The Fifteenth Anniversary

"Hayate, I FORGOT!" the frazzled image of Nanoha Takamachi appeared on her view screen

Hayate Yagami looked curious, "Forgot what?"

"OUR ANNIVERSARY!" Nanoha wailed.

It took Hayate a second, "You and Fate's...?"

"Yes," Nanoha whimpered. "It's our Fifteenth. I wanted to take Fate out but..." she trailed off.

Fate and her had both been crazy busy. Fate had been bouncing in and out of the system with her investigative work, while she had been swamped with her students at the TSAB training school. She had TOTALLY lost track of time.

"Calm down," Hayate ordered.

Nanoha took a few breaths, noticing it did help.

"It's probably too late for dinner, but I don't think Fate was expecting you to anywa," Hayate noted reasonably. "Did you get her a wedding gift?" she asked.

"New rings," Nanoha admitted.

"Nice," Hayate nodded. She looked thoughtful, "Flowers. Get her flowers."

"Right," Nanoha nodded. Her burst of panic was fading, thankfully...

"Roses. But maybe the white ones.. they're classy but a little different too," Hayate added. She smiled, "You okay, now?"

"Yeah, thanks," Nanoha smiled.

"I cleared your and Fate's schedules for the next two days too," Hayate waved, "have fun."


Nanoha took a steadying breath, then unlocked the door. "I'm home," she called. She had the bouquet of flowers in hand, and the ring boxes in her pocket.

"Welcome back!" Fate's voice called from the back of the house.

"Fate...?" Nanoha called as she went inside, wondering what was going on.

"Back here," Fate called, and Nanoha followed the voice to the bedroom.

The door swung open, and Fate smiled warmly, "Happy Anniversary, dear."

"Eeep," Nanoha managed.

Fate was wearing a VERY tiny bra and panty set, made of.. well, what looked like cobwebs. It basically covered nothing. And over it was a gauzy nightie that swished invitingly.

"Here. Flowers," Nanoha managed to get her brain going.

Fate looked very amused, "Thank you." She gestured to her outfit, "You like?"

"Oooooh, yeah," Nanoha grinned happily.

Fate closed the distance and kissed Nanoha lingeringly. "Vivio is staying with Einhart and the girls at the gym. We have the place all to ourselves," she purred.

"This may be the best anniversary ever...," Nanoha managed as they went into the bedroom together.


Notes: October first is the fifteenth anniversary of the beginning of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime. (Technically it's a bit older if you count the Triangle Heart Nanoha OVA, but eh.) So I wanted to do SOMETHING for it.