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-Telepathic Communication-

Chapter 2

The World of Witches

"What the hell is this," Corbeau demanded as she and Lapin backed away from Suzaku.

The labyrinth forming around them caused the trio to stop their fighting, but there was a sense of disbelief among them.

What had been trees and bushes surrounding them had been replaced with a surreal landscape that could be only described as a giant sandbox. The ground they stood on was nothing but sand, while the structures around them consisted of various tools and molds you would expect to find in a sandbox such as colorful shoves and castle tower molds. There were different passageways, and the walls and ceiling were made of red wood-like material.

Yet when Suzaku put his hand on one of the walls, it didn't feel like wood.

"We just didn't pass out or something," Suzaku asked while he was on guard, but he couldn't recall anything that could've caused him to lose consciousness.

Corbeau walked up to Suzaku before pulling on his ear, causing Suzaku to pull back and instinctively throw a punch that Corbeau caught.

"I felt that, and so did you," Corbeau determined before backing away. "This isn't some shared dream, so we know that."

"Ok," Suzaku said, feeling sore about his ear.

"So what do we do, sis?" Lapin asked, but before Corbeau could answer, they heard something.

Emerging from the sand behind the trio were caterpillar-like creatures, each of them was the size of a large dog. Their bodies were unusual in being of different colors and materials and sphere-shaped, but they had seashells for horns on their heads.

"What the hell are those things," Lapin cried out, taking cover behind Corbeau.

"I really don't think they are friendly," Suzaku said as he began instinctively backing away.

"What gave you that idea?" Corbeau mocked.

"Sis, we should run, right?" Lapin asked, knowing the answer was obvious.

"Yes, we should," Corbeau answered before she and Lapin began running down the nearest hallway out of the chamber, followed by Suzaku.

The Witch's Familiars gave chase after the three, although they had a head start the group recognized the Familiars were catching up to them.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the labyrinth; Lelouch, Touka, Nunnally, and Kyubey were facing another group of Familiars, but unlike Suzaku, Corbeau, and Lapin their Magical Girl companion made short work of them.

Touka had manifested a dozen parasols that floated in the air around them, shooting any Familiars that dare approach them as they continued searching for Suzaku. Lelouch was impressed and yet was trying to grasp how Touka's abilities worked, although Lelouch was still trying to understand how his own short teleportation ability worked.

Those things are more akin to attack drones than parasols, Lelouch thought glancing at Touka, who seemed to have no trouble coordinating and directing her umbrellas without any gestures or spoken commands.

"Stay back," Touka warned as a swarm of Familiars began pouring out of one of the passageways towards them.

Thanks to the dozen parasols she has conjured, Touka was having little difficulty in keeping the Witch's Familiars held back while they were swiftly and systematically eliminated the charging Zabaii, but behind Lelouch and Nunnally, several of them were emerging from the ground. The pair were captivated by Touka's elimination of the Familiars; they didn't realize a group of them was about to attack them from behind.


Lelouch looked over his shoulder, and he saw the Familiars, but he and Lelouch didn't have time to evade.

Suddenly Yachiyo appeared, descending from above, but unlike her earlier appearance, her Magical Girl transformation had her wearing a blue dress with white armor trimmed with gold around her chest and shoulders wielding a halberd. Yachiyo swiftly beheaded one of the Familiars before a dozen copies of Yachiyo's halberd erupted from the ground forming a wall between the Familiars and the siblings. Lelouch and Nunnally stepped back as Yachiyo dealt with the Familiars, but was quickly joined by the rest of her friends who proceeded to slaughter them.

Yachiyo wasn't the only one because her attack was followed by a shower of tarot cards striking down a few Familiars, although at first glance, the cards seemed harmless they were as effective throwing knives as they cut into the familiars slaying them.

Mel had arrived on the scene wielding five tarot cards in each hand wearing a green dress with black leggings underneath. Accompanying her was Kanae wearing a black sleeveless leather turtleneck with long coat-tails and torn matching leather pants armed with a metallic smoking pipe.

