A Short and Rushed Intro

RWBY casts takes place around Vol 3 Chapter 2 or 3.

"… And I said, now that's a katana… Hey, guys. Where are we?" Ruby said as they realized they were no longer in the academy's corridor.

Team RWBY glanced around with extreme caution. They didn't have their weapons on them. Not too long ago they were at the cafeteria finishing their meal before heading back to their dorm room.

"How did we even get here?" Weiss asked as she inspects the gigantic room they are currently in. "I don't remember a giant movie theater room in Beacon."

"That's because Beacon has no such thing." Said a stern but feminine voice.

Team RWBY turned around and saw Headmaster Ozpin and Deputy Glynda Goodwitch walking towards them. Trailing behind them was a small crowd of familiar and friendly faces.

General James Ironwood, Specialist Winter Schnee, Uncle Qrow, Penny Polendina, and Team JNPR.

"So, then where are we?" Yang asked.

Qrow took a swig out of his flask before answering, "Ain't that the one million Lien question, firecracker."

"Winter." Weiss greeted her big sister.

"Weiss." She greeted back, "I see that we're in the same predicament."

Jaune scratched his head, "So… We're in a movie theater?"

"It seems so." Ren nodded while holding Nora back from playing with one of the cushioned chairs.

Ironwood was calmly assessing his situation, taking in the details of his surroundings until his thoughts were interrupted as Penny rushed out to meet her friend.

"Penny!" Ruby exclaimed, happy to see the android girl again.

"Ruby!" Penny tackled Ruby with all her might, sending them sprawling onto the ground.

"Why…?" Ruby moaned.

Nora joined in, "And Nora!" Nearly jumping on them were it not for Ren holding her back.

"Nora, please don't."

"Aww, but Renny…!"

Jaune tried to take control of the situation, "Let's… Try to keep calm you guys." His efforts were cut short as something caught their attention.

"Welcome." The large screen on the wall came to life with white text. "You are here to witness things beyond or within your realities. Please, take a seat."

"I suggest we don't take a seat." Glynda put some stress on the 'don't' part. Understandably distrustful in their current situation.

"Food, drinks, and accommodation will be provided upon demand. Please make yourself comfortable; rest assured, no harm shall be done."

Nobody moved.

"I think we're good," Jaune said with a brave expression.

Everyone nodded in agreement, unsure if they should follow the instruction of the shady… Movie screen?

"Allow us to assist you."

Everyone blinked. They now found themselves seated comfortably on the cushioned seats in a blink of an eye.

"What?! How?!" Weiss exclaimed, shock at what had happened.

"That's creepy," Yang said.

Blake nodded, "I second that."

"Interesting." Ozpin mused, keeping calm while Glynda and Ironwood looked like they were about to bolt from their chair.

"Now that you are settled, please relax and enjoy the show."

"What is this place? Who are you?" Ironwood asked.

Qrow took another swig out of his bottle, "Best to save your questions for later and go with the flow. I hate to see what the all-powerful screen can do if we angered it."

"… I'm surprised you're thinking rationally here, Qrow." Ironwood said as he laid back onto his chair, figuring the drunk was right.

"Still too sober…" Qrow responded sadly as he shook his now empty flask. On cue, there was a swishing sound of liquid in it, surprising the huntsman. "I could have sworn… Oh. The mighty movie screen did say something about drinks on demand…" He took a whiff, ignoring the glares from his peers, and then drank the content. "Hey, this is good." Qrow nodded in approval.

"Unbelievable." Glynda and Winter said simultaneously.

"Before we begin, you should be warned that some of your viewings may be disturbing, graphic, nonsensical, or controversial. Viewer discretion is advised."

"There goes Ruby's innocence," Yang muttered under her breath.

Ruby tilted her head, "Did you say something, Yang?"


"Oh, okay."

"The show will now begin." The lights darkened as the screen flickered brightly. "Remember, you will be witnessing things beyond or within your realities"