In a realm of cosmos, there lied stars. Worlds. Planets. Galaxies. All of which makes up one thing: The universe. How many were there? Theories of a multiverse weren't ever proven. The extent of life and astral planes can only go so far. Still, if there was even a chance of another life than the one you have now, would you be willing to take that chance?

The blanket of universal colors were overhead, clear as day for someone to see as he looked at the dark cosmos. Around this figure, there were other figures much like him. They all stood tall behind him as he saw their anxious but resolute gazes.

He felt a man latch his shoulder and turned to the side. There he saw another figure, one with red eyes and very light cream hair, adorned in draconic armor. His reassured smile on the figure made it certain he was with him the whole way.

'Is this…everyone?' He took one more look around, seeing not just a bunch of humans and people together, but taking a closer look, there were dozens, if not more so, of amorphous and various creatures of shapes and sizes. They looked just as ready as they were, especially a large figure with a big shell that glanced down at him, nodding in agreement.

He didn't know why they were here, but something drew them forward. He smiled as the few faces that were able to pull through with strong cries that echoed through the realm. The leader of this vague group turned forward towards the globe-like eyes of a massive draconic figure who hung at the edge of these planes, waiting for them as the universe shook to the bitter core.

"Alright everyone…" The leader pulled out his sword, aiming it at the massive beast. "LET'S GO!"

The figures and monsters charged towards the roaring beast, everything around them turning to a vague white blur…


The constant echoes of an alarm was like a thousand hammers bashing against brain cells. The sunlight peered through dark blue curtains into a clear ocean blue bedroom. Along the walls were shelves posted with posters of various places around the world; one of which happens to be the infamous Mt. Coronet.

Beneath the dark blue covers, someone was stirring and groaning. A light-skinned hand lazily crept beneath it and missed the alarm. It reached again, and again. Until he balled his fist and hammer fisted the alarm clock, shutting it up. The figure groaned as he sat up.

He was a light-skinned individual who looked to be in his mid to late teens. Despite that, he had an average built with a very meek six pack. He had short brown spiky hair with blue eyes gleaming in the sun. He shut his eyes and turned away when he felt light.

"God…what day is it…?" he moaned. He was still stuck on that vague dream he had that gave him a splitting headache. "Man, what a crazy dream. It's like they were all real…" he sighed. "Oh well. A dream is a dream I guess. Guess Patrick was right, I gotta lay off the sci-fi and fantasy flicks."

He got out of bed and went to the restroom. After coming out, he was dressed in a new attire with fully brushed teeth. He adorned a blue t-shirt with black lounge pants. Once his hair was combed for crisp spikes, he checked the mirror.

"Looking good." He told himself. "Alright, let's get this day over with."

He made way down the hall of the one-story house. He went into the kitchen, where he saw his mom. She had shoulder length brown hair and an orange dress. Like the son, she had blue eyes that were glazed on the maple sausage in the frying pan sizzling.

"Morning, Mom." He yawned.

Hearing her son's yawn, the woman turned around. "Evan, you're up early."

Evan groaned. "I know, I know. I forgot to turn off my alarm."

"Well you can still sleep. Breakfast isn't ready yet."

"I wish I could, but I promised I'd spend the day with Patrick and Joseph for the day. It's my last day before I get going." He was a little anxious at first, but that couldn't be helped. What's to come was something he couldn't wait for any longer. He's been waiting 16 years for this day, and that day was supposed to be tomorrow.

"You made sure to turn in the last of your paperwork, right?" his mother asked.

Evan nodded. "Yeah, I did. Professor Oak should be ready for me tomorrow, he said."

His mother turned around to stir the sausage, smiling. "Oooh, my little baby boy graduated schooling at 16. It's such an achievement."

Evan huffed as he laid his head on the black porcelain countertop. "Don't remind me." He was handed a plate and looked down at the scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage. "Thanks, Mom."

"You're welcome. Just eat your fill. This is the last time before you go off, don't forget that."

"I will…thanks." He looked down and picked up the fork, readying his last breakfast before tomorrow morning…the day that he would officially become a Pokémon Trainer.

This was the whole dilemma to begin with. At the age of 13, Evan decided to become a Pokémon Trainer. Students at school were allowed the choice of either going through all the years of school and graduate normally, or they could compress their years and go on their journeys as Pokémon Trainers. Though by compress, that meant summer classes. Starting from the end of middle school, Evan had to spend the past three summers taking classes and tests for the upper students. It was hell, but it was worth it.

And as of yesterday was the graduation ceremony for the students who took these courses to ger diplomas, as well as meet and get licensed by Professor Oak to start their journeys. And Evan's appointment was tomorrow morning.

Finishing up breakfast, Evan sat his plate in the sink. "All done."

"Great. Enjoy the last day you have, sweetie. I have to leave soon for work."

"I gotcha." He grabbed the keys to the small coupe and walked out the door.

His mother looked back as the door closed, seeing her little boy grown so much. She smiled as she turned to resume plate washing before getting to her own work.

"Man, where's Evan? Don't tell me that he slept in again." One of the two figures said. They were both sitting in front of a café, looking at the menus as they waited for their friend.

One of the figures had a little shorter stature compared to the other. He was a light-skinned person with very short hair – almost bald – and had glasses with a periwinkle shirt and gray long shorts. The other was a dark-skinned taller boy with a nearly shaved head of his own. He adorned a green sweater and silver shorts, showing his toned legs for athletic built.

After a while, the shorter person turned towards his friend. "Joseph, did you think we scheduled this a little too early?"

"I don't know, dude. But you said you were paying." He responded. "Look, look! I think that's him!"

