Jutsu Rank: Unclassified (U)-S-A-B-C-D

Note: NOT everything is listed in here. I decided to place this up just for a rough summary at the end. And just for fun.

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Ninja: Izaya Karasuma 188cm
Birthdate: December 3rd

Wife: Hanabi Hyuga 170cm
Birthdate: March 27th

Konoha Position: 6th Hokage

-Height: 188cm
-Hair: Snow White two-block hairstyle
-Light Pale Skin

Outfit Hokage: White long sleeved Haori with red flame patterns on the border and red falling leaves printed on the Haori. Red pants and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows with the shirt only being buttoned to the chest area. He wears a necklace with the letter H on it and the Hokage's hat strapped behind his back. Muramasa is sheathed on his left waist with a black leaf forehead protector tied to it.

-Konoha's White Flash
-The Blind Warrior
-The Lone Ninja
-God of Shinobi
-6th Hokage

Ninja Type: Sensory

Dojutsu: Both Eyes
-Mangekyo Sharingan: Black hole swirl in the center with 6 tomoe on the outside
-Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan: Black hole swirl in the center, four long straight marks like x in center, 6 tomoe on outside of eye.

-Right Eye: Amaterasu: (Heavenly Illumination) Inextinguishable black flames.
-Left Eye: Kuninotokotachi: (One of two gods born from the chaotic Earth like a reed arisen from the soil) The power to distort objects size. The fundamental power and density does not change, but increased size increases range of influence, decreased size increases ability to pierce and puncture.
-Both Eyes: Black Susanoo: (Tempestuous God of Valor)
-Yasaka Magatama Beads
-Perfect Susanoo

-Rinnegan: Completely black with red circle patterns and 6 red tomoe. 3 on the inner ring, 3 on the second inner ring.

-Right Eye: Kannagara no Michi: Known as The Way of the Divine Transmitted Through Time Immemorial. This ability lets you freeze time within 5 meters of yourself for 3 seconds. There is a 30 second interval before this ability can be used again.
-Left Eye: Unknown

Ninja Tools/Weapons:
-Flying Thunder God Kunai
-Masamune: A deep blue blade with a black colored tint. Appears with Susanoo. Every strike can cut as far as you can see. Attack phases through allies. It's attack power is only equal to that of a regular Susanoo blade, but it can repel and deflect any attack using the flat edge of the blade.
-Muramasa: A deep purple blade with a violet hilt and black diamond patterns. A blade with terrifying attack power. It remains sealed in its sheath. When the blade is drawn it releases a powerful sinister aura that can affect those in the area causing them to see and feel horrifying illusions with the possibility to crush the mind and spirit of those who are weak.

1) Rashomon, Triple Rashomon, Quintuple Rashomon
2) Crows
3) Six special crows with Rinnegan eyes through Animal Path

Sage Mode: 4 Divine Symbols Sage Mode

Kekkei Genkai: Wood Style
-Wood Style: Silent Strangle Jutsu [Snake]
-Wood Clone [Clone Sign]
-Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence [Tiger, Snake]
-Wood Style: Advent World of Flowering Trees [Snake]
-Wood Style: Great Forest Technique [Tiger, Horse, tiger, Snake]
-Wood Style: Wood Dome Jutsu [Rat, Dog, Tiger]
-Wood Style: Killing Spear Jutsu [Dragon, Bird, Snake]
-Wood Style: Wood Snake Jutsu [Snake]
-Wood Style: Wood Dragon [Snake, Ram, Hare, Dog, Snake]
-Hokage Style Elder Jutsu

Original Jutsu:
-Taiyougan/Sun Sphere (S): Creates a powerful bright golden sphere of chakra like a miniature sun containing Fire, Water, Wind, and Lightning nature.
-Taiyougan/Sun Sphere Beam (S): Condenses Sun Sphere even smaller and shoots out in a laser focused beam.
-Fire Element Seal Punishing Array Jutsu (A) [Dragon]: 5 special kunai marked with fire element seal in circle, bombards opp when inside.
-Lightning Element Seal Punishing Array Jutsu (A) [Tiger]: 5 special kunai marked with specific element seal in circle, bombards opp when inside.

