I stared down at the table, repeating the words he spoke to me in my mind over and over.

"Is this really what you think of me?" I asked, pushing down the stinging hurt I felt.

This could only happen to me. This is exactly why I never trusted anyone. The signs were there. Why would any boy pay attention to plain Bella, when there are other girls ready to give them everything they want at a moment's notice?

What did surprise me was that Jacob Black was just like all of them.

We had been friends since we were in diapers. Our fathers were too. Then as friendship blossomed into attraction. My father and his couldn't be more delighted at the occurrence. So, we tried it out.

Yet as time progressed, that's all it was and eventually fizzled out, and now all I felt towards this steroid-consuming buffoon was utter disgust.

"It's a no brainer, really. I mean come on, we've been going out since freshman year

What did you expect? You're frigid. You won't even sleep with me. How can our relationship progress if we don't explore anything?" He asked, trying to coax me.

My stomach churns in disgust.

I grab my glass of lemonade and tipped over his head. "That's not going to ever happen. Especially since you just admitted to cheating on me with Lauren and Michela. Don't call me. In fact erase my number because I don't want anything to do with you. Have a nice life, asshole." I say, as I grab my things and rush out the door.

The climate has plummeted dramatically in the thirty minutes I had been inside the restaurant. It's mid October, and within the city of Westhaven, New York it seems that Mother Nature has decided to be crueler than usual. I sighed walking slowly as I wrapped my long, thick trench coat around my body tightly and quickly pulled on my scarf, wool knit hat and gloves.

My already crappy mood plummeted as I realized I now had to walk five miles home.

"Fucking Asshole." I muttered angrily, as wrapped my coat tighter to my body, realizing I forgot my wallet at home as I walked.

The entire walk home seemed to clear my head though. Even in cold weather, it wasn't all that bad when you're distracted.

I was passing my neighbor's house when I heard a loud crash, glass breaking and the familiar screams of Tori.

I quickly ducked behind the fence, into the bushes, pressing my hand over my mouth and nose to keep myself quiet. I feel my eyes widen as I watched two men drag a half conscious Laurent and his wife, Irina, out of the Hunters' residence followed by two more men pushing James out the door.

I gawked at how badly beaten both men were. Irina looked like she took a few hits as well.

A dark van pulled them up suddenly at the curb before their house and all three of them were shoved into the van before one man walked out of the house, carrying an already unconscious Tori, hanging limply in his arms.

As the van sped away, disappearing down the road I stayed there in my hiding place gasping, fear coursing through my veins as I realized that I witnessed a possible crime.

The shock I felt, had me nailed to the ground, unable to move an inch. It began to snow soon after, causing me shiver as the weather plummeted to a cooler degree. I was too scared, that whoever did this would come back and realize I saw something. It was then that I realized I'd either have to crawl to the backyard under the long shrubs, or risk being seen.

Slowly flattening myself against the ground while my purse was smooshed into my jacket. I quickly crawled, soldier style threw all the shrubs, and rolled towards the back of the house.

I made sure to stay against the wall, hidden within the shadows of night, as I slowly made my way towards the stairs leading down to the basement, pulling out the keys to the steel lock. I make quick work of unlocking the lock and quickly pulling off the lock. I don't turn the light that leads down into the room, only feeling my way through and quietly shut the door behind me, locking it behind me.

My pulse is still racing as I walk unsteadily down the stairs into the basement. I didn't realize I was crying until I collapsed, unsteadily onto the leather couch.

"What am I gonna do?" I gasp, looking around the empty room.

I sit there willing my pulse to calm. All the while my head wouldn't stop replaying the images. When I finally do calm down, I wipe my face and quickly walk up the stairs that lead from the basement into the house.

Quickly flicking the light above the stove as I walk into the room and ran to draw all the curtains closed around my home. Once I made sure everything had been closed, all the doors deadbolts shut, and every chain in place even going as far as pushing the couches before each door to barricade me inside just in case.

You can never be too careful, especially when living alone, in a three bedroom house.

I quickly made myself a small sub sandwich, grabbed myself a large juice and booked it up the stairs to lock myself in my room.

The following morning I woke up with half the sandwich smooshed into my cheek, while my hair now had pieces of ham, spinach, lettuce and cheese all over it. I half of it still stay into the French braid I had weaved it into the morning before.

I sorely lifted my arms, slowly undoing my braid and heading to the bathroom after grabbing my clothes to shower.

How I managed to do so in twenty minutes flat I'll never know.

I had just made it down the stairs and into the kitchen to drink my coffee when I stopped in my tracks. Stomach growling, and mouth watering from the sweet, intoxicating aroma of freshly coffee in the air, I quickly turned on the small tv screen begging God for what I had seen outside to be a lie.

The once beautifully adorned landscaping around the lawn was now harshly marred by the familiar black and yellow 'Caution' tape.

All the street seemed to be covered on cop cars. It seemed that the kidnappings went deeper than just taking them.

" The police were alerted by an anonymous caller that a body lying covered in black trash bags. The police department stated they believed this to be some sort of warning to someone, and are asking for any information to please step forward. The identity is still unknown, but the Jane Doe is known to be a female, with dark red hair, weighing at about one twenty five, with dark blue eyes."

The drawn picture of Tori suddenly appeared next to the woman on TV.

"The Jane Doe is believed to be five foot six, has dark red hair, and blue eyes. She weighs one thirty two, and has a small tattoo in the inside of her wrist of a six pointed star. If you have any information on who the Jane Doe maybe please call the number on the screen, toll free."

I gasped, dropping the mug I had picked up, yet had forgotten to fill with coffee.

"Oh my god. Oh my god." I gasp, crying as I realized what had truly happened the night before.