Kira Benson wasn't new to babysitting. She had started when she was thirteen, looking after the small twins that lived next-door to her. Of course, Zoe should have been the one to do it, she was two years older, but Zoe had always been a pushover. She'd let the boys run riot and they all knew it. However, looking after the twins for a few hours at the weekend really hadn't prepared Kira for her new job of babysitting the Antichrist. Not that she was complaining. After three years of torture in hell, she was just happy to be upside. Combined with her new demonic powers, and a newfound purpose, things were actually looking up for perhaps the first time in Kira's life. Now all she had to do was stop Michael Langdon from getting himself killed. That was the deal she had taken to get out of hell. To say she was surprised when a nun had appeared in her cell was an understatement. The nun had blonde hair and an almost angelic glow to her. For a moment she even considered the fact the woman could be an angel, ready to open her wings and pull her out of hell. Once she heard the nun speak Kira thought differently. The creature spoke disjointedly, as Kira could hear a mixture of female and male voices from its lips. She didn't understand much of what the nun was saying until the words 'this could be your ticket out of hell, sweetheart' were uttered from her mouth. All Kira had to do was protect a man. A very special man.

Michael hadn't been what she was expecting. Despite looking to be in his early twenties, he had only been alive for four years. This made him more naïve and trusting than Kira would have liked. Ms Mead, on the other hand, was the opposite. She didn't trust Kira one inch when they first met. That was until Michael informed her that Kira could talk to his father. Kira was able to tell her about things that no one else could possibly know, things that Ms Mead had only ever prayed to Satan about. It wasn't as if she had a direct line to the man downstairs, but the Devil would whisper to her on occasion, a constant reminder that one wrong move and she could end up back in hell.

A soft kick to her leg brought her out of her thoughts, as she looked to her side to see Michael with his hands clasped together and Ms Mead looking to her expectantly. She followed the older woman's lead, nodding in parts of the prayer where she thought it was necessary. Kira couldn't help but think it was stupid to pray to the Devil. They weren't interested in the silly praises their followers could give, but instead the dirty deeds they could do to show their devotion. Kira turned her gaze back to Michael, contemplating on how even though she had only known him for a few months, she could already see a change in him. Physically he had gone from looking in his late teens to early twenties in that short amount of time, but there was also darkness growing stronger within him. It was strange watching someone fight between good and evil inside themselves. Kira honestly wasn't sure which side she wanted to win.

"No, I killed my first three husbands" Ms Mead announced with glee, as Kira was brought back to the conversation.

"First three? How many times have you been married then?" Kira inquired, with an eyebrow raised.

"More times than you have fingers" Ms Mead grinned.

"What about your last husband, what went wrong there?" Kira queried, taking a bite of her food.

"He didn't...satisfy me" Ms Mead shrugged.

"Oh, not very pleasing below the belt then" Kira teased, nudging the older woman.

"Your a bad should pay attention, Michael" Ms Mead chuckled to herself, as Michael gave her an amused smile.

"Good hell, would you look at the time! You two need to make your way over to the Academy" Ms Mead announced, as Kira sighed.

"C'mon blondie, you can take that to go" Kira insisted, as Michael began shovelling the food into his mouth faster.

Grabbing a piece of toast from her plate, she shoved it in his mouth and began to drag Michael from his chair. With her arm wrapped around his own, she pulled him towards the front door, as he said his goodbyes to Ms Mead.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Kira asked as she dropped into the driver seat.

"Ms Mead said we need to observe the witches so that I can fit it-" Michael began, but she cut him off by beeping the car horn.

"Dude, you're the literal Antichrist! What's a little rebellion once in a while?" Kira explained as she pulled out of the driveway.

"But if it helps me destroy the coven then, shouldn't I stay on task?" Michael frowned.

"Taking a day off won't hurt. C'mon, what did you do for fun before I turned up?" Kira questioned.

"I killed the neighbour's cat" Michael shrugged.

"Okay...let's not do that" Kira grimaced.

"Well, what did you like to do when you were my age?" Michael inquired.

"When I was four? I liked to tear the heads off my sister's dolls" Kira replied, opening the window as her brunette hair flew in the wind.

"Maybe that's what I should do" Michael suggested.

"Rip heads off dolls or people?" Kira tried to clarify, turning to him.

"Whichever one I find first" Michael smirked, as she scoffed in disbelief.

Sometimes she couldn't tell when Michael was joking and when he was deadly serious.

"C'mon, there must be something you want to do" Kira insisted, as Michael turned to her with a grin.

"I want to drive" Michael announced, excitedly.

"Okay...God help me...well Satan I suppose in this case" Kira sighed, as she pulled over.

"Now be careful, okay? If you crash this car you could get hurt which means my ass is grass so...yeah, just don't crash" Kira explained, as she got out of the car and changed seats.

"I promise" Michael smirked, taking off the hand-break and instantly accelerating.

"Woah, woah. Slow down!" Kira cried as he began to swerve between vehicles.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I've been training!" Michael exclaimed, picking up speed.

"Where?" Kira frowned.

"X-box" Michael shrugged.

"We're totally going to die" Kira grimaced, holding on tightly to her seat.