Misc Jutsu:
-Rasengan (A)
-Shadow Clone Explosion Jutsu (A)
-Shadow Clone (B)
-Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu (C) [Ox, Dog, Dragon, Rat, Dog, Boar, Snake, Tiger]
-Kunai Shadow Clone Jutsu (C) [Ox, Dog, Dragon, Rat, Dog, Boar, Snake, Tiger]

Space-Time Jutsu:
-Flying Thunder God Jutsu (S)
-Flying Thunder God Jutsu Guiding Thunder (S) [Snake, Horse, Rat, Ram]
-Flying Thunder God Jutsu Gate Crossing (S) [Horse, Ox, Rat, Bird, Hare, Ram]: Creates a link to any Flying Thunder God markers that are placed in a different dimension.

-Eight Trigrams Sealing Jutsu (U)

-Four Fiend Symbols Seal (S) [Dog, Ox, Boar, Tiger, Ox, Boar, Tiger, Dog, Boar, Tiger, Ox, Dog, Tiger, Dog, Ox, Boar, Clap Hands]: Used to seal and suppress incredibly powerful souls, spirits, or chakras.
-Four Divine Symbols Seal (S) [Snake, Bird, Dragon, Tiger, Bird Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Bird, Tiger, Snake, Bird, Dragon, Clap Hands]: Used to seal incredibly powerful spirit or chakra to smoothly fuse it with one's own to better utilize its power.

-One-Way Heavenly Concealment Visual Jutsu (B)
-Seal Severing Disruption Jutsu (B) [Snake, Rat, Snake, Dog, Clap]
-Reverse Lock Unsealing Jutsu (B) [Rat, Ox, Horse, Bird, Dragon, Tiger, Boar, Dog, Snake, Hare, Ram]
-Five Seal Barrier Jutsu (C)
-Sealing Jutsu Minor Evil Suppression Seal (C) [Hare, Snake, Horse, Ram, Bird, Dog, Rat]
-One-Way Concealing Visual Jutsu (D)

-Demonic Illusion Bewildering Jutsu (B) [Bird, Boar, Ox, Rat, Dog, Snake]
-Demonic Illusion False Surroundings Jutsu (C)
-Demonic Illusion Hell Viewing Jutsu (D)

Elemental Nature: Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water, Wind, Yin and Yang

Fire Jutsu:
-Fire Style: Flame Bullet (C) [Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, and Tiger]
-Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame Jutsu (B) [Horse]
-Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu (C) [Snake, Dragon, Hare, Tiger]

Earth Jutsu:
-Earth Style: Bottomless Swamp Jutsu (U)
-Earth Style: Earth Wall Jutsu (B) [Tiger, Hare, Boar, and Dog]
-Earth Style: HeadHunter Jutsu (C)

Lightning Jutsu:
-Lightning Style: Thunderbolt Jutsu (U) [Tiger, Snake, Tiger, Bird, Tiger, Ram]
-Chidori (A) [Ox, Hare, Monkey]

Water Jutsu:
-Water Style: Water Shockwave Jutsu (U) [Clap Hands]

Taijutsu Wushu Style Southern Movement
-Dancing Dragon
-Vicious Viper
-Taming Tiger

Ninja: Haku Yuki 179cm
Birthdate: January 9th

Wife: Akane Uzumaki 167cm
Birthdate: February 17th

-Height: 179cm
-Hair: Long black hair that flows down to the middle of his back tied in a low ponytail style. Two long bangs on the sides of his face.
-Fair Skinned

Outfit: Hooded navy blue cloak with snowwhite fur on the borders with the length reaching just pass his knees. White snowflake images printed on the back of the cloak. Unbuttoned navy blue coat with the sleeves just reaching his elbows and navy blue arm braces. Snowwhite shirt underneath and navy blue pants with the same color greaves. One ninja tool pack on right hip and another on his left. Leaf headband is worn on his forehead.