The car pulled up into a parallel park between two other cars. Evan opened the door and shut it as he looked at the café. "Hey, what up buds!" he called out.

"Hey, Evan!" Patrick and Joseph replied.

Evan moved to the sidewalk and put in a few quarters for the parking meter. "There, that should be plenty of time…" he moved to the table, pulling up a seat and sitting down.

"Hey, Evan. Good that you came." Patrick complimented.

"Yeah dude, we thought you were still under the covers." Joseph commented.

"What are you guys talking about? C'mon, we're buds, right? I'd never miss a chance like this." He reasoned.

Patrick shrugged. "Yeah, guess that makes sense."

"So guys." Evan said. "You won't believe this dream I had last night."

Joseph raised a brow. "Oh really? What's it about?"

Patrick sighed. "Is it about latex again? Evan, I already told you, latex, and plastic, are two different things. One is what everyone uses, and the other is for keeping your-"

"No, not that, Patrick." He retorted. "I passed health class."

Joseph looked away. "Dude, don't even remind me. I still have nightmares about that. Who says that's the miracle of life? Huh? That looked like it hurt…is that how Pokémon lay eggs, too?" Joseph looked away, pondering about that question. "Wait…"

"J-Joseph?" Patrick called. "I don't think that's how it-"

"Anyways~, guys!" Evan got their attention, stirring the topic. "So my dream, I saw a bunch of stars. It felt really weird. Like you were in space, but you could breathe. I saw all these people, and I think Pokémon…and we were about to fight this big dragon."

"You mean like a Zekrom, or maybe a Palkia? That would make sense." Joseph replied.

"Yeah, but only this dragon had all these teeth, and a globe with glowing eyes. It was like an alien…"

Patrick sighed. "Evan…did you stay up late last night watching sci-fi fantasy movies again?"

"Uh…m-maybe just a bit?" he nervously shrugged.

Patrick huffed annoyingly. "God, Evan. How many times do we have to tell you? That stuff makes your head and everything you see all looney. If there really was something like that, I'm sure they would've knocked it into the PokeDex."

Evan flinched. "Oof! That's a burn…too bad I got a Burn Heal!" He beamed, holding up his trainer's license.

"Hohoooh~! Burn!" Joseph mocked Patrick. "He got you there, dude!"

"If I didn't chase my dream of being a Pokémon Trainer, I wouldn't have gotten through all that trouble for these past three years."

"Yeah, I guess so." Patrick sighed. "But you know, Evan. There's a difference between that dream, and the ones you dream of. You got that?"

"Yeah, I know. Still…it felt real…" Evan wasn't that conflicted. He wasn't dumb one bit. But the adrenaline he felt then was great fuel for battling, something he might need on his journey to come. A little motivation goes along way after all. "So anyways guys, you ready to spend the last day together?"

"Dude, yes!" Joseph cheered. "Patrick and I were talking and we should hit the basketball court. Gotta get that motivation going for the body~!"

Patrick giggled. "That's what she said."

Evan smiled. It really broke his heart to see he was going to have to leave his friends behind, but they have their own careers ahead of them. They didn't go through the extra classes like he did, but they're a reminder that he'll always have a reason to come back home, at least for the next two years. He looked up at the sky, seeing the moon's surface in the morning sun.

In another part of the world, there was a small house with wooden fencing beyond a creek. With a scenic view of the sunrise, there were bird Pokémon flying overhead towards the rising sun. As they passed over the creek, they were oblivious to someone who walked up to it.

Standing on a small hill, there was an average height, dark-skinned girl with grown eyes. She had long black hair that was silky smooth and ran down to her back into a small ponytail at the waist. Her slender skin was covered with a gray t-shirt that hugged her ample chest, with a polyester black sweater long sleeve. She had black leggings that were tight around her thick legs that went down to her shins. She had on regular white tennis shoes.

Looking out at the creek, the woman waited for someone – or rather something. When she saw the water ripple, she chuckled.

"Good morning~." She cooed at the water.

The water rippled again, and something clear was seen in the sunlight. It looked nervous as it stayed in the water.

"It's alright. Look what I got." She reached back for something. When she pulled it out, she revealed bagpipes. "It's your favorite tune."

The clear spot in the water remained motionless as the girl adjusted with the bagpipes around her.

"Maybe this will change your tune." The young woman took in a quick breath and began blowing into the bagpipes from the one end. The air was filled with a loud yet subtle tune as a soft wind blew through her long black hair.

As the music played, the changes of the tunes grew lively and crisp. The creature popped its head out of the water, the coloration fading to reveal something that was seemingly invisible. It was a small chameleon-like creature with light blue skin and a rounded yellow fin atop the head. It crept up towards her, scuttling from the water to the grassy hill. It sat patiently as its tail swayed back and forth in tune with the woman's melodic bagpipes.

She continued playing the instrument, the morning sun rising higher by the second. It casted over her face as clouds at the horizon parted. Today was a new day.

Once the music stopped playing, the young woman took in a nice, long breath and inhaled deeply of fresh air. "Good morning, Sobble."

Sobble crawled up her pant leg, perching herself onto her shoulder. Her favorite spot. "(Good morning, Freya!)" she squeaked.

From behind, a smaller version of herself in long braids showed herself. "Hey, Freya!"

Freya turned around, seeing her younger sister with her. "Yes, Amelia?"

"Are you gonna come inside? Dad said that you're gonna see me off to school today."

Freya sighed. "Sure, let's go. Mom is still on the couch, so no bother I suppose." She got up with Sobble and walked towards the house to help her sister for school.

In Lumiose City, there was the southern avenue, rich in flavors of delights for any tourists and ongoing folks would enjoy. With sweets to spare, there was also the expense of grooming, and stones and many other accessories.

