Yukino had given me two and a half hours of science tutoring for the test and I was mentally exhuasted; I hated the subject, it numbed my mind but I felt compelled to pay attention since she was spending so much effort on me. As a side effect of our session I now had a study guide in my notebook that she hand written for me.

As we were putting books away, I heard Isshiki's phone ring ahead two rows ahead of us.

"Moshi-moshi….Hello Haruno-senpai!"

"Back already? … Ah, you're so lucky to have a helicopter. … Yes, they're studying for the science test two rows behind me...

"Yes, everyone in the school knows Hayama-senpai, he's really popular, and many of the girls like him. He gets confessed to all the time!

"… ah, well yes… well, I might have some feelings, and when the time is right I might try something... But isn't that all right?

"…. Ehhhhhh!? Really?! I-I-I d-didn't know that, he should have said something so no one would misunderstand, Haruno-senpai… and my rivals? … sigh... well, his friend Miura-senpai probably likes him a lot, and there is Sagami-san… but I'm sure if they heard… huh…."

"So that's now it is… ah, well, I'm a bit surprised… but... Congratulations! Hope you're both happy, Haruno-senpai! ... Ok, Good bye!

"Huh, well I should have known a rich guy would have something like that going on," Iroha was in a way muttering but doing rather loudly as if to convince herself.

Yukino's phone rang.

"Moshi-moshi… yes Nee-san, we're sitting together… just a moment."

Yukino plugged ear buds into her phone but put one into my ear.

"Hello Hikigaya-kun!"

"Yo… Haruno-nee-san."

"OOOo, that makes me sooo happy, Hikigaya-kun. I've asked Mom and Dad, I'll be moving into Yukino-chan's place so I can have a place to study, isn't that great Yukino-chan?

"That's fine, do as you wish, Nee-san."

"Hikigaya-kun, you can come help Yukino-chan pack her things. And you'll be able to visit her at our Chiba home until 9:30pm any night. Isn't that exciting, Yukino-chan! I'll be sure to visit if Hikigaya-kun is there!"

"That's hardly necessary, Nee-san. There is an old American saying about couples' spending time together, 'Two's company, three's a crowd' "

A Chiba home? So they had other homes? There were still many things I didn't know about that family.

"Awww, you're so heartless, Yukino-chan… Waaah!…. Hey! Dad told the staff no one is to interfere with you two...but, that he expects you both to be responsible! You know what that means, right? If things get hot and heavy and you two do *that*, you need to take precautions and..."

"Nee-san! I don't need to be hearing this from you."

"Awww, I'm just being a concerned older sister…. And that brings us to another important topic about couples."

Yukino sighed.

"Mother said Hayama and I have to get married since you're now out of consideration, and that she doesn't want any girls to be tempting him or flirting with him because it will ruin her plans. She said I have to make it very clear to the girls in your school that he is mine."

Yukino and I looked at each other, and I shrugged. Haruno and Hayama were annoying to me, I saw this mainly as something that would make them spend time on activities other than annoying us, as a minor benefit to a matter that mostly wasn't our problem. It seemed Yukino was of a similar mind on the amount of shits to give.

"Nee-san, how is this of any concern to Hachiman or myself? This is for you to deal with, we've no interest at all. "

"Yukino-chan, this is your dear Nee-san's destiny, please have a care. How about you, Hikigaya-kun, do you have any misgiving, well wishes, worries about your sweet loving Nee-san and her arranged married life?"

What was I supposed to say? I think I pitied Hayama! Haruno was like the devil who made itself into a hot woman for a short time but the core demonic nature was always there, evil and dangerous and twisted…

"I hope your married life is joyful and you have happy children. I hope you'll both be loving and kind, and remember family members aren't toys," I said very seriously.

"WHOA! I think you just scolded me and gave me fatherly advice, Hikigaya-kun! Well, I'll try. Be seeing you both soon, since I do have to complete this mission Mother gave me. Welp, I'm off to buy a 10 carat FL engagement ring on Papa Hayama-san's corporate credit card. Bye!"

I looked in my phone, at the slew of addresses Yukino had furiously entered right before this trip. Yukino put her head on my shoulder.

"This one is our home address, Hachiman." She pointed at the Chiba entry.

"This one is our vacation home in Hokkaido. This is a small home we have in the Denenchofu suburb for Tokyo business meetings. That's our villa in Saint-Tropez."

A villa on the French Riviera, that must be amazing, I thought of some movies with sets there.

"I'll give you tours of all the homes."

I'd never been to those parts of Japan, though relatively close to Chiba.

"I would enjoy the tours."

"Do you have a passport, Hachiman?"

Huh, what's this about a passport?