A shower of tarot cards struck down a couple Familiars throw by Mel before Kanae joined the fray bashing the heads of the caterpillar-like creatures with her weapon. The caterpillar-like creatures changed tactics by launching parts of their own bodies at the group with Touka shooting them down while Kanae worked together with Yachiyo to deflect them using their own weapons. Lastly, Mifuyu joined Yachiyo wielding a large circular chakram using it skillfully as she decapitated the second group of Familiars.

Mifuyu wore a grey robe trimmed with white possessing no sleeves, but she wore separate bell-shaped sleeves attached to her forearms with thigh-high tights and integrated boots and a light grey shirt and skirt with a pink bow and long grey strips tied into her white hair.

Using her chakram, Mifuyu attacked any Familiars attempting to use their abilities to hurl parts of their own bodies as projectiles that had managed to keep her distance from Yachiyo and the others.

As all of this happened before him, Lelouch couldn't help but be in awe witnessing the powers these Magical Girls were demonstrating.

Is this kind of power Nunnally possess now, and me too?

As the Magical Girls around him continued to slaughter the Familiars by the dozens as they continued to pour into the large chamber, Lelouch began to contemplate the ramifications of what being a Magical Girl could mean for Nunnally.

And for him too since Lelouch was now in possession of magic.

As quickly as Yachiyo's group arrived, the Familiars were eventually wiped out. With no more coming to attack them, the group had a short reprieve. Mifuyu took a deep breath before turning to Touka, Lelouch, Nunnally, and Kyubey.

"Are you guys, alright?"

"We're fine, but what about Suzaku?" Nunnally asked.

"Suzaku," Mifuyu asked.

"He's our friend, and I am certain he got caught inside this maze," Lelouch answered.

"We haven't seen him," Kanae pointed out.

"Then we should find and eliminate the witch as soon as possible," Yachiyo suggested.

"Shouldn't we find him?" Nunnally asked distressed by Suzaku's likely situation if what was happening to them moments ago was anything to go by.

"It's risky to search for someone inside a Witch's Labyrinth," Kyubey warned. "The safest and most effective approach would be to find the witch and kill it. Then the labyrinth will vanish."

"Both options offer the same level of risk for Suzaku," Lelouch acknowledged, although he wanted to find Suzaku as much as Nunnally the time spent wandering around the labyrinth Lelouch could only guess the place was indeed a literal maze.

I don't like it, but it's our best option, Lelouch thought.

"I hate to say it, but we'll need to kill the witch. It will be our best chance to help Suzaku," Lelouch suggested.

"But Suzaku may not survive if we don't find him now," Nunnally argued.

"I know," Lelouch said in agreement, "but we may not find him fast enough is the problem, and this place from the time we have spent running around is a lot larger than it appears."

"You're both right," Touka pointed out.

"I agree with her," Yachiyo said, but whatever they planned to do, they had to act quickly.

"Yachiyo," Kanae began, "me and Mel will go one way to see if we can find Suzaku."

"Right," Mifuyu said, understanding what Kanae intended, "Yachiyo and I can take care of the witch. We might even run into Suzaku along the way."

"You guys think you can handle the witch without us?" Mel asked, worried for her friends. "My reading this morning, this suggests good fortune, but I am still worried."

"We'll be fine," Yachiyo offered confidently, "Mifuyu and I can handle it along with."

Recognizing Yachiyo was looking at her, Touka introduced herself, "I am Touka Sato."

"Right, we forgot to introduce ourselves," Mifuyu said with a light smile before introducing herself. "I am Mifuyu, and this is Yachiyo."

"I am Kanae, and this is Mel," Kanae said while Mel waved at Lelouch, Nunnally, and Touka.

"I am Lelouch, and this is my sister Nunnally," Lelouch offered in return.

