Kakite here! This is my first Inuyasha fic. The first and second chapters of this fic were actually separate, when I realized I could do a little manipulating and make this somewhat of a prologue. So here's a nice dramatic romance.
The Golden Book

The silver haired hanyou gathered speed as he soared above the treetops. He was running. Running from everything, everyone... everyone that had made fun of him, everyone that had hurt him. He ran from Kikyo, Kagome, Sesshomeru and everything that was confusing to him.

'Why do I do this?' he asked himself. 'Why do I run when I know that it isn't going to change.'

A voice answered him, 'Because no one should have this much pain, and the only thing you can do is run, it is the only thing you have left.'

'But... why do I push everyone away?' Inuyasha asked himself. 'Why do I act all the time, why do I act like nothing is wrong?'

'Because you are defending yourself. You are shutting out anything that could cause you pain.' The voice answered again.

An image of Kagome suddenly made it's way into Inuyasha's struggling mind. She was smiling, but when he looked closer, her eyes were blank and emotionless. The big smirk all over her face stopped when he looked at her eyes. He saw everything, and yet nothing at all.

Looking up, Inuyasha realized he was in the middle of a small moonlit meadow. A bird was pecking at the grass a few paces away, happily chirping. He looked up at the dark sky to see an array of stars winking down at him.

He lay down on the earth looking up at the sky, his mind wandering back to the raven-haired girl. He recalled the picture of her that he had evaded his thoughts earlier. Those blank eyes stared back at his mind, unblinking. For that moment, the birds stopped chirping, the cicadas were silent and the wind slowed to a lull. His breathing slowed, everything was waiting, waiting for something. The world was silent as one lonely tear rolled down his pale face. The light of the moon caught in it and it glittered all the way down his face until it splashed helplessly on the ground.

He pulled his hand to touch where the tear had left his face. 'Why am I crying?'

'It's been a long time hasn't it?' a voice said, almost seeming amused 'You are crying, because something is making you sad.'

'But what... would do that?'

'I believe you know.' The voice sounded colder and more distant then before.


Inuyasha was suddenly filled with warmth and ice at the same time. He longed to see her, to see her laugh, to touch her face.

'But she doesn't love me.' He thought simply.

At that, he ran back to camp, putting on his best cold attitude for everyone. The sun was just reaching over the horizon. He suspected they would be up by the time he reached camp.

Sure enough, as he waltzed into the clearing, he heard a unison of four 'Hi Inyasha! Where were you?'s.

"Feh, none of your business." He replied with his usual hint of arrogance.

When he looked up he realized Kagome had paused and was staring at him. He looked straight back at her, without a comment for once. He could see something, something in her eyes... It was the same look... that he had pictured earlier.

Their eyes locked for what was really just a millisecond. But that millisecond was forever. That moment was everything and nothing. Nothing was said, but so much was said at the same time.

Suddenly Inuyasha felt himself being pulled forward by an unknown force. He saw Kagome through his mysteriously fogged vision. She was getting closer, or was he getting closer to her. It wall all mist, and then he heard Kikyo's voice.

"Come to hell with me Inuyasha..."

His face met solid earth and he was awoken from the apparition. He looked at the ground evilly until he realized where he was. Before he could pick himself up, he heard Kagome yell.


He felt her warm hands on his head, she was pulling his head into her lap.

"I'm fine." He said indifferently, trying to ignore the warm body so close to him.

So close... he was touching her... and she wasn't getting mad.

"Inuyasha?" said a voice shakily.

"Where am I?" He asked suddenly.

"Uhhhhhh, we're in our camp, in your time, remember?" Kagome said.

"Yes, woman. I knew that, I was just testing you." Inuyasha said, not nearly with as much edge as he had intended.

"Ok... I just don't know what's wrong with you, you fell..." Kagome trailed off as Inuyasha jumped from her lap.

"I seem to have eaten a bit of bad meat." He lied quickly. "My demon blood will take care of it."

"Uhhh... Hai." Kagome said, still confused. She had never seen her traveling companion so out of it. It scared her.
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