DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction incorporating characters and situations from the Gainax/Khara manga/anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and its related feature film releases. Gainax, Khara, and their various media distributors hold sole exclusive rights to their use. The author is in no way affiliated with Gainax, Khara, or their distributors, nor has this story been submitted for any commercial purpose.

The Little Things That Matter
by Ikarus Onesun

For N.Y.

1. The Visitor

From her bed, Rei looked up from her reading at a curiously unfamiliar sound:


Concerned, she set her book down and glanced around her apartment. Seconds later, she heard it again:


The doorbell? she thought, puzzled.

But… it is broken…

Warily, she approached her apartment door and abruptly opened it to find Shinji Ikari outside, holding a toolbox.

"Ayanami – you're home," the startled Third Child exclaimed. "Last time I was… here, your doorbell was broken, so… I fixed it for you."

Rei regarded Shinji pensively.

"Since you rang the doorbell," she murmured, "…would you like to come in?"

o o o

Author's notes:

drab·ble /drab(ə)l/
drabble; plural noun: drabbles

a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Drabbles are really fun to write, and they don't take long (although getting my story ideas down to 100 words can sometimes be a challenge). I find myself coming up with little scenarios for this couple all the time, so I'm hoping to add a bunch more of these little "slice of life" studies for my two favourite Evangelion characters.

The inspiration for this series comes from an old friend and writing colleague, Hamstadini, who is the author of (among other excellent works) a collection of Rei/Shinji drabbles called "Little Things." If you enjoyed my spin on the concept, all credit is due to him. I would encourage everyone to look him up here on FFN and read "Little Things" and his other wonderful stories as well, if you haven't already. And please, send him some reviews - maybe we can encourage him to come back!