"The rest will have to wait," Yachiyo said, "time isn't on our side, so let's move quickly and locate Suzaku or the Witch."

Speaking of Suzaku; no matter how many corners he, Corbeau, and Lapin turned to shake their pursuers, the Familiars were not too far behind, and after running around for what felt like an hour, the group was beginning to get tried.

"When did we end up in a horror movie?" Lapin asked before Corbeau picked up her sister when it was becoming clear she was too tired to keep running.

"Just focus on running!" Suzaku suggested.

"Good plan!" Corbeau said in agreement.

Still, the trio knew they couldn't outrun the Familiars forever, and it was only a matter of time before they would be too exhausted to run anymore.

Sadly the pair came across a dead end, and the Familiars were closing in; while at the same time spreading their ranks to ensure there was no escape.

"We're trapped," Lapin cried out, hugging Corbeau, but Suzaku grabbed one of the large shovels intending to use it as a weapon, although it was quite large for him to handle.

"Just stay behind me!" Suzaku demanded.

"You really think that is going to save us?" Corbeau offered well aware that Suzaku's chances of fighting off Familiars with such an oversize weapon he could barely hold up were slim.

"You save yourself," Kyubey offered as he appearing beside Corbeau and Lapin on their left. "Corbeau Tebelin, you have the potential to become a Magical Girl, a very powerful one at that. All you have to do is form a contract with me by making a wish for whatever you want."

"A what now?" Corbeau asked, confused.

"You mean like those girls in sailor outfits Minou reads and hides from dad," Lapin asked.

"Quite different," Kyubey answered, deciding to sidestep to avoid a pointless discussion about the Magical Girl genre. "But more importantly, you will gain superhuman abilities that will allow you to fight back."

"We aren't imagining you or anything like that?" Corbeau asked with a skeptical expression.

"No, I am quite real, but I do advise you should make your decision quickly. I don't like to rush prospective Magical Girls into a Contract with me, but I am afraid time isn't on your side." Kyubey explained before using one of his ears to point to Suzaku.

Despite his effort, Suzaku was being overwhelmed, but despite the staggering odds before him, the young man was managing to hold off the swarm of Familiars. The feat was impressive, but the Familiars were merely being inconvenienced at best by Suzaku's effort, and soon, he would be overwhelmed.

Corbeau only shook her head, "for someone claiming for not pushing people into making a contract with you, there is no mistake you picked a time to intervene."

"Would you prefer it if I didn't offer at all given your situation?"

Corbeau and Lapin merely glared at Kyubey.

"Regardless, are you interested?" Kyubey inquired.

Around the same time, Suzaku was putting up a valiant effort, but ultimately their numbers were overwhelming him, and it didn't help the caterpillars-like monsters were launching parts of their own bodies at him.

I can't fend them off, Suzaku thought as his defenses began to fail him, but suddenly a bright light shinned behind him, followed by the sound of someone in pain.

Fearing the creatures might've have gotten around him, Suzaku internally apologized, but seconds later, black projectiles akin to blades rained down upon the attacking Familiars. A dozen Zabaii laid dead, and soon, another barrage of black projectiles came down, which upon closer inspection of one stuck in the ground near him was a black feather.

"Huh," Suzaku said before Corbeau ran past him.

"You were willing to lay down your life for us despite what happened earlier, so let me repay the favor."

Suzaku watched in stunned silence as Corbeau was now dressed in a black cloak with white fur trim around the hood's edges while wearing a white long sleeve tunic-style top with a white gem embedded into it above her collar bone and white gloves. She wore black pants and matching boots with armor plates strapped around her thighs. Lastly, Corbeau wore a black mask with a pointed nose and white lenses that covered her eyes.

Corbeau punched the nearest Familiar, killing it before delivering a bone-breaking punch to the next one closest to her.

