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"Groundhog Day at Hogwarts"

February 2

Ron Weasley was happily enjoying the comfort of his four poster bed when he was suddenly woke by his best friend, "Ron wake up, we're gonna be late for breakfast, it's 8:30" said Harry. "Aw, but I got up yesterday" moaned Ron, still half asleep.

But Harry was in no mood to argue with Ron about extra minutes of sleep so he grabbed all of Ron's Blankets and threw them onto his own bed. "Get up you stupid prat, we're going to be late"

"Ok ok geeze, I'm up I'm up." said Ron.

A few minutes later Ron pulled the curtains from his window and squinted his eyes to look. It was a bright and sunny magnificent February morning with clear blue skies and beautiful mountains covered with pure white snow. He noticed three snow birds flying in the sky over Hagrid's cabin and when he looked down at the cabin he noticed that Hagrid was carrying monstrous sized boxes from his hut and laying them out in front. Ron not giving it another thought turned away from the windows. The day looked like it was going to be a good one; that is until he asked groggily "what's the schedule for today Harry?"

"Double potions with the Slytherins first, than its History of Magic, Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology last " sighed Harry. "No Defence against the Darks, Transfiguration or Charms today?" asked Ron. "Nope" replied Harry.

"Damn" said Ron. He was now in a foul mood. Whatever hope of this day being a good one just flew out the window; now he felt that it wasn't even remotely bearable. This was easily the worst scheduled day of the entire week. Defence against the Dark Arts class had easily become Ron and Harry's favourite subject now that Professor Lupin had once again come back to teach at Hogwarts. The reason for Professor Lupin's return was to keep an eye on Harry now that Voldemort had returned. Now, Ron thought that he didn't even have a single class that he could enjoy.

Ron thought for a second about skipping the entire day and just fake being sick but Harry read his mind and said "Don't even think about it. There is no way I'm letting you stay here all day while I go through this awful day alone."

"What about Hermione?" said Ron.

Harry gave him a 'look' and Ron new that spending 'this' day alone with Hermione was no icing on the cake. Ron and Harry both thought of Hermione as their best friend, but they both knew that there was much less laughter and fun when it came to days like this. And with days like this for Hermione, it was all work and no play.

Ron took his time and prepared for the day. He wanted to take as long as possible; the longer he stayed in the dormitory the longer he could prevent the inevitable. Ron and Harry left the dormitories and set off for the common room to meet up with Hermione.

"Where have you two been its ten minutes to nine we're not going to have time for breakfast, come on were due in Potions." said Hermione irritably.

Ron and Harry both groaned as they heard that they had been late getting down and had no time for breakfast. Ron and Harry headed down toward the dungeons feeling hungry and depressed. But Ron had a feeling in the back of his mind that feeling hungry and depressed was going to be the highlight of the entire day.

All Hermione did was frown at the two and said "I told you guys that you can't skip breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day so don't complain. In fact I should be the one to complain since I was kind enough to wait for you two and ended up missing breakfast myself."

Ron starting to feel annoyed with Hermione just stuck out his tongue at her and went "pheppppppp" spraying both Hermione and Harry. Hermione gave Ron a cold, disgusted look and darted faster toward the dungeons leaving both Ron and Harry who didn't move.

"Real mature of you Ron really. She has a point you know, you should go apologize to her." said Harry while wiping his face. "Sorry mate I didn't mean to get it on you, but I will not apologize to her, she knows she shouldn't have rubbed it in in the first place.

"And you should have not taken so long getting ready." said Harry but Ron ignored him.

"Potter, Weasley What's going on here" it was Professor Snape.

"Nothing sir, just stoped to tie my shoe." lied Harry.

Ron was now starting to feel hot from the bottled up anger he kept inside.

"Well that are you two waiting for?" growled Snape.

"Sorry sir" replied Ron and Harry

Snape followed the two to class but as Ron and Harry walked around a corner Malfoy was also doing the same on the opposite side and 'CRASH!' the three boys banged into each other. Unfortunately Malfoy was carrying a cup of hot coffee and most of the hot coffee has spilled all over Ron.

"Could you be any more clumsy Weasel?" said Malfoy as he got up.

