"When are we going to put the plan into action?! It's been five years! Couldn't we have just started with this?"

"It's because of his intervention we couldn't start with this, you know that. We had to wait for the tension to disperse before moving onto stage two."

"And when are we going to move onto stage two?"

"Begin preparations now."

After a couple of hours, Garp had finally returned to his own home, taking all their crackers with him, leaving the two siblings alone at last. Luffy's stomach rumbled. Groaning, she yelled, "SABOOO! I'm hungry!"

After a few seconds and still no response, Luffy tilted her head in confusion, she couldn't remember a time when Sabo didn't respond.

"Sabo?" Luffy called out again, voice unsure.

Did he find some extra nice mystery meat that he didn't want to share or something?! What the hell? Standing up from the sofa, Luffy puffed out her cheeks. She wanted mystery meat too!

Stomping up to his room, she pushed the door open but paused when she saw him asleep in his bed. There was no mystery meat!

"Stupid Sabo," she scowled, "Falling asleep before making me my meat!"

You could practically see the light bulb that dinged above her head as she stared at her sleeping brother, "Wakey, wakey!" she said, pushing him off the bed.

Landing with a thump, he groaned, "Luffy…" He rubbed the arm he had landed on.

"Can you make me dinner now?" she questioned, completely ignoring the fact Sabo was still in pain on the ground. Or else just not noticing it.

"You could've just shaken me awake instead of pushing me off my bed…" Sabo trailed off.

"Yeah but what's the fun in that? Shishishi!" Luffy stuck out her tongue as Sabo shook his head fondly.

Luffy inhaled her seventh helping of dinner, as Sabo watched with a mix of awe and disgust, no matter how many times he'd eaten meals with her he was never going to get used to her bottomless stomach.

"Did you ever tell your crew why you logged off?" Sabo questioned, bringing his plate over to the sink to wash up. He might as well get his own dishes out of the way in preparation for all of Luffy's. Once he had made the mistake of letting her near the dishwasher. Never again.

"OH! I FWORGOT!" she exclaimed, mouth full of food, she swallowed it quickly, "Thanks for reminding me Sabo! I'm full now!" she pushed her plate away and ran upstairs.

Sabo chuckled and then looked at the mess his little sister left… this was going to take a long time to clean up. So much for being able to relax after their trip.

"I hope they all are still online!" Luffy said as she switched on her desktop, happy to be back to her actual setup after so long on vacation. "Come on! Go faster!" she whined at the computer that was currently installing updates. Damn it!

Finally, her computer finally started and she wasted no time logging into One Piece.

"Strawhat!" Cotton Candy exclaimed, seeing her avatar spawn on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.

"What happened earlier?" Mikan asked and Luffy was reminded of the fact that Sabo had turned off her laptop.

"My brother turned off my laptop because he said we were going to be late for our flight! He has to buy me a lot of meat now so it's fine!"

Sogeking, who had logged in while Luffy was gone winced, "If you eat anywhere near the amount of meat you eat in game in real life, I feel bad for him."

Luffy laughed in response, "I eat even more in real life! Stupid avatar gets full!"

Cyborg whistled, "I sure hope you're kidding Straw-bro!" Devil Child chuckled, "I have a feeling he may be telling the truth."

Prince swooned, "If Devil says he's telling the truth, he must be!"

Mikan rolled her eyes, "Anyway, we're just waiting for Onigiri to log on. Once he does I have something to talk about with you all."

Just as Mikan said that, Onigiri's avatar appeared on deck. "Speak of the devil," she muttered under her breath.

"EH?!" Sogeking's eyes widened, "Y-y-y-you're not going to tell us that you're secretly a murderer or anything? Right? RIGHT?! Not that I'm scared or anything- haha! If anything I'd protect everyone, yeah!" his knees were shaking.

Both Luffy and Cotton Candy's eyes sparkled, "WOAH! SO COOL!" they exclaimed together.

"IT'S NOT ANYTHING LIKE THAT YOU IDIOTS!" Mikan exclaimed, bonking all three of them on the head, and sighing, "Their imaginations I swear…"

Devil Child chuckled, "That's unfortunate. It would've made things interesting, to say the least."

"YOW! So morbid! That's our SUPER archeologist!" Cyborg exclaimed as Sogeking's face began to turn blue, "Made things interesting?! If she was a murderer she'd kill us!"

Strawhat laughed, "Nope! Mikan wouldn't kill us!" and Prince nodded earnestly, "Mikan would never! I don't usually agree with shitty rubber dumbasses but he's right, for once!"


"It's fine, your secret is safe with us!" Sogeking exclaimed, and he would look a lot cooler if his knees were not still shaking.

