Height Difference / Bondage


Height wise, they weren't a match. He would always have to bend to kiss her and she would have to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him. Even when she wore heels they still had to compromise. But they still managed to fit together. A little bending seemed worth it.

They'd met at the gym. Jake had been going to that gym for years; since he was a teenager and struggled with his anger. It gave him an outlet. She'd only been going there for a few months. He'd seen her around; going to a spin class, heading to the changing rooms and taking the stairs to the upstairs sauna.

The first time they interacted it had been because she had been rushing up the stairs (to get to a spin class) and she'd collided with him, sending his bag flying off his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry!" she'd apologised, her face red as she bent down to pick up the items that had fallen out; some clothes and a water bottle.

"Don't worry," Jake had told her, bending down and putting his clothes back into his bag and gratefully taking his water bottle from her. When they had both stood that's when Jake realised just how short she was. She barely came up to his chest.

"God, you're massive!" Nessie had remarked before clamping her hand down over her mouth. Jake had simply chuckled. That was how their first conversation started.

From there, things just got better. They spoke more, started to jog together, walk to the gym together and their casual friendship developed into something more. Soon after Jake asked her on their first date. Neither had looked back since.

The one thing he loved about Nessie was her height. She was the perfect height for Jake to pick up, so light and small she fit into his arms easy. And despite their height difference, they fit together just perfectly. His cock had never known such pleasure before. She was tight, wet and warm and when he slid into her, he thanked every deity he knew that somehow she had found him.

"Hey - that's not fair!" Jake looked over from the bench he was laid on. Nessie was stood in front of a mirror lifting kettlebells.

"How can you zone out and still bench press?" She knew him too well.

Jake smiled and stood, putting the weights back in the rack before going over to Nessie and wrapping his arms around her slim waist.

"I'm just that talented."

She snorted.

Jake dug his fingers into her waist and tickled, grinning when she tried to squirm away from him.

"Stop it - I'll get you with the kettlebells."

"You wouldn't." Jake challenged. "You wouldn't want to damage my face."

Nessie bit her lip and met Jake's eyes in the mirror. "I wouldn't say that's my favourite part of you." Her backside pressed against Jake's groin and he began to harden.

"Oh yeah? What is?" He wanted to hear her say the words. His fingers crept under her thin top and ran light circles over her skin.

Nessie bent down, purposefully pressing her ass against his groin as she placed the kettlebells on the floor. She carefully turned in his arms, Jake's fingers sliding from her front to her back, his fingers now skimming up her spine.

Nessie reached up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled him closer to her, their face only inches apart.

"You cock, Jake. My favourite part of you is your cock." He was gone. Crashing his lips against hers, he pulled her closer, fingers squeezing and grabbing at the flesh of her back.

"I need you," Jake ground out. "I need you now."

Nessie giggled and kissed him harder, leaning into him more. He made her feel safe. In his arms, she felt invincible.

When she pulled back Jake groaned. She ignored the noise and gently grasped his hand, pulling him out of the weight room and into the hallway.

Jake was grateful there was no one else around.

Nessie led him a few steps down the hallway before stopping in front of a door and opening it. Inside, gym mats were piled up, creating the perfect surface. She pushed him inside and shut the door as she followed him.

Jake pulled her to him once more and kissed her hard, slanting his mouth over hers as his hips pressed forward.

Their kisses grew sloppy and Jake found his hands pawing at her t-shirt, slipping into her shorts and pulling her shoes off.

When they were both naked, him hard and her wet, he placed his hands under her backside and lifted her onto a pile of gym mats, putting her at the perfect position for him to slide into her with ease.

He lined himself up at her entrance and pressed his forehead against hers.

"Do you want me?"

"Always," she moaned back. Her small hands traced down his muscled chest to his hips where the circled back and squeezed his firm ass. "Now, Jacob."

Her fingernails dug into the skin and she pulled him forwards, moaning when he pushed against her slick folds, hard skin meeting soft flesh.

Jake entered her, and like every time, his eyes rolled back into his head and he sent up a prayer to whoever was listening.

Nessie whimpered and her head fell back, exposing the smooth alabaster skin of her neck.

Jake's lips latched on and he began to suck as his hips pounded a steady rhythm into her.

Nessie's moans got louder and she pulled Jake's lips up to hers. She moaned inside his mouth and Jake couldn't help but grin.

Wanting to give her more, Jake wrapped an arm around her waist to anchor her to him and took his other arm and pressed it into the mat at her side.

Carefully, he used the mat for leverage, changing his thrusts slightly so instead of just thrusting into her, he was now thrusting up into her.

"Oh!" Nessie cried as he hit the spot. "Jake… Jake… there."

Hearing her enjoyment made Jake increase the speed of his thrust, his balls began to tighten, her moans spurring him on.

The heat in her stomach began to build and her pussy started to clench.

"Jake - I'm…" The words died in her throat as her orgasm rippled over her body unexpectedly, washing over her in thick waves, tightening all her muscles and making her forget how to breathe.

Jake wasn't a virgin and so was usually quite proud of the fact he could make Nessie cum at least twice before he felt the need to; however, he couldn't boast today. The feel of her so tight and wet around him, the angle, her breath on his skin and her moans in his ear were all too much. He felt his balls draw up to his body and then he was spurting inside her, his thick hot cum leaving his body at alarming rate. His toes curled and he squeezed his eyes shut, stars dancing behind them.

Nessie's small hands stroked over his face. Her fingers smoothed over his lips and she pressed a gentle kiss to his chin.

Jake opened his eyes and was met with her brilliant brown ones staring back at him, a satisfied smile on her face.

Due to Nessie's height, Jake was bent slightly at the waist, one hand still on the mat as the other was wrapped around her waist.

Her fingers were on his pecs, lightly tapping against the muscles.

"I love how short you are," he told her in a quiet voice as they both came down from their highs.

Nessie smiled. "I love how tall you are."

Height wise, they weren't a match. He would always have to bend to kiss her and she would have to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him. Even in heels they still had to compromise. But they still managed to fit together. A little bending seemed worth it.