The backdoor to the Restaurant Le Nah opened, revealing a deep tan-skinned individual with a moustache and cliché chef uniform that stumbled along the step.

"And stay out!" Inside, his manager looked furious. He slammed the door in his face, causing the chef to flinch.

The chef growled as he stared at the window. "C'mon! It wasn't that bad! What did I do wrong?!"

The door opened, revealing the manager's angry face again. "Are you that blind? You added spice to the dish that caused an allergic reaction." He described. "Now we're being sued. What's more, that dish wasn't even yours to make."

"C'mon, buddy! I promise, it smelled and tasted a lot better with a little barbeque sauce. Everything does."

"Even on simple soup?" The manager pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed tiredly. "Look, DK, okay? You've been trying your best, I see that. But sometimes, your best is never enough for others, and their stomachs. I'm sorry…" he pointed outwards. "Go."

The now former chef, DK, looked at the manager's stern and disappointed expression and at the alley. He looked at him again, his brow furrowing as he looked down in shame. "You know what, I've had it with you guys anyways!" he backlashed. "I didn't need you guys! You'll see, people will appreciate my cooking!"

"DK, the only thing anyone appreciates about you, is that you showed the world, of what a chef isn't supposed to be. Good luck."

The door closed, a lock sound coming from the other side. DK growled and threw his hat on the ground, growling unclearly. But rest assured, it wasn't anything too sweet to put in your throat.

"Stupid manager." He whimpered. "Not even the lowest class in this town likes my zing…now what am I gonna do?"

A leak tapped his side, followed by a quacking sound.

Turning around, DK turned towards the creature. "Farfetch'd?" he blinked. "Oh, so now you decide to support me. Where were you then?!"

Farfetch'd raised a brow. "(Hey pal, just being logical here. Not my fault that went downhill.)"

"Look, look. If you hadn't stopped me, we'd still have a job! How's that for reason?"

Farfetch'd lifted his beak. "(Hey, I tried warning ya. You did it anyway.)"

DK frowned and walked off in the Lumiose City night. "Whatever, I'm too tired to deal with your squawking. Let's just go home and just…cook plain noodles if that's what everyone wants apparently." He walked with Farfetch'd holding his leak tailing his Trainer, carrying his dirty chef hat by the tip of the leak.

As DK looked up towards the night sky, he saw the twinkling skies high above. 'Please…please just show me there's hope for me out there.'

The air was completely peaceful and quiet. The quiet atmosphere around Verdanturf Town was serene, almost to where it felt like nothing could ruin the atmosphere itself.

At the very top of a hill, there were two figures. One was human sized, about a rouge man's height. He had dark blonde hair that was short with short spikes slanted off to the side. He had deep blue eyes and light skin that was drenched in sweat. He was currently wearing a light gray tank top and running shorts.

By his side was a much smaller creature, with more draconic apparel. It had a gray armored head with the rest of the body primarily bright blue. It had a yellow underside with stubby limbs.

"Okay, let's try this again. You ready, Bagon?" the Trainer asked.

Bagon lowered his head. "(Yes.)"

"Okay, and…go!" The two went down the hill, charging like two Tauros that were on a wild stampede through the safari. They gradually picked up speed as they came to the valley of the hill. As the Trainer charged up the other slope close by, Bagon came to a halt. Their timing had to be perfect.

"Bagon, Hydro Pump!"

Bagon pointed his head straight up calmly as his Trainer passed right over him. Bagon opened his mouth as a mirror of water revealed itself and launched a high-pressured stream skywards. The Trainer got in fetal position and rolled as the Water-type attack shot him into the air. He didn't mind his clothes getting wet. He's been there before. Once the pressurized water shot him high enough, he found himself landing on all fours on the other hill; no farther; no closer.


Bagon tilted his head down and aimed the blast of water into the grass. This caused him to ricochet from the force into the altitude above. The water dissipated and allowed Bagon to be in freefall. In the air, his arms out, Bagon awed as he felt the breeze and took in his scenery with pride before rapidly descending to the ground. There, his Trainer caught him in his arms.

"Nice job, bud." The Trainer praised. "The timing's a lot better. How'd that feel?"

Bagon pooled up at his Trainer, smiling contently. "(I actually like that.)"

Taking a gander that he said a compliment, the Trainer sighed. "Good enough I guess." He sat Bagon down, taking his tank top off to reveal a finely toned figure. He breathed out heavily from the heat, but the earlier blast of water cooled him down.

"Alright Bagon, wanna work on your physical attacks now?"

Bagon nodded.


The sounds of fires shot inside a house would've worried anybody minding their own business. However, even at volumes blasting underneath a roof in the tropical Alolan sun, there was still a cool atmosphere inside a complex.

The culprit was a man of very deep skin with a black cap that was on backwards. He had a black t-shirt with gray lounge pants and a gold chain in an S-shape around his neck. He was so focused on the game he was playing that he wasn't hearing anything else. He only cared about the streak he got on his video game.

"BANG!" With one final press of the controller, the an Ultra Ball exploded into someone in the distance. The screen showed the words "GAME OVER", with his new high score showing.

BlukJuice Kingdom: 2,0142,675

Loss: 1

"Oh, yeah fool! I loves me a good gamin' streak. Lovez me this stuff!" He spoke with an improper speech. He reached over, taking a sip through a bendy straw for dark purple juice. "Man, nothing beats dem Bluk Berries, ain't that's right Scraggy?"

"(Foo.)" Nudging in agreement, his Scraggy sat beside him, playing the video game as well. Amazingly he got his own screen name.