"Yes, but it might be out of date, I've only been out of Japan one time. Why?"

"Well, get it renewed so you can see the villa."

Oh! Holy Crap!

Our seats were leaned back, Yukino sat on the "bridge" she had made between our seats, and slept on my shoulder with her legs over my lap as she held my arm. Later I was awakened by her stirring and trying to adjust her position. I undid the harness belt and she climbed into my lap, apparently still asleep. I refastened the belts with her in this new position, head on my chest and arms holding my sides. The top of her head smelled wonderful. Her bottom and hips on my legs felt wonderful. Her soft body… I must empty my mind and try to sleep!

She must not have moved much after that, because the next thing I knew it was morning. Yukino was still asleep in much the same position. Her cute little ear was showing through her parted hair and I studied it. I wanted to kiss that ear… it should be fine even though she was asleep since I was her boyfriend, right? I only had to gently move her to the side a bit, then give a little kiss… and another… and rub the lobe between my lips…

"Let's see if Senpai is.. WAAAAAH!"

Iroha had pulled the curtain aside and I only moved my eyes up, still with the large part of Yukino's earlobe in my mouth.

Behind her Yuigahama stood with a look on her face I can only describe as "heartrending sadness." She covered her face and bounded back into her seat.

"So sorry!...," said Iroha, as she bowed and zoomed back to her seat. She was retrieving tissues from her purse for the weeping Yuigahama.

I closed the curtain.

"So noisy..."

Yukino said quietly and looked up at me.

"Yukino. Good morning."

"Good morning, Hachiman. Will the bus stop soon?"

"Yes, in about twenty minutes."


She undid her seat belts, turned the opposite way on my lap, and put her head on my shoulder and went back to sleep. Yes, that felt wonderful indeed! I redid the belts and decided to watch Yukino for the remaining time until our breakfast stop. On second thought, that's her other ear isn't it…

We were eating breakfast at a cafe, the bus would wait forty minutes.

"You can have the rest of mine if you wish, that was more food than my normal breakfast."

Yukino seemed to be thinking of something.

"Hikigaya-kun, what do you plan to do for lunch today at school?"

"Probably the same as always, I just get bread from cafeteria."

"That's hardly a healthy lunch, Hachiman."

Yukino signaled the waitress and spoke with her. The woman returned and said the cook could make us lunches.

We were picked up by the school's shuttle bus from the terminal and taken to school. We held hands out of everyone's view for the trip.

Arriving at Sobu High, the girls and boys disembarked the shuttle bus and split up to use the showers and freshen ourselves. My school uniform defintely looked traveled-in.

Yukino and I promised to meet in the cafeteria for lunch, and then separated to go through the first part of our school day including a science test for us second years. Parting was such sweet sorrow, and a second hour science test part of a sorrowful pain in the ass.

Miura was talking to Yuigahama and Ebina as I entered the room.

"Hayato is heartbroken over Yukinoshita, but she's out of the picture now. His heart has to be more open now, and I might have a chance."

So she was still carrying a torch for the guy that never really cared for her, the poor girl. She didn't know. Should I tell her? Or, maybe sticking my nose in other people's romances only caused trouble for me. I had my own romance to occupy my time and thoughts, after all… Screw 'em, Hikigaya Hachiman is out of the helping others with romance biz!

Sagami was talking with her friends too, quietly so the Queen Bee of the back of the room couldn't hear her, but I could.

"So, Hayama is broken hearted, and maybe a girl could catch him on the rebound! I need to stop being afraid of that Miura, I have just as much a chance as her now!"

"You go, girl!"

That won't end well, Sagami. But, that was not my problem either.

Hayama came in, and the room fell silent. He quietly sat down, and and only politely nodded as Tobe, Ooka and Yamato greeted him. I think we had two cliques now, the Queen Bee's Gals and Hayama's Dude Posse. And ne'er more the twain shall meet.

Hayama's phone chimed with a message, he glanced at it and sighed. Then he muted his phone and I was reminded to mute mine as per school rules. The screen lit up even though my phone now silent.

From: Yukinoshita Haruno

I'll be having Hayama meet me outside after last class, and some witnesses will be there too. You might find it interesting to watch, Hikigaya-kun! After today, you need to tell Nee-san if anyone is hitting on Hayama!

Ugh, don't involve me in your schemes, you demoness.

In second period I thought I did mediocre on the science test, which is to say much better than normal.

At lunch time Yukino was being tailed and interrogated by her Yukino Groupies, her fans from Class J.

"So despite your denials on the school trip, you DID have feelings for that guy all along, didn't you, Yukinoshita-sama?"

"Right? Right?", two other girls of the Groupies chimed in.

"Those feelings grew slowly, over time. Well, if you'll all excuse me now..."

