Just wanted to say - Have a good read.

[Immersion is at 1%. You will see more world details now.]

[You have been informed of one of the characters skill]

[Character : Harry Potter]

[Skill : Flying]

[Your current understanding of the character is too low for further info]

That little tid-bit had appeared the minute I saw Harry fly and zoom to catch Neville's Remembral. I don't know why it didn't trigger for Hermione or Ron or anyone else but leaving aside the whole skill part, the part of the notice that I found most strange was actually the last line.

'Your current understanding is too low huh...The hell does that mean. I know everything about everyone here. I have read them countless times. And what the hell does Immersion mean for me..'

The thought troubled me for quite some time before I simply gave up on it, that and Harry being dragged away by Mcgonagall. I stood up and approached the group which consisted the smirking Malfoy.

He didn't miss me and immediately sneered at me, "Want to help your friend, Dastaan?"

I immediately gasped and countered, "Yeah, how did you know?"

"I...", his face grew confused.

"Don't tell me you can read minds now, Malfoy. Now that would be cool.", I said while making my way to follow Harry and Mcgonagall.

I could hear him say something behind me but I didn't pay much interest.

Following Harry and Mcgonagall I soon found myself, reaching Quirell's classroom wherein sat the Captain of Gryfindor Quiditch team : Oliver Wood.

Mcgonagall ignored me in favor of smiling and announcing to wood about his new seeker : Harry Potter.

Harry looked gobsmacked while I smirked. Wood just looked up and down at Harry looking to already make plans for his new teammates training.

"Congratulations Harry, you are youngest student to become a seeker in the history of Hogwarts for the last century."

"I am impressed, Mr. Dastaan. You have done some reading on Quiditch I see."

"Nah, just read the last few Hogwarts : A History. Truthfully I have no interest in Quiditch."

Mcgonagall didn't know whether to be offended by my lack of interest in Quiditch or be astonished at my utter lack of it. She didn't choose either and calmly chose to ignore me.

Harry on the other hand couldn't seem to contain himself, as he bounced on his heels after Wood asked him to come to the Grounds for some first time Quiditch introduction.

I couldn't help my smile either as I looked at him. His happiness reminded me of my childhood when I too had so much hope, before the real world happened, before Voldemort happened.

[Your understanding of the character Harry Potter has increased slightly]

[Immersion : 2 %]

[?...? has shown a slight interest in you.]

[You have gained an understanding of the story-line through the protagonist.]

'Now what the hell is this? This just keeps getting more and more confusing.'

I couldn't think anymore as Harry had already gotten a hold on me and dragged me out of the courtyard and into the grounds. That was where we met Ron who showed double the joy after knowing about Harry being the new Gryfindor Seeker. Though as a mature mind, I did see the hint of jealousy but it got quickly thrown away in the joyful moment.

[Your understanding of character Ronald Weasley has increased slightly.]

'This is going to be a thing now, I guess...'

The guys talked about Quiditch and how good a sport it was and about Harry was the youngest of Seekers'. On que (according to the movie), the Weasley twins found us.

"Fred and George are in the team too. Beaters."

"Our job is to make sure that you don't get too bloodied, but can't make any promises."

"Rough game; Quiditch.."

"No one's died in years. Someone's vanishes occasionally."

"But they will turn up in a month or two..", their childish attempt almost made me laugh.

"You guys do know that this is a school, right?", I rolled my eyes at them.

They laughed and walked off wherein Harry became depressed.

"Don't worry Harry, you would do great.", Ron assured.

"But what if I make a fool of myself."

"You won't." "You can't", that was Hermione and me respectively.

We both looked at each other before I let her continue, "Come with me, I have got to show you something."

We half ran half walked towards the trophy room wherein lay James Potter's Seeker trophy.

"You didn't know your father played Quiditch huh...I thought you would find all about your parents as soon as you came to Hogwarts.", I added behind him. "I mean..I did get curious and found something about them.."

The trio stared at me like a deer caught in a headlight.

"I could tell you what I know..if you want."

Harry looked expectantly so I sighed and said ,"Let's find somewhere to sit first."

We sat under the nearby tree while I looked around to make sure no one eavesdropped.

"Well whatever I know, you can find out in the library. For some personal info, you need to ask the teachers. As far as I know, almost all of them knew both your parents for two absolutely different reasons."

Harry looked confused and I continued before Hermione could ask any question.

"Firstly whatever I know may be half the truth or false all-together so take it with a grain of salt, okay."

Harry nodded.

"Your father James Potter was a pure-blood and you Potter's have always been in Gryfindor like Ron's family here. "

"Your mother Lily Evans though was a muggle-born not that their birth had anything to do with magic. Just remember that for me."

"From what I could gain from reading, they both ended up in Gryfindor and both had exceptional talent in Magic. Your father in Transfiguration and your mother in Charms."

"Especially your mother Lily, I have seen quite a few awards to her name, one of which included Best Potion-maker in Fourth year.", I eyed Harry at this. He seemed to be thinking about something.