Suzaku stepped back instinctively, realizing he would just be in the way as Corbeau took on the horde of Familiars, and winning. Suzaku even realized Corbeau was the one using the black feathers as projectile weapons, which were being fired from her wing-like cape. He also couldn't keep track as to how fast those feathers were moving, but they were blurs to a casual observer. Even worrying was how Corbeau was having the time of her life despite the dangerous situation they were still in.

"Is she alright?" Suzaku asked as he backed away to stand next to Lapin.

"If it's about her laughing, don't worry about it," Lapin replied dismissively, "she has always been like that for as long as I can remember. Whenever she gets into a fight, and she enjoys it, then she starts laughing as a sign."

"Well ok, but it looks like she is really thinning out those things' numbers," Suzaku said, although he was skeptical, yet it seemed they would survive.

However, Suzaku was worried about what would happen once they were out of danger.

Yachiyo and Mifuyu took point while Touka, Nunnally, and Lelouch followed the pair while they made their way deeper into the labyrinth seeking the Witch or if they were lucky enough, they would find Suzaku.

The group had run into some Familiars along the way, but the numbers they encountered were few and quickly manageable, allowing the group to proceed mostly unhindered.

"We're getting close," Mifuyu commented, noticing her soul gem, which she wore around her neck on a choker, glowed briefly.

"So you use your soul gems to track the movements of a Witch," Lelouch asked, wishing to confirm his observation.

"That's right," Mifuyu answered.

"They are also the source of our magic, so we must take care to protect it," Touka added as a word of caution.

"I assume you know about Greif Seeds," Mifuyu asked, which Lelouch responded with a nod.

"How long ago did your sister make her wish?" Yachiyo inquired.

"Last night," Nunnally replied.

"I see," Yachiyo said, contemplating something before mentioning, "I suppose I can understand why Kyubey would ask us to come and help you."

"Kyubey usually doesn't do that for first time Magical Girls," Mifuyu pointed out.

"Not normally, although I will introduce a prospective candidate to a Magical Girl to help ease any reservations about making a contract with me," Kyubey said, reappearing walking alongside Nunnally and Lelouch.

Lelouch glared at the white creature with annoyance. "Where have you been?"

"I was seeking Corbeau, the girl with Suzaku, but you'll be pleased to know he'll be fine."

Nunnally was relieved that Suzaku was going to be okay, but something in the back of her mind left her concerned. "Uh, why were you seeking the girl who attacked us?"

"Because she has the potential to become a Magical Girl, and she accepted which saved Suzaku's life," Kyubey answered, prompting an instant response from Lelouch.

"You made a Magical Girl out of someone who was attacking us?!"

"Yes, but I doubt she'll attack you," Kyubey answered somewhat dismissively.

Mifuyu sighed, "You have been just making Magical Girl contracts with everyone it seems?"

"Of course, especially since once this war is over, you can expect a very sharp spike in the number of witches in Japan. Wars have always provided a place for witches to grow in number," Kyubey warned.

"How," Lelouch demanded, knowing there was little point to berate Kyubey for gaining a hostile girl magical abilities.

Although Lelouch feared that girl could become a threat once the witch was dealt with, and he didn't know for sure if Yachiyo and her friends were trustworthy.

"When a Familiar usually consumes seven or eight humans, they become a witch. After that, they create their own labyrinth, and then the process repeats," Yachiyo explained.

"I see," Lelouch said quickly, seeing how Witches could thrive during a war.

Probably thanks to all of the fighting Witches and their Familiars can move around unhindered, and if normal humans can't see them, then even wounded soldiers or trapped civilians would be easy prey for them. I am already picturing more than two dozen ways a Witch and their Familiars could feed on plenty of humans in a conflict if no one can see them, and they can draw in their victims into places like this, Lelouch deduced.

"We're here," Yachiyo said, holding out her arm.

"It's beyond this door," Mifuyu said before readying her weapon before Yachiyo stepped forward to open the door.

"You two stay here with Kyubey," Yachiyo instructed before turning to Touka, "and Miss Sato, could you protect them?"

