Our historians have always had a keen eye for even the smallest of events that took place, and because of that, our history since the death of the Great Meviath and rise of the first Apallex has been carefully recorded, again and again and again. And while interesting things events were not extremely rare, that day would forever live in infamy as the worst day in Klacso history.

The day they arrived.

Our race was a technological one, but we did not enhance ourselves with technology, no. It was used for the betterment of ourselves and of our beloved homeworld. Our only world, for we had no need of more. Earth provided us with what we needed, and we defended her in the absence of the Great Meviath, as is our duty.

My duty.

However, we were not naive enough as to think that we were the only ones out there. Our people have always been aware of the possibility of other civilizations existing on planets far from ours, but we simply didn't care much.

Until they came.


With no warning whatsoever, they descended from the sky in a brilliant flash of violet. The apparition of VIRM, as we later discovered, had been seen and heard from every corner of the globe, regardless of location.

They spoke of mighty empires and kingdoms, of civilizations and galactic confederacies, and finally, about their Hive Mind. How one could be free from the suffering that a mortal life would bring. They offered to bring us into the fold, grant us the opportunity to live forever. Some accepted, and would later become known as Tainted, traitors to our kind, and forever dead to us, but most of us…

We declined. VIRM would have us leave our home, the only lives we had ever known, and while many considered such a prospect exciting...

...no one wanted to say goodbye to their homeworld for a final time.

They acted understanding. They acted as if they respected our wishes, and seemed to leave with the few that had chosen to go with them.

They did not.

We were not a violent civilization. We never had been, despite our race being born from a battle that forged the mountains and shaped the valleys. Under the Apallex our species was united in peace. We fought no wars, built no weapons, and knew nearly nothing of conflict so we were unprepared for the sudden ruthlessness of their attacks.

They overran our colonies on the moon, bypassed what few defenses we had, and landed their war machines in the seas. They did not give us a true reason for their unprovoked attack, simply stating "You declined" as an explanation.

They killed us indiscriminately, using the knowledge given to them by the Tainted to their advantage, and their war machines trampled over all. Males, females, children. Homes, schools, shops, laboratories, research installations, it mattered not. They stopped for nothing and no one. They did not negotiate. They did not give demands.

The only reason we managed to delay them long enough was due to our technological superiority, and nothing more. While the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in defense of the homeworld was great, they gave us time to fight back.

Once news of their treachery reached the ruling Apallex, he commissioned a… project, of sorts. A controllable beast, built for two, shaped in the image of the Great Meviath, to help combat the alien threat. Our greatest hope against the alien hordes. A weapon to hold them back while we truly prepared to retake what was ours.

You know of what I speak of, don't you?

We named them Lehtas.

Eons later, your people would call them Klaxosaurs.