Angel: Hi guys. If you've already read my Big Hero 7 story, then you'd know that I was skeptical of this because someone else is already doing an OC with the series as Hiro's girlfriend (I already knew she was his girlfriend, so I don't need a reminder). But I decided to take a shot and do it...also, I've already seen all the episodes so far, therefore please don't give me spoilers since I already know what happens.

I'm not trying to compete with that other story...I just love this movie and wanted to do my own spin on it with Hiro's twin sister...sorry for my mood, I'm going through some stuff right now because of...certain things happening with my story reviews lately, that I don't have the heart to talk about it, or to get reviews comparing this with CartoonBeliever's story if any.

"Okay Hana and Hiro," Tadashi Hamada looked down to his little siblings. "I'm gonna let you go now. You ready?"

"No!" They exclaimed as he pushed them forward on their bikes. "No, no, no, Tadashi!"

"Don't be scared, little sibs!" He let go of them. "Just pedal harder! You can do it!"

"Yeah! Woohoo!"

"We're actually doing it!" Hana shouted in excitement.

"Yeah, go twins!" Aunt Cass cheered for them as she was recording.

"We did it, Hiro!" Hana jumped off her bike, engulfing her twin into a hug. "I knew we could!"

"Yeah!" Tadashi engulfed them into a group hug, the twins smiling at each other.

The video was then paused.

Hiro Hamada sits next to his twin sister, Hana Hamada. She still has her highlights as she and her family had done it last night. It might've been a drastic change, but…it was a good one.

"Well...Tadashi this is it," Hiro smiles nervously and then it turns into a frown. "First day at nerd school...all because of you."

Hana places an arm around her brother's shoulder and she glances at the empty bed. She would've taken it after their brother died, but...that would've been too much.

They both get onto their feet, grabbing their backpacks. Hiro zips his up, only for it to get caught. "Ow!" He waves a hand and they look down at the lone battery charger for their old friend...

"I miss them too...Let's go, Hiro," Hana murmurs sadly and they walk past a memorabilia board. On it is a picture of Tadashi and Baymax, when he introduced them to his siblings, another one where he's ruffling their hair, and the last picture is of them and their friends...after Tadashi...

The last thing on there is their acceptance letters to San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, or SFIT for short.

"Reports are still flooding in about a group of unidentified individuals who prevented what would've been a major catastrophe," The news reporter announces, showing 7 people who prevented the world from being sucked into a was a long story.

Those 7 didn't have an official name since it was a one time thing, but they saved the city...who were they?

Fred, Honey Lemon, GoGo, Wasabi, Hana, Hiro...

And Baymax.

Sadly, he sacrificed himself to save the twins inside the vortex when they rescued Abigail Callaghan, the daughter of former SFIT professor and Tadashi's mentor, Robert Callaghan.

"The whole city of San Fransokyo is asking: Who are these heroes? Where are they now?"

"Having victory pancakes!" Fred calls out as he pours a bunch of maple syrup onto his pancakes. The twins walk up to their friends.

"Hiro! Hana!"


"What's up?"

"Wow, this is new," GoGo raises a brow at Hana's new hairdo.

"Um… I just thought it would help me be a better me…" Hana rubs her neck. "Be honest, how does it look?"

The four stare at her and she rubs her arm nervously. She got a tiny reminder of how Vivian would tell her that she looked ugly…but then it fades away when she sees her friends smiling, GoGo's smaller.

"It's great!"

"You look so pretty!"

"Nice color choice, girl genius."

"Yeah, it's actually kinda cool looking."

Hana smiles happily. "Aww…thank you, guys."

"Let's not be late," Wasabi ruffles the teens' hair and they immediately stand up, the twins smiling. Their friends had been there for them through so much...Tadashi's death, finding out the truth behind it, and Hana's...

Medical problems.

"Hey sweeties," The two turn around to their Aunt Cass, the last living family member that they knew. Their parents died when they were three and Tadashi...well. Pretty much everyone at SFIT knew what happened to him. He died at a showcase after all...when he tried to save Callaghan. "I made you lunches."

They smile, holding out their hands. "Do you...bring lunch to college? I don't know," She hesitates to give it to them. "Is that not cool? Ohh, I'm so proud!" She engulfs them into bear hugs. "I just wanna squeeze you!"

"Aun-Aunt Cass," They start to lose their breath. She lets go of them with a sigh, handing them their lunch.

"You guys better go."

They walk off with a smile directed towards her, pausing for a minute. The two glance at each other, running up to their aunt.

"Last hug." They group hug and she smiles.

"Tadashi would be so proud of you. Both of you."

They smile warmly into the hug.

They've soon caught up with their friends as they stand in front of SFIT...their school. The most prestigious school in the fields of science and technology...

And they were attending it.

"Are you nervous, guys?" Honey Lemon places a hand on their shoulders.

"No way!" Hiro smiles up at her. "I want this, we both do. Why would we be nervous?"

"You're both 14 and going to college," GoGo states bluntly.

"Your brother is like a legend here," Fred adds in.

"Also, I hear the new Dean is a hard case," Wasabi puts a hand close to his cheek.

"And let's not forget...Hana could have a relapse," Honey Lemon fidgets with her hands nervously. Hana closes her eyes with a sigh.

"I...we...hadn't thought of any of those things," Hiro rubs the back of his head. Of course she could have a relapse, he should've thought of that! What if they're not in the same classes and he's not there if anything happens? "Are you sure you don't wanna take another day? Or a week?" He turns to his sister.

"No! Listen...what happened was my fault, Hiro. I can handle it. I promise," She frowns to herself. Hana didn't want to be treated as if she'll go back to the hospital any day now...she just wanted to be treated like a normal 14 year old girl...who's going to college...

The same one where her older brother went...

Okay, maybe she should worry a little.

"Oh, keep not thinking about those things!" Honey Lemon pushes them forward. "I'm sure you'll be fine, Hana!"

They enter the main building to get their pictures taken for their IDs. The twins get in line as each student just stands in line and leaves after the flash. They're not so lucky as Hiro flinches at the bright flash and Hana looked away impatiently, turning around at the wrong time for her face to look all blurry.

The two stare down as they're way too short for their faces to be even seen.

GoGo blows a bubble from her gum. "That's unfortunate."

"I'll take that," Wasabi swipes the IDs from them, putting the cards in lanyards. He puts it around their necks, bending down to them. "Don't ever lose these...seriously, it's like 20 dollars to replace."

"Thanks...I think," Hana looks down at her photo.

"Okay! Your official tour time," Fred spins the twins around. Hana stops Hiro, her head already feeling dizzy. They lead the twins to a room. "This is the room where people wear goggles and do stuff!"

"Virtual reality," Hiro smiles, intrigued. "Huh, nice!"

"Yeah, that."

"Cool," Hana grins as they take a peek around. For some reason, everyone was staring at her…she couldn't fathom why, though. She may be 14, but she didn't usually stand out much. Especially not in a college where everyone else is usually focused on their own studies.

They soon go outside where students are relaxing on the grass or throwing frisbees. This time, people actually stop to look at her, and they weren't bad looks, but it's a little unnerving. She had just started today. There was no reason to stare. "And this is the quad. Named after someone with the last name quad, one would presume."