"Of course," Touka replied with a polite bow. "However, I can create additional parasols to provide you two with fire support."

"That will be nice, and we can finish this a lot quicker," Mifuyu replied before turning to Yachiyo, who exchanged a nod with her before the pair leaped into the room beyond.

Touka stood at the doorway while Lelouch stepped closer to look over Touka's shoulder to peer inside the witch's chamber. Like the rest of the witch's dominion, it was a giant sandbox, but unlike the rest of the witch's labyrinth, there were apparent signs at attempts to build a sandcastle. However, it seemed each of them was destroyed one way or another, which made it easy for Lelouch to spot the witch.

That's what a witch looks like, Lelouch said as he felt a cold chill because it gave him a clear picture of what his sister was expected to fight.

The Sandbox Witch; Zenobia was at least six meters tall whose entire body seemed composed of mostly sand, yet there were different colors involved.

Overall the Witch of Sandboxes looked like a mockery of a little girl with long bushy orange hair composed of sand like the rest of her body. Her body was modeled after a black and white dress with long bell-shaped arms. She had a single yellow eye and a bucket on one side of her head with two colorful shovels stuck in the back of her head next to the bucket.

"Are witches that big," Lelouch muttered.

"Some of them are, but there are some much bigger than that and some much smaller, which is usually based on what kind of unique abilities a witch has. Every witch is different in many ways," Kyubey answered.

"And my sister is supposed to fight THAT," Lelouch said, finding it increasingly difficult to contain his anger.

"Yes," Kyubey replied without a second thought.

Before Lelouch could lash out in anger, Touka put a firm hand on his shoulder.

"Nothing good will come out of lashing out against Kyubey. Your sister made her wish, and there isn't anything you can do to change it."

"I know," Lelouch said as his hands tightened into fists.

"Brother," Nunnally said timidly, which caused some of Lelouch's anger to diminish since he couldn't be angry with his beloved little sister.

Meanwhile, Mifuyu and Yachiyo approached the witch as it was focused on building a sandcastle.

The castle it was creating was very well crafted, but suddenly it smashed its creation apart with its enormous arms before Mifuyu began attacking it by rushing it with Yachiyo moving to the side to flank it. The Witch became aware of them as it immediately took a swipe at Mifuyu using one of its giant arms to crush the fourteen-year-old Magical Girl. At the same time, Yachiyo was using her magic to create additional halberds she began using as steps to create a makeshift set of stairs so she could attack it from above and strike a vital point such as its neck.

Watching from above Lelouch noticed additional copies of Mifuyu appearing that she was leaving in her wake as she dodged Zenobia's attacks. With each miss, another Mifuyu appeared where she had been standing, which was confusing the witch, leaving it uncertain, which was the real one.

"Are those illusions or after images?"

"Mifuyu's magic allows her to create illusions, which are quite useful for distracting witches and familiars," Kyubey replied.

"I see, which allows for her friend to attack while it's distracted," Lelouch said recognizing what Yachiyo and Mifuyu had in mind.

"Don't assume it is ever that easy with a witch," Touka cautioned.

Suddenly Zenobia's hair began to grow in size before small tornadoes of sand began to erupt from it surging towards Mifuyu while tearing through some of her illusions. Yachiyo started her attack by conjuring additional halberds before hurling them at witch one by one to gets its attention before holding onto the last one of the seven she had created. It was a risky move, but the increase of the mass of the witch's hair made it impossible for her to strike at its neck without having it turn around first.

Yachiyo was close but was forced to deflect an attack from the witch when it spat sand at her.

Mifuyu was quick to move in to help cover Yachiyo's retreat, but at the same time she was seeking an opening to strike at the witch. She couldn't get close to its head or neck, but gathering strength she swung down and cut into one of the witch's arms before quickly retreating. If Mifuyu hadn't backed off as quickly as she did when Zenobia's retaliatory strike could've sent her flying across the chamber. Zenobia was about to strike back with more miniature tornados of sand conjured from her hair when Touka's parasols intervened, shooting them to give Mifuyu and Yachiyo a chance to pull back.

