"So, who are those mysterious beings?" Emily asked about ten minutes later once Jack, Emily, Max and his Gardevoir were sitting in the Lounge Room, to which Max replied "Their name is Aniseachi, at least according to the Pokédex"

"Interesting" Emily replied, to which Jack added "They're curious beings. Do you know where they were going?"

"Yeah. They're headed for the Whirl Islands. Not sure what they originally were going there for, but now they're there to bury one of their dead" Max replied. His Gardevoir then said "One of the Aniseachi are going to see if she can come back here to stay with us once they're done with their mission at the Whirl Islands"

"Oh, that's sweet" Emily replied, smiling at Max, who was a little awkward. Max's Gardevoir then smiled, and said "Aww, you like here don't you"

"Yea" Max replied. The group then return to watching TV, with Jack wondering what became of Malador, as to whether he won his fights against Pascour, and obtained the Aura Stone.

After a while, there is a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," Jack said, and he stood up and headed for the door, opening it, he discovered that Malador was standing there.

"Oh, hello Malador, come in," Jack said. Malador nodded, and entered, but did not take a seat.

"Oh, hello Malador, how are you?" Max asked, to which Malador replied "Well, I have some good news"

"Oh?" Jack asked, to which Malador replied "I managed to defeat Pascour, and I have Aura Stone #2. Pascour has fled Mt. Silver, and the passage that contained the Aura Stone has been sealed. Team Future members are going to fix the parts of the ship that was damaged by the ship crash"

"Great news" Max replied. Jack then said "Nice, that's great news to know that we're safe now"

"Yes," Malador replied, nodding. Jack then asked, "Are you OK with revealing why you're collecting the Aura Stones?"

"No. I'm afraid I don't know. There's only one person who knows, and that's the leader, Psytrance. All we know is that they're very important" Malador replied, shaking his head. He then added "Well, I had better get back to base. It was very nice to meet you all"

"Alright, good luck with your Aura Stone hunting Malador" Max replied, and Malador departed.

"Well, it's just about bedtime for us, Gardevoir," Max said, turning to his Gardevoir, who smiled. Max took her hand, said "Good Night" and departed, waving, which Emily and Jack both returned, and said "Goodnight Max and Gardevoir"

Let's just say that Max and Gardevoir had some fun times that night and leave it at that.

Two days later, Max and his Gardevoir were finishing up on gardening out the front of the house. Suddenly, a ship came down in front of them. Ryan and Emily both exit the house and onto the porch.

"Looks like Ryan, Anna and Melanie have returned," Max said, standing up and smiling. The ship opened up, and Ryan, Melanie and Anna disembark from the ship.

"You've done with what you had to do at the Whirl Islands?" Max asked, to which Ryan replied "Yeah. We laid our friend to rest, and we paid tribute to both our other fallen Aniseachi and to the legend of the oceans, Lugia"

Neat" Max's Gardevoir said, while Max replied "Interesting, I'm guessing your belief systems involve Lugia?"

"It's tradition, once a year, a group of Aniseachi head to the Whirl Islands to pay a tribute to the deceased Aniseachi, as well as to Lugia" Jack replied.

"Alright," Max replied. He then turned to Anna, and asked: "So, have you made up your mind?"

"Yes, I have discussed it with Ryan, and with Melanie, and they're OK with me joining your team, on one condition"

"You can't be confined to a Poké Ball?" Max asked, to which Anna nodded. Max and Anna then walked up and warmly embraced.

"Remember, be careful with her, alright?" Ryan asked, to which Max replied "Don't worry, I will be careful with her. She is a friend; I would never hurt a friend"

"Alright. Oh, one more thing" Ryan said, and he gave Max a card, which was revealed to be a phone number.

"Keep in touch, I'll be regularly visiting, alright?" Ryan asked, to which Max replied "Alright"

"OK. We'll see you later" Ryan said, waving to everyone as they went back onto the ship, and the ship departed.

"You're going to need to acclimatise, as Hoenn is warmer and more humid than anywhere you've been before, and you being part-Steel, you're going to be quite vulnerable to heat" Max said as the group headed inside, to which Anna replied "So long as you warn your family, they should be able to help me acclimatise, which I should do pretty quickly"

"Awesome" Max replied.