All the girls looked at me. There was giggling and then they rushed ahead into the cafeteria whispering. The rumor mill was in peak production.

There was no Personal Displays of Affection allowed at Sobu of course, so we merely walked into the cafeteria together.

We sat at the end of a table of first-years whom we didn't know except for Secretary-chan, she waved at us but continued to talk to girls of her year. I suppose her and Vice President-kun did nothing at school to hint at their hot (panting dog) relationship outside.

"So how did your science test go, Hikigaya-kun?"

"Surprisingly well, 70% correct."

"Well, that's progress in the right direction."

I wanted to change the subject.

"Yukino, do you have a lot of things to pack for your move back to your parents?"

"There are a lot of clothes. I do have many books, files and discs. Nee-san can use the kitchenware and linens; needless to say our home has more than enough of those things. A stack of containers is being delivered."

"I think you'll be too tired to start packing tonight; but I can help you any time."

"I actually would like to start tonight... and Hikigaya-kun, would you like to stay for dinner at my apartment today? We could go grocery shopping after we drop the luggage off."

"I really am looking forward to your cooking...you won't be too fatigued to cook? Of course I'll help with prepping for the move."

"I actually slept very well last night."

Those who went on the trip were excused from club. Yukino and I were leaving the school with our luggage, to take the train to her apartment.

Hayama and the guys from his clique, along with Ebina and Yuigahama were outside the entrance of the school. Miura, Sagami and a couple of her friends were also there.

"Sagaimi-san, You didn't send this?" Miura held up her phone with a text.

"No… you didn't send this?"

A limousine was on the street and a full figured beauty jumped out.

"Hayato, my love! I can't stop showing off the ring you gave me!"

Haruno pranced towards the dazed and confused Hayama with her hand in the air, a large diamond on a platinum ring blazed like the arc of a welding machine on her fourth finger. Haruno wore a fluorescent purple dress under a short white overcoat and matching shear purple hose with a criss-cross pattern that disappeared into white high heeled boots. The heels made her hips gyrate and sway rapidly, reminding me of cowgirls. No, not the ones in Western movies. All right, brain, out of the gutter.

Miura and Sagami jaws dropped and hung open.

"That's not even a couple's ring, that's an engagement ring!" Sagami's friend exclaimed, belaboring what was painfully obvious and delivering the death blow to two maidens' hearts.

Haruno pounced on Hayama like a tiger on a side of beef, grabbed his butt cheek with one hand, the back of his head with the other, and lifted her shapely leg to place her knee above his hip. She moaned, deeply kissing Hayam's mouth, at times pulling a centimeter away and then back so her tongue was visible, as she ground her crotch on his leg and rubbed her breasts on his chest.

Tobe yelled, "Holy shit that's like a hentai kiss!"

Miura and Sagami were both now covering their faces.

Haruno then broke the kiss with a sound that somehow reminded me of a toilet plunger being yanked slowly off a muddy tile floor.

Hayama's face was red and he was panting. His pants bulged but I wondered if he looked a bit sad too.

"I've made the appointment for picking the maid's dresses at Yumi Katsura Bridal House! And there is a new Love Hotel a block away! Let's go!"

Haruno then made an evil glare at Sagami and then Miura.

"Stay away from my fiancee. Homewreckers will be dealt with!"

That voice was nearly as cold and bone chilling as her sister's. Almost.

Haruno... dismounted... Hayama, grabbed his forearm and placed his hand on the upper part of her exposed bosom, and started to haul him off.

Hayama looked backwards toward Yukino and myself, but Haruno grabbed the underside of his chin and turned his head to look forwards.

"Don't you ever stare at my imouto, you cuck," Haruno groused at him.

Mission accomplished.

Yukino actually chuckled.

I looked at her.

"I'd never do such things… in public."

Yikes. Now I was imagining things.

"Would you be imagining certain erotic things, Hachiman?

"Eh, oh no not me Yukino!"

A teasing grin remained.

Something came to my mind though. Let's see her grin after this.

"Do you think the trend of couple's rings are silly, Yukino?"

The grin was gone and Yukino blushed.

"I… was just… making conversation." My voice faltered and my face was warming up.

"Ah. I'm.. not opposed to them. What do you think of those rings, Hachiman?"

I didn't have much money, some from my New Years moneys my parents kept… I didn't know what a affordable romantic ring would look like… but… I could consult Komachi on this, surely she'd be glad to help!

"The person giving a ring would have reasons and feelings, if the person receiving it understood and valued those thoughts… I suppose a ring could be a good thing."

Yukino smiled.

"I would not want a ring that costs much, Hachiman. Your feelings would be what made a ring precious to me."