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One Summer: pt 1


Daisuke wiggled around in his seat and reflected-not for the first time, and almost certainly not for the last-
that digidestined meetings had gotten a whole lot more boring since they'd beaten all the bad guys.

Koushiro had called them all over for an 'urgent' meeting ...which had turned out to be about his new
computer program and how it could interface with their digivices and blah blah blah, or something like
Daisuke reflected-again, not for the first time-that, when it came to computers, Koushiro could out-talk
Miyako...*and* Mimi...combined..

His eyes roamed the room looking for some kind of distraction...anything really...and settled-as they so
often did lately-on Ken.

He was sitting on the floor near the computer desk with a thoughtful look on his face, obviously absorbing
everything Koushiro was saying with interest.
~He's SO smart~ Daisuke thought, a dreamy smile taking over his face. ~And nice~

Ken leaned closer to the computer and a few locks of shining hair fell forward into his eyes. ~And
The thought snapped Daisuke back to reality like a rubber band in the nose. *Hikari* was beautiful. *Mimi*
was beautiful. Ken was a boy. Ken was *not* beautiful.

A rather pushy portion of Daisuke's mind tried to point out that Ken *was* beautiful, and was kicked in the
shins for its trouble.

Ken was *not* beautiful, and Daisuke *didn't* want to kiss him, and those dreams he'd been having lately
didn't mean *anything*. So there.

The pushy part informed him that he didn't really believe that.

~Shut up.~

"Earth to Daisuke. Hellooo Daisuke? Do you copy?"

Daisuke looked up, and realized with a start that the meeting was over-several of the others had already left.

"Where were you? The moon?" Takeru was standing in front of him and had-apparently-been trying to get
his attention for a few minutes.

"Uh...something like that. What's up?"

An apologetic look settled on Takeru's face, "I can't meet you for basketball later, My mom wants me to
clean my room. And Ken wanted me to tell you that he can't either-his mom made a dentist's appointment
for him."

Daisuke grinned, "That's okay...I win by default!"

Takeru just laughed and shook his head as he headed for the door, "Ha. We'll tromp you next time!"

Daisuke realized with a sinking feeling that Ken was already gone and that he'd just been abandoned to an
afternoon of boredom. ~Great~

To make matters worse Jyou was still standing by the door and was giving him an odd, penetrating look,
and Daisuke realized with a start that he'd been doing so for a while now.

Jyou had been giving him a lot of odd looks lately...


Daisuke clumped down the last of the stairs and kicked someone's misplaced garden gnome....and then
jumped a few feet in the air with a little yelp when someone tapped him on the shoulder..."I didn't mean to
break it! Really!!"

"Whoa..calm down. It's just me." 'Just me' turned out to be Jyou Kido with his hands raised in

"Jyou! Oh..good..I thought someone was gonna make me pay for that."

"Well, you *should* pay for it..you *did* just break it. Listen..can we talk?"

Daisuke fidgeted..Jyou was giving him that strange, probing look again.. "Uh...I guess so.."

Jyou gestured down the street, "Walk with me."

Daisuke blinked-Jyou was already walking away without looking back. Briefly, Daisuke considered turning around and going the other way. This was just...weird.. But, he *had* just said they'd talk. And he *was* curious And Jyou *did* have a nice butt.

~I did *not* just think that~

=Yep. You *did*= said the pushy bit smugly.

Daisuke jogged to catch up with Jyou and tried desperately to not look at his butt. "So..um..what's this about anyway? You *never* talk to me." This was true..the older boy didn't come to a lot of meetings, and he hadn't seemed interested in talking to Daisuke until recently-when the weird looking thing started.

"Oh..well, I just.." Jyou seemed a little flustered for a moment..unsure somehow. Then a determined expression settled in.
"Daisuke, when are you going to tell Ken you have a crush on him?"

Panicked adrenaline almost sent Daisuke running for home, "What!? I do *not*! I don't like boys!"

The unsureness was completely gone now, " Uh huh. Pull the other one. It has bells."

Running was beginning to look like a really good idea. Jyou took his arm and gently steered him towards a bench, a sympathetic look on his face. "Sit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"How...I mean..why..why do you think I have a crush on Ken?"

Jyou suddenly developed an interest in a tree, "I notice a *lot* of things people don't think I do. I noticed that your 'crush' on Hikari seemed forced a long time ago. "

"Forced?" The look of confusion wasn't faked...Daisuke really was confused.

"Like you thought you *should* have a crush on her, and were trying?"

Daisuke was indignant, "I wasn't faking! I'm not gay! It's wrong!"

