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Chapter 16

"That'll teach you to mess with us!" An evil voice cackled as a tattered and bloodied body was thrown into a dank cell where hollowed out death lay. The figure rose and brushed himself off, blaring anger in his cobalt eyes. He ran his fingers through his hair as he looked around the dark, dank cell.

"Damn it...I was so close to getting those five bastards." Snarled Seto Kaiba as he leaned his back against the bars. "So goddamn close..." His eyes darted around the darkened cell until something minute caught his eyes. He rose, walking to the darkest corner of the lightless prison, seeing a frail body. Using his pallid finger, he poked at the body. It stirred, opening wide, sapphire orbs. Blinking a few times, the orbs flickered, being shielded by tuffs of thick, ebony hair. After a few brief moments of silence, the figure shot up and latched itself onto Seto, hugging him tightly. Seto knew who this being was, so he wrapped his arms tightly around it as well, hugging it close.

"Big brother!" Cried out Mokuba, tears streaming down his sullied face. Pushing his little brother away gently, he cradled his fleshy cheeks in his hands, wiping away some of the grime that covered his innocence and beauty. The emotionless Seto Kaiba shed a tear as he pulled Mokuba back once more into a loving embrace. "I knew you'd come back, Seto...I just knew it!"

"Mokuba..." He spoke in a low tone that seemed so unlike Seto, a tone filled with such pain, hurt, and flourishing happiness. He had back what was most precious to him, his little brother.

"K-kaiba?" Another soft voice called out, as the chestnut haired youth turned to the darkened corner of the cell, seeing two more shaded figures in the dark depths of the shadows. Téa and Tristan sat huddled together, the girl in the man's weak, frail arms. Shaking, her azure eyes seemed glazed over with such pain, such horror, as the auburn haired man nuzzled his cheek against her own.

"W-what's going on here?" Seto snapped, his thunderous voice piercing through the ears of the prisoners. They cringed, hearing all the anger in the boy's voice.

Tristan spoke up, his voice trembling slightly. Bruises covered most of his face, and some of which were under his clothes. He didn't seem like the strong friend whom Seto had remembered standing beside Yugi. "I wish I knew, Kaiba. All I know is that this is the doing of that bastard, Malik."

"Oh, now must we resort to name calling, hmmm?" With a sinister smirk, the blonde Egyptian stood outside the cell where four sets of eyes lurked in the darkness, glaring at the villain that stood before them. One hand resting on his hip, cocked slightly to the right, and his other hand resting on one of the bars, Malik grinned, seeing all the pain and torturous agony within the on looking orbs. This fact alone pleased him, but then, being able to look about the cell and see the infamous Seto Kaiba now in his lethal grip sent chills up and down his spine. "Ah, Seto Kaiba, I see you have been reunited with your little brother. How sweet..." Leaning up against the bars, his back to his prisoners, he chuckled. "How does that song go? Reunited and it feels so good...." Malik scoffed with a disgusting smile as Seto lunged for the bars, though Malik sensed this, quickly adverting the hands of the lethal Kaiba. "Don't make me laugh, Seto." He turned, violet orbs flickering with malice satisfaction. "I know you have not the strength or the intelligence to outwit me. Honestly, it's rather entertaining." Seto only backed away, glaring a hole through the evil wielder of the Millennium Rod.

"Bastard..." Hissed the elder Kaiba.

"What a mouth, Seto. I mean, now I know where your brother gets his bad language." Running one of his long, slender tanned fingers along the cold metal bars, he sighed in mock disappointment. "Ahhh...I wish this didn't have to end so soon, but what has to be done is what has to be done." Looking to his immediate left, a body slowly proceeded towards the tanned one who wore the sickeningly evil grin upon his lips. The figure that took slow, steady steps towards him wore the same grin on his lips as his leader did. All four sets of on looking orbs widened as the shadow soon gained a face and a set of murderous chestnut orbs that seemed to look right through people, not at them. The first recognizable trait of this shadow as the thick, hay like blonde locks protruding from his head with sharp points.

"J-joey?" Whimpered out the girl who slowly rose, despite the arms of her lover, which gently pulled her back down. Limping over to the bars, she clung to them, tears steadily streaming down her face. "N-no...this can't be...Joey..."

"Heh. Joey is no longer here."

"No! You are Joey! You're one of my best friends! Please, stop this!"

"Foolish girl." His voice was rather cold, matching the vicious tone of one who had suffered so much and who had no relief from the pain that lay within their fragile heart. He also stepped towards the bars, his movements like those of a snake, sleek and deadly.

