Okay so I got the prompt for "Jin Guangyao or XiYao + favorite trope" and I really had to sit down and think about it. And then after like a month of trying to figure it out, I just had to come to terms with the answer being "reincarnation AU, trans male character, and/or accidental pregnancy" so here we fucking are. You're all welcome.

Jin Guangyao thought it would get easier each time, like some kind of fool. Every lifetime adds to his experiences and knowledge, and Lan Xichen is always the first face he remembers. But instead- instead, how long it takes him to remember is a toss up. It could be since childhood, early enough to seek him out and try for something happier, or so late that—

He doesn't like to think about
the time that he only
remembered Lan Xichen
because he heard about his

This time, though- this time must be a cruel joke that fate is playing, because he met Lan Xichen already—

at a party that Xue Yang dragged him to,
and he was enamored
with the handsome and excitable man
from the moment their eyes met—

and didn't remember anything. Instead, he'd gotten far too friendly with Lan Xichen - Huan, as he'd insisted between kisses - before he'd invited him home, and now— now that Jin Guangyao remembers what's actually important, he wants to scream at himself for not getting some form of contact info from the man.


Because he needs to see him, because they always make their way back to each other, because—

Because Jin Guangyao has taken three pregnancy tests already, and Lan Xichen has to come take some responsibility for that, too.