Chloe's POV

I woke up gradually. Everything around me felt so soft it almost made me want to go back to sleep. I gripped the soft silky sheet and yawned. I tried to remember what happened but it was all kind of a blur, I was talking to Nate then I was here. I couldn't remember anything in between.

I sat up and opened my eyes finally. Something pulled at my ankles as I sat up. I moved the sheet to find ankle cuffs. I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I looked up from the bed. I was in a bedroom, the walls were concrete but the room still had an inviting feel to it. The bed was unbelievably soft, the floor had a dark red carpet, the overhead light was pale and not too blinding. The small desk and dresser were wooden. I realized there was no window in the room but there was a skylight. Though it was too high up to be able to get out of. I followed the cuff's chain with my eyes, it was anchored to the wall near the door, so I had a few feet to work with and be able to move about the room.

There was a solid knock on the door before it opened.

"Oh good, you're up," Nate smiled.

"What have you done?"

"Brought you home," Nate said.

"Then you know that my friends will be able to find me," I pointed out.

Nate chuckled, "That place is nice, but that's not our pack's primary residence. That's not our true home."

My heart sank.

Nate tossed something over to me, it landed on the foot of the bed with a soft swishy sound. As soon as I smelled it, my senses went wild. Blood. It was blood. And I wanted it now. Like an animal, I snatched it up and did what I needed to do.

Nate quietly chuckled watching me, "I figured you might like that. You need your strength back after that enchanted blood."

A wave of shame and defeat washed over me as I came back to my senses and realized what I had just done.

"Oh don't feel bad. Its in your nature now."

"What do you want with me?" I whispered looking down at the empty bag.

Nate undid the chains from the wall and held onto them.

"I want you to come with me," he said. "And I promise these," he rattled the chain. "Are a temporary measure until we know you're vampirism is under control."

I stood up from the bed and followed him. Feeling like an Edison experiment prisoner again. We walked up a small flight of stairs and into an open floor plan type of home. Large windows lined the outer walls and arches replaced walls that would normally separate rooms.

"Not what you expected?" Nate asked.

I nodded.

"When you feel caged in your own body at times, an open home makes you feel more at ease," Sylvia rounded the corner. She saw my chains. "Darling! Take those cuffs off of her! We treat people like people not animals."

Nate knew there was no point in trying to argue with her. He took the cuffs off me but then used his alpha control on me, telling me not to run away.

"Why am I here?" I said.

"To learn about your history," Nate answered.

"I'm not a natural born werewolf though. This isn't my history."

"Once you're part of the bloodline; it is. No matter what age you came in."

"Remind me why you couldn't teach me at home?" I asked.

Nate looked annoyed at the questioning.

"Because there are reasons to do it here," he said.

I was equally annoyed with his vague response.

Simon's POV

Tess was right, about ten or so minutes into the car ride I was feeling back to normal. We were all worried about her, but Derek was obviously the worst. He scratched at his arms until the bled, trying to keep his anxiety under control. He went through spouts of anger. His latest one got graphic on what he was going to do to Nate in revenge. To draw his mind off of killing Nate, I tried to ask him a question.

"What are you going to do if Chloe isn't there? Can we think of somewhere else she might be?"

Derek shook his head, "She's not a runaway type anymore."

Tori laughed, "How would you know? Have you ever been a vampire before? She could have done that leave to protect loved ones thing she likes to do."

Derek growled at her darkly. Making even me shrink back some. He was legitimately worried about Chloe being out there all on her own.

"Calm down," I tried to tell him. "We can't do anything until we get there."