GoGo pushes the twins out of the way as an orange frisbee flies past them. It turns into a robot, which throws another orange frisbee to a pink-shirt student. She lands next to a tree, where another student is analyzing the molecules of a tree.

"Wow," Hana says as she and Hiro smile.

They then arrive at the cafeteria. "And this is the fooding zone!"

Hana grips her books nervously to her chest, GoGo punching Fred in the arm. "Idiot."


"Maybe we should move on," Honey Lemon says anxiously, putting her hands on Hana's shoulders.

"Huh?" She snaps out of it, turning to the others who have looks of concern, especially Hiro. "Oh no, no, it's fine, guys. Really. I may have had bulimia nervosa to cope with my brother's death, but I'll be okay. I just...wasn't expecting to hit the cafeteria so soon."

"Cool, cool, I totally understand," Fred holds up his hands as Hiro steps up to his sister.

"Are you sure you're okay, Hana?" He asks, his voice dripping with worry. Hana takes a deep breath, putting a hand to her chest where her locket is. When her oldest brother died...Hiro had emotional pain, and wouldn't leave his room for a while. Hana?

...She turned towards eating.

It wasn't that noticeable at first. She'd just eat a few more snacks than usual here and there. And eventually she started eating more and more...along with being suicidal. At first, Hiro didn't notice and Aunt Cass thought she was just eating to forget about Tadashi for a little while. She also wore baggy clothes, to hide her body. She wouldn't eat unless she was alone, since she was uncomfortable eating with her family.

And then she was hospitalized.

She threw up so much, she doesn't even remember when she stopped blowing chunks. The girl had then fallen unconscious and the next thing she knew, she was in the hospital. Aunt Cass was hysterical, their friends were genuinely worried while being there for the family and Hiro actually shed a few tears...

It was that brutal.

Ever since then, she's eaten regular meals and Baymax made sure of that. She hadn't thrown up since...

Though, she can't really tell if Hiro is really okay. He seemed normal to her, but sometimes it just felt he was guilty over her? She didn't know if that made sense. In fact, she didn't know when anything made sense to her now...

Until SFIT.

Ultimately, after losing their friend, accepting their brother's death, and saving the world, they decided to attend college together. Hana just...felt drawn to Physics when it came to science, with her minor being the same as Hiro's, Robotics. It was her salvation, besides the therapy. And her brother and aunt are there for her...that was all she really needed.

"Yeah," She smiles softly at Hiro and he smiles back. She bites her lip when he's not looking. Hana knew that if she didn't tell Hiro, it could hurt their relationship. He treated her differently. He's one of those 'are you going to relapse' people, constantly making sure she had enough to eat and making sure she went to her therapy sessions. She didn't understand it at first, but it could be...

Because he wasn't there.

Hiro had no idea she was binge eating until after the hospital incident. She didn't feel like she could tell him...which was sad. She felt like she couldn't confide in her twin brother, and he's her best friend. She really wanted to tell him, but...she had a feeling that after Tadashi's death...

That he didn't need anymore grief.

Hana snaps out of her thoughts as Fred is talking. A student is eating a hot dog out of a robotic stand. "As a non student, this is my favorite place on campus-woah!" He bumps into someone, making him spill his lunch. Little robots immediately come in and clean it up.

"Wow," Hiro says in awe. Wasabi sips a drink as he has his arms around the twins.

"Cool, huh?"

"I didn't realize this place was so...uh, huge," Hiro comments as they walk through the Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab. A place for mostly students with anything robotics, but since Hana technically dealt with technology, she didn't feel out of place here. "Awesome, but huge!"

"Don't be intimidated. Just take it one class at a time," Wasabi advises them.

"Um…why are people looking at me?" Hana finally decides to ask. "Is there something wrong? Is it the hair?"

Hiro's eyes widen and he looks around the room. He's only just noticing that almost everyone was staring at his sister. "They are? Why is that?"

"Don't you remember? We all pitched in to pay your hospital bill!" Fred explains to her. "It was the epic protest. It hit the news!"

"Really?" Hana squeaks in surprise. It slipped her mind that SFIT was responsible for helping her with the bills. And now she's in the same school where everyone knew everything about why she was hospitalized… "Oh-oh. I forgot that happened…"

"Maybe we should leave now. This is getting weird," Hiro leans in to whisper, but a clap brings their attention. Hana turns to the crowd, who are smiling and clapping for a girl they barely knew.

"It's okay, Hana," Honey Lemon places a hand on her shoulder. "We're all very inspired by what you've been through, and no one here will judge you for it."

"Um…" Hana waves sheepishly to the crowd. "Thank you…?"

"Ugh," GoGo looks at her phone that has her class schedule. "Applied Partical Physics is first."

Honey Lemon gasps, hands on her cheeks. "Me too! Yay!"

"What's your first class, Hamada Twins?" Fred asks casually, all of them coming to a stop. The twins had stayed behind to look at a certain lab...

Tadashi's lab.

Wasabi places his hands on their shoulders, causing them to look up. "You okay? We miss Tadashi too...and Baymax."

"I' okay," Hana glances away, remembering how she used to act after Tadashi's death. Most of the time she wishes to forget what forget seeing their faces when they met her at the hospital. The others stay silent.

"Yeah, I'll, um...I'll catch up with you guys later," Hiro states and after one last look, the four leave.

"I'll stay with you..." Hana murmurs and Hiro looks away. It's awkward silence between the two...after the incident, they weren't as close as they used to be. It's like they're on two different sides of the world...

Even though they're twins.

Anyone who met them assumed they're close, but they were playing pretend so that no one knew that they really don't know what to say to each other after all that happened. After they saved the city, it was like Hana was reliving her lonely life at home. It was just weird for her, and she had no idea how Hiro felt. Yeah, she knew him very well, but in the past year or so...she didn't really know who he was anymore. It's like he's a stranger. Above all things, she was just glad that they could hang out with no bad blood between them.

Hiro grips the handle and they slowly enter the lab that was their brother's. It hasn't been touched since the last time they were here, which was a relief. Hana simply stares as Hiro grabs Tadashi's baseball cap with the SFIT logo on it.

"Wish you were here, big brother..."

He puts the cap down, examining a notebook. He first sees a page with Baymax's schematics. He then opens a chest, getting out Baymax's rocket fist, from his super suit. Hiro gives a small smile to it, fisting it.

"Ba la la la..." He begins to walk away, but his sister steps forward, staring at something.

"Wait a second...Hiro, look." She starts pulling at the fingers, but they're too strong. Hiro rushes over and helps her pull. Together, they move away the fingers to reveal a green nurse chip with Tadashi's name on it.

"Tadashi's chip...Baymax!" He plants the chip next to the computer and starts looking at the skeleton for their robot friend. "O-Okay, okay, I'm gonna need carbon fiver skeleton, actuators, definitely gotta upgrade the super capacity!" He gasps sharply at all the work. "I can do this! I can rebuild you, Baymax!"

Hana smiles happily and Hiro pauses. Baymax meant a lot to both him and her. It felt wrong to do this...without his little sister.

"Actually..." He stands up, to her confusion. "Hana," Hiro turns around to face her. "I want you to do this with me."

"Me?" She asks in surprise. Hiro never asks her to help him. Ever.

"Yes," He nods sharply. "You're my little sister, and...and I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. I know things have been...awkward, but I want us to be close again. Like we were before..."

She can't help but smile at his sincere words. "Okay...I'll help you."

They attempt to hug, but both decide that it was too soon, simply shaking hands. As they get to work, a screen flickers to show the face of a stern woman. She has short black hair and is of African American descent, wearing a black sweater and gold jewelry.

"Good morning. I am Professor Granville, your new Dean of students. Welcome to San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. I trust that we are going to have an excellent-" Hiro turns the volume all the way down.

"Hiro, don't you think we should listen to her?" Hana looks up, turning to the screen. After Wasabi's warning, she really didn't want to start school off on the wrong foot.

"Relax, sis. We can just record it and listen later."

"I don't think that's the case..." She cringes as she looks at something to her right. Hiro just turns his attention to the blueprints.

"Which means hard work!"

"Some of us are trying to work," Hiro goes back to silencing the TV, noticing that it's already on mute.

"Mr. Hamada!" He stares at his remote in confusion. "Turn around."

Hiro spins his chair around, yelping and dropping the remote when he sees the real Professor Granville. "Private labs are not for first semester freshmen."

"Uh...uh," Hiro glances at his sister, who bites her lip nervously. "This is our brother's lab. Or...was," He turns around with a sad expression.

"Tadashi was a gifted young man," She's heard stories about him...and his siblings. "He worked hard to earn this lab, as I'm sure you both will. Someday, when you're ready."

"We're ready now!" Hiro holds up a sketch of the skeleton that made up Baymax. "Look, we're rebuilding Bayma-uh, our brother's health-care companion project?"

"Mr and Ms. Hamada, if you want to live up to your brother's legacy, you should start by getting to classes, on time."

They quickly zip up their backpacks. "We could not agree more. Punctuality is important."

Hiro nudges his sister and she quickly snatches Baymax's chip. The three walk out of the lab. "Thank you, Professor Granville," Hana rubs her neck sheepishly.

"It was so nice to meet-"

"Tick tock, Mr and Ms. Hamada," She interrupts, leaning in towards them with a stern look. "Don't want to keep your thermo dynamics professor waiting. I hear she's tough, but fair. Intermittently. Oh, and Ms. Hamada, I took the liberty into making sure that you and your brother have all the same classes...I heard about your medical history, and so I took precautions should anything arise."

"Oh, ha ha," Hana gives a look of embarrassment. Oh no, is she gonna be like those people again? She already gets it from her brother...she didn't want any pity already so early into her first day. "I see where this is going...Professor, I-"

"I just wanted to say," Professor Granville brings her hands together. "That I think you had a lot of courage and dignity to pursue your studies after what happened. And that I wish you the best."

"Oh!" Hana gives a look of surprise. Granville was so far the only person who didn't take pity on her...not like everyone else...even Hiro. "Well...thank you, Professor Granville..." She has a grateful look as Granville walks away. Hana wasn't sure if she heard it, but the professor is smiling unbeknownst to her.

Hiro furrows his eyebrows as he stands in front of his sister. "What was that all about? What did you mean, 'I see where this is going?' "

"Not now, Hiro," Hana slings her backpack over her shoulder. "We're gonna be late for class." She walks off as quickly as she can and Hiro stares after her, sighing lowly. He glances down at the seashell bracelet with his initial in gold on it his sister made for him when they were little. He knew it was childish, but he's never taken it off since. It was going to take a while before the two would be close as they used to be...

They arrive late, and their teacher is Professor Granville. "Ah," She turns around to the shocked duo. "The teen twin geniuses decided to join us."

"How did you-?"

"Shortcut. I can take them. You cannot. Let's begin."

"Hey, it's her! She's here for school!" Someone calls out.

Everyone claps for the young girl, making her a bit embarrassed. Hana finds a seat and Hiro quietly sits down next to her...but they're too short to see anything, to their dismay.

The gang later meet up at Fred's house that night. "Oh, I didn't realize we were still doing the whole...superhero thing," Wasabi comments slowly as they stare at Fred in his kaiju armor, the boy posing heroically.

"Uh, yeah!" Fred removes his head. "Wait, where are the twins?"

"Said he had something he needed to do after school," As Wasabi sits down, he picks up a robotic kaiju toy off his seat. "Hana's actually helping him."

"But they're gonna miss our first night patrol!" Fred protests as he turns to them. GoGo blows another bubble.

"Night patrol?"

"Where we suit up and patrol the streets," He puts GoGo's helmet on her and attempts to put on Wasabi's green metal wrists. He moves his hand away, but Fred manages to put it on him. "Thwart evildoers," He puts Honey Lemon's chem purse on her. "Dispense justice, ect, awesome, ect!"

He smiles at them excitedly and they remove their armor.

"Yeah, not gonna happen."

"I-I don't think so."

"No thank you!"

"Why not?" He gives them a disappointed look. "You guys have clearly forgotten how sweet it was being superheroes! We caught a revenge-crazed villain, we saved the city, a-and we had victory pancakes!"

"And you have clearly forgotten that we are not superheroes," GoGo retorts back, hand on her hip.

"Also, it was really scary!" Wasabi chimes in.

"You didn't seem scared," Fred looks down at him in confusion.

"Because I was full of adrenaline! Now I'm back to being afraid of things. Speed, cholesterol, loud noises! I've got issues! You do not want to be Wasabi!"

"Sorry Freddy," Honey Lemon looks down at her phone, seeing a picture of all of them. "We already lost Baymax, and we almost lost the twins. I don't wanna lose anyone else."

"And besides, I think it's a good idea to let the twins bond again," Wasabi speaks up. "After all that happened, Hana needs some time with Hiro. If not, they won't be able to work together as a team. You saw Hana's look: she doesn't want him pitying her." Looking back now, they shouldn't have done the same...

"There could be a supervillain out there right now to-"

"Face it, Fred," GoGo glares at him. "We aren't in one of your comic books," She shoves the helmet back into his hands. "We're in the real world, and in the real world, there are no supervillains!"

Meanwhile, a man is being dangled above the streets on the roof of a tall building. "Tells us one more time," Yama steps out of the shadows as his goons are holding the man by the legs. "Where's my money?!"

"I lost it," the man whimpers.

"Yama," The third man calls out, holding up a phone. "It's him."

Yama's eyes widen in realization.

"Go ahead and take the call!" The poor man says as the two bring him back onto his feet. Yama leaves to a room, glancing at the man and indicating by his look that this phone call was to be private. The member gets the message, bowing his head as he slides the door closed.

"Obake," Yama says after a few seconds. "Whatever you need." The screen behind him flickers and he turns around to see a weird blue object. "Where is it?" The screen flickers again. "Done."

As he leaves, the location...


The next day, students walk inside as Hiro inserts the healthcare chip into his computer. "Okay, please work," He begs, Hana standing behind him.

"It has to, Hiro...we need him back," She takes out her gold heart locket, opening it to see the picture of her brothers.

She sighs to herself, closing it. Her parents gave it to her a few days after she and Hiro were born, and she's kept it on since. It would just feel...wrong to get rid of it now. She didn't care if people thought it was dumb...because she still believed that she and Hiro could be close again. That they could talk more often and be there for each other...

"Please work..." She whispers to herself and a screen comes on, shocking them both.

"Hello, Hiro and Hana."

"Baymax!" They cry out happily, hugging the screen. The two quickly find that it wasn't the same.

