Author's Note: Ummm... lowkey, this might go down as one of my top five favorite Leverage episodes. The character interactions EVERYWHERE were SOOOO GOOOOOOD :O

Haha, I read this one story after watching the episode where the author was like, "I was watching the episode and being like, oh! This would make a good story! This would make a good story!" Honestly mood XD I swear all fanfiction writers think the exact same way lol.

"The next time you mock me for having too big of a purse, I'm going to remind you of this moment," Sophie said as she passed Nate two Tylenol.

He groaned and stuffed the pills in his mouth dry, too burnt out from his altitude sickness to even try and banter back.

The Leverage Team were sitting in a van on their way to the airport from their helicopter ride down the mountain. Eliot, the only one of them somehow not completely exhausted, was driving, Sophie and Nate were in the row of seats behind him and Hardison and Parker were in the back. Parker had forgone her seatbelt, much to Nate's chagrin, and was cuddled into Hardison's side with her head on his shoulder.

"Since we're all here," Hardison spoke up, "now feels like a great time to take a vote. To all those in favor of never stealing a mountain again, say aye."

"Aye," Parker mumbled, wrapping her left arm and leg around Hardison like an octopus.

"Aye," Sophie agreed vehemently. Eliot grunted his agreement and Nate just groaned again.

"Last time wasn't so bad, though," Parker mused. "Except that Nate kept changing the plan because he was really drunk."

"Which I would love to be right now, so thanks for reminding me," Nate grumped.

"I got to jump out of a window." Parker grinned, remembering. "I landed on Eliot."

"Twenty pounds of crazy," Eliot grumbled, but he was smirking slightly as he changed lanes.

"Maybe today was a bit much," Sophie said, "but we did do a good thing. Regardless of everything that may not have gone quite to plan, I'm glad we took this client. She really deserved the closure that she got, and it's nice to know that we were the reason she got it."

"Yeah, yeah, closure's great and everything, but I'd rather not be stuck in a tent watching everyone's coms go dead," Hardison sniped, wrapping his arm around Parker. "Ever. Again."

"You knew we'd be fine," Eliot deflected. "We're always fine."

"No, I didn't know!" Hardison cried. "I was about to come out there, man! I was about to strap on some giant flippers an' come out there!"

"Snowshoes, man; they're snowshoes!"

"Everyone be quiet, please," Nate groaned, rubbing his forehead. "Or, just… inside voices."

"I'm sleepy," Parker declared, pressing her face into Hardison's chest. "And my nose is cold."

Hardison rubbed his hands up and down her back, smiling affectionately down at her. After the awkwardness of not being sure exactly where they stood with the whole touch-barrier thing, it was nice to experience Parker being this huggy. A little weird. But nice.

"With the amount of exposure you two had today, I'd be surprised if you didn't both get frostbite," Sophie huffed, shaking her head. "Maybe our next case can be somewhere like… the Caribbean. Or Hawaii. Or Florida. Hardison, is there anyone from Florida needing our help?"

"I'll make sure to check," Hardison told her, amused.

"We're not going to Florida," Nate sighed, barely cracking his eyes open. "We only took this job because it was so time-sensitive. No. After everything that happened with Moreau and San Lorenzo, we need to let the heat die down. Lay low for a bit."

Parker snorted. Hardison and Sophie exchanged amused grins and even Eliot let out a short laugh.

Nate uncovered his face and frowned at them. "What?"

"Man." Hardison wrapped his arm more firmly around Parker's shoulders, hiding a grin in her hair. "We're the Leverage crew. We don't do laying low."