ScragsMasta: 2,000,015

Loss: 1

"BANG! Not today, foo!" Damon grunted. "Ain't gonna die today!" His avatar readied another explosive in the disguise of an Ultra Ball. "This'll show dem."

"Damon!" A voice called in the distance.

The gamer sighed heavily and turned to see his friend. He was a little on the plump side, with a red cap, and he looked strangely upset. "What's up?" He was still too focused on the game he had.

"Damon, look at this!" his roommate held up a flier.

"What's what?"

"This!" He held it closer to his face. It showed large sets of numbers well into thousands. It was the house payments for the month, and the electricity bill was enormous.

Damon sat his avatar away and looked at the paper. He was able to make out a good margin of it, especially the numbers, but the words didn't comply. "Frank, buddy, what you'z playing at?"

"Damon this is serious. Bills are through the roof this month, and I don't have a lot of money."

"Oof…well, not my fault." He turned and resumed his game. His avatar was holding up a Repel-item lookalike to make the enemy team's Pokémon stagger as he threw capsules to capture them. "3 in a row! Nice!"

"Damon, I need help. Seriously." He pleaded. "You gotta earn your keep here somehow."

Damon sighed. "Tim. Bro. Believe me, I know. I would lovez to be paying dems rent, you know my prohibition."

"Prohibition?" Tim tried to think of what Damon meant in his own terms. "You mean probation?"

"Yeah, foo. That's that I said."

"(Yeah that's what's been said.)" Scraggy nudged.

Tim sighed. "Damon, you seriously have to think about your life. The reason you're on probation was because you stole cash from the register when the worker went to check on something."

Damon rolled his eyes. "Well, foo', let me tell you'z a little something, alright? It ain't my fault that sucker left the treasure chest open for this here pirate. Ahoy foo'!"

"Well that ship went down when Team Skull disbanded like two years ago!"

"Foo', do nots worry!" Damon yelled back. "The cops says that as long as I'm good. I'm off in about another two months."

"I have two…" Tim sighed, deciding it was best to just drop it. "I swear, your felonies are gonna come up on you."

"Pffft, not as long as I havz ma game. Oh! Really quick, foo'! Can you go gets some Bluk Berries? I wanna make some more of that juice. Ole Scrags and I are about to run out."

Huffing, Tim turned and walked away. "Fine. I needed to go to the store anyway." As he made way for the door, he felt genuine pity for the circumstances of his roommate. No help; deadbeat and broke. Yet he can't get him off the couch to do something right like an education. If only he wasn't such a pushover. He sighed.

'I just wish Damon grew up some way.' He grabbed his keys, not bothering to look back as Damon and Scraggy were still playing the game.

In a dark forest, there was a swamp with mist in it. Even in the middle of the day, the Moors of Icirrus were muggy and cold. Yet, through it all, life continued on.

A wild Seismitoad opened it mouth, expelling purple acid that raced across the marsh. The defendant was an armored blue humanoid otter with a large spiked horn and a light gray moustache. Without much effort, one swing from is sword drawn from his arm deflected the acid, making the water boil elsewhere.

The Seismitoad stepped back, surprised by this attack. He looked afraid as his eyes darted towards the silhouette behind the creature.

The man had his arms crossed as he remained aloof. "Surf."

His Samurott's eyes widened and raised his head. The swamp water in the area shuddered as a strong tidal wave surged across the water towards Seismitoad. The Vibration Pokémon's red eyes widened as the dark blue water cast a shadow over him before it crashed into him, drowning him in the gallons of pressure that pushed him through lilyponds and broken logs.

As the water diminished, Seismitoad laid far away in the water. Samurott and its trainer eyed the fainted large toad with serious gazes.

The Trainer looked towards the sky, glaring at the sunlight peering through the thick summer trees.

In the western Johto region, shrubs were being moved aside quickly. Something rushed through swiftly to make nearby Pidgey flutter away. The figure moved quickly to evade its pursuers as it carried something off.

Upon a closer look, it revealed a shady man in black as he carried a sack full of valuable items. From Stardust, to Rare Bone, to Big Nuggets; he had it all. He breathed heavily for air as he took a moment to gather his bearings and look over his shoulder to hear faint sounds in the distance. Whoever was pursuing him was losing his trail.

"Phew. Looks like I'm all clear." He slid behind some bushes, taking a look at the large stash that he's stockpiled.

'It took me three years to get all this together. Gotta find some new place to hide it since I can't use that spot anymore. But where…' his eyes widened in realization, he knew what to do. 'Wait, of course! I can just go to Kanto! The Johto police can't follow me there!' he snickered low at his cunning thoughts. 'This will work nicely. Gotta get moving!'

With his plan set he embarked through the woods. Little was he aware, one of the Pidgey that was startled before had kept an eye on him. Its eye blinked before it fled over the woods to another area within the forest.

The Pidgey landed on a low branch behind a man's head. "Is that you?"

The Pidgey chirped, dropping to the ground. It went up and hopped onto a log beside the still man. The man slid his hand along the bark towards the feathers, which – to him – felt like goop. This somehow brought relief.

"Good." He nodded. "Okay then, lead the way. Zorua, you're up."

From the side, a black fox with a red bushy tail turned her head objecting. She had a lens over her one eye, which helped in her accuracy. "(Hmph. Why do I have to? That's what the dog is for.)"

From the side, a Mightyena snarled. The black wolf's eyes gleamed with annoyance with the fox, but they couldn't be seen beneath the black shades of her own. Apparently her Trainer wasn't the only ones with eyewear.

"Please, Zorua. We're in a hurry." The human said.

