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One Summer: pt 2

"I don't get it...what does he see in her?" Daisuke stared listlessly at the sky, and wished it would stop being so wretchedly blue and cloudless and sunny and *happy*.

Couldn't nature *tell* the world had ended?!

"Probably the same thing Koushiro saw in her when he asked her out yesterday." Jyou answered just as gloomily.

"Huh?" Daisuke rolled over in the grass. All he could see from this angle was Jyou's ankle, but that was okay. Jyou had nice ankles.

"Koushiro asked Miyako out yesterday. She turned him down."



Daisuke scowled at a suspiciously cheerful squirrel, "Damn her! She's stealing our potential future boyfriends!"

"Well, to be fair we didn't really *do* anything to win them." Jyou attempted to fling himself down into the grass dramatically but banged his head against a tree branch on the way down. "Ow!"

Daisuke waved his hand at Jyou and the tree, "Ha! You see? Now she's making you hurt yourself! It's all her fault!"

Jyou sat up and leaned over Daisuke to look him in the eye, "And what do you suggest we do about it?" There was an amused smile tugging at his mouth and a leaf in his hair.

Daisuke decided he liked the leaf where it was, and didn't tell Jyou about it. "She deserves to die!"

Jyou nodded solemnly, "We should hang her by her toes from a ceiling fan, and turn it on high."

Daisuke suspected he was being humored but didn't care. "Yeah! and then we can peel off all her skin and pour boiling water on her!"

"Bit sadistic, aren't you?"

"Hmph" Daisuke didn't know whether he was more annoyed because of Miyako or because Jyou had managed to dislodge the leaf and was now moving out of visual range.

"We could...cover her in peanut butter and strap on some skates and throw her in an arena full of wolves. That might be entertaining anyway..."

"Where would we get enough wolves though?" Daisuke seemed to be considering this as a serious possibility.

"Hmmm..well, one of my neighbors has a really temperamental Yorkie, we could use that."

"Kay. But we should make it liver paste instead of peanut butter. It'd work better."

Jyou smiled his sweetest smile...the one that made Daisuke feel like he'd been dipped in warm honey, "You know...I actually feel better."

"Me too. We gonna do it?"

"I'll bring the Yorkie if you bring the liver paste."
One week faded into two and then three..and the pain of losing Ken to Miya without ever having had him for real faded into a distant sore spot.
If anything, Daisuke was spending even *more* time with the oldest 'destined. Jyou was *much* cooler than anyone knew, and he *liked* Daisuke. Plus he had really pretty eyes, they were dark, dark blue-not black like most people thought.
*And* he had great hair.
Daisuke had been a little embarrassed to realize he had a 'guys with long hair' fetish...Ken's chin length hair had been the first thing Daisuke had noticed about him...sliding around his face like a silk curtain.
Daisuke had itched to run his fingers through it., but he'd never dared.
Jyou's hair was longer-almost shoulder length-and wavy..and soft.
The upshot was that while he'd been afraid of embarrassing himself with Ken, Jyou already *knew* he liked boys and didn't care *what* Daisuke did to his hair.
So he was free to touch it, twist it around his fingers, brush it..whatever. The only time Jyou really got upset with him was the time he'd fallen asleep and Daisuke had put his hair up in pigtails and twisted them into squashy looking buns, so that he looked like Princess Leia in glasses.
Daisuke didn't blame Jyou for being upset-he would have been mad too if it'd been him.

"Yamato's really good-looking, but he's so moody it'd be like dating a weathervane."

Somehow a movie marathon had turned into a discussion of what it would be like to date the other (male) digidestined.

Daisuke laughed, "Yeah! And Takeru and his random temper tantrums!"

Jyou shook his head, "What's with that *hat*?"

Daisuke snagged a slice of pizza, "He's got permanent hat-head..he has to cover it somehow!"

"That's better than Tai..he's got small animals *living* in *his* hair...no really..I mean it.."

Or an impromptu bashing session...

"And *then* there's Iori. That kid's got some kind of personality disorder.."