"You got coffee all over my robes you bloody . . . "

"That is enough Weasley 10 points from Gryffindor, now get to class before I take more" hissed Snape.

"Can I at least get dried off?" said Ron, trying his hardest not to yell at Snape.

"Another five points from Gryffindor" replied Snape.

Ron and Harry had no choice but to go to class now, and Ron already having 15 points taken from Gryffindor didn't want any more taken. Ron would just have to deal with his wet robes and burnt arm.

When they got into the potions class, Ron made Harry sit in the middle of himself and Hermione.

Snape walked into the room apparently looking as surly as Ron felt. Snape walked sternly to the front of the class, surveyed it and let out a grunt.

"Pop test."said Snape with a smirk on his face.

"Today you will be brewing the Cruxtitions potion. If you read your chapter last night as you were told to than you should know what ingredients are needed to make this complicated potion. I trust that you already know that I will be selecting potions at random and testing them on students, so get into pairs because you have to test your partner's potion. You have half of this class to prepare your potions, than the next half will be used to test them."

Ron was now livid. Ron had not read the chapter on the Cruxtitions potions and judging by the looks on most of the faces he saw neither did the rest of his school mates, but Ron could have cared less about the Slytherin students. If he thought that the worst was yet to come, he was right. He was paired with Neville Longbottom because no one else would dare to be Neville's partner, Harry was paired with Seamus, and Hermione was paired with Lavender who looked very relieved.

Hermione of course, knew exactly what to do and she looked so confident that it made Ron only angrier. All Ron knew about the Cruxtitions potion was that it was supposed to make the drinker sensitive to touch. But he hadn't a clue on what ingredients to use. Fortunately, Harry knew what ingredients to use and how to use them. Neville had asked Hermione and since she was not angry at him she told him everything he needed to know.

Ron now feeling relieved took in all of Neville's knowledge of the Cruxtitions potion from Hermione and put to into some use.

Hermione was secretly watching Ron add his ingredients said loudly "Harry, tell Ron that he's adding way too much frogs eyes."

Ron now angry again replied "Harry tell 'HER' to mind her own business."

"Tell her yourself Ron. You two please just give it a rest!" said Harry now showing signs of frustration as he too was trying to tend to his own potion.

An hour had passed and that also meant that one Potions class was finished. Snape entered the classroom and looked around at the Slytherins with a half smile on his face.

"Now is the time where we will see how many of you have the skill to be a potions brewer." Snape said turning toward Neville Longbottom with an evil looking grin on his face.

"Well lets see, first we will test Granger's and Brown's."

Their potions were tested and Hermione received a full ten marks much to the disliking of Snape Ron thought, while Lavender received seven marks because her potion made Hermione's eyes bloodshot for 15 minutes.

Harry and Seamus both got five marks each for their potions because they both added way too much octopus tentacle and had caused them both to exhale smoke.

Ron and Neville were next. Neville tested Ron's potion and everything looked fine until Neville suddenly went blind. Ron had received the same mark as Harry, five. Ron was endanger of exploding when Snape said "better than I thought you would do, Weasley"

Ron caught Harry's eye and Harry sent him a comforting look, while Hermione looked like she wanted to say I told you so.

Next, Ron had to drink Neville's potion much to Ron's pleas.

"Drink Longbottom's potion now Weasley, unless you want a nice fat zero."Snape spat.

"Oh Merlin" Ron thought, "here goes nothing." And with that he drank Neville's Cruxtitions potion.

Ron felt a burning sensation as the potion travelled down into his stomach and within seconds Ron passed out.

When Ron had finally regained consciousness all he could hear was Harry calling out for him

"Ron, Ron wake up come on. Your going to be fine, Ron wake up."

"What happened?" said Ron. "You were knocked unconscious for about five minutes" said Harry

Ron looked over at Hermione but he couldn't tell wether she was worried or not.

"Longbottom this is the worst I've seen from you yet. You get 2 out of 10 and be grateful it's not worse."said Snape icily. As soon as the Slytherin's stopped laughing the bell rang for the end of class.

"I'll test the rest of the potions next class" growled Snape

Ron, Harry and Hermione all got their things together and left the potions class as fast as they could and continued to History of Magic.

"My head hurts like hell and I'm bloody hungry" said Ron angrily.