Zorua pouted annoyingly, turning her head away as she walked off. "(…fine.)" she snarled. "(Let's go, mutt.)"

"(Why I'd never…)" Annoyed, Mightyena really wanted to sink her fangs into her foxy little friend, but she knew better than to tamper so lightly. She needed to cooperate to catch him.

Up ahead, the crook was foraging through the woods as fast as he could. He moved quickly to avoid detection…at least from humans. There was no way wild Pokémon could care any more than those who are already asleep. With a steady pace he made way through the woods with the treasures with high hopes.

'The forest should end just a little ahead. After that, I'll get to New Bark Town to find those falls connecting to Mt. Silver!'

The man continued his run through the woods, getting miles in after miles. He was following the forest towards the exit. As he went along, he was getting very tired. He was sure the forest should've ended, but it kept going…and going…and going…

He labored in breath and was forced to stop. After running so long his calves had reached their limit. "What…the hell…my god…" he labored. "Where the heck is the end…of this forest?!" He hunched over, groaning heavily. "This route…did I make a wrong turn a while back…?"

There was rustling from the bushes nearby. He weakly turned, checking on something there. "Who's there…?"

It was too vague to see. Before he knew it, dark energy gathered. His eyes widened when a snarl hollered, exploding a hemisphere of darkness that blew him across the ground. He slid along the earth, his treasures in the bag spilling out along the way. As he laid there, his teeth gritted at the pain he felt.

"Oww…my head…" He grimaced as he tried getting up. When he did, he saw certain parts of the woods change. "What the…?" He saw the woods change to an open field in the middle of the far inwards reaches. He saw no cover unlike before. It was like an illusion.

"(Gotcha.)" Something barked.

The crook gasped. In front of him was a Mightyena with fangs enflamed in fire. When he looked behind he saw a Zorua sneer at him. He heard footsteps from behind, a figure walking towards him. Turning around, the figure revealed himself.

He had short messy white hair with shades covering his eyes. He had shredded jeans with a black t-shirt with a blue jacket over it. The right sleeve had a white line, while the left had black. He held onto a white cane, which helped him feel where he was going.

"The heck are you?" The crook sneered.

The man held up a badge, a little higher than needed, like he was facing forward. "Keith Harris, International Police. You're wanted across Johto in thieves related to national items. You've stolen from traveling trainers and missing reports indicated to your specific face."

The crook tried backing away, getting to his feet. "I'm not down here." He pulled out a Poke Ball to attack. "Fearow-!" Before the ball was launched, a small paw socked him across the face, knocking the ball out of his reach and flooring him.

Zorua landed on her supple paws, beaming a proud smile. She huffed as she looked away. "(Could you be anymore of a bore?"

With his Poke Ball knocked out of his hand, the crook grunted as a white cane pinned on his neck. Keith raised his head and smiled down as Mightyena's flaming flames were near his victim's face. One wrong move, and he finished.

"And that's checkmate."

In the hollows of a large shrine, surrounded by Japanese roofing tiles and borders, the sun was setting over the mountains. Its radiant rays were aligned almost perfectly with the open window, which someone looked through.

The figure was in silent prayer, his long white hair reflected the rays of sun. His forehead was signed in a bizarre emblem that could best be described as symbolic to essence. His eyes were shut as he was in prayer. This was his time to show his appreciation for the gods.

A low, bloodcurdling oar was heard inside his mind. He opened his eyes, a harsh gasp coming from his throat.

In his mind, he started seeing images. It was a rough-looking dragon roaring, followed by a shockwave that spelled across the horizon. There were several figured with these strange capsules and doing battle that he couldn't describe.

'What is this? These visions…' The young man looked out the window, the sun directly in front of his face. Its warmth did anything but leave a cold spine to shudder. 'Great Gods, what have you've seen?'

Evan's day was a long one, that much could've been said. After a little basketball and eating out with some of the gift money he received from the other day from his family and friends, he was treated out and enjoyed spending time and playing with Patrick and Joseph. As evening fell, their day would soon draw to its conclusion. After dinner, they were all sitting on the living room couch, watching a documentary of something.

"So what's on?" Joseph asked.

Evan shrugged. "I don't know. The Kanto League stuff isn't till fall."

"Oh! Oh! How about the Pokeathelon from Johto." Patrick insisted. "I heard there's someone with a sick Poliwhirl that can jump."

"Okay…" Not having anything better to do, Evan started flipping the channels rapidly. He forgot offhand which channel it was on, but nothing wrong with channel surfing along the way. He flipped a few more channels until he and his friends caught something interesting from the Sinnoh network.

"What's this?"

"And of recent discovery, we have rumored beliefs of the strange scientist, and former colleague of Professor Rowan, make hypothetical claims to what many call 'The disbelief of a lifetime'."

A figure jumped in front of the news screen. He had crazy white hair that went in all directions. He had a lab coat and large, round, swirly glasses, as well as a white moustache.

"Hello, everyone!" he responded excitedly; his accent that a thick German. "My name is Doctor Peter Poopenschmir! And today, I am very pleased to say, I have done it! Yes! Me!" he eagerly laughed. "You might be wondering right now, 'Poopenschmir, what have you done?'. Well, I will tell you!" He moved behind a table with his Rotom, who snickered as he grabbed onto the cloak to something that hid beneath. "This, is it!"

He moved the cloak off, revealing a highly advanced-looking engine connected to wires and two pillar-like prongs. The prongs were about human-sized, enough for someone to walk through. Attached to the engine's top was a computer with frequency soundbars.