"Your father though, I can't find much at least no until a few years later when a school article said that he saved a student's life at the Whooping willow and he was awarded for it."

"Later he and your mom went on to become Head Boy and Head Girl in their seventh year. That's all the written news I could find on them."

"Whom did he save?", Harry asked the moment I finished.

"I don't know, there's no mention about a name anywhere on it. There's more than a handful people who knew your parents personally, one of which is no doubt Mcgonagall."

"Professor..", Hermione reprimanded.

"...the other however is someone who belonged to the same age group, in fact I am absolutely sure he was in your parent's year and he currently resides in Hogwarts. Any guesses.."

"Professor Quirell..", Harry suggested.

"Nope, not even close.", I smiled.

"Filch..", Ron prompted.

"Now that's just ridiculous.", I gaped at him.

"It's Professor Snape, isn't it?", Hermione whispered her full attention on me.

I smiled and applauded, "Bravo! And the prize goes to Miss Hermione Granger. That absolutely correct."

"Snape is currently the only person age-wise related to your parents. He must know them more closely or at least have met them personally in his years. No doubt his connection to your mother is guaranteed."

"Why...?", Harry asked confused.

'Ah! shit! Went overboard there...mm..How to break this to an eleven year old Harry potter? Who am I kidding? I won't be telling this secret anytime soon...'

[*&^%? is urging you on.]

'The hell...'

Looking at the expectant eyes of Harry and the suspicious eyes of Hermione (I didn't do anything!), I sighed.

"Well it's obvious, isn't it? Your mother won the best Potion making award while Snape went on to become a Potions Master so..."

"They must have studied together", Harry said.

"Bingo!", I shot at him.

"So now we should go and talk to Snape then...", Ron suggested with a trace of fear in his voice.

"But then why is he so mean to me then?", Harry asked simply.

"Hmm..Good question, there's only one way to find out I guess.", I shrugged.

"No; I don't want to talk to Snape. Lets talk to Mcgonagall first.", Harry looked more distressed by the mere thought of it.

"Yeah, we could find her after our Transfiguration class this evening.", Hermione jumped in after hearing a teacher's name.

"Exactly what I thought you would say, Hermione.", I pointed out to which I got a dull glare.

"If I think about it, there is one another person who should have known about my parents a great deal."

"Oh yeah; who?"


"Oh yeah! Of course I didn't even think about him. Good thinking Harry.", I praised him.

"Let's go or we are going to be late for Herbology.", Hermione piped in. I shrugged while Ron just made a nasty face behind Hermione's back.

I grimaced at the thought of this escalating.

'I have to talk to Ron about this soon..'

[Your understanding of character Ron Weasley has increased slightly.]

Harry spent the day wishing it would go faster or intentionally avoiding Snape. I already regretted telling him about Snape but soon enough as the class emptied out after Transfiguration, we held back and asked the question.

"Professor, can you tell me about my parents?", Harry asked with a look that would have made any mother scream 'You poor boy!' let alone Mcgonagall.

She sighed as she looked at us for a second, then out the window. A swish of her wand and the classroom door closed while her eyes grew deep.

"Yes, I knew your parents. Your parents and I kept contact even after their time here at Hogwarts. I haven't told you this but I am sure many people have; you have your mother's eyes and your father's face."

Harry smiled while Ron and Hermione looked expectant. Mcgonagall glanced at Harry while thinking of something.

"It almost seemed like yesterday when your parents got sorted in Gryfindor. I remember them clearly even now, especially James", seeing Harry smiling, a slight nostalgic smile crossed Mcgonagall's face and she continued, "not for any good reasons, though."

"Your father still remained one of the most mischievous student I have ever seen. Especially he and Sir...his friends would always be there whenever a prank or an accident had occurred. I still remember him dung-bombing the Transfiguration class after I had given him a detention.."

"The nerve of that boy...", Mcgonagall laughed as she spoke which unnerved the trio, not me. Harry looked surprised hearing about his father's deeds. Ron looked surprised that Mcgonagall could laugh and Hermione seemed scared for them.

"And your mother, she was the exact opposite", her eyes passes over Hermione for a second before she continued, "A muggle born, gifted and yet very hard-working. A strong willed girl and an equally kind heart. She was one of the best students I ever taught. "

"Some students..", her eyes passed over me, "just leave an ever-lasting imprint on others. Your parents were one of them."

"You know, your father at the last day as a student left behind a present for me."

"A present?", asked Harry.

"Oh, yes..I had just finished my nightly rounds and entered my office to see a crystal egg sitting on my desk. Curious I touched it and it immediately transformed into a silver cat. Imagine my surprise when it actually talked."

"A high level Transfiguration and a Charm enchantment, must be a joint work.", I prompted. This knowledge is new even to me like I hadn't ever read this stuff in the books or the movies.

"Oh..it was but how did you know, Mr. Dastaan?", Mcgonagall sounded more surprised then curious.

"Oh, I saw the Miss All Charm Award given to one Lily Evans. Other things was just common sense.", I shrugged.

