Zack knew he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he was still smart in his own ways. He was the one who told Ray about there being sexual tension between their two friends, Jyugo and Uno. Zack knew she had come to like those two almost as much as she likes Zack, but Zack will always be her favorite person. Zack figured out about the tension between the two other men, but he was clueless on the matter of romance- and the shipping pool the guards have between the inmates. He had heard Guards betting on which couple would get together and he heard the ship names which flew right over his head.

He needed Ray's help to understand this shit. So when he was finally able to leave the game room, he rushed back to Ray and his cell, but she was occupied with sewing. Sewing could wait. This was way more important than anything else, he would have thrown the needle and thread away from her, but he didn't want to harm her.

"Tch," Zack glared at the camera across the hall before looking at the blonde across from him. "Hey, Ray."

Ray hummed as she was stitching a new stuffed toy for one of the people who work at Nanba. Apparently they needed someone with a steady hand to help make the plushies. "What is it, Zack?" Still glaring he turned around and held his hand over Ray's throat, making choking gestures at her pretty little throat. "Are you finally going to kill me, Zack?"

Creeped out, Zack flinched away from Ray before he sighed with his limbs dangling at his side, his head lolled in a half-circle before his face was looking at the floor. His anger vanished as he was just feeling annoyed with Ray. "Damnit, Ray, don't say shit like that when I am pissed off. No, I am not killing you until we are out of this place."

A soft smile wormed its way on her face as their door opened with the other inmates from next door. "Hello," Ray moved to give a faint nod to their guests before going back to focus on the plushie she was fixing. "What did you want to ask, Zack?"

Zack sat behind Ray to rest his head on Ray's head, "what the Hell is eleven-fifteen?"

Ray looked at the other four who placed themselves on the floor or beds, Nico was watching their T.V., Rock was laying on his back listening to the show. It was Uno and Jyugo who laid on the beds. They looked at home in their cell, and she felt weird about it. She didn't dislike it, nor did she like it, she was in the middle about it.

Why was Zack interested in eleven-fifteen? How did he even come up with it? Did he hear it from someone? Perhaps, as small of a chance as it may be, Zack learned about the ship with their friends and began to ship them. He was probably asking to get a reaction out of them if that were the case.

"Where did you hear that?"

"The old bald guy," Zack sighed as he leaned against the wall, "was telling the pretty boy that the wager went up on Zay and eleven-fifteen."

Zay, that was their ship name, wasn't it? Ray hummed as she accidentally pricked her finger, it was really deep and was bleeding heavily. "I'm bleeding..."

Opening his gold eye Zack snatched her hand to examine the wound, "be careful Ray. Without you to help me understand shit. I would just go on a fuckin' killin' spree."

He placed her finger between his lips as he sucked the wound. Zack always hated the taste of blood because of how it reminded him of rusted metal and molded food. Ray squirmed at the looks she was getting from Rock and Nico, the two people she doesn't really like all that much because of how they look at her. Those two would try to touch her as if she were some prize, but she noticed that Uno does the same but at the same time, it feels different from him. Uno seemed more playful with her rather than actually feeling something for her.

Ray, stared at their joined hands that were near Zack's mouth. His tongue swirled every once in a while to see if there was still blood coming from the small puncture wound. When no more blood flowed, Zack held her hand still, as he looked at Ray with an expectant look.

"Hey! Don't ignore my question though."

"Dude," Uno said with a playful smirk on his face, "maybe let go of her hand so she can focus." Uno noticed how her eyes were on their hands with a lost look on her face. She looked at their hands with deep wonder, curious and thoughtful. It made him think of Jyugo when he was bored.

"Huh," Zack growled at the blonde man, "what's that got to do with anything?"

Zack held Ray closer to his torso but allowed her to go when she wanted to sit between Uno and Jyugo. "The answer is simple, Zack. The Guards think that Uno and Jyugo will get romantically together soon since eleven-fifteen is their ship name."

Uno and Jyugo blushed at the other before looking away in embarrassment. "Ship name," Zack said in a confused tone. "Don't mess with me, Ray, you know I am dumber than a rock."