The timely distraction allowed Yachiyo to close the distance after moving towards the distracted witch as it focused on dealing with Touka's parasols trying to destroy them.

Creating over a dozen halberds, Yachiyo launched them all at Zenobia landing seven halberds onto the witch's arm and torso, but none of her hits didn't seem to inflict any significant damage. Touka's attacks were helping to keep the witch from focusing its attention on Yachiyo or Mifuyu, but the battle was a slate mate so far.

"Neo Genesis," Touka muttered as she had a dozen of her parasols began focusing their means into one much stronger and more powerful beam while another group of them was distracting the witch.

The combined beam struck the witch in the chest, knocking it back leaving it open for attack by Yachiyo and Mifuyu. Even though the witch was recovering surprisingly quickly by drawing upon the sand surrounding it to heal its injuries. However Yachiyo was much quicker and began assaulting the witch with additionally created halberds to attack the witch by aiming for its head. Zenobia quickly used one of its arms to shield its head from attack allowing it to dampen Yachiyo's attack.

Mifuyu delivered a blow to its head in between the bucket and shovels on top of its head, trying to split its head into two.

The witch released a scream, but it began thrashing about wildly trying to remove Mifuyu and her weapon from its head. Yachiyo tried to get close to strike at its neck, but the witch was tossing itself about too much for her to get close without being knocked away like a rag doll.


Corbeau made her presence known by descending from above, having entered the chamber through another way in, before unleashing a volley of black feathers against the witch. One of them struck it in its eye causing it to whiter in pain. Mifuyu had pulled back ready for another strike, but Corbeau descended upon the witch before delivering a solid punch to the top of its head.

Laughing like a madwoman, Corbeau grabbed one of the shovels decorating Zenobia's head to use as a makeshift weapon to attack the witch.

Seizing the chance, Yachiyo rushed to slash the witch's exposed neck, thanks to Corbeau and Mifuyu's efforts creating an opening. With one mighty swing Yachiyo beheaded the witch successfully killing it before its body began to disintegrate into sand soon followed by its labyrinth beginning to fade away like some kind of mirage.

"Does that mean we won?" Lelouch asked, knowing the answer was obvious, but he wanted to be sure.

"Yes, the witch has been slain," Kyubey replied.

"Now it's a matter of who gets the grief seed?" Touka pointed out.

"Can't we all share it?" Nunnally asked.

"No," Touka replied bluntly, "a grief seed is good for usually one or three usages; otherwise there is the risk of the witch reviving from it."

"I don't need it, so that won't be a problem," Lelouch noted.

"Yes, but there are six Magical Girls to consider," Touka added as the witch's labyrinth finished vanishing.

The group was back in the forest where they had been when they were all drawn into the witch's barrier.

"Not only that, we now have the problem of that girl who attacked Suzaku," Lelouch added knowing the two who attacked them could be a problem.

A short distance away from Touka, Lelouch, Nunnally and Kyubey were standing was Lapin and Suzaku, who approached Corbeau while Yachiyo picked up the grief seed while Mifuyu cautiously kept an eye on Corbeau.

"Now that was an enjoyable experience, but most of all, I love this new power," Corbeau said as she began marveling at her new appearance.

"So who are you?" Yachiyo asked.

"I am Corbeau, but who are you?"

"This could end badly," Lelouch said, having a bad feeling about this.

"Brother maybe you could copy Touka's magic. Could that help you if," Nunnally began before adding, "Things end badly?"

"I can copy magic?" Lelouch asked, completely unaware of this.

"When Nunnally made her wish, you didn't only gain the ability to use magic, but you could copy the magic from others by touching their soul gems," Kyubey explained. "Granting you the ability to use their magic."

