In the light of early evening, a silent sentinel stands.
Feet planted on the pinnacle of Da-Chao-she makes a solemn promise.
Bright red and green pagodas
Tile roofs glinting in the fading sunlight.
I promise-a vow to her home, to return it to its former glory.
The ninja raises her shuriken high and spins it deftly in one hand.


A gun twirled in a veiled sepulcher.
Red folds of fabric, draped over slim shoulder-to hide the monster within.
A dark man surrounded in sorrow of his own making.
Waiting in the mountain darkness, their peaks his prison.
This is where sin was born.
In the misty light, he watches, seeking vengeance and redemption.


Clouds. Tufts of pure white snow,
Across a pale blue canvas.
He waits and wants and watches,
Yearning for days gone by. For dreams,
Long broken and torn. Will they ever come true?
Looking up at the sky, wondering if he'll ever go there.
To see the beauty of the heavens for himself,
Before death claims him.
In twilight, he can only hope.


In a workshop, he toils.
Thinking only of bringing the world pleasure,
But being forced to manufacture pain.
A cat circles 'round his leg.
His inspiration. He hopes there is a way.


A child's laughter.
Shear joy as she rubs the counter clean.
The man she calls father watches, smiling weakly.
The future, what does it hold for her?
In a just world, children wouldn't grow up in a wasteland.
Left to rot in this husk of a city.
While the idle rich play, ignorant of the innocent suffering masses.
A single ebony hand rising to rub his temple, this has to stop.


Twirling fists, legs arcing in deadly motion.
Each strike practiced hundreds of times over.
Long chocolate hair, spiraling behind her as she practices in early morning.
Long after the last drunk has left, long before her day begins.
A rigid routine born from the pain of her past.
Her need to become stronger, beating her demons into submission.
She has to fight.
Has to believe.
She has to hold it together, to punish the man-
To punish the company who took everything from her.


Midnight at cliff's edge.
A howl pierces the moonlight-a red lion mourning the sacrifices of his ancestors.
His sharp mind thinking about the past,
And how its lead to today.
His tail swishes in the dark.
The stars are aligning, and he knows he will confront the darkness.
He will meet it head on and unafraid.


The lighted high rise looms before him.
A pillar of light, but not light. Symbol of the world's suffering.
This silver tower, this tomb of death and destruction.
He grasps his sword, narrowing mako eyes to glowing slits of burning fire.
Weakness, it flows through his limbs.
Strength lies in the heart-He shows no fear.


Golden light spiraling from the heavens.
A halo illuminating her fragile form.
She stands before her garden, she is the last.
A shepherd, the guardian of this wasted ball of dirt and dust.
Closing emerald green eyes, she listens.
Understanding what she must do.
What she has to give up.
Her life is nothing.
She will carry the sins of the world.
And purge the darkness