His eyes briefly glanced towards Rock himself before looking in those blue eyes of Ray's. Those eyes made him feel shit he never felt before and it made him want to puke rainbows; it wouldn't be the first time feelings made him want to puke fucking rainbows. Uno chuckled at the two's conversation, how could they not see they were also being shipped. Or perhaps, Ray knew and didn't bother to tell Zack, seems like something she would do if anyone asked Uno. He gently shoved her back to Zack, who then wrapped her into his side as he watched her fiddle with the last bit of the stitches.

Out of the blue, Nico shot up and ran towards the door as if he was trying to leave the room, his eyes were blown wide with fear as well with a distinct look that Rock and Uno were most familiar with. What's his deal, the two boys' asked inside their heads. Though had it not been for the fact that Ray was cuddled up to Zack he probably would have yelled at the green-haired teen what he was doing, but he was oddly comfortable with Ray in his hold cuddling him.

It was Uno who stood in front of Nico to try and calm the boy down, "no! Stay back, you'll catch it."

Now Zack and Ray knew what was happening. A slow turn of their heads everyone was looking at the two heterochromia-eyed boys with mock pity as they began to shove the two at the green-haired teen. Ray had moved so Rock could grab hold of Zack as Uno already had Uno.

"Hey," they cried together, "why the Hell is it always us?"

No one answered them, but Kuu had jumped through the bars on the door watching from his perch to see what was going on, which was happening almost as soon as they made contact with Nico. It was easy to tell with Jyugo's blush as he kept wiggling about, but for Zack, it was his hips that gave him away. Ray grabbed Jyugo's arm as Uno slowly moved Zack back on his bed, but the two blondes' switched boys with a small nod to the other. It would be safer for everyone if Uno had Jyugo and Ray had Zack.

"These," Zack moaned out, "fuckin' sparkles are pissin' me off."

Hajime walked past, looking for Kuu, Rock guessed, but when he passed the cell everyone was in he growled. His eyes glowed a dangerous red before he tried to get in the room. How many times will he have to keep them out of each others cell?

"Hajime," Nico whimpered, "there is a new sickness and it seems to be contagious."

Kuu had jumped on Jyugo, unaffected for the most part as his fur fluffed out slightly, as the boy was whimpering next to Uno looked as if he was ready to attack the one next to him in the most pleasurable way. Ray had kept clenching her legs together as she tried to be as helpful to Zack who was uncaringly humping Ray's leg, not that she really cared too much. He was a grown-ass man who needed some form of release from this annoying feeling, he knew that it was new for Ray too. Possibly Jyugo with the way he kept curling in on himself panting slightly. Zack was going on instinct on how to get rid of it, but Ray and Jyugo didn't understand what was going on and tried to avoid it. Rock seemed to also have been affected by the tent in his jumpsuit.

Seeing the mess, Hajime sighed and nodded his head before stating he would call the prison doctor to check them out. So long as no one else touched the group in there he figured that they would be just fine, but just in case he pulled a glass window over the barred door so no one else would get infected.

"Kuu," Hajime called, "come." The worst mistake he could have made. The black cat hissed at the bald man before he curled up next to Jyugo with a worried aura about him. "Tch, traitorous cat." Pulling a salmon treat out in his hand wouldn't even make the cat come closer, "fine stay there and make sure they don't leave."

A deep meow was heard as an affirmation. Once Hajime was out of the room Uno had tackled Jyugo to the bed only to spoon him before thrusting him relentlessly. Jyugo would make pleased little sounds as he felt Uno's girth against him. It felt right to him.

"I wouldn't do that," Nico whimpered, "it will only make things worse. I think we may have to be paired up to get rid of it."

True to his predictions they had to be paired off with someone. The bad news was that the sickness had spread throughout the entire prison and it didn't get better for three whole days. It was nonstop fucking in the entire prison. Zack and Ray didn't mind sharing their cell with Jyugo and Uno, because they were too busy with each other. Zach hated that he felt so disgusted with himself for fucking his Ray, but Ray had given her consent.

That made him feel a little better.