Touka seemed skeptical, but she recognized the advantage that could present.

"That could give you an edge, and a means to surprise them should they prove hostile," Touka said before pulling a red gem attached to her bowtie. Once it was in her hand, the gemstone transformed into a red soul gem identical to Nunnally's, but instead of a flower on top, it bore a parasol. "Here, touch it."

Lelouch was hesitant at first, but a thought came to mind.

She accepted that idea a little too quickly, Lelouch remarked internally, feeling skeptical of Touka's intentions.

However, Lelouch relented and touched her soul gem, placing two fingers atop of it before he felt a sensation that began from his fingers before spreading through the rest of his body. It wasn't painful, but rather a feeling of renewal that was pleasant. Lelouch felt stronger alongside these feelings of renewal, although he knew it wasn't in a physical sense, yet he knew it was related to his magic.

Withdrawing his hand while looking at it, Lelouch looked to Touka, who nodded. Lelouch closed his eyes and began to focus, although he had never done it before Lelouch tried to envision Touka's parasols. Lelouch wanted to attempt using Touka's magic by picturing it in his mind's eye if Lelouch could manifest them that way. Within moments Lelouch was successful, but he only summoned one black parasol.

"Interesting," Touka commented, "but it seems you lack my experience, so the number of parasols you can create will be limited until you have more experience and a better understanding of how magic works. However, to create one without any experience speaks well of your potential."

Lelouch studied Touka's expression taking note of her lack of surprise at Lelouch's ability.

Her lack of surprise bothers me, but not only that, something just feels off. It's almost like she knew about my ability beforehand even before I did, Lelouch thought.

Touka's sudden appearance and offer to help might've been one thing for a Magical Girl hunting Witches since humans are their usual victims. However, given how easily she agreed to help them and how usually willing she was to let Lelouch copy her magic with her he wondered if Touka had some ulterior motive. Lelouch didn't think she was out to harm them, because why share her own magic with him by allowing him to copy it?

Still, Lelouch couldn't help, but to keep wondering if she had another motive for helping them?

"Do you need a grief seed Touka?" Nunnally asked kindly.

"No," Touka answered. "My magic allows me to convert stagnant energy in the environment into magic, which I use instead of magic from my Soul Gem. So no matter how many times I use my magic my Soul Gem never needs a Greif Seed to purify it. Now I suspect your brother will passively possess that same ability allowing him to easily replenish his magical energy."

"Wow that's helpful, but what should we do about that?" Nunnally asked.

After an introduction, Corbeau was clearly making Yachiyo and her friends uneasy given how eager she was to fight and clearly enjoyed a good fight. That was also taking into account Corbeau's earlier actions before they were pulled into the Witch's labyrinth, but now Corbeau had become a Magical Girl, so it was a question if she was an enemy or an ally.

Lelouch was almost sure it was likely the former.

"So, what are you two going to do now?" Suzaku asked as Lapin rejoined her sister while keeping his distance.

"That's a good question," Corbeau replied with a grin, "I feel like I could take on an army."

"Now, let's not get hostile here," Kanae pointed.

"Yeah, we are all Magical Girls here, and fighting each other is more counterproductive," Mel added.

"I don't know, but," Corbeau began until Lelouch got involved.

"Don't even try anything," Lelouch snapped angrily, leveling his manifested parasol at Corbeau. "If you so much as make me think you'll move I'll fire."

"Lelouch," Suzaku said, trying to discourage him from doing anything rash, but a hand gesture from Lelouch silenced him.

"You and your sister attacked us earlier, so how can I be sure you won't try anything," Lelouch demanded.

Corbeau merely laughed off Lelouch's threat.

"You got guts, kid," Corbeau replied, "but can you pull the trigger?"

"I'll do whatever it takes to protect my sister!"

"Well said," Corbeau replied raising her hands up before transforming back into her original appearance, "I like it and that look in your eyes. Those eyes say I'll kill for the sake of my sister, so alright I call a truce between us."