"Yeah!" Cotton Candy agreed, "No matter what you're still our friend! We won't sell you out!"

"I mean…" Onigiri interjected, trailing off.

"OI! STUPID MOSSHEAD YOU BETTER NOT SELL OUT MIKAN!" Prince growled, glaring heatedly at Onigiri who narrowed his eyes in return.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME SWIRLY?!" Onigiri leapt up, unsheathing three of his swords.

"STOP FIGHTING YOU IDIOTS I'M NOT A MURDERER!" Mikan yelled, hitting both of them where the sun doesn't shine.

Bones winced, "Rest in peace, they had a good run," he played a sad tune on his violin.

Cyborg shook his head sadly, "They were super crew mates… I'm going to miss them."

"I KNEW SHE WAS A MURDERER!" Sogeking shrieked, running to hide behind Bones, quivering, "N-not that I'm scared or anything!" Chopper followed after him and hide behind the sniper, proceeding to hide the wrong way.


Onigiri rolled his eyes and returned to his spot sitting down while leaning across the railing.

"Shishishi! You guys are real stupid!" Luffy laughed at her crews antics.

"Of all the people to be called stupid by…" Sogeking wilted.

Devil Child spoke, clearing her throat, "What was it you wanted to tell us anyway Miss Navigator?"

"Ah, that's right," Mikan blinked, it seemed even she had forgotten, "We've known each other for a long time now…"

"That's right!" Cotton Candy nodded, "It's been almost three years since the crew was made!"

"I was just thinking after so long..." Mikan continued, "...we don't even know each other's names, or anything about each other! Aren't we friends?"

"Of course we're friends Mikan!" Prince exclaimed, "It's just…" he trailed off.

"You're right…" Sogeking mumbled, shuffling awkwardly.

"Then why don't we just introduce ourselves?" Strawhat said, shrugging noncommittally.

"Ah, you're so simple minded," Mikan said dismissively, though she was smiling fondly, "Everyone in agreement?"


"I'll have to play a merry song for this happy occasion! Yohoho!"

Onigiri grunted in acknowledgement.


"I don't see why not," Robin smiled mysteriously.

"Yeah! Definitely!" Cotton Candy nodded enthusiastically.

"I'll astound you all once you learn of my name and then come to realise all my brilliant feats from real life!" Sogeking, quite obviously, lied.

"YEAH!" Strawhat yelled, fist pumping the air.

"I'll go first then," Mikan said, "Hi! I'm Nami and I'm currently nineteen years old!"

"OH! OH! ME NEXT!" Cotton Candy bounced up and down, "I'm Chopper and I'm sixteen years old! I'm also studying to be a doctor right now, I started med school this year!"

"Aren't you a bit young for med school Bropper?" Cyborg questioned.

"B-bropper?" Chopper tilted his head, "Thats… thats… SO COOL!"

Nami face palmed, she sighed and muttered, "Idiots…"

"You're right though, I graduated early and I got in early. It's a bit weird being the youngest in my class…" Chopper rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Woah! That's so cool!" Strawhat exclaimed, eyes sparkling.

"That doesn't make me happy you bastard!" Chopper protested, though he sounded quite happy about the flattery.

"The Great Captain Sogeking will go next! My true title is Captain Sniper King Usopp and I am eighteen years old!"

"Yeah, yeah," Nami rolled her eyes.

"I'm SUUUPER Franky!" Cyborg yelled enthusiastically.

"I'm Robin, an archeologist," Devil Child introduced, using her devil fruit to wave with multiple arms.

"Yohoho, I'll go next then! I am Brook, though you might know me better by the title Soul King! I am a musician in real life too!"

"EH?!" Strawhat recoiled in shock, "NO WAY! YOU'RE SOUL KING?! I LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC ALL THE TIME!"

"Oh? My, what a surprise," Robin spoke, "I also listen to your music quite frequently."

"Yohoho! I am most honoured!"

Prince went next, "I'm Sanji and my dear Robin and Nami, your names are even more lovely than I imagined! I'm twenty years old!"

"I'm Zoro. Twenty," Onigiri grunted.

"There's no way that mosshead is the same age as me! When's your birthday?!" Sanji scowled.

"November eleventh."

"HAHA! I'm older! March second!" Sanji exclaimed triumphantly.

Zoro crossed his arms, "Even though you're older I can still kick your ass easily."


"YOU TWO STOP IT!" Nami separated them both, clearly annoyed, "Your bickering isn't letting Strawhat talk!"

"Uh… Nami," Usopp spoke up weakly.

"What is it?!" she snapped.

"Strawhat just logged off all of a sudden."


idk if the formatting for chatting in the game is better like this or the way I did it in the first chapter? what do u guys think 0: