DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction incorporating characters and situations from the Gainax/Khara manga/anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and its related feature film releases. Gainax, Khara, and their various media distributors hold sole exclusive rights to their use. The author is in no way affiliated with Gainax, Khara, or their distributors, nor has this story been submitted for any commercial purpose.

The Little Things That Matter
by Ikarus Onesun

For N.Y.

17. Purpose

Their walk to school took them by a park that had been planted with thousands of spring flowers.

"Those are really pretty," Shinji commented.

Rei walked on in silence.

"You… don't like flowers?" the boy inquired.

"I do not dislike them," Rei replied, "but they are all the same and have no use, other than decoration."

Shinji thought a moment.

"A little decoration can always be useful."

Later, when Rei returned home, a splash of color in her drab apartment caught her eye.

Beside her bed, as pink as the sudden flush on her cheeks, was a single beautiful orchid.

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