"Yeah, the hug's not really...we'll have to stick with this for now, buddy," He gives the mouse a soft fist bump.

"Ba lalalalala. Without my body, I am not able to feel."

"We know..." Hiro says dejectedly as Hana clutches her locket.

"Because I do not have tech tile receptors," Baymax adds in and Hana chuckles weakly.

"Right, right...don't worry, I'm making progress on them."

"Hana," Baymax blinks at her. "I sense that you are...sad. Your locket keeps being clenched by your hands. It is not a good way to relax yourself."

"Baymax!" Hana hisses at him in embarrassment as Hiro whips around to her.

"You...still wear your locket?" He asks in surprise as she removes her hands.

" you still wear the bracelet Mom and Dad made for you."

His eyes widen as he looks at the shells just barely showing from his sleeve. "Uhh, yeah, I, uh...well. I know, it's dumb..."

"No," She shakes her head with a small smile. "I don't think it's dumb. We are twins, after all..."

"...So then why are things still tense?" He looks towards the ground and she closes her eyes.

"...These things take time, Hiro. It's still weird to be thinking about what happened and-" She sighs, facepalming herself. "I don't wanna talk about this now...I'm sure things will be different in a few weeks, but for now...let's just work together on this."

She takes a seat in front of the computer and they get to work, both of them keeping a significant distance from each other. They both do fair share of work in rebuilding the skeleton as time goes on from morning to evening to night. The twins of course continue with classes. If there was one thing they could mutually agree on, it was that Granville was to be taken seriously. Hiro would draw up plans while Hana would write down the notes. They'd switch every other day in doing classwork and coming up with ways to make the skeleton function better.

Of course, this meant their sleeping schedule was affected too, as they'd also stay up at the lab, falling asleep at home in the Lucky Cat Café. One time they woke up so abruptly, they scared Mochi. But it was worth it for their friend.

Hiro plugs in the wires for the hands, watching the fingers move. Hana works on the head, making sure it's the right shape. They twist it on and Hiro powers on the skeleton.

"My Endo Skeleton is complete," Baymax says from the computer.

"Finally," Hiro comments in exhaustion.

"The hardest part is over, I think," Hana wipes away the sweat from her forehead. She looks over the checklist. "Everything seems to be in order and accounted for. What's next, Baymax?"

"You two can now move onto the test phase."

"Test phase?!" Hiro chuckles at the thought. "Are you kidding? We just have to get you dressed and boom."

"The diagnostics protocol will take 7 to 10 days."

"7? To 10 days?" Hiro asks in disbelief.

"Tadashi always ran an extensive diagnostic protocol," Baymax explains as Hiro looks over the skeleton.

"Yeah, that sounds like Tadashi," Hiro comments as he looks over the schematics.

"Actually, maybe we should listen to him," Hana shrugs at her brother. "If Tadashi did it, then you know it's important...and I wanna be careful on this." She had a bad feeling that there'd be disastrous results if they didn't do this test.

"Psh," Hiro doesn't listen and activates it anyway. The skeleton blinks at them. "Yes. See, Baymax?" Hiro turns around to the computer. "It's perfect."

The skeleton's arms start spinning out of control, knocking Hana to the ground. "You were saying?" She sits up as she rubs her head. Hiro looks at her and turns back to see the skeleton sparking with electricity. He helps Hana up as the skeleton starts going out of control.

"No!" It wobbles back and forth, knocking down anything. "Ah, no, no, no!"

"Come on!" Hana shouts as they start chasing after the skeleton. It stops in front of the window and jumps right through it, landing outside.

"Oh no," Baymax comments, Hana holding her hair in disbelief at what just happened. "My body is running away."

They rush out the front door, looking around. "If you're gonna say I told you so, don't," Hiro deadpans to his twin.

"Wasn't planning to if you already admitted you were in the wrong," Hana takes another look around and he smirks to himself when she's not looking. This small moment right now already felt like they were getting close again.

Hana points forward and he gasps to see the skeleton walking around the school. It runs right into a rock before running across campus. They're about to leave when...

"Mr and Ms. Hamada." They both cringe as Professor Granville herself walks up to them. "What are you two doing at this hour?"

"We were...studying! Together! Yeah, just came out for some fresh air. Heh. Whew, that's fresh."

"Good old oxygen," Hana smiles widely.

"Well, better go!" They attempt to leave, but she's not buying it.

"Follow me," She walks up to the front door, the twins glancing at each other. They were both concerned that she was going to do something with them.

"Actually, we-"

One glare from her immediately changes their mind. "Have nowhere else we have to be, so we'll follow you."

They quickly trail after, silently hoping that the skeleton wouldn't do too much harm...

And that was a strong hope.

"When we first met, I was worried you two would become distracted by your own agendas," Professor Granville takes a seat, showing two certain files. "Or worse."

Hana immediately grows pale at the sight of the file she never thought she'd have to explain to her brother...

A tox screen analysis, which is negative.

And for Hiro, it happens to be from the police department. " know about the bot fighting. Wait...what is this?" He examines the paper, his eyes growing wide. He turns slowly to Hana, who's sinking in her chair, hiding her face with her split ends.

"And I am also aware of the...coping methods your sister used during her...affliction. But I have to admit, you both have shown discipline, and I see why the students are…moved by your story, Ms. Hamada. Not many would admit their low self-esteem." While her...praise assures Hana a little bit, the fact that Hiro now knows is eating at her nerves at the seams. She grips her skirt as she looks down at her hands, ashamed. Hiro's eyes turn soft and he takes a deep breath, deciding to be patient with her.

"Professor Granville...I believe my sister deserves to explain what happened. M-Maybe it could give her some closure."

Hana gasps as her eyes widen, sweating a bit.

"I see...and may I ask what did happen, Ms. Hamada?"

She gulps, closing her eyes. She could feel Hiro's comforting shoulder, silently telling her that he was here now, and that it was okay to tell the truth. True, Professor Granville didn't seem like the emotional type, was better than staying silent for what felt like forever.

"I...When we lost our brother...Hiro never left his room, and he wouldn't talk to me or our Aunt Cass. A-And I deal. I really did, but...I just couldn't handle it. My brother wasn't acting like himself, so I...used other methods to deal with my grief."

Granville tries not to look sad for her, knowing that Tadashi's passing had affected a lot of people...some more than others.

"Go on."

"You see, Professor Granville...Hiro...for a while, there didn't seem to be any way to fully heal. And my brother wasn't getting any better. So, I-I thought I could relieve the pain by...buying another source of healing...or at least, that's what I thought could help me...I know it was wrong, but I felt like I couldn't turn to anything else. I just felt so lonely without Hiro to comfort me and I..."

"Hana...?" Hiro murmurs in confusion, wondering where this was going.

They can hear the guilt in her voice as she tries to compose herself. "I...I bought drugs!" She covers her eyes in shame, both Hiro and Granville looking genuinely shocked.

" did what...?" Hiro asks in shock.

Granville clears her throat. "And they were...painkillers, correct?"

"I thought they were! I took one pill and it tasted when I went back to the man who sold them to me, the police were already there...arresting him for drug trafficking. And I haven't done it again since. I don't need it anymore. I found out that the drug was methamphetamine after I looked it up, but I didn't really feel anything afterwards, so I just ignored the memory of it...until now."