-Silent Killer Haku
-Frost Needle Haku
-Thousand Needles Haku
-Haku of the Ice Style
-Ocean Sage Haku

Ninja Tools/Weapons:
-Senbon Needles

Summons: Ryuga-Jo Palace:
1) Isonade (A giant shark sea monster)
2) Namazu (A giant 25m tall 40m long catfish)
3) Koromodako (A palm size octopus that can grow to 80m in size)

Sage Mode: Ocean Sage Mode, Heavenly Ocean Sage Mode

Kekkei Genkai: Ice Style
-Ice Style: Shattering Ice Spear Jutsu [Hand touch ground]
-Ice Style: Ice Barrier Dome Jutsu [Palms out in front]
-Ice Style: Crystal Ice Mirrors Jutsu [Confrontation hand sign]
-Ice Style: Ice Prison Jutsu
-Ice Style: Ice Dragon Jutsu
-Ice Style: Crystal Wall Jutsu [Tiger]
-Ice Style: Frozen Fist Jutsu
-Ice Style: Swallow Snow Storm Jutsu [Tiger]
-Ice Style: Ten Thousand Ice Petals Jutsu [Tiger]
-Ice Style: Freezing Mist Jutsu [Bird, Snake, Ram]
-Ice Style: Mirror Array Clone Jutsu [Snake, Dragon, Hare, Bird]
-Ice Style: Freezing Liquid Jutsu [Ram] (Turns ice/liquid into liquid nitrogen)

Elements: Water, Wind, Yin

Water Jutsu:
-Hidden Mist Jutsu (U) [Ox, Snake, Ram]
-Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu (U) [Tiger, Ox, Tiger, Rat]
-Water Style: Turtle Water Jutsu (U) [Dragon, Snake, Bird, Ox, Hare, and Snake]
-Secret Technique: Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death (B)
-Water Style: Water Wall Jutsu (B) [Tiger, Snake, Rat, Snake, Tiger]

-Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu (B) [Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, Horse, Bird, Rat, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Ox, Ram, Snake, Boar, Ram, Rat, Dragon, and Monkey, Bird, Dragon, Bird, Ox, Horse, Ram, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Boar, Dragon, Ram, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Dragon, Rat, Boar, Bird]

-Water Style: Gunshot Jutsu (C)
-Water Style: Water Clone (C)
-Water Style: Syrup Trap (C) [Ram, Tiger]
-Water Style: Raging Waves (C) [Dragon, Tiger, Hare]

Wind Jutsu:
-Wind Style: Passing Typhoon Jutsu (U) [Hand Clap]
-Wind Style: Gale Force Jutsu (B) [Bird, Horse, Ram, Bird]
-Wind Style: Air Cannon Jutsu (B) [Tiger, Bird, Boar, Rat, Clap]
-Wind Style: Severing Blade Jutsu (C)

Medical Ninjutsu:
-Chakra Scalpel

Ninja: Kimimaro Kaguya 195cm
Birthdate: June 15th

Wife: Kurotsuchi 164cm
Birthdate: September 6th

-Height: 195cm
-Hair: Long white hair that flows down to his waist. A long bang neatly tied on the right side of his face.
-Fair Skinned

Outfit: A light purple hakama with a ripped and torn texture around the bottom. An open chested white haori with purple flower patterns and a purple rope tying it in place by his waist. Three sharp bones hang on the front right side and the front left side of the rope. His Leaf headband is hung on the left side of the rope.