"Joey, please. Y-you're scaring me." She pressed her face to the bars, tears cascading down her pale face. Her hair, matted down by the filth that encased all of Malik's victims, lazily hung over her eyes. Téa rested a trembling hand on the cold steel, gazing into the now darkened orbs of her best friend, the one she remembered, the one she knew to be the gentle clown of the group, doing anything to cheer up anyone in need of it. She knew this wasn't the real Joey, and she wouldn't be convinced otherwise. "Joey!" Surprisingly, her voice lifted to an angry snarl, still engulfed in sadness. "Come back to us, Joey! We all love you! I know this isn't you!"

"You're right." Said the blonde simply. Téa's eyes lifted, a soft, hopeful smile on her lips. That smile soon faded as suddenly, the blonde reached his hand through the bars, wrapping each callused finger around the girl's fragile neck. Téa faltered, trying to escape the lethal grip of the man before her, though this only caused his grip to tighten. She felt the last bits of oxygen enter her system, though not exit as it normally would. Jumping almost immediately from where he sat, Tristan bolted over to where he saw his lover, his flower, slowly fade, wilting under the deadly burn of the blonde's fiery gaze.

"Do you believe me now?" Hissed the evil one who steadily stole the life of the brunette.

"Let go!" Snarled Tristan, trying to sever the bond between Téa's neck and the hand of Mistress Death.

He failed.

Her body soon become like one of the rag dolls she used to play with as a child, lifeless. With a soft chuckle, the body was dropped into the awaiting arms of Tristan, who pulled that body close.

"No...NO!" His cries were heard, though ignored as even the younger Kaiba shed tears. Seto held Mokuba close, cold eyes still focused upon the bringer of death. "Why?!" Tristan's voice cracked, arousing oncoming tears. "Why, Joey?! I thought you were our friend!"

"I told you, you dolt! Joey is no longer here." A toothy grin outfitted the evil being who stood before the prisoners as he lifted the murderous hand to his bangs, clearing them from his dark eyes. "Millennia ago, I was called Koroshiya. I was just another bandit, until I made a feeble-minded pharaoh believe in an even more feeble friendship. He grew close to me, confining in me, telling me all of his stupid little hopes and dreams, wishes and fantasies. What a fool!" Koroshiya snickered and continued on with his story, licking his lips as if craving more blood, death, and destruction. "One evening, the pharaoh let his guard down and like a hungry serpent, I struck, killing the tyrant with one fatal blow to his blasphemes heart. Guided by my master, Kirai, I was the murderer of the 'oh so great' king of the sands." With eyes so full of hatred and loathe, he continued on. "But now, to find out that that damned Pharaoh has returned, that he has been resurrected," Snarling, Koroshiya threw his fists into the bars, a sickening thud ringing throughout the small prison. The hostages all cringed at the sudden thud. "It's not fair! I terminated him for the better of Egypt and with all his wrong doing, he still is able to return to the world now, unharmed, and aided by foolish people like you!" Snarling, he was silenced by Malik's rigid hand upon his shoulder.

"Hush, Koroshiya. You will get your revenge soon enough." Hungry, lilac eyes traced along the others who trembled in fear. "You started with the girl, and you will end with the pharaoh. All will be righted and you will be able to say that once again, you have killed the pharaoh."

"Good. That is all I ask for, my master. Vengeance is all I seek."

He hadn't said a word, though Seto's mind was roaring with thoughts and brimming with pleas, begging for someone to come and help the remaining lost souls that remained in the cell. Yugi, I know you're out there somewhere, and I know that you are worrying about these peons you call friends. So, I beg of you, please, come soon. I can protect my little brother, no problem, but one of your friends is already dead, and I know that once they set their eyes on that other idiot, Tristan, there will be no hope for you. Their lives will not be spared by the likes of them, them, which you called friends at a time. Pausing, he realized that as he thought, an even darker night had approached and everyone, including the lifeless Téa, who lay cradled in the loving arms of Tristan, who slept with only his painful memories. In Seto's lap lay Mokuba soundly sleeping, clinging to a piece of Seto's jacket. Smiling softly, Seto intertwined his fingers with the thick locks of hair as his thoughts lulled him into a sleep that was both painful and unwelcoming. Come on, Yugi. For once, I need your help, and I know that you won't deny me...just like you never denied me of a duel. Yugi...save us...

((Author's Note: Well, I see you reached the end of the chapter. A few things, if you haven't picked it up yet, I have, like so many others, created random past selves for some of the 'less fortunate' characters who didn't receive one; Koroshiya, Joey's past self, was a tomb robber, as stated, and back in Chapter 14, he was introduced, speaking of his master, Kirai. Kirai is Malik's past self, a rebel, hating the pharaoh, just like the show, actually. So, yes, I just thought I'd clear that up. As for a certain look for the two, just picture Joey and Malik Egyptian style! Though, Malik is already Egyptian enough, heh, anyways, thanks for reading, and remember, look for chapter 17, coming soon to a hard drive near you!))