Professor Granville glances to Hiro, noticing his guilt-ridden expression. "And Mr. Hamada had no knowledge of this?"

" one except one policeman did until now," Hana clutches her locket. "I had to give him a brief statement after he saw me sneaking around. And…he let me go instead of possibly traumatizing me. He promised to keep it quiet from everyone, including the report. Look, I was gonna tell someone someday...but I was too's already bad enough my brother treats me like I'm a stranger. He takes pity on me for my past, and I just don't want that..."

"Hmm...I understand your situation, Ms. Hamada," Professor Granville closes the file. "Illegal actions are not something I approve of...however...I can sympathize that you were not thinking clearly due to your situation at the time. I sincerely hope that your choices are thought out properly, especially towards your studies...and that you speak to other people. I would hate to see you fail yourself and others. Consequences cannot be avoided."

"I-I'll try..." Hana looks like she's on the verge of crying, but she hides it well.

"This was the first time this was brought up since then, I see..."

"Yes..." Hana leans back in her seat. "It was. But...I don't regret it. And I'm not angry towards you for talking to me about this."

Professor Granville just nods and continues speaking...with the same skeleton they were trying to find right outside the window. Hiro glances at it, his mouth opening in shock. "Despite all of your hardships and...emotional endurances, you two are doing exceptionally well in your classes. You both should be very proud."

"No, stop!" Hiro immediately stands up, surprising Granville. "No, us compliments! Heh heh. We don't wanna get a big head."

"Yes, uh, they'll cloud our minds!"

"Then I'll just say this: Keep up the good work, you two."

Hana stands up. "We will!"

"Thanks! So," Hiro fakes a yawn and stretch, "Tired. Gonna go home...bye!"

They quickly leave the room, Hana running back outside. She hyperventilates in fear of what Hiro would think. He knows...he knows what happened. Was he gonna shun her? Be so ashamed he never wanted to talk to her again?


"Hiro..." She turns to him with a heavy sigh. "You don't have to tell me that you're surprised by what I did...but I meant what I said. I don't want people to look at me differently just because of what happened. If it wasn't for the fact that we're losing our friend's skeleton right now, I would've explained myself. I'll talk about it later...and I'm sorry that I felt like I couldn't trust you."

Hiro sighs heavily as he stares at her, knowing fully well that they have other priorities. "Alright. I deserve that. But we can't exactly avoid the subject, you know...we're brother and sister, Hana. We're all we've got's like we barely know each other anymore."

"Tell me something I don't know...just understand that I'm really ashamed of myself for not telling you and for doing it in the first place. I regretted it immediately after...but what else was I supposed to do? I didn't want you or Tadashi to think that I was an I had to hide it."

She covers her eyes to hide her tears, Hiro giving a look of sorrow. He doesn't really know or understand what happened, and instead of being there for her, he had to be the harsh older twin.

"Hana...I'm sorry. For everything. I don't know what was going through your mind at the time...and I'm still afraid that because of me, you could get sicker...but listen to me when I say that I wouldn't stop loving my sister just because of your eating disorder or your actions. Nothing could make me think of you as anything else...we're twins. Did you really think I wouldn't understand? I do think that you should've told me, but...I think I get why you did it. Though, this isn't the right time for us to talk about it, and we can wait for that. I wasn't being a good's the least I can do. And I won't tell anyone either."

Hana smiles at him in reassurance, grateful that her fears didn't come true. There was still some things they needed to work out, but she felt like they could get them all together. She wipes the tears away with the back of her hand and Hiro pulls her into a warm hug.

"You're the only sibling I have now...I don't wanna lose you too."

"I promise," Hana sniffles gratefully. "And thank you for understanding, Hiro. I know I haven't been the greatest little sister to you, but...if you'll be there for me, I'll be there for you too."

"I appreciate that, sis...if you need to talk, you can come to me." He smiles at her. They then scramble down the steps silently to go look for the skeleton.

"After unrelenting badgering the team..."

"Caved," GoGo points out as the four are in their super suits. Fred just wouldn't shut up.

"They came together!" He puts on his head. "Now they embark on their first night patrol, knowing that they are their city's last bastion of hope!"

Wasabi rubs a temple. If he was going to do this, then Fred had to stop. "Could you please stop narrating, Fred?"

"Yeah, nothing's happening, Freddy. I think it might be time to go home..." Honey Lemon chimes in. A screeching of a car can be heard and they turn to see it.

"Did you see that?!" Fred lifts his helmet. "That, my friends, is obviously a car thief! It's last bastion time!"

They glance at each other, wondering if they were really going to do this. The unspoken question is answered as Fred jumps straight.


The car continues to zoom towards them.

"Yeah, he's not halting," Fred comments as the others join him.

"No he's not!" The others jump out of the way while Wasabi barely lands on the roof of the car. "Ahh, he didn't stooop!"

The car zooms away, the others following after them.

"And we got a chase scene!" Fred exclaims in excitement, but Wasabi looks the opposite of excited as he screams his head off.

"Pull over now!" GoGo demands as she's speeding next to the rouge driver.

"Did you not hear her?!" Wasabi exclaims as the car makes a sharp turn. GoGo turns slightly by holding onto the pole and speeding on the road. Honey Lemon is holding onto Fred as he super jumps into the air. "We're gonna need something to slow him down."

"I have just the thing," Honey Lemon makes three chem balls that are red, purple, and orange. Fred super jumps into the air again and Honey throws down the balls. They turn into blue glue, but the driver frees the car, continuing on.

"Still not stopping!" Wasabi shouts over all the commotion.

Fred lands in front of a hospital. "Oh yes he is!"

The car skids to a stop, knocking Wasabi into Fred's arms. "Thanks to the lizard." He opens the door and they're ready to attack if needed. "Ah ha! Justice has been servvv...oh wait a minute."

Instead of a car thief, it's a pregnant woman and her husband, with the lady hyperventilating. "Are you people crazy?!" The soon to be father demands. "My wife is about to have our baby!"

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," Honey Lemon holds up her hands, giving two thumbs up. "You're doing great!"

"Boy or girl? Wait, don't tell me, I wanna be surprised," Wasabi gestures to himself. The father slams the car door without a word, quickly going into the hospital.

"Congratulations on your bundle of joy!" Fred calls out as they watch them leave. "So...not a car thief, but we still showed some real hustle out there, guys."

"Fred, there's clearly nothing going on."

The rogue skeleton walks right past them. The three walk away from Fred.

"But guys...night patrol..." Fred stares at them dejectedly, not noticing the twins chasing the skeleton.

The skeleton bumps into a car and runs into an alley, a flash of electricity appearing from it soon after.

"He's just as hard to catch as Baymax was when we found the microbots in that warehouse," Hana pants, hands on her knees.

"Uhh, that's not good," Hiro notices the electricity and they run up to it, seeing that the minions of Yama have already found it. Someone chuckles behind them.

"Haven't seen you in any botfights in a while, little Zeroes!" They turn around to be met with Yama himself. "That is until that one night where you got me locked up in jail!"

Hana frowns to herself. When she was going through the bot fighting phase, at first it was only because she was going through a spiral of being unsure of what to do with her life at the time...and that was before the binge eating. If there was one reason that she did it, it was because it was something that Hiro was something they did together, and...she felt lonely whenever her brothers would do guy stuff together. She knew it sounded ridiculous to some, but she felt left out...