-She probably said that because she wasn't sure if she could take on all of us.-

Mifuyu commented to Yachiyo through a telepathic conversation between them, although she received no response from Yachiyo, who continued to cautiously observe the situation.

"So Kyubey," Mel asked approaching the small creature, "why did you lead us to these guys?"

"Someone made a wish to ensure Lelouch and Nunnally would survive the war and be in good hands afterward, which was part of a contract I was fulfilling," Kyubey replied.

"Now what do we do about them, we got one grief seed," Kanae asked.

"We have those we have stockpiled on before the war," Mel added.

Kanae nodded, "true, but will they last us?"

"Touka doesn't need Grief Seeds to replenish her magic thanks to its unique nature, so it's a question of Nunnally and Corbeau, I suppose," Kyubey pointed out.

Despite Corbeau's offer for a cease-fire between them, Lelouch wasn't convinced.

"I don't trust you'll keep your word," Lelouch said as he kept the parasol pointed at Corbeau.

Corbeau sighed while shrugging her shoulders, "I suppose not, but I don't exactly have anything I can offer you to show my sincerity."

"Maybe let my brother copy your magic," Nunnally suggested.

"What?!" Lelouch and Corbeau said together at the same time.

"What else is there?" Nunnally added since she and everyone else knew there wasn't anything else Corbeau could offer as proof she meant no further harm.

"If it gets your brother to lower that umbrella of his then ok," Corbeau said before offering her Soul Gem to Lelouch to allow him to copy her magic as an offering to end hostilities between them.

Lelouch was clearly reluctant about accepting the other, but he knew he couldn't keep a magical parasol pointed at Corbeau forever.

Reluctantly, Lelouch began to reach out for the Soul Gem to touch it while Corbeau held it out in the palm of her head. It was just like Nunnally's soul gem save for the top of the jewel had a crow figure on it, and the gem itself was silver. Another difference was that unlike Touka's Soul Gem Corbeau's gem was slightly cloudy, which was a sign of usage, but when Lelouch touched it, Corbeau's Soul Gem was purified causing it to glow brightly.

"Did he just purify that Soul Gem by touching it?" Mifuyu said, shocked by what she had just witnessed.

"I see," Kyubey began, "it's an indirect by-product of his ability to copy magic, or it could be a result of Touka's ability to convert stagnant energy into magical energy. Lelouch likely absorbed the impurities of Corbeau's Soul Gem and converted it into magical energy he can use."

"Well that solves an issue for us," Mel replied before smiling brightly, "I CALL THIS GOOD FORTUNE!"

Lelouch withdrew his hand before looking to Mifuyu and Yachiyo with a confused expression upon his face.

"Her magic allows her to make very accurate predictions with her tarot cards," Mifuyu explained.

"Uh," Suzaku began, "would someone mind telling me what is going on, and what just happened back there?"

Suzaku had an idea of what had happened, but seeing monsters and girls wielding magic on top of Nunnally suddenly able to walk was a lot for Suzaku to process. Lelouch couldn't blame him at all, considering everything that has happened in one day alone.

Lelouch took a deep breath, "well Suzaku, this isn't going to be easy to explain. Even I am still having a hard time with some things."

The former prince cast another glare at Kyubey; although they defeated the witch, Lelouch was fearful for Nunnally's life knowing she would have to face such monsters.

What I am going to do? Lelouch thought internally.


Now Suzaku needs to be brought up to speed by Lelouch, but this is just the start now as Lelouch needs to grapple with the truth his sister has been condemned to a fate of fighting Witches, and there is much more than what Lelouch isn't even aware of yet.

It's only the tip of the iceberg, and it's a question of how he'll take the full truth of the Magical Girl system when he finds out the details.

For now they still got almost a whole month left to survive until the war ends.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the chapter, and any feedback and reviews are very much appreciated.