It was a beautiful early afternoon in the Johto region. On Kanto Route 28, in the shadow of Mt. Silver is an old brick house.

It's the size of a normal house, with a red and white flower garden off to the side. The house is mostly brown, with a brown tiled roof. The roof also has a chimney sticking out of it, and there's a wooden porch out front.

Sitting on the porch was two older people, a woman and a man. The woman was slightly on the plus size side, with greying blonde hair, blue eyes, a small nose and a warm smile. She's wearing a long, blue dress with a blue, long-sleeved shirt underneath, black leggings and black shoes.

The male is also slightly on the plus size, with Grey hair, Hazel eyes, a slightly bigger nose, and a determined but friendly smile. He's wearing a Red T-Shirt and Black Jeans held up by a Black belt. He's finally wearing Black shoes and socks.

Currently, the older male is listening to music on the radio, while the older female is knitting. Suddenly, they hear a cry. Standing up, they head out the front of the porch, and spot a Dragonite flying towards them, with two figures on it, as well as several suitcases. After a couple of minutes, the Dragonite lands.

Two figures climb off the Dragonite. One is a tallish young man of about 14. He has oxford blue hair, dark brown eyes and blue, thin-rimmed glasses. He's wearing a green, long-sleeved shirt with a yellow button and white-collar, brown pants and green, white and black shoes.

The other figure is a normal Gardevoir. In addition to her normal clothes, this Gardevoir is wearing green leggings and a green jacket. The teen and Gardevoir grab the suitcases, then the teen said "Thanks Dragonite" while affectionately rubbing its head.

"Dragonite" Dragonite called once it was liberated from its burden, and it took off.

"Well, here we are Gardevoir," the teen said. He walked up to the house, and when he was close enough, he said: "Hey Grandma, Grampa,".

"Hey Max, how our hardy trooper going?" the older male asked as he shook hands with the teen, who then replied with "Well thanks"

"It's nice to see you, Max, how are you going?" the senior female said, and when they hug and kiss on both cheeks, Max said "I'm going good Grandma", Max's Gardevoir watched on, smiling.

"How are my lovely grandparents going?" Max asked, to which Grampa and Grandma both said "We're doing good Max. The move to the shadow of Mt. Silver has done a lot of good for your grandpa Jack here" the Grandma replied, to which Grampa replied "And it has, although you're no longer able to attend your craft classes, Emily"

"Aw, don't worry, it's a small price to pay for helping you" Emily replied. Max's grandparents then turn to Max's Gardevoir, and Emily asked "I see you brought your Gardevoir with you. Why?"

"I get lonely if I'm not with him for too long" Max's Gardevoir replied as she and Emily embraced. She then shook hands with Jack, then the five of them finally enter the house. Emily then said "Your room is ready Max, and we've replaced the old bed. It's now big enough for both you and your Gardevoir to occupy if you want to"

"Alright," Max said, smiling and nodding, while his Gardevoir giggled. Max and his Gardevoir then headed to their room to drop off their stuff.

After a minute, Max arrives in his room. It's changed dramatically from the last time he was here, to accommodate the double bed.

There were two large, white shelves on one wall of the room, a desk on the far wall in front of a window, large enough for Max to place both his laptop and books.

On that same wall was also a closet, where Max and his Gardevoir place their clothes. Finally, on the side opposite to the wall on the shelves was a double bed large enough for both Max and his Gardevoir to sleep in. It had four white pillows, and a thick, white blanket.

"This feels so soft and warm" Max's Gardevoir said as she plonked herself on the bed. Max gave it quick feel, smiled, then said "Perfect for both of us. Now we'd better get our stuff out, we're here for a week, so, we're going to have to make this home, even if it is only for that week". His Gardevoir nodded, and they started unpacking.

When they had finished unpacking, Max and his Gardevoir headed to the Living Room, where they found Jack and Emily.

"How are things going at your place?" Jack asked, to which Max replied "Pretty good. Everyone's healthy and happy back home, dad's working hard, and mum's constantly worrying about me"

"How about your sister?" Emily asked, to which Max replied "She's off being a coordinator, but I do communicate with her regularly, and she's doing well"

"That's nice, how is she doing?" Jack asked, to which Max replied "She's doing pretty good. She's got 3 Ribbons last time I checked and will be going for #4 in a couple of weeks"

"That's great news," Emily replied. She then continued with "How are your studies going?"

"Going well, just finished for the Semester" Max replied. Then, Jack asked, "What are your marks like?"

Max got out his report, and it showed that he got 1 A, 3 A-, 2 B+ and 1 B, for an A- average.

"Well done Max," Emily said, to which Max replied "Thanks. I always like getting high marks on my schoolwork"

"Oh, Max, the General Practitioner is here, so we've got to give you your seasonal check-up," Emily said. Max nodded, said "lead the way grandma" and they headed for the clinic at the back of the house.

After a few minutes, Max and the General Practitioner were ready. The doctor took all of the normal check-ups of Max, his heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, checked his hearing and sight, his reflexes and asking a few questions about his progression of Puberty.

"Alright. Aside from his usual bad eyesight, which his glasses are correcting for, and that he is a little lighter than I would like, he's fine" the doctor said.

"I just went through a growth spurt, so, that's kinda understandable for me being a little thin," Max said. The doctor nodded, then, after Grandma paid him, the General Practitioner departed.

"Grandpa wants to talk to you about something as well," Emily said. Max nodded, then headed back to the Lounge Room.

