Note - The magic system was created by Catsy.

Chapter 1 - Comings

"...Because of the success of the TriWizard Tournament, it was decided that this year we will be welcoming some guests all the way from Japan." Dumbledore rambled on before the feast could begin. After hearing mention of the cursed tournament, the two thirds of the Golden Trio that were zoning out quickly zoned back in. Dumbledore continued on.

"Please note that they will be given the option to attend your classes to compare how classes are different here and there. They will be working on their own studies from their school, so they will not be required to complete any of the assigned class work from their classes here. Do not be jealous, for if they were required to do the work, they would be doing more than twice the work that you are doing.

"Of the ten that are coming, one is a teacher. He has volunteered to teach their version of magic. This will be an additional elective to third years and above. Please keep in mind that this elective doesn't replace any of your other classes, it is in addition to your other classes if you choose to take this class.

"Now let us welcome the representatives from Alfheim Academy." At the finishing line of Dumbledore's speach, the huge double doors creaked open.

In walked ten people in a triangle formation. At point was a tall red haired young man. Next was two black haired students, a black eyed boy and a blue eyed girl. After them was a brunette, a blond, and an albino girl. A Weasley hair colored girl, another two brunettes and a blond brought up the rear. The strange thing about them was that they were all wearing armor and had some sort of weapon on them.

"Our guests will be staying in Gryffindor Tower." Most of the strangers walked to the Gryffindor table and took a seat by the Golden Trio. The red haired man walked to the teachers' table and took a seat at the end. "Now let the feast begin!"

Umbridge, the toad, hem hemmed for the red haired man's attention. Once she had it, and the attention of the rest of the occupants of the Great Hall, she spoke in an obvious falsetto and with fake kindness and an obvious sneer, "weapons are not allowed in Hogwarts. Please get rid of them." The redhead seemed to think for a bit when in actuality he was looking to his students for advice. The girl with the Weasley hair's nod was almost imperceptible, execept to a select few.

With seemingly getting permission, the redhead cleared his throat and replied with, "hey, guys! We're safe here, you can put your gear back into your inventories now." Almost as one, they all lifted their left hand and swiped downward and seemed to press buttons only they could see. After a few moments, their weapons and armor seemingly disappeared in a flash of light. As soon as they were done with that, they began to eat. As they were eating, the Alfheim students quietly conversed with each other in tones that were inaudible to the Hogwarts students.