"Behold!" he exclaimed. "I give to you, my invention! I call it, The Immersifier! Yes, yes! What it does, is that it gives out tiny frequency waves, that react to long distances, like how astronauts are able to communicate from space. I used this technology, to give me the ability to see other dimensions and their wavelengths. With this, I can prove to you all that there is in fact Pokémon life in other worlds than our own!"

Rotom snickered mischievously.

"Once the machine is fully operational, we shall be able to walk safely to the new world! Now then you might be asking, 'Dr. Poopenschmir, is this in fact safe?'…I'm gonna be honest, I question that myself. Probably not. But…but it's for science, yes! You see? Take that Science Community! You thought that I was Hoothoot. Well, look at me now! Hmmmm?!" He got close to the camera. "You thought I was Hoothoot! Well let me tell you! I am not Hoothoot! I AM NOT HOOTHOOT! DO I LOOK LIKE A HOOTHOOT?! HOOT! HOOT!"

Officer Jenny and several other cops were closing in around him from the background, much to his confusion. They started carrying him by the armpit and forearms offstage.

"What are you doing?! There lies new worlds beyond here! You don't have a warrant! Stop!"

The TV was turned off. Watching that left them very much confused.

"Wow…" Patrick whistled. "Talk about Hoothoot."

"Yeah dude, that's just ridiculous." Joseph complained.

"So this…Poopenschmir guy." Evan had to inwardlt chuckle at the name. "He's like this cuckoo scientist or something? Patrick, you're good with science, aren't you?"

Patrick sighed. "Yeah, I guess so. Uh, basically that was someone who was banned from the Sinnoh science community about 20 years ago. He was originally believing that using the Mt. Coronet time and space energy would help in space travel to other worlds."

"Did it ever work?"

"Well, no. After the whole Team Galactic mishap, the use of certain technologies were prohibited, and that was 13 years ago."

"So he's been outcasted because of his crazy theories?" Evan frowned. He almost felt sorry for the guy. Almost. "Are they even possible?"

"Who knows, Evan. Probably, probably not. But c'mon, a guy like him? This was the same man who did a brain experiment with a Hoothoot just so he can tell time better." Patrick sighed, exasperated. "Well, doesn't matter much. So Evan, we got something for you."

Evan's eyes widened. "You did?"

"Yeah dude, as your going away present." Joseph showed him a present he pulled from beneath his sweater. "You're gonna love them, I swear."

"Here you go, E-dawg." Patrick presented his present to Evan. "Couldn't ask for anything better!"

"Thanks guys." Evan smiled. He looked at the two presents in front of him. He couldn't decide which one to open first. "Let's see…"

"Oh! Oh! Open mine first, dude!" Joseph cheered. "You're gonna flip, literally!"

"Okay." Unsure if he meant literally, Evan carefully undid the wrappings. The tissue paper was torn up and moved to the side, allowing him to view what was inside. He raised the object that sat in his hands. It was a small handheld snow globe, with Evan's name in ocean blue letters. The glitter inside the water was white and blue.

Evan's blue eyes were wide open in amazement. He watched the flakes fall inside. "Woah…"

"See? I knew you'd like it." Joseph beamed. "Got it custom made to remember me by."

"Wow dude…I don't know what to say." Evan smiled at the globe with his name on it. He couldn't be anymore happy. "Ready, Patrick?"

Patrick smiled. "Go ahead, bud. All yours."

Evan undid the wrapping for the other present he got. He showed just s much surprise as he did with the snow globe. It wasn't anything extravagant, but it was a black winter beanie with a Poke Ball sign on the front. Patrick looked mighty pleased as Evan tried it on, making a perfect, stretchy fit.

"Fits like a glove." Joseph commented. "You know…even though it's a hat."

"Yeah I was thinking a hat like that would do good too." Patrick turned away. "But, you know, didn't want it to look sluggish when you turn it to the side or behind."

"O-oh…I get it." Evan adjusted the beanie, smiling. "Well guys, I love these. Thank you so much, I don't know what to say."

"It's cool, dude." Joseph said. "Just promise to think about us and come visit sometime."

"Yeah, but you better be quick. A couple years and we'll be on our way, too." Patrick said. "Gotta pursue our own dreams too, you know. Somebody's gotta find those cures."

"And athletes don't just grow on trees." Joseph laughed. "Patrick, we better get going now."

"Yeah, you're right. School starts back up tomorrow." He turned towards Evan. "Sorry Evan. Wish we could see you off, but school starts back up tomorrow."

Evan sincerely smiled. "It's cool guys…thanks." He pulled them into a hug. "I promise I'll come back every now and again. Stay safe."

"You too, dude!" Joseph walked out first.

"Bye, Evan." Patrick left next, closing the door behind him.

"Goodbye, guys." Evan waved them off as the door shut. He stared at the white paint on the entrance and saw through the glass. He saw Patrick and Joseph talking to one another. They seemed a little dejected, but they continued towards Joseph's car. He knew parting with them would be tough, but that was part of life. He knew he could always come back and visit them when his journey was over. And if not, there's always other ways to keep in touch.

But now, it was onto a new chapter in Evan's life. He has his license and was ready for tomorrow. He looked out the window to see the sun setting beyond the trees, a serious expression taking over.

"Okay, time to shower." He marched towards the showers, to be ready for a clean, fresh start to the morning to come.

In a castle clouded in darkness, the halls were quiet and heavily quiet. Those who weren't already asleep stayed in their quarters and waited until sleep would eventually lull them. Amongst the many that were still sleeping, there was someone laying in his bed.

A white-haired young man was stirring inside his bed, trying to sleep the best he could. His eyes remained opened, showing how red the orbs were. He watched the ceiling chandelier to his chamber for hours to see if it would do anything just to amuse him. But alas, nothing. He was hoping there would be something, but right now, hoping was all he was capable of.

