deep pink stars, a white long vest that reaches her feet with matching deep pink stars over her shoulders. Her hair was also braided, in a French braid, as the Users called it, and a light blonde. She looks up to him, love within her eyes as her processor pangs with pain. "I love you." She said with full emotion in her voice. He smiled down at her, his expression softening as love filled his gaze as well. "I love you too. I'll be back. I promise."

The woman nodded and rested her forehead upon his chest with a half-smile, knowing, once he made a promise, he would keep it, no matter the cost. He spoke again. "I'll come back for you when everything is safe in the new System. Don't worry." Reassuring words which played on her soul. She knew he meant it, and she beamed up at him and promptly stood on her toes to kiss him. He leaned into the kiss, realizing that this would be the last he would experience until he saw her again.

He deepened the kiss, taking in all of the feelings it arose within him feelings, feelings sent along his circuits at her touch, her scent, the feel of her form under his hands, and how their love seemed to sing and merge as one at such a simple touch. He understood well now why Users enjoyed such actions, though it was intimate enough that he would only share it with his Yori.

"Yori." He whispered her name, lovingly caressed upon his lips as he pulled back. Her glassy eyes met his, lips still parted as she regained control of her emotions. "Yes, my Tron?" She said with equal love in her voice.

"I'll miss you. I'll think of you every day, and watch our memories on my disk." He cupped the side of her face lovingly as her eyes welled with tears. "As will I!" She exclaimed and held him tight. He kissed the top of her head just as the beam of light at the front of the room lit brighter and a figure started to take form within it.

"It's time." Tron said gently as he held her hand as a figure stepped out of the light. "Tron!" Flynn grinned, a new suit upon his form. He held a black jacket with a white circuit upon one of the open sides, black pants, black shirt, and black boots that came halfway to his knee, they sported the only other circuitry upon this man, in a small line upon the sides. He held his hand out to Tron as he walked to them.

Tron obliged, giving one last loving look to Yori, who returned it with sadness tinting it, and turned to walk to Flynn. They clasped hands heartily and Flynn clasped him on the back as he led the Program to the beam of light. "It's gonna be amazing man! Just wait 'till you see it! A brand new system, full of possibilities!"

Tron nodded and smiled at his happy companion, Yori watched from the side, having not moved, knowing that if she did, she would cling to her bondmate and never let go. She had a duty to do within the System, a new one as well, now that her Tron would be gone. He had been a founding member on the council that was elected to lead the System after the defeat of the MCP. A small group of maybe 10 Programs or more held a position there with Dumont at its head. Though even his opinion could be out voted. Such was the nature of the council to avoid corruption, a repeat of the MCP. She would stand in her Tron's place upon that council now.

Her thoughts returned to her Tron just as Flynn stood Tron in front of the pillar of light, an energy, swirling, filled with motes of electricity all swirling yet going up. He turned to her then and smiled. She smiled back and rose her hand in farewell, he did the same and stepped into the beam.

Flynn looked to Yori then. "Don't worry Yori, I'll have him back in one piece in no time." He smiled to her, and, now that Tron had rose into the beam of light, stepped into the light himself and was gone.

Yori stood there for a moment, tears pricking her eyes as her heart crumpled. Then, she stood straight, she would be strong for her Tron, she would wait for him and help protect the System in his absence via her position on the council. She would be there when he returned.