When Max entered the Living Room, he asked Jack "Grandma said that you wanted to inform me about something that's happening tonight, what is it?" to which Jack replied "Ah, yes Max, I wanted to inform you that Mt. Moon will be experiencing a Lunar eclipse tonight, from 8pm to 11pm"

"A lunar eclipse? Awesome. I'll be sure to join you to watch it, and I'm sure my Pokémon would love to watch it too" Max replied, fascinated. He had never seen a lunar eclipse and was looking forward to it, as would his Pokémon.

Soon, Emily re-entered the Living Room, and she asked "So, honey, what are you going to be doing during the week you're here?", to which Max replied "Grandma, I'm going to be spending some time here. But, I'm also heading to Mt. Silver, because both Gardevoir and I love the hot springs, and I can also get a bit of training in"

"Alright. Just remember, you're not allowed to go into Mt. Silver itself without either myself or grandpa," Emily said sternly, to which Max replied "I have no intention of going into that place without you or grandpa"

"Good" Jack replied as Emily took a seat.

"What are you watching honey?" Emily asked, to which Jack replied "I'm watching the tail end of the Tournament battle between Red and Psychic Delphine"

"So, what's the score?" Max asked, to which Jack replied: "Red's 6-1 up on Delphine, he's kept Espeon in for the whole battle against Delphine's entire team and wipe her out with it". "Red is one of the invincible four, Delphine has no chance against him" Max replied.

"The invincible four?" Emily asked, to which Jack replied "Four trainers who are seemingly undefeatable. Red, Blue, Cynthia and Steven Stone"

"Alright," Emily replied. Just as she said that Red's Espeon fired a large, black orb of Spectral energy at Delphine's final Pokémon, a Medicham. The Shadow Ball hit, and KO'ed Delphine's Medicham.

"Medicham is unable to battle, Espeon wins. The victor is Red of Pallet Town" the announcer said, and all four of them cheered.

"Oh yeah, the final battle tonight is involving another one of the invincible four, Blue" Jack said. Max smiled and said "So, the best in the world is going to battle. This ought to be good"

Over the next several minutes, Max, his Gardevoir, Emily and Jack watched the battle between Blue and Drayden.

"Haxorus, Brick Break," Drayden said, and Haxorus' hand glowed orange, and it charged in. Blue, however, calmly said, "Porygon2, stop that Haxorus from hitting you with a Tri Attack Counter Shield". As Haxorus closed in, Porygon2 spun around while its eyes glowed white and three beams of energy, one red, one blue and one yellow, appear around it, and the spinning of Porygon2 caused the beams of energy to spin out in all directions around Porygon2. Almost as soon as the different colour energy beams spiral around Porygon2, they counter Haxorus' Brick Break, then KO Haxorus.

"Haxorus is unable to battle, Porygon2 wins!" the judge said.

"What did Blue do with that Tri Attack? And what is a Counter Shield?" Emily asked, to which Max replied, "That is a Counter Shield. The basic idea behind the Counter Shield is that the Pokémon deploying the move can attack and defend at the same time. It shields the Pokémon from opposing attacks while simultaneously striking the opponent's Pokémon to inflict damage"

"Interesting. Have any of your Pokémon used this technique?" Jack asked, to which Max replied "No", and his Gardevoir added "We're trying to get me to use it, but the technique is actually surprisingly difficult to master"

"Alright," Jack said. After a couple of minutes, Blue 6-0'ed Drayden, just like Red 6-0'ed Delphine.

"And that, Grampa Grandma, is why he's the best," Max said, to which Jack replied, "He really is"

"Alright, I'm going to cook tea," Emily said, to which Max, his Gardevoir and Jack nod as Emily heads for the Kitchen.

After dinner, Max, his Pokémon, and Jack headed for Mt. Silver, where they took seats and waited for the moon to rise, and the Lunar Eclipse to start. As the moon rose over Mt. Silver, part of it was already red.

"It's already started," Max said, to which Jack nodded. Over the next twenty minutes, more of the moon went red.

However, Max's and Jack's attention were drawn to a large, purple meteor shooting across the sky.

"What's that?" Max asked, to which Jack replied, "I don't know". They continued to watch the meteor as it crashes into Mt Silver. And, briefly, part of the glow dispersed, and it was revealed to be a ship.

"What's going on?" Max asked, to which Jack replied "I don't know, but I recommend that you get to the Pokémon Centre"

"Alright" Max replied, his Gardevoir set a Teleport point, and both he and his Gardevoir ran towards the Centre, while Max called in his Nidoking and raced towards Mt. Silver as the ship crashed into the side of the mountain.

When Max and his Gardevoir arrived, Max said "Something's happened at Mt. Moon. A ship has crashed there"

"Alright, lead the way," the Nurse Joy said and both her and Blissey follow Max and Gardevoir out.

Max and Nurse Joy arrive at Mt. Silver and find Jack.

"Hey, Grampa, why are you here, and not higher up on Mt. Silver," Max asked, to which Jack replied, "I forgot to ask, do any of your Pokémon know Rock Climb?"

"Yeah, my Zangoose does Grampa" Max replied. Jack nodded, and they spied the ship, buried in the side of the mountain wall. Their first instinct would be to use the water to get to the ship, but discover that their normal path, involving the Waterfall and Rock Climb, was now inaccessible since the Rock Climb segment had been destroyed.

"Looks like we're going to have to take a long way around," Max said. His grandpa nodded and ascended the Rock Climb part with his Arcanine. Max and his Gardevoir followed using Zangoose, who then returned to bring Nurse Joy up.

They exited to the Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside, where they manage to get to the other entrance without encountering a Wild Pokémon. They knew it was the other entrance because the hole was much bigger than the other one, evidently made by the ship.

"Let's go," Max said, and they entered.