The boy turned his head slowly, looking at the dark night sky, watching nothing but a blank space. Like he always saw. One day, he hoped the sky would change. And that day will be when he could leave the castle.

For now, he had to conserve what strength he had and save it. Tomorrow may be another chance for that to happen.

The morning had finally come, and everything was set for Evan. He was a little tired, but his routine in the early morning readying for school didn't change. Breakfast, and getting dressed. His things were packed in a black backpack and his mother saw him off with hugs and kisses. His Dad told him to be careful, which he promised he would, otherwise they'd seal him in body pillows just for good measure.

He found himself at the front of a sizeable lab that stood in the southeastern part of town. The lab was a large rectangular building with brown bricks as an exterior. The whole top was aligned with large glass windows to allow anyone to see what was happening from an upward angle. The massive black roof was slanted, with a chimney billowing from the side.

Evan inspected the building, frowning in his heart rate pounding. "So I guess this is it." He told himself, sighing to calm his nerves. "Okay then…let's get this over with."

Straightening his posture, he went up and knocked on the door. He stood around and waited for a minute until the knob turned to reveal an assistant in a lab coat and glasses. He looked down at Evan.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Yeah, hi." He showed him his new Trainer license and a piece of paper with what appeared to be a certificate or documentation needed. "I'm here to see Professor Oak for the appointment."

The assistant nodded. "Yeah, no problem. Follow me."

Evan followed him into the building, which was surprisingly a lot bigger than what it was on the outside. The staff seemed a little low, but he was more amazed with how clean and new everything looked. The walls inside were plastered cream for a lively color, and along the back of the complex was varied complex machinery that was ran by an older gentleman in a white lab coat.

"Professor Oak, your client is here." The assistant told him.

Professor Oak turned around, taking a look at Evan. "Ah, I see. Welcome!"

Evan walked up, shaking the professor's hand with a serious face. "Thanks for having me here."

"I saw you at the graduation ceremony the other day. You're an achiever young man. I trust that you read the forms and were prepared?"

Evan nodded.

"Okay, then follow me."

For the next ten minutes, Evan followed the professor around as he went over the guidelines to becoming a Pokémon Trainer. It was routine material, and he knew this would be talked about, but Evan paid close attention to the responsibilities that come with being a Trainer. It's stuff he learned in school, so he was at least aware. Once the proceedings were accomplished, they made way to a table with three Poke Balls on them.

"Now then, Evan. Sorry for the wait. I hope that you are ready for this." Professor Oak stated. "Once you make a selection, remember, the Pokémon is a responsibility that you must cherish. Do you understand?"

Evan nodded. "Yes, sir."

Professor Oak nodded and grinned. "Very well. Now then…" he gestured to the three Poke Balls, each one having a sign over them. On the far left was a sign with Bulbasaur and its overall characteristics. It was a quadruped reptilian creature with large red eyes and a plant-based bulb on its back. It was primarily blue and had darker blue spots around the body.

The one in the middle was Squirtle. It was a small blue turtle with a round head and brown eyes. It had stubby limbs with no claws. It had a swirling blue tail and a bright orange shell with a yellow underside and a white rim trimming.

The last one on the far right was Charmander. The creature was a bipedal lizard creature with deep blue eyes and teeth beneath its round snout. It had a yellow underbelly that went beneath to the tail, which had a flame at the end of it.

Professor Oak smiled at the new Trainer. "Now then, choose the one that you'd like."

Evan looked down at the three Poke Balls with scrutiny. There were so many choices he could make from just one of them. He was preparing for this day for so long, but the best starter for him, even he couldn't be certain. It was an impossible choice.

"Let's see…" Thinking quickly about his conditions, he looked at the middle one. He stared at the capsule longingly, as though it itself was staring back at him. He couldn't explain it, but something was calling to him from that one. It could've been complete mind games, but he didn't want to misinterpret the wisdom.

Taking one more look at the snow globe he got yesterday, he watched the blue flakes fall onto his name engraved into it. He smiled softly before turning around. "Okay then. I'll pick…" he reached for the middle capsule, holding it high. "Squirtle."

The button was pressed, bringing out a white energy that manifested in midair. In the air, a small, bipedal turtle with a round blue head widely smiled as he descended down onto Evan. He hurriedly caught him in his arms and stumbled from how surprisingly heavy the little turtle was, but rebounded just as quickly.

The Professor took notice of the pair chosen and seemingly acknowledged this. "I see, so Squirtle is your choice then." He nodded in approval. "Very good."

Evan turned to the turtle that he held in one hand. "S'up little buddy. I'm Evan."

Squirtle looked at his new Trainer mildly, but otherwise seemed solemn with his appearance. The black beanie he wore caught his attention. It looked comfy. "(Hi.)" the turtle chirped with glee.

"Good. Now then…" The professor placed a copy of the PokeDex and five Poke Balls in front of Evan. "As a beginning Trainer, you'll be needing these. This here is the PokeDex, it's a digital encyclopedia that tells you everything of the recorded data of all the various Pokémon known to have been discovered." He pushed forward the Poke Balls. "And here are your Poke Balls to start out with."

Evan took them and placed them in his backpack. "Cool." He turned towards Squirtle, smirking. "So Squirtle, you ready?"

Squirtle nodded. "(Okay. This should be exciting.)"

"Good luck to both of you." Professor Oak complimented. "Do your best."

Evan nodded. "We will. Thanks."

In a dark lab space, it seemed more like a cellar than an actual lab to be exact. This space was where no lightning nor thunder could be heard from the outside thunderstorm happening in the Sinnoh Region. It's here, in a shabby house's cellar, where wires and many concoctions were partaking in a crazy mess.