Not that she wanted Tadashi to be gone...

"You're not still mad about that..." Hiro waves it off nervously. "Are you?"

Yama keeps on an angry face.

"Okay...well, we're sorry, if we could just get our robot back-"

"Ha ha," Yama grabs the back of Hana's hoodie, lifting her up in the air. "You're not getting your robot back! Teach him a lesson."

The next thing they knew, Hana is watching Hiro get lifted over the roof by two minions.

"I-In case I wasn't clear before, I'm really sorry about the whole jail thing! Please, let my sister go! It's me you want."

"Let both of us go, you muscle-brained idiots! On solid ground!" Hana struggles from the last minion's grip.

"Heh. Your sister clearly has the same nerve as you. I'll deal with her later. Maybe she can help me make profits by making me robots to sell on the black market."

Hana prepares her throat, giving Yama a big loogie to the face. He growls at her in anger, nodding to the others. The minions start to lower Hiro, Hana squirming even more.

"No! Hiro!" Their ID cards from SFIT, which they're still wearing, comes into Yama's eyesight.

"Wait! You two go to that nerd school?"

"Uh...yeah," Hiro holds his ID, looking at it. Hana shows hers. "But it's not-"

"Pull him back!" They do so and Hiro faces Yama. "You two and I, we're gonna make a deal."

A rainstorm starts to happen as Fred is standing on top of his house, posing heroically. "Alone he stood, velveted by the rain, wavering in his mission, and undaunted by the fact that his friends don't value super hero culture and all its awesomeness!"

"Master Frederick." He turns downwards to see his trustworthy butler Heathcliff holding a cup in his hands. He's holding an umbrella in the other hand. "Hot cocoa?"

Hiro then arrives alone. "Heathcliff, where's Fred? I-I need his help."

Heathcliff looks up instead of saying his location.

The two are then in Tadashi's lab as Hiro focuses to work on something. "Okay, so what wrong is Lady Justice calling us to right?"

Hiro raises an eyebrow at his wording, but decides to ignore it. "Well, there's this...metal thing. It's kind of a sculpture or paperweight or something..." He turns around in his chair, his back facing Fred. "And it's on Granville's desk and I have to break in and take it."

"Whoa whoa whoa, wait!" Fred immediately protests. "That is what Lady Justice would call stealing," He crosses his arms.

"Stealing? No, it's not...stealing. Is it stealing? I don't think it's really stealing—it's more like, uh, borrowing. Heh, yeah!"

Baymax then appears on his computer. "Stealing. To take the property of another without permission or right."

"Exactly," Fred glances at him. "Thank you, Baymax..." He then realizes who he's talking to, turning around. "Wait, Baymax?! Whoa. You live in a computer now?"

"My body ran away," Baymax blinks slowly.

"Fred, look, Hana and I rebuilt Baymax's skeleton; it went crazy, got loose, and now Yama has it! And what's worse, he gave Hana to his boss to make sure that I'm not gonna trick him. The thing it's-it's dangerous without Tadashi's chip. She could be hurt and I don't want that to happen on my watch. I already risked her life once by not being there...I can't let that happen." Hiro looks away with a frown.

"Without the healthcare protocol, my robot capabilities could be catastrophically destructive and possibly injure Hana," Baymax explains further.

"Yama said he'll give it back and ask his boss to free Hana in exchange for the paperweight thing," Hiro uses the screwdriver on the object in his hand.

Fred snatches it away from him. "Which you intend to steal!"

"As soon as I make the trade and get Hana back, I'll steal the thing back and return it to Professor Granville before she even knows it's gone," Hiro snatches the screwdriver back. "Come on, Fred. Hana would've done the same thing for me. I owe her this."

"So the second steal basically cancels out the first steal...and you and your sister would be able to bond more...Okay! I'm in!" Fred agrees after a few seconds of thinking.

"Yes!" Hiro takes out his ID from inside his shirt. "I just need to add her code to my ID and to do that I need to get really close to Professor Granville."

Fred looks at the computer as the scanner Hiro has detects his own ID. "How close? Are we talking in the same general vicinity or are we talking uncomfortably close?" He presses his nose to Hiro's cheek.

"Uncomfortably close..." Hiro answers as that's how he feels right now.

Hiro peeks around the corner for Granville. "Hiro, check. Check, check. Can you hear me?"

"Fred," Hiro presses a finger to his ear. "Just wait for the signal and hit the button."

Fred is in the lab so that he can do what Hiro asked of him. He gives a sound of glee. "I've never been a hacker before! This is exciting! Also, a lot of pressure..."

"Relax. Hana does this kind of stuff for me all the time...or at least, she used to." Hiro looks towards the ground in dismay. If he had just listened, she wouldn't be in the hands of Yama...

"We'll get her back, Hiro...she'll be okay. Now which button is it again?" Hiro was still cautious enough to leave a note to tell his friend which button he has to push. "I kid, I kid! Don't worry, Hiro. I've got this."

Hiro looks up to the ceiling, hoping he didn't make the wrong decision asking Fred. He was most likely the only one willing since his other friends want nothing to do with more superhero work. And with Yama still being angry with him over the bot fight...he was more like a supervillain in Hiro's eyes. His sister was in trouble. He had to do something, and he had to make sure that the less people knew about it, the better.

He hears footsteps, turning his head to see Professor Granville using her ID. "Target spotted, I'm going in."

"Roger that! Man, I love saying that. I'll do it again. Roger that. No, no, no, no, wait. How about this? Roger that!"

Hiro gets annoyed by the different accents.

"Who is Roger?" Baymax asks curiously.

"You know, that's a good question."

"Guys, quiet!" Hiro frowns, unamused.

"Roger that!"

He inwardly facepalms and approaches the professor. "Excuse me...Professor Granville?"

"Yes, Mr. Hamada? And might I ask where is Ms. Hamada? I wanted to check up on her after yesterday."

"Oh, uh, she got sick! From...gummy bears! Yeah, such a shame, we both really wanted to let you know that it's nice to have someone here who believes in us! So thank you." He opens his arms for a hug, but Granville backs away. She's not the hugging type.

At all.


Hiro tries again to get a hug, only for her to dodge away. As this awkward display is going on, Wasabi, GoGo, and Honey Lemon just happen to be passing by.

"What is he doing?" GoGo asks as they stare in confusion.

Granville is spinning around Hiro to avoid his hugs. If anyone asked him, he'd say he didn't want to do this either, it was getting embarrassing.

"Is that all?" Granville asks expectantly.


"Turn on the water works," Hiro glances at the listening device in his ear. "Trust me, it's the only way you're gonna get that hug!"

Hiro turns around and rubs his eyes, Granville raising an eyebrow at him. "Mr. Hamada, are you alright?"

"I'm..." He turns back to her with tears in his eyes.

"Is there something in your eye?"

"Tears!" He points to his eyes. "Just so much going on!" This time, she doesn't avoid the hug, not sure how to react. She awkwardly pats him on the back. "Now."

Fred eats ramen as he's off guard from the signal. "I'm on it." In the process, he spills the cup on himself. "Aww, I spilled soup! Ow ow ow!"

Baymax stares at Fred as he tries to air out the stain on his clothes. "I cannot administer care because I have no body. But I do have several tips for treating minor burns."