"You read about them.", her raised eyebrow turned the statement into a question.

"Yes, I did; Harry's my friend and I was curious about his parents. I just searched for them a little and had a read through. "

"That must have been quite a read, huh.", Mcgonagall looked at me.

I shrugged and she continued, "Yeah, as Mr. Moirai has just expertly inferred it was a gift from them. A very interesting piece. It could tell me where exactly anyone I knew was in this whole castle. Though I couldn't tell how exactly it could do that , it didn't prevent me from appreciating it. It helped me quite a bit back then."

"Back then...", Hermione caught the end of the sentence.

Mcgonagall went around the back of her office, removed a book from the glass case and removed a photo from the book. She handed Harry the photo. The photo showed a young James and Lily Potter, Lily held Harry as he slept in her arms while James showed a proud smile.

Mcgonagall looked at Harry for the longest time as he kept staring at the photo, "It stopped working one day and then a few hours later I got the news that they had passed away..."

I looked at Harry to see him crying and as his tears fell, Mcgonagall put her hand on his shoulder,"Mr. Potter...Harry; your parents were the bravest people I knew. They would be proud to see you today."

Harry turned around and kept wiping his tears, "I..can I keep it?"

"Of course Harry", Mcgonagall said.

Harry didn't stop and just ran away from the office. I could hear his stifled sobs.

"It would be best to give him some time alone", Mcgonagall said as Ron and Hermione chased Harry.

"Professor, is there something Harry shouldn't know that you didn't say?", I asked looking at her.

"About what.."

"I didn't mention it since I didn't think it relevant at the time but the name that you didn't say, was it Sirius..Sirius Black?"

Mcgonagall eyes narrowed somewhat on me and I shivered for just a moment before relaxing. I didn't want to think it but I did see Mcgonagall's wand twitch a little. I definitely didn't feel afraid.

"How did you know that name?", her tone betrayed her anxiety..or anger.

"I checked that years' every school record available. Both their names came up frequently so I thought they might know each other."

"You read everything?", her eyebrow raised in disbelief.

"Yes, it took all afternoon.", I had actually [Read] everything of that seven years. Had to take a potion to stop the migraine.

Mcgonagall looked at me for the longest moment, "Make sure that Harry doesn't know about Black in any way."

"May I know the reason?", I asked already knowing the answer.

"The past is not always a good thing to remember.", Mcgonagall replied.

"...Okay, I won't ask. I am sure I can find it out by myself.", I shrugged as I made to leave.

"Mr. Moirai, do you consider yourself to be Harry's friend?"

"I do.", I answered.

"Then please do not go snooping for things that are better locked away forever.", Mcgonagall seemed 'old' suddenly. Her eyes had grown soft and sad.

"It is because I am his friend that I must be prepared for it. And Professor...", my eyes held her before I smirked ,"Thanks for the tip."

I turned and made my way out to find Hermione standing outside listening in. She looked at me like something outside of her understanding.

I walked ahead and she followed. We made our way to the Great Hall to find it partly full. Hermione and I sat facing each other and Hermione's face had gone from surprised to questioning.

"How much did you hear?",I asked.

"Umm...Everything actually. I ran after Harry but when I didn't hear you follow."

"Hmm..Fine. Ask whatever is it you wish to know.", I sighed.

"How did you do it? How could you just know everything?"

"That...well it's not something great or weird or even magical. I just remember everything, it's a library in here", I pointed at my head. "All I read gets stored and if I want to know something the info is just there.", I mimicked Sherlock.

"Everything?", Hermione wondered.

"Yes, everything I [Read] can't be ever forgotten by me."

"Wow...what a gift!", Hermione jealously answered.

"It has its benefits but there is also a drawback."

"What drawback?", she looked a bit happy? at my crisis.

'I guess she doesn't want to be left behind, huh.'

[Your understanding of character : Hermione Granger has increased slightly.]

"I get headaches, too many headaches.", I smiled as I answered.

"Oh...just that.". I laughed at her disappointment.

"About what Prof. Mcgonagall said.."

"About Sirius Black right, what of him?"

"Are you going to still search for him?"

"Of-course I will. Mcgonagall telling me not to do it just made me more curious. Ah..Hogwarts what a wonderful place it is."

"But didn't professor tell you not to..?"

"Well, she didn't exactly tell me no. She just said I cannot tell Harry."


"What are you guys talking about?", it was Ron who interrupted us.

[You have been informed of one of the characters skill]

[Character : Hermione Granger]

[Skill : Curious Cat]

[Your current understanding of the character is too low for further info]


"Nothing", I answered quickly and diverted the topic, "Where's Harry?"

"Common Room. He said he will meet us later", Ron scratched his chin in an awkward way.

"Hmm...That's fine. We should give him some space.", I nodded to Hermione which she returned.

Dinner was served soon and the Great Hall's Sky showed a room full of dark clouds.

I stared at them thinking about Sirius, about how right now he might be reminding himself that he is innocent and he had some great friends.

"Wait just a bit longer...Prizoner of Azkaban."