Meekly chuckling to himself, Poopenschmir was fidgeting with wires and machinery on a laptop connected to the device he was working on. With one final touch, the computer was showing frequencies.

"Yes! Yes! You have outdone yourself today, Poopenschmir! Yes! T-Today, shall be the known day to all, that you show them that you are not Hoothoot! Ha!" He moved to the machinery and started adjustments. "They laughed at you…" he cranked a lever. "They called you mean words that children say at the age of 5." He pressed a series of buttons. "And they had the audacity to change your name for you, because that's what you were to the community!" he moved back to his laptop, his fingers twitching. "Well now, they will be the Hoothoot ones, because they were wrong! Rotom!"

Buzzing in from out of the blue, Rotom snickered. "(You call~?)"

"Yes! Time for the test!" he shouted approvingly. "Rotom…" he pointed at the engine. "Thunder Shock!"

Cackling maniacally, Rotom smiled wide as its body surged in electricity and fired a weak but steady bolt at the engine. It crackled static that went to the pillar-like attachments, which started distorting energy. The crazy doctor began typing into the computer again.

"Goodgoodgood! Now, to find signs of any alien frequencies." He typed into the sonar scanner, which was adapted to the soundbars. "C'mon…c'mon…"

The frequencies were very low; barely moving in fact. After several minutes, Poopenschmir was getting discouraged when he suddenly got a low, thunderous echo through his monitor. It sounded much like a dragon's roar. It made him jump and almost knock his swirly glasses off.

He looked at the monitor, adjusting his glasses. "Is…is this it?!" He eagerly pressed a series of button. "Take this!"

He pressed one more button, and suddenly the machine went quiet. An eerie silence spilled across the area before a small light came from between the two pillars. It grew and spiraled slowly in multiple colors. It expanded more, until it fully enclosed between the pillars, like a doorway.

"SUCCESS!" Poopenschmir cheered, skipping in place out of glee. "I HAVE DONE IT! YES!"

Rotom snickered at its own satisfaction.

"Googoodgood. Very good. Now then, to test this device, to prove that it is safe!" He jumped elsewhere and came back with an apple. Looking at it curiously, he inspected it before leaning his arm back. "Alright other world, take this peace offering!"

The throw was lousy, but good enough to be cast into the other world. It seemed to have hit something.

"Did that do it…?" Poopenschmir looked anxiously at the hole, waiting for some kind of a response.

"GROOOOAAAHHH!" a booming roar shrilled through the wormhole, causing the entire cellar to shudder. Poopenschmir nearly toppled over if it wasn't for him hanging onto a curtain. The shuddering of the roar boomed louder, eventually making the curtain fall onto Poopenschmir and made him fall onto his back.

Laying on the ground, the roar's shockwaves began distorting the air around Poopenschmir. The doctor/scientist weakly got up and looked at his surroundings gathering in sparkling cosmos. He and Rotom watched as the portal in front of them was crackling and fluxing erratically.

"O-oh no! This…this is not good! Shut it off!"

Another roar shrilled through it, immediately turning Poopenschmir back to the ground. The shockwaves caused fragments of the machine to come undone, the entire machine itself starting to break apart.

"Ah! AH! AAAHHHH~!" Poopenschmir screamed in terror as the light of the wormhole imploded, turning everything to white.

A shockwave ran through the house, immediately reducing it to rubble. The white flare spread far and vast, covering a large area.

On the edge of town, a pair of feet stepped up to the tall grass just meters ahead of him. Evan looked back to town one more time to think about his choices, but his decision has long since been made. Sighing, he steeled himself and adjusted his beanie.

"Okay…it's go time." He started for the route. The moment he took a step into the tall grass, a distorted light shined beneath him.

"What the-?!" He started seeing his surroundings change about him. He saw the trees and the trail twisting and turning. He tried to move but he was getting to dizzy. A strong wind stirred around that he covered up from. He closed his eyes as the light became so bright he was unable to see.

A scream came from the route's entrance, echoing throughout the light's glow before fading to black.

Black. That was all that was seen.

Evan's senses were completely blank at this point. His body felt a harsh numbness that made him stir in the dirt. Groaning, he started getting up, consciousness fully returning.

"W-what…happened…?" He lazily asked. He raised his head, looking at his surroundings. When he looked to the sky, he saw that it was dark out. Thunder and lightning were visible in the distance that made him get up. Feeling the ground, the soil was very dry, and trees around him were dark oak and crooked. Moreover – dead.

A chill ran up his spine as he felt something terribly wrong. His mind racing everywhere at once, he looked at the dark forest that surrounded him, a dreading silence in his mind.

'What's going on…?'

Thunder growled high above, fading into the dark skies that stretched endlessly.

Party Data:


-Squirtle (Male)

Lv: 5

Item: None

Nature: Mild

Ability: Torrent

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip

And here it is! I hope that you guys thought it was a reasonable start. This is just a prologue of what will lead to the start of the Fates' storyline. As you can see and may know, it's a lot shorthanded compared to what I usually write. I wasn't taking this too seriously, but I still wanted it to be legible. I'm using my experience from writing EDventures in Kalos as a base for doing party data, though I'm gonna be doing different twists to it.

The pacing at first will be a little on the slow side, but I'll keep it as constant as I can. But there's also my other fanfics who have supreme seniority.

So, I hope this new story catches your attention. I'm using all 8 regions to exploit this plot, and make sure I do the best I can like always!

As always, favorites, follows, and your feedback in reviews is very much appreciated. Thanks for checking out the story! Until next time!