Hiro glances around awkwardly, wondering when could he let go.

The gang just stare as GoGo pops another bubble from her gum.

"Alright now," Granville peels Hiro's arms off her. "Pull yourself together."

The computer dings once it's done getting Granville's scan code. "I got the copy, I think!"

"Ha, thanks," Hiro releases Granville. "I feel better now."

"Thank goodness," Granville mutters to herself as she looks up at the ceiling in relief.

"Don't wanna keep my professor waiting, she's intermediately fair and a good hugger!" He laughs nervously as he runs off, Granville staring after him. "Can't wait to tell my sister what you said!"

"Tell her she should be glad to have such an...emotional older brother such as yourself, Mr. Hamada," Granville murmurs as she watches the boy leave.

Later that night still at the school, Granville leaves her office to go home for the night. Hiro sneaks over and uses his own ID card with the professor's code to get in. Once inside, the exact object he's looking for sits on Granville's desk. He picks it up, examining it. Hiro silently wondered why Yama wanted it and why Granville had it in the first place...

"What's happening?!"

The voice of Fred from the headpiece scares Hiro as he throws the paperweight in the air. He catches it, sighing in relief.

"Did you get it?"

"Yeah. It's...heavier than it looks. Why would Yama want this?"

"Oww! Hot soup, spilled it again!" Hiro glances away at Fred's exclamation.

"Hang in there, little sister...I'll make things right."

With the object in hand, they walk into an alley to do the trade with Yama. "These are dangerous people, Fred, let me do the talking."

"You bet! I'll keep my eyes peeled and my lips sealed," Fred agrees as they walk past some shady people. They soon arrive at the entrance as a tall man is looking down at them.

"What do you want?"


"Frederick Frederickson the Fourth, this is Hiro, we're very busy dangerous types and we don't like to be kept waiting!" Fred says quickly, frowning at the man. He raises his brows to look tough and the man narrows his eyes, as if telling them to get lost. Fred does his best to look tough, Hiro facepalming. Eventually, the man silently opens the door to let them in. Fred boastfully enters, Hiro trailing behind quietly.

"What happened to letting me do all the talking?" Hiro asks once they're sure no one can hear.

"You and I both know that was never gonna work."

Hiro narrows his eyes in annoyance, and whether or not it would've worked with him remains to be seen...

"Hiro," Honey Lemon opens the door to Tadashi's lab. "Hana, we're going to Noodle Burger, you two wanna come? You two should go out and use this time to learn about each other and bond!"

Instead of working twins, they see a broken window with furniture tossed around like someone trashed the place, with no sign of anyone here.

"What happened?" GoGo asks in concern as they step inside, wondering what could've caused the mess. One thing was for sure though, is that Hana or Hiro did not do this. They'd never let Tadashi's lab be in this state. The computer turns on and they turn to Baymax.

"My body ran away."

"Baymax?" They ask incredibly.

"You're back! Why are you in a computer, and where are the twins? Come to think of it, Hana's been suspiciously absent today..." Wasabi questions.

"The Hamada twins can be found here," He shows a map and there's a glowing dot.

"That's Good Luck Alley," Wasabi frowns in concern.

"Why do they call it Good Luck Alley?" Honey Lemon asks curiously.

"Good Luck getting out alive..."

Wasabi and Honey Lemon gasp in horror, knowing that the twins are in serious trouble with that description...

Fred and Hiro enter the room, but they don't see a black-haired teenage girl anywhere. All they see is the skeleton tied to the wallpaper. "Where's my sister?" Hiro glares up at Yama. One of the minions holds up a tablet and presses play to a live video. Hana's wrists are tied to a wall as she tries to break free.

"HELP!" She shouts even though she was alone. "Someone...please!"

"Hana!" Hiro cries out in worry. He rushes over to the tablet as Yama inspects the object in his hand.

"That's Baymax's skeleton?" Fred spots the skeleton in front of him. "It's so...naked. It's Naked Baymax, and you must be Yama," Fred offers his hand for a handshake, but Yama looks up, uninterested. He snaps his fingers and the doors close, cutting Hiro off from the tablet before he could figure out where Hana is. The minions enter the room and they gasp in horror.

"We had a deal!" Hiro shouts to Yama.

"Oh Zero, did you really think I was going to give you back your sister and your robot?"

"That was my understanding. Did nobody else think that?" Fred asks as he looks around the room.

"Listen, if it's me you want, then take me and let her go!" Hiro balls his hands into fists. "She's innocent!"

"Mmm...nah. I think I'll keep her for a little while longer," Yama leans in with a wicked smile. "You took away my victory and honor, so now I take your little sister. An eye for an eye."

The two are thrown into a room. "Oww!" Fred complains and Hana looks up to see them.

"Guys!" She calls out in relief. So Yama had lied to him about giving her to his boss just to rattle Hiro...

"Hana!" Hiro runs up to her and unties the bonds. He gives her a quick hug before he turns around to the locked door.

"Hey!" He bangs on the door. "This isn't fair!" He looks at the bracelet on his left arm, sighing slowly. Hana...I'm sorry. Even though I tried, I still failed you...

He looks around the room. "Great. No windows, no airducts, and one locked door."

"Looks like we need to break out of a super secure high-tech safe room!"

Hiro looks at his sister, then the lock and they both smile. High-tech, eh?

"Awesome! How do we do that? Oh, I've got it! We could do what Dirt Dingly did when he was trapped in the dungeon of Dr. Slaughter! Get this! He factored a key out of a stale cracker and a single strand of his own hair!"

While he's talking, the twins easily pull out the panel and reroute the wires to open the door. "Or we yeah, that'll work too—you could just, you know, unlock-"

"High tech is our middle names," Hana gestures to herself.

"I thought it was Ryan and Mae."

"Come on," Hiro turns to him while Hana has a deadpan look on her face.

They walk down the halls to hopefully find Yama's office and in turn, rescue the skeleton.

"So, after we get Naked Baymax, what's our exit strategy?" Fred asks curiously. If they were going to break out, they needed a plan. "You thinking fists? You thinking something other than fists?"

"I'm thinking we run," Hiro glances at him.

"So feet, we're gonna go with feet."

As they turn the corner, they're immediately met with one of Yama's goons. "Where do you think you're going?"

"And you're sure not fists?" Fred asks, ready to fight if needed.

"What do you think?" Hana questions back.

"Feet, Fred. Fast!" They run off, only for their path to be blocked by the taller goon that was guarding the door. Hiro's hoodie gets pulled on by the first one.

"Hey, come on, let's take these three to Yama."

The three stand in front of Yama, Hiro trying to make this work in their favor. "Well, when you think about it, I did you a favor by testing your security!"

"Thank you...get rid of them!"

"Question," Fred holds up a finger. "When you say get rid of us, do you mean throw us out, or are you talking about, you know...permanent situation?"

Yama smiles widely.

"Permanent, got it."

"No, wait!" Hiro protests as the minions start pulling them away.

"Stop it!" Hana struggles with them.

Suddenly the ceiling rumbles and they look up to see a laser blade cutting through the concrete ceiling. The ceiling circle falls down and with it, reveals their friends in their super suits.