"I didn't say you were *faking*. I said you were *trying*. Anyway, *I'm* gay, and I disagree."
Jyou looked like he wanted to swallow the words as soon as he realized what he'd just admitted.

Daisuke's eyes went impossibly wide, "You??..but.."

The determined look resurfaced, "Yes, me. It's not something I usually tell people. There are *always* going to be people who think it's wrong or disgusting..and nothing I say or do will change that. But, it's part of who I am...and I've been thinking we might have that in common."

Daisuke was starting to feel sheepish-not to mention guilty, "Look..I didn't mean wrong as in..*wrong*...well, I sorta *did*, but...I meant for *me*..." he trailed off in confusion.

Jyou snorted. "Oh, yes. You being incredibly macho and all..."

A blush. "That's not what I meant *either*...and maybe I sorta *do* have a crush on Ken...kinda. Is it that obvious?"

"Nah. I just recognize the symptoms. I know *exactly* what it's like to have a crush on a digidestined genius."

Daisuke's eyes widened some more, "You have a crush on Ken too??"

It took several minutes for Jyou to stop laughing long enough to answer, "No, Koushiro!"

"Oh..OH! Duh!" Daisuke smacked his forehead with his palm.

"Heh..so, you see, we're sort of in the same boat here."

A huge 'I've got a brilliant idea' smile worked its way across Daisuke's face, "Hey! We could help each other get them to notice us!"

A creased brow, "I don't know.."

"Ah, come on! You obviously haven't said anything, I bet I could get Koushiro to go out with you!"

A long moment of hesitation, "I'm not so sure..but...I guess it couldn't hurt. Deal." They shook on it, Daisuke grinning like the Cheshire cat on crack.

"In the meantime..you've been ditched for today, and I have nothing to do. Monopoly?"

"Sure!" ~This partnership thing is *so* gonna rock!~

Daisuke jumped up and did a victory dance around the room, knocking over chairs and lamps, "SCORE!! I WIN! I WIN! You're bankrupt! BANKRUPT! I WIN!! BwaHahaHA HA!!"

Jyou managed to catch the lamp before it hit the ground, "Has anyone ever told you you're a really sore winner..?"

The younger boy collapsed onto the floor and smiled his 'you can't be mad at ME-I'm cute!' smile.
"Play me again!"



Daisuke glared blackly at his game piece. It was the worst game piece ever! He should have picked the car!
He *hated* the stupid, ugly horse and his stupid, ugly rider.

Jyou stared at him, bemused. "Wow...you're just as bad when you've lost as when you've won."

The comment earned him a dark, sulky look and some muttering.

"Why does anyone bother to play you at *anything*?"

The sulky look disappeared and was immediately replaced by the 'I'm cute! You love me! You know you do!' look.

"Play me again?"

Jyou sighed.


"Hey, it's almost nine o'clock...don't you have to get home?"

Daisuke looked up from scrutinizing the scrabble board...when had it gotten so late? They'd gone from Monopoly, to Sorry, to Scrabble...nobody had ever put up with him this long....

"But I don't waannnaaa goooo!"

Jyou rolled his eyes. "Call your mom. If she says you can stay-we have a spare room."

"Cool! Can we play poker next?"


Somehow one summer afternoon spent together turned into two..then three...then a couple dozen.

They'd almost forgotten the deal they'd made...but it hovered unmentioned in the air between them. A few times Daisuke tried to broach the subject of dating with Koushiro, but it got him nowhere.
As far as he could tell Koushiro didn't *have* a sexuality.
As far as he could tell Koushiro didn't know what sexuality *was*.

His friends were baffled by the amount of time they were spending together. Questions were met with shrugs..how could he tell them what his common ground with Jyou was?
More and more often he was finding that he'd *rather* spend time with Jyou than just about anyone...well, except Ken maybe.

"Hey Ken! Wait up!" He'd been rollerblading when he spotted them standing outside the movie theater. Ken and Miyako were going to the movies? But...they hadn't invited *him*!

Ken seemed startled in a pleased way, "Daisuke! Hi!"

Miyako seemed startled in an irritated way, "Daisuke! What are you doing here?"

Daisuke grinned, "What movie are we gonna watch?"

Miyako glared at him, "'We' are not watching anything. *Ken and I* are going to a movie. As in, we're on a *date*." [1]

Daisuke's entire world was suddenly thrown off its axis. ~Wha??~ "A date?"

Ken offered him an apologetic look, "Yeah..I'm sorry Dai, we're still on for soccer tomorrow though, right? I'll see you then, okay?"

Daisuke was still trying to figure out how the world had gone so horribly skewed, "A date?"

[1] I deserve to be punished for this. Ken and Miyako..*shudder*