"Well you should have gotten down earlier, shouldn't you" said Hermione acidly.

"Now don't you start that again Hermione. I've just had the worst class of the entire day, and it's only the first one. I don't need you to remind me of all my mistakes, I swear you are worst then a bloody grim. Bugger off! " Shouted Ron.

Ron didn't get the chance to see the reaction on Hermione's face because as soon as he finished his outburst, Hermione ran so fast she could have tripled the world's record. But Ron did hear a whimper.

"That's it!" shouted Harry "She did not deserve that Ron. I know that you are having a bad day but you don't need to vent it out to her like that!"

And with that Harry left Ron to chase after Hermione. Ron not feeling bad about what he had just said to Hermione just shook his head and continued to History of Magic class.

Ron entered the History of Magic class and took a seat next to Dean and Seamus thinking that Harry and Hermione would be ignoring him for the rest of his life.

For the next hour Professor Binns had been lecturing on and on about the famous Witches of the 11th century, the great Goblin war of 1247, and Briton's first Minister for Magic, Syrian Kraal.

Ron could not believe how boring History of Magic was going. Ron at one point could have sworn that the second hand on his watch was going backwards.

"This was a class that could not have been any more boring. Potions at least had us doing something" Ron thought to himself.

Ron shot Harry and Hermione a glance. Harry gave him a cold look while Hermione did not notice Ron looking because she was taking notes.

Ron turned around thinking that Harry was being a total idiot about this whole situation.

"Hermione and I say things like this to each other all the time." Ron thought.

Ron was about to turn around and talk to Harry and Hermione but the bell rang, and the whole class including Harry and Hermione rushed out the door heading for the Great Hall for lunch. Ron was left all alone packing up his things.

Ron's Stomach was now growling. It had felt as though two bludgers were inside his stomach and was trying to get out.

On his way to the Great Hall he once again ran into Malfoy.

"Well well if it isn't weasel; on your way to the Great Hall for lunch?" sneered Malfoy.

"Shut up Malfoy, or I'll rearrange that face of yours" said Ron.

Malfoy taunted Ron further "Its lucky Hogwarts don't charge money for the food they serve here; you're pitiful parents wouldn't be able to afford to keep you alive. In fact, I can't believe you are able to afford school supplies in the first place."

Ron had enough. It wasn't bad enough that this day had already been the worst of his life, now Malfoy was insulting his family. Ron pounced on Malfoy and with all the strength he could summon he started punching Malfoy in the face.

Seconds later, someone pulled Ron from Malfoy who was now bleeding heavily from the nose.



Ron had no choice he didn't want to risk expulsion from Hogwarts, although he was certain that what he had done to Malfoy was guarantee expulsion.

Although at first he felt that it had been a blessing to punch Malfoy and get the rest of the day off to serve detention in the dungeons, he soon found out that it was not as good as he had thought.

Ron Spent the remainder of the school day missing Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. And if that wasn't bad enough Ron had spent an exhausting eight more hours in the dungeons and still not having anything to eat. Snape was never satisfied with the job Ron had done with the cleaning and had kept him there until he was.

Snape had decided that at 11pm Ron was to finish and go back up to the dormitory.

At 11:10pm Ron entered his dormitory prepared to sleep for the next thousand millennia. Ron felt extremely hungry but could not muster enough strength to go down to the kitchens. Harry, Dean, Seamus and Neville were not in their beds which Ron thought was odd since it was usually the time they all had slept.

Ron had no time to think about anything as he was so tired. The only thoughts that had crossed his mind was Hermione and how he had treated her today and the fact that this had been a day that he would not wish his greatest enemy to experience. Ron just fell onto his four poster bed and not even two seconds later, drifted off into deep hibernation.

***February 2***

"Ron wake up, we're gonna be late for breakfast, it's 8:30" said Harry

"Huh?" thought Ron as he opened his eyes. "What?"

Moments later Harry was grabbing all of Ron's Blankets and throwing them onto his own bed.

"Get up you stupid prat, we're going to be late."

* * * * * * *









*Author's Note:

Whew! What a long first chapter. Had to set up the foundation of the story. I'm sure there are a ton of grammer and spelling errors, but hey i'm only human.