"Yeah! I knew you couldn't resist the call of Super Herodom! Fred cheers for their arrival. A side door opens and more henchmen arrive, ready to attack. GoGo throws her disk to knock one out. The one holding Hiro runs up to her, but she dodges out of the way. This allows Honey Lemon to incase him in blue goo. One of them jumps on Wasabi, who throws him off. Honey Lemon rushes over to help her friends, but not before throwing blue goo onto the floor to trap them.

"Yeah, that's right!"

Unfortunately, they're not as dumb as they look, because they take off their shoes.

"Uh, that's wrong!"

The two grab a stool, breaking it off to create makeshift staffs. They attack and Wasabi activates his laser blades. He flaps them back and forth with his eyes squeezed shut, hoping that did something. It does as the staffs are cut in half.

"Adrenaline's back!"

He doesn't hesitate in punching out the minions. Yama catches one and dodges a disk from GoGo. He uses the minion as a shield from a chem ball, throwing him off near Hiro and Fred, who stare at their friends in surprise.

"Hiro, Fred, Hana. Are you guys okay?" Honey Lemon lands in front of them, throwing chem balls.

"Much better now." Hiro gasps as he forgot something. He looks towards the robot.

"How'd you guys know we were here? Wait, were you guys on night patrol without me?" Fred gestures to himself, a little peeved.

"Is that really the issue here?" Hana gives him a look.

"Fred," GoGo turns to him after throwing a disc. "Night patrol is not a thing."

"It's really not," Honey Lemon tells him gently. A tall minion suddenly crashes into the room, taking a swing at Fred's head.

"Look out!" The twins pull him out of the way, with the board hitting the wall. He gets caught in Honey Lemon's web goo.

"That was close, did you see how close that was?" Fred turns to the two, who look at the skeleton out in the open.

"Stay here," They say in unison.

"Roger that!"

Hiro and Hana run towards the door, dodging debris along the way and knocked out minions. Just as they reach the skeleton, they both get grabbed by Yama. Hana gives an unamused look as she tries again to break free. Seriously, getting held by these guys was starting to get annoying.

"Nobody hustles Yama!"

"And gets away with it?" Hiro asks nervously. Honey Lemon throws a chem ball, which freezes Yama on impact, dropping the twins.

"Looks like I just did."

"Loser!" Hana sticks out her tongue at him.

"Ooo," Fred pokes his arm in satisfaction. "That's cold. Heh heh heh, did everybody...did you guys get that?"

Hana clears her throat and Hiro turns around to Baymax sheepishly. "Oh, Baymax!" He bends down to him, trying to pull at the tight knots. "Wasabi, a little help?"

"Oh, sure. Stand back," Hiro and Hana move away a bit and Wasabi cuts him free. Hana wipes the sweat off her forehead.

"Remind me to never make deals with Yama again," She deadpans as she turns to Hiro.

"I'm so sorry I put you in danger, Hana," Hiro frowns at her. "I should've heard you wonder why you don't think I'm a good brother..."

"Hiro..." She smiles softly. "You went through all this just to save us, and I couldn't ask for a better brother. I know it'll take time for us to be back where we were, but I wanna at least try. So...twins?"

"Twins," Hiro smiles, holding out his arms. The two share a warm hug.

"Aww," Honey Lemon grins as the others look on with a small smile. Together, they hook up the skeleton and climb on it.

"Hang on," GoGo warns them as they're lifted in the air by a helicopter.

"Hey, it's Heathcliff!" Fred looks up at the pilot, who gives them a thumbs up.

"So, after this, sleepover?" Hiro rubs his neck as he glances at Hana. "Like we used to?"

"I'll pick the snacks, you pick the movie," She winks at him and he grins.

Once they're back at the school and out of the super suits, the three are not happy at the twins. "So I'm sensing you're angry."

"Angry doesn't even begin to describe their faces," Hana whispers to him.

"Without my scanning capabilities, I am unable to detect non-verbal signs of anger. Are they glaring?" The twins look to the three...who are doing exactly that. "Are their eyebrows down and together? Do you see narrowing of their lips?"

"W-We got this, Baymax," Hiro holds out a hand to him. "Guys...I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you what I was doing. I was only trying to help Hana."

"You could've gotten hurt, both of you!" Honey Lemon scolds them. Hiro looks away in guilt, knowing fully well that she was right. It was his fault...

Hana, noticing his look, hugs him from behind to show him that she wasn't angry towards him. He smiles a little. It was nice to know that despite his impatience and recklessness, that Hana still loved him. It would be a while before he forgave himself for everything that happened to her...

"And I can't believe you stole something from Professor Granville's desk," Wasabi turns to Fred, who's holding a slice of pizza. "And you helped him! Now Yama has it!"

"Oh does he now?" Hana holds up the paperweight that was hidden in her hood. "Tada!"

"Double steal!" Fred gasps in realization.

"As promised," Hiro fist bumps his sister. GoGo walks over to them.

"I'm impressed..." She punches them in the arm. "But don't ever do that again."

"We won't, but...there is still one problem." The twins turn to the broken window. "How are we gonna explain that to Granville?"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that," Honey Lemon makes a purple chem ball. "Just this once."

"Thanks, Honey Lemon," Hana smiles softly at her.

"So...what changed?" Wasabi looks between the twins. "Are you guys okay now or...?"

"Yup," Hiro puts an arm around his sister. "We're fine."

"Yeah, getting kidnapped by Yama will do that," Hana waves it off.

"That's so great!" Honey Lemon cheers, snapping a photo of them.

The twins quickly go back to Granville's office, placing the object back where they found it. Hiro twists it slightly and they go back to the lab, hoping to finally put Baymax back in his body.

"Hey...Hiro," Hana speaks up and he looks up at her. "From now on...can you not treat me like I'm gonna get sick again? It kinda feels like you don't trust me to take care of myself when you do that."

"Oh, wow, I almost forgot about that," He mutters to himself as he runs a hand through his head. He remembers Hana saying that in Granville's office the day before, but he didn't think of when to address it... "I do trust you, Hana, it's just..." He looks away in guilt. "...Nevermind."

"I'll go get some gummy bears then," She pats his back and leaves the room. He sighs in relief. How was he gonna break it to her that he was scared that he could lose her again? Tadashi was already dead; if Hana goes back to the binge eating or worse, try to buy painkillers again, he wouldn't know what to do...she means a lot to him, and to see her spiraling like that...

Would put him over the edge.

Hiro continues looking at the diagnostic bar as it goes to 99 percent. "Come on, come on, come on."

It's soon complete and he pumps his fists into the air. "Yes!"

Granville types away, sensing nothing out of the ordinary. She does notice her paperweight is crooked, and adjusts it, but other than that, everything was normal.

The moment of truth arrives as Baymax slowly inflates early morning. His panel opens and Hiro looks at Hana. Together, they hold the healthcare chip and insert it into Baymax.


The eye scanners turn on, with the first thing Baymax seeing is the twins. "I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

They both gasp, engulfing Baymax into a hug. "Hello Hiro and Hana."

He returns the hug and they both smile to each other, happy to have him back.

Meanwhile, in Good Luck Alley, the minions are talking to Yama. "He is not going to be happy that we didn't get it."

Yama just laughs as he stands up. "Don't worry, we got something much, much better."

Behind him, robotic skeletons of Baymax are being made, as they had enough time to copy it. Their eyes glow red...