Suddenly a car pulled out in front of them, as Michael slammed down on the breaks but wasn't quick enough. Kira scrunched her eyes shut on impact, as she and Michael lurched forward. The moment her eyes reopened she was looking to Michael, checking him over for injuries.

"Hey, are you okay?" She questioned, touching his face lightly, her thumb resting against his cheek.

"I'm...I'm great" Michael grinned, as Kira held his face just a moment longer than needed.

"You are one crazy son of a bitch" Kira shook her head, fondly.

They both whipped their heads to the side when an angry-looking man began banging on the driver's door. Kira cringed when she realised it was the driver of the car they crashed into.

"Get out here right now, you little shit!" The man yelled at Michael, who gave him a dark look.

"Hey! Back off" Kira warned, as she jumped out of the passenger's side.

"Look at my car! Has he even passed his test?" The older man shouted at her.

"You're the one who pulled out in front of us" Kira scoffed, crossing her arms.

"I'm sorry should you even be out of school, kid?" The man retorted as Michael jumped out of the car.

"Don't talk to her like that" Michael announced, coming to stand beside her.

"And what exactly are you gonna do about it?" The man mocked, as Michael took a step forward.

"Don't worry, I've got this" Kira insisted, grabbing his arm.

"Really? How you gonna do that, bitch? Or do you need your man to-" He started, but Kira cut him off by grabbing his head and slamming it into the vehicle.

"You were saying, bitch?" Kira retorted as he fell to the ground.

"That was awesome!" Michael exclaimed, gleefully.

Kira rolled her eyes and kneeled down beside the unconscious man, who now had a large gash on his forehead. She felt for his pulse and was relieved when it was there. At least she hadn't broken his neck. With her new demonic powers, she found she had a deadly amount of strength now.

"I'll kill him" Michael announced, as he kneeled down beside her, hands reaching out.

"No!" Kira exclaimed, surprising him and herself.

She was helping the Antichrist to destroy the world so why did she still feel guilty about killing a stranger? An asshole, nonetheless.

"...Why don't you use this as part of your training instead?" Kira suggested.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked, not moving from his crouched position beside her.

"Memory manipulation. That's what Cordelia was teaching her girls last week, right?" Kira went on.

"I...I don't know. I haven't tried many spells yet" Michael stated.

"C'mon, give it a try. You have Godlike powers, Michael. It's just a spell" Kira insisted, taking his hand and placing it over the man's head.

Michael looked at her with a strange expression for a few seconds, as he seemed caught off guard by her words of encouragement. He took a deep breath and began to mumble in Latin, over and over again until the man's eyes suddenly snapped open. He looked at the pair hovering over him with confusion, as he touched the blood on his forehead.

"What...what's happening?" He inquired.

"You drove into us, that's what happened" Kira announced, as the man sat upright.

"I did?" He frowned, looking around his surroundings, as Kira realised Michael's spell had worked.

"Hell yes!" Kira exclaimed, holding out her hand for Michael to high five.

Michael frowned at this action, not understanding what she wanted him to do. Instead, he placed his palm against hers and interlocked their fingers, making Kira shake her head fondly. She didn't pull her hand away for a moment, as she realised it was the first person who had actually touched her with care since she died. Kira decided her life was seriously screwed up.

"Remember not a word to Ms Mead" Kira announced, as they walked up the driveway.

"What if she asks why we have a new car?" Michael inquired.

"Yes, Kira. What if she asks why you have a new car?" Ms Mead's distinctive voice questioned, as the pair grimaced when they saw the older woman standing on the porch.

"Then we'll tell you the truth which is..." Kira trailed off, looking to Michael for help.

"We thought you deserved a better car?" Michael suggested as Ms Mead wandered over to the larger car.

"Exactly!" Kira nodded, clicking her fingers.

"A better-hotwired car?" Ms Mead retorted, indicating to the wires that had been exposed underneath the dashboard.

"Michael learnt a new spell...isn't that great?" Kira said, with a nervous smile.

"Go inside, Michael. Kira and I need to talk" Ms Mead announced, as Michael reluctantly began to walk away.

"Thanks for today, Kira. I had fun" Michael grinned, turning back to her for a moment.

"Look, before you start. No one was hurt. Well, no one we knew-" Kira started, but Ms Mead cut her off.

"You were supposed to be observing the coven" Ms Mead pointed out.

"That's what we've been doing all week. Trust me, those bitches are leading surprisingly boring lives" Kira mumbled.

"Is this about your sister?" Ms Mead guessed as Kira gritted her teeth.

"I don't care about Zoe" Kira insisted.

"You've said it yourself, the reason why you were chosen was your personal vendetta against the coven. You've been given a second chance, don't squander it on guilt, child" Ms Mead explained.

"Guilt?! I would have no guilt ending Zoe's life! She killed me...I'd just be returning the favour" Kira spat back.

"That's more like it!" Ms Mead beamed, grabbing her by her shoulders.

Author's Notes: I hope you all liked this first chapter! I love Michael Langdon and with the new season of AHS out, I've remembered my obsession with him. Just to clarify a few things, Kira is Zoe Benson's younger sister, and the nun at the beginning in hell was the Devil in Mary Eunice's form. I thought it would be a nice throwback mention to Asylum and would make sense. Please review if you want to see more of this story:)