-Bone Demon Kimimaro
-Konoha's Pale Beast

Sage Mode: Nine Dragons Sage Mode
-Completed through Nine Dragons Breathing Technique

Kekkei Genkai: Dead Bone Pulse
-Dance of Camelia: Creates a bone sword.
-Dance of the Honey Locust Spear: Long bone spear flies out from body.
-Dance of the Seedling Fern: Thousands of bones protrude from the ground.
-Dance of the Willow Vine: Long flexible bone protrusions shoot from hand to ensnare targets.
-Dance of the Weeding Cage [Monkey, Snake]: Make bones hard but flexible and entangle target in vine like bones.

-Skeletal Wall Frame Jutsu [Ox, Boar, Ram]: Infuses bone calcium outwards and creates a wall of bones.
-Skeletal Cage Death Trap [Snake, Ox, Rat, Monkey, Tiger]: Traps target in a cage on all five sides that slowly closes in on itself and crushes them to death.
-Boneyard Grave [Snake, Ram, Dog, Hands to the ground]: Creates thousands of large bone protrusions and skeletons that erupt from the ground to capture, ensnare, and disrupt the battlefield.

Kekkei Mora: All Killing Ash Bones
-Thousand Spears of Death

Elements: Earth, Yang

Earth Jutsu:
-Earth Style: Bottomless Swamp (U)
-Earth Style: Mobile Core Jutsu (U)
-Earth Style: Mud Wall Jutsu (B)
-Earth Style: Earthquake Slam (C)

-Eight Inner Gates Released Formation
-First Gate of Opening
-Second Gate of Healing
-Third Gate of Life

Wushu Style Eight Extreme Fists
-8th Fist of Moving
-7th Fist of Splitting
-6th Fist of Elevation
-5th Fist of Striking
-4th Fist of Swaying
-3rd Fist of Entanglement
-2nd Fist of Spinning
-1st Fist of Destruction

Wushu Style Hua Fists of Striking
-18 Forms Primary Strike: Opens up targets defense and weakens their physical strength.
-18 Forms Secondary Strike: Strikes to expel targets chakra.
-12 Forms Moving Road: Maximizes damage to target.

Wushu Style Southern Movement
-Vicious Viper
-Floundering Fish

Wushu Style Three Sovereign Hands
-1st Hand Suiren: A powerful taijutsu technique used to pierce and drill through target.

Nine Dragons Breathing Technique
-Take nine deep breaths. Each breath takes in the surrounding natural energy and converts it into compatible chakra which can quickly restore stamina and numb pain allowing for continuous battle. The more breaths the more natural energies baptize the cells, muscles, bones, and tissues of the body eventually leading to a perfect Sage Mode specifically enhancing all Taijutsu. The Nine Dragons Sage Mode.

Shaolin Style Six Kicks of Fury

Ninja: Hanabi Hyuga 170cm
Birthdate: March 27th

Husband: Izaya Karasuma 188cm
Birthdate: December 3rd

-Height: 170cm
-Hair: Long dark brown hair that flows to the middle of her back tied in a low ponytail. Two long bangs hang down on either side of her face.
-Fair Skinned

Dojutsu: Byakugan

Hyuga Taijutsu:
-Eight Trigrams 16 Palms, 32 Palms, 64 Palms, 128 Palms
-Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
-Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven

Elements: Lightning, Fire

Lightning Jutsu:
-Lightning Style: Falling Thunder (B) [Boar, Dog, Dragon, Tiger]

Fire Jutsu:
-Fire Style: Art of the Dragon Flame Jutsu (B) [Tiger]

Ninja: Sasuke Uchiha 182cm
Birthdate: July 23rd

Wife: Sakura Haruno 165cm
Birthdate: March 28th

-Demon Eyed Sasuke
-Sasuke of the Sharingan
-The Dark Fire Shinobi
-Child of Prophecy

Ninja: Naruto Uzumaki 180cm
Birthdate: October 10th

Wife: Hinata Hyuga 163cm
Birthdate: December 27th

-Hero of the Leaf
-Child of Prophecy
-Demon Fox Shinobi
-Orange Hokage