"I think he's bipolar..it's not his fault!" [1]


"Daisuuuke! Phooone!" Jun sounded annoyed..so it obviously wasn't Yamato pleading for a second chance. Daisuke skidded down the hall and snatched the phone out of her hand.

Breathless, "Hi?"


"Jyou! Go away Jun." Jun snorted and wandered off...she hadn't really cared anyway...although, if it had been *Shuu* Kido...*sigh* Shuu...

/Daisuke/ he sounded..remorseful? /I'm sorry, we can't go to that movie tomorrow. I've got this date../

"A date?" The world was off its axis again, only much worse...Daisuke felt like somebody had just shot him *and* his digimon...

/Yeah, look, I'll talk to you afterwards-tell you about it. Right now, I have to get off the phone./

"Oh...okay." Daisuke felt horribly numb. Somehow he managed to hang up the phone without dropping it, and stagger to his room.

The numbness slowly gave way to anger. How *dare* Jyou go out with someone else?!
They were..Jyou..he..he was...he had a crush on Koushiro!
He was supposed to be trying to get Koushiro to notice him!

The pushy bit was back and trying to tell him this wasn't about Koushiro, but it didn't seem to know what it *was* about. So he told it to shut up.

Jyou was being *disloyal* to Koushiro!

That bastard!!

He threw a shoe at his wall and let loose a shriek of rage that somehow became an anguished whimper halfway through.

He wasn't sure *why* he was crying, or when he'd started, but he collapsed into his bed and let it all out.

Jyou jogged up to meet him in the park on Sunday...his face lighting up as soon as he spotted Daisuke.

Daisuke was disgusted..how *dare* Jyou act like he'd done nothing wrong?!

"Did you have fun on your *date*? Was he *cute*? Did you *kiss* him?" He felt like his stomach was full of acid...and not the kind that was *supposed* to be there...

Jyou gave him a shocked look, "What? Daisuke..?"

Daisuke stomped his foot..he knew he was being irrational, he just didn't know *why*, "You went on a *date*! What about Koushiro?!" ~What about *me*?~ "You're supposed to like Koushiro!"

Comprehension dawned, "Oh man, I didn't *tell* you!", it was Jyou's turn to smack his forehead.
"Well, let me buy you an ice-cream cone to make it up to you, and I'll explain."

Daisuke glared at Jyou but let himself be steered towards the ice-cream stand...he never turned down ice-cream if he could help it.

He was getting impatient by the time they'd collected their cones and found a tree to sit under.

Jyou noticed, and launched into his explanation as soon as they sat down, "I wasn't on a date with a guy, and I didn't kiss *anyone*....Yamato and Sora decided they wanted to double date for a while before going out alone together. They roped me into going out with them and one of Sora's friends. They set it up without *telling* me--thought it would be a 'nice surprise', and I couldn't get out of it! It was awful, she kept putting her hand on my thigh!",
he grimaced.

Daisuke felt gratified, Jyou had been as miserable on his date as Daisuke had been thinking about it. "Oh, well, that's okay then."

Jyou gave him an intense look, "Daisuke, is there something you'd like to tell me?"


"You were pretty upset...that outburst wasn't about Koushiro, was it?"

Daisuke was lost, "Huh? Of course it was...what else would it be about?" he noticed distractedly that Jyou had forgotten his ice-cream and it had melted and run down his arm in sticky rivulets.

"That's funny..because it sounded to me like it was about *you*."


Jyou smiled and caught the younger boy's chin in his hand so he could kiss him.

Daisuke froze as he was given a feather light kiss...it wasn't until Jyou started to pull away that the pushy part of Daisuke's brain asserted itself and kicked him in the cerebellum.
=*That's* what you want! Go get it!=
"Daimpphh!" was all Jyou managed before he found himself flat on his back with his arms-and his mouth-full of an enthusiastic Daisuke.

He tasted like strawberry ice-cream and he smelled like the ocean and it was some time before Daisuke let him up for air.

"Well.." he gasped.
"Yeah" Daisuke agreed, still sprawled on top of the taller boy, their noses touching. "I guess it could've been about me..sorta."

Jyou laughed.


[1] I just thought that the two most often bashed boys in digimon deserved their own bashing session.